The dilemma of being on earth

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Ascended Master Vairochana through Kim Michaels, June 23, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM indeed the Dhyani Buddha known as Vairochana. I AM, of course, also, from your perspective, the Ascended Master Vairochana. I come to give you some perspective on how you can move closer to being the Buddha in action on a planet as dense as earth. For this purpose we of the Dhyani Buddhas have previously given the concept that what prevents you from being the Buddha in action is that there are certain spiritual poisons. The antidote to those poisons is the particular flames of wisdom that we represent. Of course, this is in no way incompatible with the teaching you have now been given on the primal self and the many other separate selves that spring from that. Certainly, you could say that any self is based on one, or perhaps even more than one, of these spiritual poisons.

Ignorance of who you are

Some of you will know that the poison that I am the antidote for is ignorance and that my antidote, my wisdom, is the All-Pervading Wisdom. What is ignorance? Well, it has, of course, myriad forms and shapes and we can express it in many ways in words. One way to describe it is, certainly, to say that it is the ignorance of self, the ignorance of who you are.

This, of course, presents somewhat of a paradox. We have given you these teachings about the Conscious You descending into the four levels of this unascended sphere. This is a very profound teaching. Some of you have studied it to the point where you feel you understand it intellectually and you almost take it for granted. You are not quite aware of how profound this teaching is, in fact, how revolutionary it is compared to most of the teachings that have been available on this planet throughout history.

It is almost as if you can use a spiritual teaching to create a new form of ignorance where, in your outer mind, you feel you know the teaching. Therefore, you do not look for a deeper understanding or rather a deeper experience. It is as if for you, the Conscious You has become just another concept.

When you truly look at the teaching on the Conscious You, if you truly grasp it, when you experience the reality of it, you realize, you experience that the Conscious You is just a concept but it is more than a concept. You cannot fully internalize the teaching while looking at the Conscious You through the outer mind, especially the intellectual, analytical mind. You can only appreciate the teaching when you experience yourself as a formless being. When you have that experience, then you appreciate, you have fully internalized and made use of the teaching. As long as you are sitting there in your mind, having formulated a concept of the Conscious You and you see it from a distance, you have not made use of the teaching.

We could say that with any teaching that has ever been given throughout history, including the teachings given by Gautama 2,500 years ago, if you use it to create a concept that actually validates your sense of distance, then you have misused the teaching—at least, if you do not strive for more.

From teaching to experience

What would be the byword, the motto, the catchphrase of a true spiritual student? Well, first of all, you need to know that it is not enough to understand the teaching, you need to experience the reality behind the teaching. A teaching that is expressed in words is, of course, in a certain way only a way-shower, a symbol that points the way to an experience that is beyond words. Only when you have the experience, have you made full use of the teaching. This is perhaps the greatest problem of ignorance among spiritual students. They think the outer teaching, and understanding it with the outer mind, is enough. They do not go beyond to the experience. The first byword is: “Go beyond the teaching to the experience.” The real catchphrase that you might adopt as a spiritual student is this: “There is always more to experience.” There is always more to experience!

I AM the Dhyani Buddha that has the antidote—in fact, I am the antidote to the poison of ignorance. If you tune in to me, experience my Presence, you can overcome all ignorance. Theoretically, you could tune in to me, come into oneness with me, and in a split second, all your ignorance could be burned away by my Presence. We do not advocate this because you are here to have an experience, a variety of experiences.

We have given the teaching that when you first descend to earth, you go through the immersion phase of immersing yourself in this realm. Then, you go through the awakening phase and the experience that you are here to have is of gradually descending, gradually immersing and then gradually awakening. You are not here to have the experience of awakening in a split second. You are here to have the experience of gradually awakening, awakening in increments by rising up to the 144th level of consciousness.

We might say that the awakening phase starts at the 48th level and then you gradually awaken until you are at the 144th level. It is not that you have fully awakened at the 144th level but you have reached the highest level of awakeness possible on earth. Then, you can ascend from earth and go into a new spiral of awakening to higher and higher levels of awareness as an ascended master. We of the ascended masters are constantly growing in consciousness. Even at our level of the Dhyani Buddhas, there is growth. That is why I say, if you want to take an important step towards overcoming ignorance, then fixate in your mind that whatever experience you are having right now, there is always more to experience.

Defining ignorance

What is ignorance? On a natural planet is there ignorance? Well, yes, there is ignorance in the sense that as you start as a new being on a natural planet, you start with a point-like sense of awareness. You are gradually expanding that sense of awareness. You could say that even in the ascended realm there is ignorance, in the sense that I have the self-awareness at the level of a Dhyani Buddha but I am not the Creator. I am not at the level of self-awareness of a Creator so I am ignorant of what you experience from the level of self-awareness of a Creator. Yet you need to understand that in the ascended realm, and even on a natural planet, there are not the kind of barriers to knowledge that you have on earth.

In the ascended realm there are really no barriers to knowledge. You can go anywhere you want to go. That is why, when Mark Prophet ascended as the Ascended Master Lanello, his first exclamation was: “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God.” He realized that now that he was no longer in embodiment on a dense planet, he could go everywhere in the consciousness of God. There are no barriers to where you can go. Of course, there is, again, the process in the ascended realm of gradually raising your self-awareness. No one can switch from even an ascended master level to the Creator level in one step.

On a natural planet you also have a greater access to knowledge, to experience, to information. You can go and explore anything at that level of awareness of a natural planet. On earth, however, which has become an unnatural planet, there are many barriers to what you can know even what you can experience. We might say that if you look behind me there is a big screen. How do you create ignorance on earth? Well, we have said that as you descend to the 48th level of consciousness, you take on an illusion for each level of consciousness you descend, starting with the illusion corresponding to the 144th level, the 143rd and so on. For each of these illusions, it is as if you put up a screen like the one behind me.

What does this screen do? When you are standing on this side of the screen, you cannot see what is behind it. This is, in a sense, the entire function of a dense-matter planet. It allows you to have a sense of self where there are certain things you cannot see. What is the purpose of this? The purpose is to allow you to explore the full range of what is possible with self-awareness and free will.

Free will gives you the right to have any experience you want. How do you have an experience? By creating a self and experiencing the world, life and yourself through that self. On a natural planet there are certain types of selves you cannot create, for you have a higher awareness on a natural planet. You cannot believe, for example, that you are a completely separate being surrounded by other separate beings.

You cannot believe that if you harm another separate being, it will not affect yourself. On a natural planet you experience that you are part of a whole and that whatever you do, affects the whole. Whatever anyone else does, affects you. There are certain experiences of self that you cannot have on a natural planet. It is therefore perfectly within the range of free will that you have unnatural planets where those who wish to experience a more limited sense of self can descend and take embodiment.

We can say in the most general way that ignorance is when there is a barrier to what you can see, what you can know, what you can experience. You are creating a limited self by taking on these illusions, setting up these barriers in your mind, so there are certain things you cannot see. This is how you have an immersion experience. Free will allows you to go as far as you can imagine on that path of limiting your sense of self. However, we have said so far that you will experience the consequences of your choices by the Ma-ter light outpicturing what you are projecting upon it through your sense of self. Yes, that is indeed correct but there is another side to this. It is that you will also experience yourself.

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