The elite rules people through opinions

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Ascended Master Padmasambhava through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master, Padmasambhava.

[Sound of a long outward breath.]

My peace I breathe onto you, the peace that cannot ever be disturbed by anything on earth. I am of course an ascended master and therefore cannot be disturbed by anything on earth. The gift I wish to give to you today is my peace, a flame of peace that I give to you, who are willing to take it and absorb it and nourish it, and call upon it and feel the presence of it and accept that presence in your being, in your four lower bodies. That peace cannot be disturbed by anything on earth. If you absorb that peace, then you can come to a point where you too, cannot be disturbed by anything on earth.

Why is it that the peace of Padmasambhava cannot be disturbed by anything on earth? It is because that peace springs from the awareness that anything and everything on earth is just an appearance. You may look at earth, you may look at various phenomena, and you may find it difficult to accept the concept that these are just appearances and have no substance, no reality, no continued existence. I understand this is difficult, therefore my gift of the flame of peace. Of course the flame of peace itself is not enough, you need to have some understanding to go with it. So, this I aim to give you.

Looking at the concept of elitism and the existence of various power elites on earth, as we have talked about, you can see throughout history what is behind it all. What is behind it? If you step back and look at the forest instead of looking at the trees, and then you step back from the forest and you keep stepping back, what do you see? Well, first of all, you see that the duality consciousness is what blinds people on earth. It is the duality consciousness that the power elite, or the forces behind them that we have called the fallen beings, is using to keep the population on earth trapped. In fact, the power elite in embodiment is also trapped in this duality consciousness, but how does the duality consciousness do this? How do the forces using the duality consciousness trap people so firmly in the duality consciousness that they might pursue a certain goal for lifetimes, thinking it is completely real, and not being open to the potential that it might just be an appearance. How do they do this?

How duality sets the stage for conflict

Many are the schemes they have come up with throughout the ages, but they all follow pretty much the same recipe. As we have said, the duality consciousness has the characteristic that there are always two polarities. You cannot create just one thing through the duality consciousness, you must create two—you must create what the Buddha called “the pairs.” In order to create one thing, you at the same time create its opposite. You create good, you must create evil, for in the duality consciousness good must have an opposite. In the Christ consciousness good does not need an opposite, but in the duality consciousness it must have an opposite. By the very nature of the duality consciousness, any idea, any concept, any system that is created through that duality consciousness will have an opposition—there will be opposition to anything.

The result of this is that whatever you create in the duality consciousness sets the stage for conflict. What do the dark forces that want to trap humankind, and keep them trapped indefinitely, have to do? They just have to create these two polarities and then they have to get groups of people to somehow come to believe in or feel allegiance to one of the polarities. Then, by the fact that these two polarities are in conflict with each other, seem to threaten each other, seem to be mutually exclusive, you automatically have a conflict between the two groups of people who are believing in the reality of the polarities. You have the classical dualistic conflict between communism and capitalism, supposedly two economic systems that have the opposite approach—supposedly.

In communism, there is no private right to property or the means of production, it is all owned by the state. In capitalism there is no state ownership, there is no supposedly one entity that owns the means of production. As we have said of course the ultimate outcome of capitalism is that they merge as one corporation that can squash the competition from any other corporation. Thus, that corporation ends up owning all of the means of production, therefore also in reality owning the state, exactly as it is in the communist system. In a way, they are two ways to achieve the same end, namely that the population is under the control of a small elite: those who control the state or those who control the corporation. When you begin to become aware of this mechanism, you can take a more aware look at world history, at human conflict, at human behavior and thereby you can begin to see how many times throughout history people have become pulled into these kind of conflicts between two polarities.

What is real on earth?

Now, I know very well that there are many people who will say: “Well, are you saying that the conflict between capitalism and communism was not real?” And that is exactly what I am saying. Why am I saying this? Because I am an ascended master. How did I become an ascended master? By coming to the realization, which the Buddha called enlightenment, that everything on earth is just an appearance. So when they say that the struggle between capitalism and communism was real, the question really is: What is your definition of reality?

We have talked about how there is an elitist mindset behind the elite that makes it seem real that there is an elite, that there should be an elite, that the people cannot do without it, that the elite is a beneficial force and so on. We have said it is an illusion, why is it an illusion? Because anything you create in the duality consciousness will have an opposite. But, and here is the real insight that can liberate you: both polarities are unreal, both polarities are equally unreal.

Now again, what is your definition of reality? My definition of reality as an ascended master is that for something to be real, it must be created through the mind of an ascended being, a being who is not in duality. Why do I say this? Because only that which is created through the Christ mind is sustainable. If you create something through the Christ mind and take your attention away from it, it will endure over time. Not forever, but over time. If you create something through the duality consciousness and take your mind away from it, it will instantly start to break down and it can only be sustained over time if people are continually putting their attention on it and therefore feeding energy into upholding the matrix.

We have many times given the image of the movie projector where the images on the film strip have no substance in themselves. They can only exist as long as there is light flowing through the film strip in the projector. The moment you turn off that light, the images on the film strip disappear. Because of the density of the physical octave, it takes a little longer in the reality, or should we say relativity, of the physical octave. Nevertheless, the moment people do not feed energy into the matrix, it starts dissolving, self-destructing.

The illusion of the epic struggle

What is it that the fallen beings, the dark forces, have done in order to create something that can last over time in the physical octave? Well, they must get people to continually put their attention on it and feed their energy into that matrix. How do they do this? Well, they do it, as we have said before, through the epic mindset. The epic mindset says that here is a cause that is ultimately important, and therefore people must dedicate their lives to fighting for this cause and therefore, it is also justified that they kill other people in order to promote that cause. Again, with capitalism and communism, you can see how people in the Soviet Union believed that it was so epically important that communism took over the world that they were willing to risk being killed or to kill others in order to promote that cause. On the other side, people in America and the West were so convinced that it was epically important that communism would not take over the world, and therefore they were willing to kill or be killed in order to promote that cause.

What is the underlying mechanism behind this? It is that the fallen beings must make people believe that the dualistic polarities are real, they have some reality, they have some substance. If no one believed that the struggle was real, why would they give their lives to the struggle? How do they create this sense of reality? They do not. They cannot, but they do not have to. What they have managed to do a long time ago is to cause the majority of the people on earth to also go into the duality consciousness, and in the duality consciousness, there are certain things that seem real, absolutely real.

The easiest way to understand this is to look at your physical senses. You can open your eyes and see something. You can look at this building you are sitting in. From the vantage point of your eyes, this building seems very real, it seems solid. It seems to have the ability to sustain or to be sustained over time. Likewise, with your other senses. Over many lifetimes of embodying on earth, you have come to be convinced that the earth has some reality—it has some durability, some continuity. Now, this is not entirely an illusion in the sense that planet earth was originally created by the Elohim, seven ascended beings who created a matrix for the earth in the identity realm and gradually lowered it through the mental into the emotional and then into the physical. There is an enduring quality to the earth. Not that it will be sustainable forever, not that it is really self-sustainable, but as long as the Elohim continue to put their attention on this matrix and uphold it, the earth will endure. They do not have to put their attention on it constantly because it was originally created through the Christ consciousness, but they do need to put enough attention on it to uphold the matrix.

So is the earth real? Well, it is real in the sense that it is there. There is a physical planet that is a platform for life and for the experiences you have as self-aware beings on earth. It is not real in the sense that it will endure forever. Nor is it real in the sense that its form could not be changed. As we have told you, the Elohim originally created the earth in a much higher matrix than what you see today, and what actually happened is that after humankind fell into duality, the earth has become denser. Therefore, what you see today, what you experience with your senses today, is not what the Elohim created, is not the highest potential for earth and does not have the same longevity as that original matrix.

Is the earth real in its present state? Well, if you with “real” define something you can detect with your physical senses, then it has some reality to it. As I said, this current form of the earth in its current density is not sustainable. The reality is that it is possible to transform the earth into a lesser density where many of the problems you see today will fade away. What kind of problems would fade away if you raised the earth into a lesser density? Well, look at the density of your physical bodies. It is this density that causes your bodies to age in this incredibly short lifespan that you call a normal lifetime. There is nothing normal or natural about it. Your bodies could sustain themselves for much longer if the earth vibrated at a higher level. You would not have most of the diseases you have today, as they are the result of the density of the body. You also would not have, if the earth was raised enough, to earn a living by working at the sweat of your brow because the earth would provide what you needed to sustain yourself without this enormous struggle that you see today.

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