Sacred geometry in Asian societies

TOPICS: False Christianity in Asia – Judgment of Christ upon the false Christianity – People with individual Christhood will bring the Golden Age – The courage to question authority – When everybody wins – Using people’s ideals for growth – Community without the abuse of power – The ability of Asian people to organize society – Sacred geometry in multiple dimensions – Sacred geometry beyond the linear mind – A society organized for the soul – The abundant life is a creative life – How Christ evaluates nations – 

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ, July 3, 2016, through Kim Michaels at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I come this day for multiple purposes. One is to bring forth the judgment of Christ directly from my Being upon the false Christianity that is spreading in Asia and that is attempting to insert itself into all levels of society. It seeks to spread the form of Christianity that has been so prominent in the West and which they now see an opportunity to spread in other parts of the world.

Therefore I, Jesus Christ, pronounce the judgment of Christ upon the Catholic Church in Korea and other Asian nations. I, Jesus Christ, pronounce the judgment of Christ upon the Protestant churches in Korea and other nations in Asia. I, Jesus Christ, pronounce the judgment of Christ upon the Fundamentalist churches in Korea and other nations in Asia. I, Jesus Christ, pronounce the judgment of Christ upon the Mormon Church in Korea and other nations in Asia.

It, then, has a number of ramifications that I have been able to pronounce this judgment in the physical. Of course, it needs to be reinforced by your calls and your acceptance that the judgment of Christ can also work through you when you are in alignment with my Being. Therefore, I ask you, of course, to make the calls on this.

False Christianity in Asia

I also pronounce the judgment of Christ upon the demons behind the false Christianity, the top demons of all the major churches and branches of Christianity and the many supporting demons. They are judged this day and as you reinforce this judgment with your calls, Archangel Michael will bind and take them gradually until the area can be cleared of this falsity of religion that has inserted itself in the West now for so many hundreds of years and is attempting to establish a dominant position here in Asia as well.

Truly, how will we bring Korea and Asia into the Golden Age? Well, we will not do so through the false Christianity that is out of touch with my message and my teachings. How will you bring the Golden Age anywhere? Only when a critical mass of people begin to wake up and realize and accept that the Christ is in them, each one and therefore the flow of the Christ Spirit, the Holy Spirit, can flow through anyone who is willing to open his or her heart to that flow of the Spirit.

This, truly, was one of the central messages that I brought to earth now so long ago, namely that it is a complete lie that there is only a small elite who has access to the kingdom of God and can act as emissaries for the flow of the Spirit. The reality that I demonstrated and that my disciples and apostles demonstrated is that the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It does not accept or respect the rank that human beings have put up in their societies where they have created this artificial pyramid of authority with those in the top having almost god-like power on earth.

Judgment of Christ upon the false Christianity

Instead, the flow of the Holy Spirit works through those who have open minds and hearts, who have purified their beings of the ill intentions of wanting to manipulate and control other people, even being willing to use peoples’ belief in God to manipulate and control them. What greater manipulation could there be: Claiming you are representative of God while in reality you are manipulating the people for the purposes of those who oppose God, namely the fallen beings. What was it I said to Peter? I said: “Get thee behind me Satan.” I say to the false Christianity that claims to represent me toda:, “Get thee behind me Satan for thou art an offence to me. Thou savorest not the things that be of God but the things that be of men, and therefore you have no part with me. You may claim to represent me, you may use my name, you may call to Jesus as many times as you want, but you are not eliciting a response from me but only from the prince of darkness to whom you have sworn allegiance while claiming to have sworn allegiance to Christ”.

If I sound harsh, it is not harshness but simple realism. The development of Christianity into the religions you see today is indeed an offence to me. It is the opposite of what I called people to do, namely to be the guardians of their brothers and sisters and to do onto their brothers and sisters not just what you want them to do to you but what you saw me do to your brothers and sisters and to yourselves.

Do unto others as Jesus would do to them, would be a better slogan for this age. Therefore, you may see many Christians who wonder “What would Jesus do?” Well, why are you wondering when you can tune in to my heart and know (each one individually) what the Christ would do through you. The Christ is also in you when you acknowledge and accept this. So stop pretending that you are representing me when indeed you have not been willing to attune to my heart within your hearts and therefore there is no oneness of heart and so how can you possibly represent Jesus Christ?

People with individual Christhood will bring the Golden Age

Now then, it is clear that the Golden Age will not be brought in Asia through false Christianity. What then will bring the Golden Age? Well, it will be that there are people in Korea and other nations in Asia who go within and manifest their own Christhood. This, of course, is the purpose of the teachings we are giving in this age.

I am not envisioning that all people in Korea or Asia will one day wake up and acknowledge ascended master teachings. It will certainly take a long time before they will be generally accepted but, my beloved, we do not have time to wait that long, for Saint Germain has the plan for the Golden Age. In order for us to avoid delaying it, we need you who are the spiritual people to make the calls for your brothers and sisters to be awakened to the Christ within them even if they do not consciously know how to put words on it.

They are nevertheless willing to exercise their Christhood even if they do not know what they are doing, even if they do not know of ascended masters. Do you not see that the beauty of the plan that was laid by the ascended masters before my embodiment is that there is truly no force on earth who can stop the movement, the flow of the Spirit? Certainly, there has been a certain deflection and a certain delay in our plans to raise up 10,000 and millions of people to Christhood. You must understand that even though there is no conscious awareness of my inner message, there are still many people who have at inner levels developed a measure of Christhood over these past 2,000 years.

They are found in all nations including, of course, here in Asia. As we have said, many are in South Korea and so these people do not need to know consciously what you know, they do not need to be able to put words on it. You can make the calls that they will take that last step whereby they begin to exercise their Christhood as many have indeed have already done.

The courage to question authority

What is one characteristic that you need to call for? It is that people will begin to exercise precisely the aspect of Christhood that you saw me demonstrate so many times in my embodiment 2,000 years ago. I actually demonstrated it many more times than are recorded in the scriptures, and it is the characteristic where you have the courage and the willingness to openly question authority.

When you look at what other masters have said before me about some of the characteristics here in Asia that are standing in the way of the Golden Age, you have seen them talk about these very centralized societies that have a very top-down power structure. You will see that it is prevalent in Asian culture, and certainly in Korea as well, that everyone accepts their station in society and that none who are at a lower station dares to question the authority of those who are above them.

We have talked about the problem that there are many people who get promoted to a certain station of authority without having the ability to exercise that position. They are promoted because they are from a “good” family and because they know someone who knows someone. Therefore, everyone is doing each other favours and promoting those people who are belonging to the certain families regardless of their abilities to fill a certain position.

Once a person is in a position of authority, the person realizes, of course, that he does not have the ability to truly fulfil the position but does he admit this and resign from the position? Nay, because this would be such a disappointment to his family, and such a loss of honour and a loss of face for himself, that instead he stays in the position and then what does he do in order to hide his inability to exercise the position. Well, he hides behind the outer authority of the position. He counts on the fact that no one below him dares to question him, and then he hopes that he will not make such a severe mistake that those who are above him in hierarchy will have to do something to either discipline or correct him or even remove him from the position.

There are many, many people who are in these positions in society who are living a life of constant anxiety. They know they are not really qualified for their position and they are just hoping that they will not make such a mistake that those above them would have to come down upon them. They live their entire lives in this state of mind and it is, of course, agony for themselves. It is also detrimental to society because you have all these people in positions who are really not competent to fulfil that position and it holds the entire society back from making the progress that needs to be made for us to manifest the Golden Age.

You, who are the spiritual people, can overcome this consciousness in yourself and dare to speak out in the face of authority when you see things that are not right. You dare to speak out, not in the sense of necessarily saying that this is wrong but of pointing out that there is a different way to do it, there is a better way to do it, there is a way to do it that would produce better consequences for all people involved. You can, of course, also make the calls that those of your brothers and sisters, who are not yet consciously aware of their attainment and their spirituality, will be set free to also exercise this aspect of Christhood where they dare to question authority.

When everybody wins

As we have said, it is not a matter of necessarily pointing out what is wrong with society. It is, certainly, a matter of having the courage to say that there is something here that could be done better and there is something that needs to be done better if we are to compete in the global business climate that is emerging. If we are to stay at the forefront of development here in Asia, then the Korean nation needs to take these measures.

When more and more people dare to speak out, then you will see that things can shift relatively quickly so that there is a different climate where people now are not afraid to say what they observe, to say what they think. Therefore, there can be a new openness. Aas we have said, those who are in positions of authority can see that if they run with some of these new ideas, they will actually do the right thing for those below them and they will also thereby strengthen their position in their station of authority.  Many people can actually come to see that it can be a relief for them to embrace some of these new ideas instead of holding onto the old, because it can relieve some of the anxiety they have felt.

My beloved, there is a concept of the “win-win” where everybody wins by changing. This might be a concept that you can also begin to embrace and you can make the calls that society will begin to embrace this from a new awareness that it is necessary to go to a higher level, to go to an entirely higher level, if we are to stay competitive in the global environment. You see, my beloved, when you look at a particular nation or a particular people (or even a group of people or a corporation), you can look at what are the ideals they have set for themselves and then you have two options here.

You may decide that their ideas are completely wrong and they need to be overturned and thrown away. This is an option that has often been taken in the past. For example, you have seen many revolutions where those who were behind the revolutionary forces thought that the leaders of society were doing something completely wrong and needed to be overturned. This was the driving force behind the Communist Revolution but also many others and you have seen it even here in South Korea.

Using people’s ideals for growth

What I point out to you is that there is an aspect of Christhood that is devoted to seeing the Christ within everyone and therefore appealing to that Christ in order to create a win-win situation. It is not a matter of saying that the existing ideals are wrong, but it is a matter of realizing that when we understand peoples’ ideals (the way they would like to be, the way they would like to see themselves and they would like others to see them), then you can actually appeal to these ideals and give them a slight turn so that they are bringing society in a new direction.

You see, for example, here in South Korea a certain national sense of wanting to be one of the most developed countries in Asia, wanting to be on the forefront of new developments, wanting to be a more advanced society than China and Japan with whom you often compare yourselves. Even though I will tell you that you do not need to compare yourselves, for you are a unique people and you do not need to think in terms of better or worse, higher or lower, but you can be fully content in being who you are and expressing that. Nevertheless, you can look at this desire and you can give it a slight turn and say: “If we are to stay in the forefront of development, not only in Asia but in the world, then we need to dare to embrace new ideas. We need to do dare to do what others have not done. We need to dare to openly think about these ideas. We need to question the way we have done things so far and see if there are certain aspects of our culture and our approach that are actually holding us back from staying in the forefront or moving even further ahead.”

This way, you can create a positive climate where it is not a matter of placing blame. It is not a matter of appointing a scapegoat. It is not a matter of tearing people down, my beloved. Then, you can create a more open dialogue where suddenly people dare to bring forth new ideas, for now it is not a matter of bringing forth a new idea in stark opposition to the old and to the people in authority. It is a matter of creating an impersonal discussion where we look at what can society do to leap ahead in the global competition. How can we leapfrog some of the older nations, the other nations that have stagnated, that are standing still?

How can we do what the Japanese nation has not dared to do and how can we avoid the stagnation that we see there? This can create a different climate, and you will, of course, see that there will be certain fallen beings or those in the fallen consciousness who will oppose this change. In doing so, they will also expose themselves. In the end, will it not become obvious to more and more people that these people are against progress because they are seeking to protect their privileged positions?

Community without the abuse of power

My beloved, one of the messages that I gave 2,000 years ago was that when you realize who you are, as a person who has a Christ potential, then you realize that all other people have that Christ potential. When you begin to exercise it, you can come together in a true spirit of community. This is what you saw some of my early disciples manifest. Although they manifested it in a certain way that was suitable for those times, you can still manifest a different form of community that is suitable for modern times. It is a sense of community where you realize that you are here to take care of each other, to help each other, to raise up each other and thereby raise up the whole.

As we have said, there needs to be a shift in society where you begin to see the value of people, the value of the individual. You see people as the most important resource in society, as the most important purpose of society, namely to serve the people. This is an aspect of Christhood that relates to society where society serves the people, and people, of course, serve each other. Thereby, the individual serves the whole and the whole serves the individual and it serves all of the people.

You can create a new sense of community, and it will then become obvious there are some people who are working against this sense of community. They are not willing to raise up the All, for they want to keep the privileged positions that they have taken through force. When this becomes known, then you can see a shift in the debate in society where you realize that no society can enter the Golden Age while allowing people in this state of consciousness to remain in leadership positions.

Therefore, you can begin to create a new awareness where people become aware that there are certain people in society who have abused their positions of power. They have been entrusted by society or by corporations with a certain status, a certain position, but they have abused this to serve themselves or a small elite rather than serving the people. You can then create an awareness that the true measure of a leader is whether he serves the people or serves the narrow interests of a small elite.

There are already many people who at inner levels are very close to breaking through to this realization. When you make the calls for this to happen, then they will begin to break through and the awareness will begin to shift. You will see that there will be a growing awareness (and it is an awareness that will happen not only here but it will happen worldwide) that the only way for a society to truly stay at the forefront of development is to create a society that serves the people, that serves the greatest number of people without allowing an elite to take advantage of that society and the population.

The ability of Asian people to organize society

My beloved, I wish to take you on a little journey where to you look into the past of this region and of the nation of Korea. I wish to bring to your attention that there are certain qualities that are found in this area, in the people of this area, and that they have a potential to be used for bringing the Golden Age.

You may look upon the messages we have given you so far where we have focused on: here is this problem that needs to change, here is that problem that needs to change, here is this that needs to be overcome. You may get the impression that there are so many problems standing in the way of the Golden Age that it seems overwhelming. You may also get the impression that bringing the Golden Age is a matter eradicating problems, but this, of course, is not the case.

The reality of the matter is that you are living on a planet that has been very, very severely influenced by the fallen consciousness, by the duality consciousness, the consciousness of separation that leads to conflict. Therefore, there are indeed certain problems that need to be seen for what they are and overcome.

Of course, this is only one aspect of bringing the Golden Age. It is what we might call the Omega aspect where we look at conditions as they are, we apply the wisdom of the Mother to see how things need to change. There is also the Alpha aspect where (once we have cleared away some of the problems that are blocking a new awareness and that new awareness begins to dawn) we can activate some of the positive qualities that are found in all peoples and in all nations. Let me take you on this journey and have you look at the fact that here is Southeast Asia you have for thousands upon thousands of years going into the past seen some very advanced civilizations.

You have all seen these pictures of ruins that are very, very large, very large complexes of temples and buildings with streets that are completely straight. The streets are laid out in a square pattern and there is obviously a very high level of organization. This is one of the positive qualities that are present in the people of this region. There is a certain ability to organize and to organize things very well. This is a positive quality but it can, of course, as everything else, be taken to a unbalanced extreme by the fallen consciousness.

Now, we have in previous years given certain teachings about what we have called the mechanization concept or the mechanization consciousness. It is a consciousness that comes from the fallen beings who are attempting to control everything on earth. When I say everything on earth, I mean, of course, first of all the people on earth. The fallen beings are facing a fundamental challenge because they know that their numbers are very limited compared to the total population. The question for them always is: “How can such a small number of people gain control over so many?”

One of the ways they have attempted to do this is to reduce the people so that they are not acknowledging their Christhood and therefore they are not able to bring forth creative solutions. They begin to function in a more and more mechanical manner. This ties in with what other masters have talked about where a soul can become so afraid of making bad decisions that lead to very severe consequences that it no longer wants to make decisions. The fallen beings can then take this and use it to create a society that is very organized in the sense that it defines specific stations for people. Then it causes people to accept that: “This is my station in life, and as long as I fulfil the requirements of that station in a mechanical way, then I will avoid the negative consequences that I fear.”

This also means that people have a tendency to become somewhat robotic, somewhat mechanical. What you see here is that the fallen beings have taken the ability to organize a society and they have turned it into the ability to organize a society based on control, based on reducing everyone to robots, who are mechanically performing the predefined functions of their role, their station. This is what you also see in most large corporations, namely that they are attempting to reduce their workers to mechanical robots. This, of course, stems from the fact that, again, you have many people who have been promoted to leadership positions who are not competent to fill that position. They are afraid of making a mistake and therefore, again, if they follow the rules, if they do what they are told, then they should never make a mistake. As we have pointed out this cannot bring forth a Golden Age society.

Now my beloved, what is the positive potential for this ability to organize that you see in this region? Well, it is that you can begin to create a society that is organized, but instead of being based on a mechanization concept that wants to make everyone the same, it is based on the Christ consciousness that wants to allow every individual to bring forth the creativity that comes from its I Am Presence.

Sacred geometry in multiple dimensions

My beloved, just as a visual illustration of what this means, you can look at these past societies and how they have often been laid out in a completely regular grid based on simple geometric forms: the square, the rectangle, the straight line, perhaps the circle but it has been based on these simple geometric forms. Now, if you have studied philosophy, you will know that the ancient Greek philosopher Plato talked about that the world was organized in such a way that beyond the material world was a realm of what he called ideal forms, ideal geometric shapes. What has happened since then is that many people have come to believe that the ideal geometric shapes are the square, the rectangle, the circle, the triangle, all of these lines that are very simple and that can be defined in very simple ways mathematically.

My beloved, these are not the ideal geometric forms that Plato was talking about. Therefore, I bring to your attention that what the fallen beings have done with their mechanization concept is that they have made use of a lower form of geometry, but there is a higher (sacred or divine) geometry that is beyond these very simple forms based on simple, two-dimensional lines.

These are multi-dimensional geometric shapes. Not only do they exist in the three dimensions of width, breadth, and depth, they also exist in the fourth dimension of time, even in dimensions that are not currently known. I bring to your attention that in order to bring forth a higher form of organization, a higher organizing principle in society, you need to look beyond this simple geometry to a more complex geometry, which you are fully capable of making use of in this age of greater awareness of science and scientific principles. Of course, the technology you have in the form of computers makes it much more simple to perform these complex calculations that were simply beyond the ability of people even a hundred years ago and certainly a thousand or several thousand years ago.

What is this more complex geometry that I am talking about? It can be accessed through the principles of Feng Shui, which seek to work with the natural forms that are there and create a greater harmony. You can take this to a much higher level, and there are people in embodiment who are already working on this and who are capable of bringing it forth. They can be helped by your calls to bring forth this higher geometry.

Sacred geometry beyond the linear mind

As a contrast to show you what is possible you may look at the plan of one of these ancient civilizations and how the buildings were laid out in a very regular grid based on lines and squares and rectangles. Then, you may look at these societies and you may see that in a sense they were highly organized. You may even look at your own societies and your own cities today and see that they are not nearly as regular. You might get the idea that these ancient people had access to some higher level of organization than what you are able to do today. I do not want to reason this way because it is not correct, my beloved.

Of course, I am not thereby saying that current societies are at the highest possible level of organization. What I want to point out to you is that if you look at these ancient civilizations and all of the regularity in their plans, you can see that although there was a certain complexity, it was actually not a very sophisticated complexity. If you want an example of a much more sophisticated complexity based on a higher level of geometry than these simple squares and triangles, you need to look no further than your own bodies.

The human body is not square, has no straight lines, has none of these simple geometric shapes that the ancients saw as the ideal because it was all they could deal with, with their level of mathematical understanding. The reality is that the human body is to some degree based on sacred geometry. You will see that the body has symmetry. Even though it does not have any straight lines, yet there is symmetry. This is the kind of higher geometry that I am talking about. It can be brought forth, it can be applied to many areas of society where you begin to realize that there is a higher way to organize things that does not require you to reduce everything to these simple geometric shapes. Therefore, you can begin to free your minds from what we have called the linear mind.

The linear mind is very much tied to these very simple geometric shapes. It can only think, it can only envision, in these very simple shapes that it can reduce to the mechanical components that can be dealt with, with simple mathematics. You today, have much more complex mathematics. There is more to be brought forth, but nevertheless it is not a matter of reducing everything to mathematics. It is a matter of realizing that the human mind is not a mechanical device in its higher form.

A society organized for the soul

The human mind has the Christ potential, and the Christ potential is not a mechanical mind. Therefore, it cannot be reduced to simple geometric shapes, it cannot be reduced to mathematics. My beloved, you may be able to create a building or an entire city that is laid out in a completely regular organized geometric shape where everything is symmetrical, everything is created according to a certain proportion. You have seen the attempts of doing this even in the modern age where you see in North Korea, in China and other communist countries how they have created these huge buildings and building complexes where everything has been reduced to mathematics, to mechanics.

When you go there and experience these buildings, does your soul leap for joy? Nay, it does not, it actually feels uncomfortable in an environment like that. This simple measure should tell you that there is something missing here. What is missing is that you have not realized that the soul cannot be reduced to mechanics. In order to create a society that serves the people, that serves the growth of the people, you cannot approach planning from a strictly mechanical or mathematical viewpoint.

You need to go into these much more subtle considerations that you see in Feng Shui, but you can take this much, much further. You can begin to create a new form of organization, a new form of city planning, a new form of structure in corporations, in governments and bureaucracies. There is room for creativity, there is room for the unfoldment of the soul. There is created an environment that stimulates the soul rather than oppressing the soul and seeking to reduce it to a mechanical device, which it will never become.

You may look to communist nations and you may look at people who have been brought up in this environment and who from their early childhood have been brainwashed into thinking they live in the most sophisticated society and they should be proud, as was said yesterday, to be soviet citizens. You will see, as was also demonstrated yesterday, that you cannot be fully satisfied in an environment like that. Many people will know from within that something is not right. Those who are not aware enough to even acknowledge that something is not right, will still feel a certain discontent, a certain dissatisfaction. Some of them may be content in their misery because they have accepted that they could never be more than this, but nevertheless this does not mean that they are happy, that they are fulfilled, that they feel like they are living in the best possible society. They may think this with the outer mind but they do not feel it in their hearts.

The abundant life is a creative life

My beloved, what I point out to you is that I, Jesus Christ, came that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. How do you have life? Only through the Christ consciousness, not through the mechanization consciousness, for it cannot give you a higher form of life. Certainly, those who are living as robots are not truly alive, even though their hearts are beating and their lungs are breathing.

My beloved, the higher form of life that I came to give people is indeed the awareness of the Christ consciousness. The abundant life that I talked about was not simply material abundance but first of all the spiritual abundance, the soul abundance, of knowing that you are growing on the path, you are able to express your Divine individuality, your Divine creativity in serving your society, in serving other people. You are not expressing your Divine creativity for your own personal gain in terms of financial or physical gain, for you realize that the greater value is to be fulfilled in life, to feel that you are being who you are, that you are expressing who you are.

This is the abundant life, my beloved. It is a creative life. Certainly, it is not realistic that all people will experience this within the next few decades. It is realistic that a greater and greater portion of the people in the more developed societies will begin to feel this kind of inner satisfaction. It comes from knowing that they are exactly where they need to be, that they are doing exactly what they need to be doing in bringing forth from within the new ideas that can in some measure bring their society forward.

How Christ evaluates nations

This is the ultimate value for any society. If you were to truly look at the nations of the world and see which nations are the most developed in terms of having the greatest number of people who can express their inner beings, who can express their Christhood, then you would see an entirely different configuration than what you see today. You often evaluate nations based on simple numbers, the number of people, the number of the gross national product, the number of the army, the size and the power of the armed forces, the size of the economy, the power of corporations and all of these outer measures. These measures are like nothing when seen from the perspective of the Christ consciousness. They are, as I said, the consciousness of Satan that savours the things of the world and not the things of God.

You would see that the nations that will be the forerunners for the Golden Age will be those who give the greatest creative freedom to the greatest number of people. They allow the new ideas brought forth through this creativity to have an actual impact on society.

This my, beloved, is the potential that is here in Asia. It is here in Korea, and it will be unfolded through the Christ consciousness that will not be controlled by any institution on earth, be it a Christian church or communist state or some other organization that you might see. It is not something that can be forced. You cannot create a mechanical program that educates people in Christhood and therefore controls the flow of their creativity to support a certain direction in society.

The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth and it will overturn those structures of the high and the mighty. When I walked into the temple in Jerusalem and overturned the tables of the money changers, it was a symbol for how the Holy Spirit will overturn the tables of the money changers in all areas of society, namely those who are seeking to control the people and to actually control society in order to shut out the flow of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It cannot be controlled in a mechanical way and that is why the fallen beings are mortally afraid of the flow of the Spirit through the individual.

That is why they will do anything they can to stop that flow of the Holy Spirit through the individual. That is why they have created a false Christianity that denies the Christ in all people except Jesus Christ who is no longer here on earth, meaning that the Christ consciousness has no opening on earth if you believe official Christian doctrines. They also created communism, which of course also denies the Christ in the individual and the value of the individual and raises the state up as the all and in all.

This is what you see in many past societies in this region where they had various philosophies that denied the Christ in all people except maybe a certain leader. Of course, the fallen ones would like to deny the Christ in everyone and would like no one to be aware that there is such a thing as the Christ consciousness or the flow of the Spirit. But they would also accept a society where there is awareness of the Christ and the Christ potential but they have set themselves up as the only ones who can be the open door for the Spirit and they have caused all of the population to deny it in themselves. This is the consciousness that you can make calls on so that you can reinforce the judgment that I have brought forth this day upon this consciousness

Once again I, Jesus Christ, pronounce the judgment of the mechanization concept here in Korea and Asia. I, Jesus Christ, pronounce the judgment of the consciousness that denies Christ in the individual here in Korea and Asia. You can reinforce this with your calls and it will have a tremendous impact of creating a shift whereby many, many people who have attained Christhood in previous lifetimes will begin to wake up and dare to express that Christhood. They will dare to question authority, dare to be the open door for new ideas that will bring forth a society with a higher level of organization based on a higher level of geometry, a sacred geometry, an organic geometry, a Christ-like geometry.

With this I thank you for providing me this platform. I seal you in the Living Joy and the Living Peace of my heart.


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