Saint Germain

Saint Germain is the hierarch of the Aquarian Age who holds the Flame of Freedom for the Earth.

During the 1500’s and 1600’s Saint Germain worked with many of the kings of Europe, seeking to establish a United Nations of Europe. He was known as the Wonderman of Europe because he performed various miraculous feats, such as removing flaws from diamonds, appearing out of nowhere and maintaining a youthful appearance for over a century.

During the 1930’s Saint Germain released a number of violet flame decrees and affirmations through the I AM Movement. Later he gave additional decrees through the Bridge to Freedom and the Summit Lighthouse. Up until then, the violet flame had been known only to initiates of secret societies and orders. Saint Germain received a special dispensation to release the knowledge of the violet flame to the general public.

Saint Germain has said about himself:
“… I, as the Being known on Earth as Saint Germain, chose to embody the quality of God Freedom. For this seemed to me to be the most desirable quality. Thus, of course, I recognize that there are other God qualities, that are equally valuable, but I chose to embody Freedom, as my individual choice. Thus, I AM a spiritual Being, who is holding what we might call a spiritual Flame for the Earth, a Flame of Freedom, my beloved.
Everything on Earth, as your scientists have already discovered, is made from energy. Energy is a form of vibration. But your scientists have not yet fully understood energy. For, energy truly is an expression of a finer quality. Physical energy is an expression of what we might call spiritual energy. But spiritual energy does not take the form of a physical something that can drive your electrical motors or have other effects.
Spiritual energy will appear to you as a fire, as a flame. Thus, you saw that when Moses, on the mountain, encountered this spiritual energy, you saw the bush burning without being consumed. And thus, the saying, “Our God is a consuming fire,” that consumes all unlike itself, all that would trap you in a lesser sense of identity. And thus, the Flame of Freedom is indeed a form of spiritual energy that has the potential to burn away all limitations that trap you in a limited sense of identity. Yet my beloved, you need to recognize that, on planet Earth, everything revolves around free will. I am a spiritual Being, and I have become one with the Flame of Freedom. That flame is an expression of the infinite God. It has infinite potential. It can consume anything and everything that is limiting you.
But I, Saint Germain, will not consume your limitations unless you use your free will to give up those limitations. Which not only involves, simply saying, “Saint Germain, take away my limitations,” but it involves you recognizing that you have created those limitations by accepting imperfect beliefs and images about yourself, God and the world.
Thus, before you can actually let go of those limitations, you must take ownership of your limitations by recognizing that you have created them by accepting imperfect beliefs and images. You must then see through those imperfect beliefs and images, see through the reasoning and the consciousness behind it, and then replace those limiting choices with better choices that set you free from your current limitations. And when you have been willing to make that shift in consciousness, well, then you have the potential to make the choice to let go of what limits you, my beloved. For until you have seen through the limitations and why they limit you, well then you simply cannot let go of them. And thus, only when you let go can I then step in, and through my Flame of Freedom burn away the imperfect energies, so that you are now free to walk higher on your personal path toward freedom. This, then, is my purpose for creating this website for my Golden Age. It is to set you free individually, to give you teachings and tools that can set you free. But, more than that, to set humanity free, so that this Earth can rise to what I call my Golden Age—that I envision for the Earth. Which is an age in which, I can assure you, you do not find the limitations in human society that you see all around you, and which I am sure you have experienced up until this point in your life. Thus, my purpose here is to give you, not simply a hope, but to give you teachings and tools that will allow you to come to the point of an inner knowing, where you know that this planet has the potential to rise into a Golden Age.
And you personally have the potential to rise, not only to a Golden Age but to rise above any limitations in the material realm and win your freedom as an immortal spiritual Being. Thus, the basic message of this website is that, I, Saint Germain, have risen above the limitations on Earth and the motto of the Ascended Host is, “What one has done, all can do.” Thus, learn from me, learn from other members of the Ascended Host and see that you too can be free!”