Pull yourself out of the emotional vortexes

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, December 4, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. In this dictation, I wish to talk about how the fallen beings and dark forces use the emotional body to sabotage or distort or cut off your Christ discernment.

I am aware that many people on earth would not be able to fathom this. But I do expect that all sincere spiritual students and certainly all ascended master students will gradually build the ability to sense emotional energy. You can start by thinking back to your childhood, where you probably had some adult, perhaps your father, perhaps your mother, scold you, or yell at you in some degree of anger. And I am sure you can identify that vibration of anger that was directed at you from the outside.

You can also think of how you might be watching a movie and suddenly there is a sex scene. And you can feel how there is a certain stirring in your base chakra. What I also assume that most of you realize is that there are times when you yourself can feel that you get agitated, that you get angry and you can feel this in your solar plexus chakra.

Obviously, you have some ability to discern emotional energy. I am sure that many of you can also feel peaceful emotional energy, loving emotional energy. And you should be able to feel the vibration of our dictations as something that is not fear based, as something that does not stir and agitate that feeling in any of your chakras.

What you realize when you consider this is that the fallen beings have throughout history used various schemes to draw people in through the emotional body. We have talked about the fact that there are collective spirits, there are certain vortexes that have been created in the emotional body, like a maelstrom in the water where the water spins very, very quickly, and suddenly starts sucking the water down in a very fast-moving vortex. This is very parallel to what happens at the emotional body of humankind, and in the emotional body of individuals.

You see how, just to take one example, they have many times set two groups of people such as two nations up against each other. They have created this belief that these people are so different, that they are opposing us or the cause that we stand for, that they are the enemy. And gradually they build this anger and agitation, which actually builds a vortex in the emotional body of each group of people. And pretty soon it becomes strong enough that it overpowers the emotional body of individuals and people are literally sucked into that collective vortex and they cannot free themselves from it individually.

You saw for example, during the 1930s in Germany, how Hitler built this vortex in the emotional body of the German nation. You can still find these videos of the mass rallies where he would be speaking in front of tens of thousands of people and building gradually them into this fever pitch where they were almost like automatons crying out in support of him.

And this, of course is an example of how this entire group of people who sat there in that stadium were enveloped in this collective vortex that had already been built. But it became reinforced by the event to the degree where virtually nobody in that tens of thousands of people could withstand it individually. It was simply so powerful that it overpowered their emotional bodies and they were pulled into an emotional reaction based on anger and hatred against, for example, the Jews.

You have seen many other examples of this throughout history. You see examples of it in the world today, where some people have built this vortex that pulls large numbers of people into it.

This is something that you as ascended master students, really, without doing much work, but being willing to just sense this, you can feel these kinds of energies. And therefore, of course you can use this as one way to discover when something is blocking your Christ discernment in the emotional level. It is clear that when you are pulled into such an emotional vortex, you are overpowered by some very strong fear-based emotions. Fear based emotions always have some kind of direction, they are always directed against someone else: “Who is the scapegoat?”, “Who is the enemy?”, “Who is the problem?”, “Who are the ones who must be changed or forced or killed, in order to solve the problem?”

The emotional vortex itself builds this sense of urgency, that something must be done now, to solve this problem. This of course, means that you cannot exercise Christ discernment, when you are in such a vortex. How could you when as I said, the primary condition for you to experience Christ discernment is to be in a neutral state of mind. When you are overpowered by a vortex like this, you are not in a neutral state of mind. And you cannot be. You are so agitated in your emotional body, that you cannot look beyond the emotional body. You cannot look beyond your own mind. And therefore, find that certain calmness, that certain inner peace, that certain point of stillness that is the opening for Christ discernment, for some kind of impulse from the Christ mind.

You need to of course, look at your life, look at your situation. Many of you will be able to look, unfortunately, to your own home as you were growing up, where you will see that your parents had built a certain emotional vortex between them. And in certain situations, the anger of one of them was triggered. The other person was pulled into it. And now they had either an argument or some kind of other situation going that naturally had an impact on their children and often pulled their children into either an emotional reaction similar to the parents, or an emotional reaction of wanting to get away from the parents and the intensity of the energy.

You can also look at situations you have encountered in school, at work situations. Perhaps even at university, where there have been other vortexes that have attempted to pull you in. You can look even at the political situation in a country where you live and identify such vortexes, where you see large numbers of people who are pulled into a particular reaction, a fear based reaction of being angry against another group of people because they are the reason why these good people cannot get what they want or why the nation is in danger, or why this or that terrible thing might happen.

You can learn to identify this not as a matter of looking at the beliefs that are being used. What I am talking about here is purely the discernment at the emotional level where you can identify a certain energy. It is fear based, it is disharmonious, it is stirring up often your solar plexus chakra but sometimes other chakras and you feel this agitation that is gradually building. Your body becomes an unpleasant place to be. It is actually your emotional body that is an unpleasant place to be and you feel like getting away from it.

When you can identify that there is a pull from such vortexes on your emotional body, you can then again use the tools we have given you to step outside, realize that this comes from some kind of separate self. There is some kind of belief behind this. And you can begin to use our tools to identify what that belief is.

We have said many times of course, that the emotional body is under the mental body and therefore the mental body has a big influence on the emotional body. So when you see these vortexes, when you experience these vortexes, you realize there is some kind of belief behind it.

In other words, you are vulnerable to being pulled into such a vortex, because at some point, perhaps in a past lifetime, you accepted a certain belief that made you feel that in certain situations, you can only feel anger, or you can only feel fear, or you can only feel other negative emotions. You even believe that it is justified to feel this kind of feeling, because the situation is so serious, these other people are doing something that is so wrong and all of these other excuses.

But you need to come to identify the belief behind the emotional reaction, if you are to free yourself from the emotional reaction. Because there is naturally things you can do at the emotional level. As we have said, you can use our decrees to invoke spiritual energy, you can use the violet flame to transform the fear based energy in your emotional body, you can create a shield around your emotional body by giving calls to Archangel Michael, you can call to Astrea for cutting your emotional body free from ties to the astral plane to the collective emotional body.

And these will work but they will work on a temporary basis because as long as you still have the belief that causes you to continue to misqualify energy, you cannot be completely free of the emotional pull from the mass consciousness. So you need to be willing to look for that belief, to ask for our help. Maitreya and myself, when you give this invocation or decrees, will help you in as much as you are open to receiving it. And this is precisely the difficulty about the emotional body.

You see, once you are at the mental level, there is the possibility of reasoning. I sometimes said to people: “Let us reason together”, when I was an embodiment. And you can do this when people are somewhat calm in their emotions. But when people are pulled into an emotional vortex, you cannot reason with them. You cannot reason with the reaction they are having.

Because the reason they were pulled into the vortex in the first place was that their emotional reaction seemed real to them. It seemed like the only possible reaction in that situation given the outer circumstances. Like there was even a question earlier that said: “How can I not feel angry when I see someone abusing a child or an animal?” Well, that is a belief that your only possible reaction is to feel anger. But once you feel the anger, you cannot reason with that, you cannot even reason with the belief behind the anger when a person is overpowered by the anger.

You see that the fallen beings have been very, very clever at realizing this very simple dynamic. You introduce some kind of belief in people that makes them believe that in a certain situation, they can only feel anger. Things are so bad, what these other people are doing is so wrong, the risk to society of this or that not happening is so big, that you can only feel anger about this. You must feel and direct anger against these other people because somehow you believe that this anger will affect these people and have a positive impact on the situation.

Now you will recognize many of you that there has hardly ever been a case where a large group of people directing anger into a situation has actually improved that situation. In most cases that leads to a downward spiral of violence upon violence upon violence, as it has been going on for thousands of years in the Middle East. There is no positive outcome of this. But you cannot tell people that when they are overpowered by the emotional vortex, they cannot reason that way. They are angry. And they cannot see any other solution than directing that anger against the scapegoat, against the target, and then doing whatever is needed to neutralize the threat that they see.

If you look back again at Hitler you see the classical outplaying of this. How the majority of the German people were convinced that the Jews were the biggest if not the only problem in Germany, and that removing the Jews from German society would solve a lot of problems. Obviously, this was completely non rational.

But there was no way you could reason with the people who were trapped in this vortex. And that is why there came a point during the 1930s, where Germany had passed a point of no return. And the war was an inevitability, because it was the only thing that could shatter the illusion that the German people were trapped in. They were trapped, partly because Hitler had projected this illusion that he and the German people were invincible.

And the only thing that could shatter it and make the Germans open to questioning certain things was that they lost. And therefore, because they lost, they had to question the illusion, they had to recognize that they were not invincible, because if they were, they would have won. So if what Hitler told them was not true, because it was counteracted by facts, then what else that he told them was not true. And then they started questioning one thing after another, and then the nation as a whole made some progress.

What the fallen beings have been extremely clever at doing is set up the belief. Get first, a small group of people to pour their emotional energy into this vortex. And then gradually, sometimes very slowly, sometimes over time, building this up to a fever pitch.

Now, if you look at society, in today’s age, even the modern democracies, you see that in several democratic nations, there is a growing dissatisfaction among the people. You see that more and more people are beginning to realize that there is something unbalanced, something wrong in their nations. In many cases, they do not really understand what it is, but the reality of it is that it is what we talked about during the American webinar, the income inequality and the formation of this financial power elite, that has a stranglehold on the economies of the nations.

This elite is siphoning wealth away from the people. And the people in the democratic nation know that this should not be happening. They do not understand fully that it is happening. But they feel that something is wrong, they are dissatisfied. And the fallen beings are very good at creating a situation and then taking advantage of it. We might even say that it is not really that they are so good at it. It is just that the fallen beings cannot help being fallen beings. They do what fallen beings do. They set themselves up as a privileged elite. They gather to themselves – to all means available, lying, cheating, manipulation, what have you – privileges and wealth and power. They are creating an imbalanced society.

When the people start feeling this imbalance and start becoming dissatisfied with it, the fallen beings then are very good at stepping in and pulling the people into an emotional based vortex, so that they cannot rationalize about it. They do not have the reasoning faculties anymore, because these faculties have been overshadowed by the emotional reaction. So they cannot step back, look at their society and say: “What is it I’m really dissatisfied with?”, “What is it that is really happening in my society?” Instead, they are pulled into this emotional reaction, where they often have their anger directed against another group of people.

The fallen beings manage to first create a situation of imbalance, then create a diversion, whereby they can stay hidden, they can stay under the radar, nobody really sees it. They do not see that the Emperor has nothing on. It simply does not click in the collective consciousness. And a big part of this, not the only reason for it, but a big part of it is these emotional reactions, where many, many people are pulled into wanting to have a certain feeling.

You understand that when people are feeling dissatisfied with their society, even though it is a democracy, it is because they have come to feel disempowered. They have come to feel that even though this is a democracy, even though I am voting, I do not really have any influence, it does not matter. Nobody is changing the things in society. So they feel disempowered, they feel it does not make any difference who they are voting for.

And then if someone comes along, who says the right things they believe that this can work, that what this person is saying can work. Why? Because the person gives them a feeling that they are empowered. Again, I am using a historical example in order to avoid using the rather obvious contemporary examples that I want to save for another day.

Go back to the 1920s, after the end of the First World War, where the economy in Germany became very bad. Again, the most of the people felt very poor, felt very disempowered. The German people came to feel very disempowered. And then comes Hitler, who has a different message. “No, no, no. The German people are not disempowered. On the contrary, they are basically the superior race who can bring balance to the world, if only they follow Hitler. And if only they direct their anger against those who are the real problem, namely the scapegoat.”

And so you see how what Hitler actually did was that he realized that the Germans felt disempowered, and he created a vortex that made them feel empowered. This is, of course, a rather strange phenomenon when you look at it. You look at these rallies, again, with tens of thousands of people, their eyes glazed over, they are screaming at the top of their lungs: “Heil Hitler.” And you can see that they were simply hypnotized. But what they felt inside their minds was, they felt empowered. They felt collectively empowered, because the anger that they unleashed, the anger that they directed at the Jews, or Germany’s enemies, that anger in itself made them feel empowered. Because that is the effect of anger, that it can make you temporarily empowered.

This is why you will see throughout history, that anger can make people feel that they can do anything, and it can sometimes even make them able to do things that they normally could not do. You will see in many battle situations where those who became angry, were almost invincible on the battlefield in hand-to-hand combat. And you can see the same in other situations. That is why you will have some people, even psychologists who say that anger is a positive emotion.

Well, it may be in certain situations that you can overcome certain obstacles through anger. But these are not ideal situations, but highly unbalanced situations on a dark planet like earth. So naturally in the spiritual realm, there is no anger, but there is of course, a certain determination. But that is not what you call anger on earth. You see here, if you are not disempowered, if you do not feel disempowered, you can have determination that will allow you to do what you want to do, even if there is some resistance on a dense planet like earth, but you do not need to feel anger.

But when you feel disempowered, the only way to overcome the disempowerment is anger. Unless, of course, you resolve the very selves that make you feel disempowered. But that is something that most people are not able to do.

You see, again, this entire spiral, ongoing spiral, repetitive spiral. The fallen beings create an imbalance, they take advantage of the unbalance to direct people’s anger against some scapegoat, so that the fallen beings are not exposed for the real cause of the imbalance. It is exactly the same in today’s world.

Now, we talked about this study of the income inequality in the United States. You see similar things in other democracies, although not to the same extreme degree. But the income inequality is created by the power elite, the financial elite who are manipulating the entire financial system. But what do they do? They manage to get people to direct their anger, one group of people to direct their anger at another group of people, instead of against themselves. And so you see how this is something you can learn as an ascended master student to identify.

You can identify when here is someone who is encouraging, even enflaming this anger in people, giving them an easy way out to direct it against some other group of people, instead of addressing the real problem behind people’s sense of being disempowered. In other words, you can learn to see that the fallen beings may be very good at making the people feel empowered through anger, but they are not actually empowering the people, they are only giving them a feeling of being empowered. And that is precisely what many people on earth want.

There are many, many people who are, we might say trapped in their emotional bodies, because their emotional bodies are the primary one of their four lower bodies. In other words, these people’s lives revolve around their emotions. This is often why they end up feeling disempowered in the first place. Because when you do not have control over your emotional body, with the mental and identity body, you will often be pulled into things that sabotage yourself. And therefore you do not do as well as those who have such control. So you end up having these people who are not doing well, they do not get an education, they are not doing well on their jobs and it becomes a self-reinforcing spiral. But instead of recognizing and taking responsibility for themselves and saying: “What can I do to change myself?”, they direct the responsibility outwards, it is some outside factor that is the cause of their situation. It is society, it is those other people, it is this or that or the next thing. There is always some outside scapegoat, that is the cause of the problem, instead of looking at yourself.

Again, why is this? Because people who are primarily overpowered by their emotional body, find it very difficult to look at themselves. Why? Because if you look at yourself and see that you actually have a certain reactionary pattern, then if you are trapped in your emotional body and reacting with anger, you will feel anger with yourself. You will have other negative feelings that you direct against yourself. And these people cannot bear this because they cannot reason that there is no reason to feel angry. There is no reason to blame myself I just need to overcome this and let it go. So they feel trapped. And they are trapped because of their reactionary pattern.

Now, we have given you many, many tools to free yourself from these reactionary patterns. Again, there is no blame here. Many of you grew up in dysfunctional homes and your parents had this emotional vortex that pulled you into varying degrees. And you have lived in societies where you have a collective emotional vortex that is pulling on you. It is not a matter of blaming anyone.

But the reality is here that it is doable for an ascended masters student who is willing to apply the tools we have given to pull yourself beyond this, to pull yourself out of these emotional vortexes and reactionary patterns to where your life is no longer controlled by your emotions. Because you can control your emotions with your two higher bodies.

Again, this is not saying to blame anyone. But the reality of the matter is that you need to come to that point. And this is one of the levels of Christ discernment, where you can recognize these emotional spirals, emotional vortexes and not being pulled in by them. You simply look at society and say: “Oh, look at this reaction from these people”. You can for that matter come to a point where you can look at what someone posted on Facebook, and you can identify that this post has a clear solar plexus vibration. You can feel it, if you read this, it actually stirs your solar plexus chakra. Maybe you can even come to a point where it does not stir your chakra but you do feel that there is a solar plexus energy in that message.

And of course, you can then choose to avoid indulging in these kinds of messages. But you can also use it to look at yourself and see: “Do I react the same way?”, “Do I have a strong need to rebut the person to prove the person wrong, to get that person to change his or her views?” And if you feel that then you realize here is something in you, that makes you very vulnerable to being pulled into these vortexes created by the fallen beings.

What you get here is simply this. The first level of Christ discernment is where you look at the physical world, you look at people’s actions, you look at world events, you look at personal events, personal actions, and you learn to identify which ones create division, which ones are based on violence or encourage violence and you pull yourself away from that.

The next level of Christ discernment is the emotional level where you learn to identify the emotional vortexes that pull you in, that pull other people in, and you then simply learn to sense the vibration of this. In most cases, what you are dealing with is the solar plexus energy. There is a solar plexus energy directed at your chakra in order to stir it up and get you into a reaction. If you can see you are reacting and you have the tools to deal with that, uncover their beliefs. Because after all, why do you have to change other people’s opinions?

When you truly understand and accept the teachings we are giving about free will, you realize that you are not responsible for other people’s feelings. We have given many teachings on this. You are not responsible for other people’s feelings. There may be somebody, it may be someone who is close to you, who directs blame at you, because they feel angry or violated by something you did or said. And you can of course look at your actions and say: “Did I actually do something to hurt that other person?” And in most cases, you did not.

You will learn to identify there is a certain group of people who are always seeking to force other people into an emotional reaction. And why do they do this? Because they get energy from you. And if they can manage to pull you in and make you feel bad, they get a certain sense of empowerment. They feel disempowered, but if they can make you feel bad, that gives them a certain sense of power.

Of course, what is really behind this is that there are collective entities controlling these people’s emotional bodies, and the entities steal energy from the people from you. So this is the main mechanism behind it, stealing of emotional energy. You can come to this point where you can learn to recognize this and you can say: “No matter what these people are directing at me, that I am the reason they feel bad, I do not have to accept this, because I am not responsible for their feelings”.

You can go through a very simple process in yourself. Say you have a person, it can be a child, it can be a spouse, it can be a parent, it can be somebody at work, who is in an agitated state of mind, and blaming you that you did or said something to upset the other person.

You can then ask yourself: “This person is implying that I’m the cause of his negative feelings. Which then implies that I have some kind of power over this person’s emotional body. Because otherwise, how could I be responsible for the person feeling that way? If I didn’t have some kind of power to influence the other person’s emotions, how am I responsible for what the other person feels?

Now, if I really had power over this person’s emotions, would he be feeling so upset? After all, I’m not a negative person, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want anybody to feel bad. So if I had the power over this person’s emotions, he would be feeling peaceful and happy, instead of agitated and angry. So by the fact that he is not feeling the way I would like him to feel, I can therefore reason that I do not have power over this person’s emotions. And therefore, when I don’t have power to change the person’s emotions, why should I feel responsible for how this person feels?”

You see, you are now starting to reason with yourself, I realized that you can only do this when you are not pulled into a vortex that overpowers you. But most of you can use our tools to pull yourself out of such a vortex, so you are not completely overpowered by it. Then you can begin to reason with your emotions, reason with what you feel.

And then you can say: “I may be feeling a certain agitation right now, I may be feeling guilty, I may be feeling that I should not have hurt this person, or I should do something about it. But why am I feeling this way? Is it rational? Is it necessary for me to feel this way for something that I am not responsible for? If I am not responsible for the other person’s feelings, why should I let that person’s feelings influence my feelings? Why shouldn’t I have a right as an independent human being to choose my feelings independently of what this other person feels?”

When you start reasoning this way, you will immediately feel, most of you, that there is a certain resistance to this process. And this resistance comes from separate selves. What you are really doing with this is you are putting your separate selves in a catch 22. If they do not resist your reasoning process, you will reason your way out of being influenced by them. So they must resist and try to get you to stop reasoning this way. But by resisting they also expose themselves so you can begin to see them, look at them and say: “Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel guilty when my mother blames me for her feeling bad?” Surely this goes back to childhood. It may go to past lifetimes. But there is a belief behind it. There is a separate self that was created in reaction to you being blamed.

It is understandable you have it. Again, no need to blame yourself. But the question simply is: Do you want to live with this for the rest of this lifetime and even future lifetimes or do you want to make the effort right now to see through it, use the tools we have given you to expose that separate self, the belief behind it, see how irrational and unnecessary that belief is? And just let that whole thing go? Let go of the entire belief that set up this emotional reaction.

Why should you have to react to the emotions of other people? Truly, when you reach higher levels of Christhood, you will come to a point where you can walk into a room where a dozen people are arguing and screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, and you feel no reaction in your emotional body. Or you can read the news or some website that blames another group of people. And you can feel nothing that stirs your solar plexus chakra. Why are you responsible for this?

You can simply recognize that people have a right to be at whatever level of consciousness they are at. People in the world have a right to react to situations based on their level of consciousness. But you, on the other hand, have a right to react to the world, at your level of consciousness, regardless of what level they are at. You do not need to; you do not have any obligation to be pulled into their reaction. And as you rise in Christhood, you will not be pulled in.

My beloved, you cannot be the living Christ in embodiment, and go around reacting to other people’s emotions. This does not mean that you cannot feel empathy and compassion for people. But that is not the same as reacting to people’s emotions, by letting their emotions stir your emotional body. Do you see the difference? It is very important to ponder this, and to keep pondering it until you get that inner experience where you see it. Yes, I do not have to let my emotions be affected by the emotions of other people.

Of course, the fallen beings have done everything they could think of, to make you believe that this is wrong, to make you believe that you should, that other people’s emotions affect you. Many, many people around you may resist it if you break free of these emotional patterns that they have used since childhood to gain power over you. They may become angry with you, they may blame you that you do not care about them anymore, you do not love them anymore, you have become a strange person, you do not care about anybody but yourself and all of these things at the personal level.

You have also many, many, things at the collective level. For example, the Christian religion has been used to create this idea that you should feel compassion towards other people, towards those who are suffering. Because they (the fallen beings) have created  through the Christian religion, an emotional vortex where you feel that you should allow yourself to be pulled into this. Otherwise, you are not a compassionate person. But this simply is a creation of the fallen beings.

Again, there comes that point on your path where you realize that you are facing a stage on the path where you need to free yourself from the emotional pull of other individual people and the collective consciousness. You will not rise in Christhood beyond that level until you free your emotional body from this. And therefore this is not selfish. This is not self-centered. This is what is in your divine plan to do.

Now, of course, the fallen beings will also say that being the Christ is self-centered. There are fallen beings, masquerading as psychologists who would say that the definition of a narcissist is not that different from the characteristics of a Christed being. But this is again a complete manipulation.

As we have said, in order to pull up on the collective consciousness, you must first pull yourself above the collective consciousness. In doing so, you will go through a period – and we have all done this – where you have to become somewhat insensitive to other people’s feelings or even their arguments. You are not engaging in their feelings; you are not engaging in arguments with them. You are not even engaging with mental arguments and discussions with them. You are pulling yourself above the collective so that you can then pull up on the collective, and this is not a selfish act. Becoming seemingly insensitive to other people’s negative emotions is not really selfish. It is actually an unselfish act.

Now, this is not to say that the ego cannot play tricks on you so that you think that as a spiritual person, it is so important that you make spiritual progress that you can ignore other people. What I am talking about here is not ignoring other people, refusing to help other people in legitimate ways. But what I am talking about here is not allowing yourself to be pulled into the emotional vortexes and reactionary patterns that other people have been used to pulling you into. They may accuse you of being selfish when you do this. But it is not selfish.

And it does not mean that you have to break off all contact with them. But it does mean that you become able to deal with them in a neutral way where you can see whether you can help them or not help them. And if you cannot help them, then you have a right to step back and say: “Well, I cannot spend my time and attention on people that I cannot help. I need to focus on those that I might be able to help, because they are open to hearing some of the insights that I have gained”.

You see, again, there is always a fine line because the ego will at any level, seek to distort your progress. And it has made certain spiritual people believe that they had to leave their spouses, they had to leave their children, they had to leave their parents, they had to separate themselves from the rest of society. But by doing this, they are simply running away from their problems, instead of dealing with the issues in their psychology.

So this is not what we are encouraging. This is not the path to Christhood. And you will see that there is a fine line between pulling yourself away from emotional reactions to other people, and running away from dealing with your own psychology. There can be a period where you might go a little too far in one direction. But again, if you use the tools we have given you, you will gradually find a balance. And if you find that you have run away from your problems, well, then you just simply say: “Okay, now it’s the time to deal with those issues in my psychology and not run away from them anymore”. And if you are willing to confront the things in your psychology, then you will make progress.

My beloved, there are quite a number of you who have followed these teachings for years, who have made significant progress in overcoming things in your psychology, most of you still have things in your psychology that you are not quite ready to look at. But you understand that there is a certain stage on the path where it is not only legitimate but absolutely necessary that there are certain things you do not look at in your psychology, because you are not ready to deal with it.

As we have said, there are 144 levels of consciousness. For each level, there is an illusion in your own psychology that you need to look at. But if you are at the 87th level, you are not ready to deal with the illusion at the 120th level. No one is. This is simply the mechanics of the path and you cannot blame yourself and you cannot blame others for not being at a higher level than where they are at.

What you can do is look at yourself and make a decision that you are willing to deal with the issues in your psychology that you are ready to deal with right now. And if you make that decision, you will know what those issues are. Because they will be affecting you every day and affecting how you feel about yourself and how you feel about other people and how you feel about life on this planet.

You see the next level, the second level of Christ discernment is the emotional level of sensing these energies. There are temporary vortexes that people are pulled into. But there are also ongoing emotional vortexes. There is an ongoing emotional vortex of anger throughout the world, but more in some regions than others. Again, the Middle East is an example of how this anger has been perpetuated from generation to generation for thousands of years.

There is another big vortex, which is sexual energy, where people are pulled into feeling an artificial need to have sex, promoted by movies, TV series, commercials, books, all of these things that make you feel like you should be having sex more often than you are, or you should be wanting to have sex all the time. And this of course, is not natural. It is not even natural at the physical level. But it is certainly not natural at the emotional level to have your base chakra constantly stirred up with sexual energy, so that you, as Astrea said in a previous webinar, are addicted to sex. This is also things you can look at and see how this might have affected you.

There is also in the seat of the soul chakra, there are certain vortexes that make you feel that you should be taking life seriously. You cannot be creative because creativity is not rational. It does not make money, it does not do anything. You cannot be playful anymore, you are an adult now. You cannot play anymore, you should not be like a child. There are these ongoing matrices that stir up the base chakra, the seat of the soul chakra and the solar plexus chakra in order to pull you into this negative reaction.

There is even an ongoing vortex that pulls on your heart chakra to distort love, where you should have a certain attitude towards love relationships, you should behave a certain way if you are a loving person, and it is absolutely wrong not to be a loving person. So, if somebody accuses you of this, you have to tie knots in yourself in order to not be accused of being an unloving person and all of these things.

These are things you can begin to look at in the more long term. But the first task is to look at yourself and see if you are being pulled into these solar plexus reactions of anger and agitation either on a personal level or on the level of society, certain religions, ideologies, political figures, what have you, that are pulling on you to feel anger against a certain scapegoat, a certain other group of people. This is clearly the most destructive example of these emotional vortexes, where you direct anger against other people, and even may be encouraging or performing violence against them. When anger builds to a certain level a large group of people on this planet cannot refrain from violence. Anger building to a certain critical intensity will lead to violence in at least a third of the people currently embodied on earth.

You, if you are serious about walking the path to Christhood, do not want to be among them. For this will not further your Christ discernment.


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