Speaking out from a state of peace

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, December 1, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus, and I wish to make some remarks here about a topic that can be confusing. I fully understand that it is confusing to some of you. It is the topic of Christhood, how you exercise your Christhood in terms of speaking out on earth. If you are in a linear mindset, you could say that these latest teachings we have given you (over this past year or a little more), contradict earlier teachings we have given you. We have said that a part of your Christhood is to speak out, and now it seems like we are saying that you should not speak out and you should instead work on your internal spirits, your separate selves and overcome them.

Now my beloved, the key to resolving what may seem like an enigma is to realize that the spiritual path has certain stages. There are certain levels of initiation that you go through on the path to Christhood. We have given you the course in self-mastery, which is designed to take people from the 48th level of consciousness to the 96th level. At the 96th level is where you begin to exercise Christhood but, of course, there is a distance from the 96th to the 144th level. You can see that, obviously, what you attain or can attain at the 96th level is not the full measure of Christhood. As you go higher and higher towards the 144th level, you are able to manifest and express higher degrees, we might call it, of Christhood.

The experiential side of Christhood

This means that when we give a teaching that is applicable for people at the 96th level or close to it, it is, of course, not the same teaching we will give for people at higher levels. When I gave, for example, the course on Christhood [Master Keys to Personal Christhood] and many of the early teachings that were given in this dispensation about Christhood, it was given for the beginning level of consciousness. What we are giving you now is for the higher levels of Christhood where you need to acknowledge here that there are certain things you cannot be given theoretically on the spiritual path. There needs to be an interchange between receiving teachings and gaining understanding and then practicing, expressing, those teachings and getting experience. You do not become the Christ by sitting in a classroom and receiving teachings from a teacher even if that teacher has attained Christhood. There must be a certain experiential element where you go out and have certain experiences.

What I and other masters told people to do in the early stages of this dispensation was to go out and speak out with the understanding, with the awareness, they had at the time. Now, we knew full well, of course, that people would go out with a certain amount of separate selves and they would feel a compulsion to speak out. We knew that there were some people that were very reluctant to speak out because the separate selves that they had built in past lives told them that it was very dangerous, very unsafe, to speak out and that they should not speak out at all.

We knew that there were other people who had an ambition to speak out, either because they wanted to do something important, they wanted to get acknowledged by the ascended masters, they wanted to get acknowledged by other people or the world, or various other motivations that people have. We also knew that it was necessary to give people the teaching, let them do with it whatever they wanted, because whether they spoke out or not, they would still have certain experiences that would then help them progress to the point where they would be ready for a higher teaching.

This is what has happened. A sufficient number of people have risen to the level where they are ready for the higher teachings we are giving now. We might say that a critical mass of you have risen to this level, but I would prefer to say that it was an uncritical mass of you that have risen to this level because you have risen by overcoming this critical attitude where you feel you had to criticize, judge and evaluate everything. This is precisely what characterizes the higher levels of Christhood.

Christhood is not a linear process

At the lower levels of Christhood you are beginning to have some awareness that there are many things on earth that are not, as you see it at that level, right. They are not in accordance with the higher vision, they are not in accordance with how things should be and they should be changed. As we have now said about avatars who come to this planet feeling they have to change things on earth, in the beginning stages of Christhood you very much go out with the attitude that you have to change something. You have to make people see what they are not seeing and you have to make a difference and create a change.

This is exactly the attitude that many avatars had when they came to earth. You actually need to have this experience in this lifetime in order to tie back in to this momentum. There are other avatars who came to this earth and did not speak out, did not want to speak out and decided that they do not want to speak out on this planet. Some of these people have not gone out and spoken out but it has still given you the experience that you had the teaching and what are you doing with it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. As we have said many, many times, you have a right to be at a certain level of consciousness and you have a right to express yourself based on that level of consciousness—nothing wrong with it, no blame from our part whatsoever. As Nada so carefully explained in her book, we accept you at whatever level of consciousness you are at and are only looking at how we can help you ascend to the next level up.

This, of course, does not mean that we want you to remain at the lower level of Christhood for the rest of your lifetime. We want you to have a certain experience at the lower levels that, then, combined with the teachings we give you, help you rise to higher and higher levels of Christhood. There comes a point where you have reached the level of Christhood where it is necessary to question what you have done before. I know that some people will go into a linear mindset because they want to think that if they had a true teaching given to them by an ascended master about Christhood, then that teaching is absolute and therefore all they need to do is follow that teaching for the rest of their lives.

I know there are people who want to think this way but they are simply not grasping what Christhood is about in the ongoing self-transcendence, and so I cannot cater to such people. We of the ascended masters can give certain teachings for people in this mindset. If the people do not heed the teaching, if they do not shift their attitude, then we must by the law, even the Law of Free Will, leave these people alone and not attempt to make them see what they are not willing to see.

Therefore, we then focus on those who are willing to see that there comes a point on your path of Christhood where you need to question the very things that brought you to that level of Christhood. This is not just a one-time thing. This is an ongoing thing because the higher you go towards the 144th level, the shorter are the intervals between where you need to question yourself. In fact, at the higher levels of consciousness you need to question everything at your present level in order to ascend to the next level.

The progressiveness of Christhood

What we are telling you now with these teachings on the avatar and overcoming the birth trauma, overcoming these separate selves, is that at the lower levels of Christhood it is acceptable for you (it is necessary, it is part of the path) to speak out with the level of awareness you have and with the separate selves that you have. Even if this causes you to go out and be somewhat unbalanced, perhaps too forceful, perhaps too insistent, perhaps too blue-flame, (as Master MORE calls it), it is still acceptable that you do this because you can do nothing else. It is by doing it that you get a certain feedback, you get a certain frame of reference that allows you to see that perhaps it is necessary to refine your approach.

That is what, then, opens you to say: “Okay, perhaps I have now reached a level of Christhood where the teachings that brought me here cannot bring me any further.” It is essentially, like we have said before, the example of how a child starts learning to ride a bicycle and has two wheels on the side of the bicycle (training wheels) that help the child hold the balance. There should come a point where the child has learned to hold the balance on the bicycle and can throw away the training wheels. If you see an adult riding on a bicycle with training wheels, you would think that this person has missed something.

It is the same on the spiritual path. That is why we have said to you that you need to consider your modus operandi [Healing Your Spiritual Traumas]. You need to consider how you approach looking at earth: Is it a friendly planet, a hostile planet? Is it a friendly body, a hostile body? Is God a friendly God or a hostile God? Are the ascended masters friendly masters or hostile masters? You need to consider this. You need to look at yourself. You could even say: “Do I have a friendly view of myself or a hostile view of myself?” Where does the hostility then come from? It can only come from a separate self that is influenced by the consciousness of the fallen beings and therefore, of course, it needs to be allowed to die.

What I want to give you here in terms of Christhood and in terms of speaking out is this: Overcoming your primal self, overcoming many or most of these separate selves does not mean that you do not speak out anymore. Attaining the peace with being on earth that is our goal for this conference does not mean that you are not going to speak out. It does mean that you are going to speak out in a different way, with an entirely different attitude. You are not driven by a separate self to speak out. You do not have a compulsive drive to speak out. You are not speaking out with the attitude that you have to produce a certain result. You are not speaking out because you have to convince or convert other people.

You are speaking out with the attitude that you are here to give them a frame of reference that they do not have right now, and then you leave them completely free to choose what they want to do with that. You have given them what they did not have before. You have given them a foundation for making better choices, higher choices, more aware choices but you leave it up to them how or what they will choose. This is not your job within the Law of Free Will. It is to give them the option, to give them the choice, so they have a more free choice, but then to still allow them to make whatever choice they want to make. That is why it is essential that you let go of this entire relative, comparative scale of the fallen beings about perfect or imperfect, about right and wrong and all of this entire mindset. It takes some time, we realize that, but it is important that you begin to work on this so you can come to that point where, when you do speak out, you are speaking from a state of inner peace.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Making Peace with Being on Earth.

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