Overcoming the fear behind elitism

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I want to continue my discourse on elitism as a divisive force. I said that elitism has created a fundamental division between the elite and the population, but of course the division does not stop there. First of all, there is not a unified elite. If there had been, they would have had much greater control on earth than they have had. There will never be a situation where the power elite on earth can all come together in a conscious, deliberate and organized effort to take control. There will always be rivaling factions that will want to destroy the competition and gain that control for themselves. By its very nature, the elite will be divided.

As Saint Germain said yesterday, there is the unconscious unity in the sense that all of them subscribe to the very mindset that allows an elite to exist. The other aspect of division created by the elite is that the people are divided into multiple factions. You can see throughout history how there has been this division of the people. There have been attempts to overcome this division by certain power elites seeking to force the people to come into some form of unity, as you saw in the Soviet Union, as you saw in the Roman Empire, as you saw in many of the past civilizations, even in Central America, South America, Egypt, the Middle East, the Far East and so on. In general, this of course has never worked on either a local or a global scale because there is always that very divisive nature of elitism that inevitably divides people into all of these rivaling factions.

The fallen beings are divided

What you actually have is an even greater division where you have a division between the fallen beings in embodiment and the fallen beings in the identity realm. The fallen beings in embodiment often have an agenda of wanting to have power and control and therefore wanting to create this one-world state, one-world government, whereas the fallen beings in the identity realm have an agenda of creating division, conflict and destruction, and so on. Look at how the people have been divided into all these different factions. There is nationality, there is religion, there is political belief, there is all of this. There is a certain underlying mindset where in so many civilizations, people have come to accept the existence of an elite, the inevitability of an elite, the beneficial aspect of an elite and they think that in many cases, they cannot live without it. One of the central lies spread by the power elite, for a very, very long time is that there needs to be a centralized leadership, an organized structure, kind of like a pyramid, where there is somebody on top. These are some of the things I want to examine here.

Jesus’ intention for the Christian community

First, I want to go back and look at what kind of society, what kind of community, that I intended to create with my teachings and with my example. What was it that I had intended to create with my disciples, apostles and so forth? Very, very few people who call themselves Christians today understand this. Very few have even bothered to think about it and the reason for this is of course 1700 years of distortion by the Catholic church and then also by Protestant churches, who have distorted the central message that I came with.

What was the central message? Well, yesterday I said it was anti-elitist in nature but you can go a step further because you could also say it was anti-division. You can go a step even further and say it was not anti-anything, it was for something and it was for oneness, unity, unification. The Christ consciousness is the antidote to the consciousness of duality. Duality is by its nature divided, there will always be divisions, there will always be polarities, there will always be opposites. It cannot be any other way because that is the only way you can make things relative to what you want

things to be. By its very nature, Christ is unified, the Christ consciousness will unify the people. Now, this statement needs to be balanced a little bit because there are stages of Christhood. There is a stage where you begin to have some Christ discernment and this allows you to see, for example, the lies of the fallen beings. It allows you to see that there is a power elite that is attempting to control the people. As you go into this stage, as you even saw me do in my life 2,000 years ago, you come to see yourself as somebody in opposition to this power elite.

If you look at my statements towards the scribes and Pharisees and the religious authorities, that could very well be construed as me seeing myself opposing these people and their reign over the people. In a sense, that is what I saw, that is how I saw it. But towards the end of my mission, I came to a higher vision and it is possible to go to higher visions than I actually manifested 2,000 years ago. Higher levels of Christhood where you become much more focused on the unity, the Oneness behind all of the outer divisions. So truly, if you want to understand the message of Christ, the true message of Christ, it is unity, it is oneness. It is that you overcome the divisions. In order to overcome the divisions, you need to go through a period where you are freeing yourself from the lies of the duality consciousness and those who are promoting those lies.

That is why you need to separate yourself out. You need to come apart and be a separate and chosen people, but this needs to be an interim stage. This is where so many of the Christian churches, but many other spiritual organizations in Pisces, have failed the initiation of Pisces. You do need to separate yourself out because you need to clear your mind from all of these lies, the dualistic illusions that are floating around in the mass consciousness. But when you go to the higher levels of Christhood, you stop separating yourself out. Because now you see that even though there is a power elite, you are not separated from all of the people.

You make a distinction between the power elite and the people and instead of seeing yourself as being apart from the people, you start seeing more and more oneness with the people. As you do this, the power elite becomes less and less of a factor in your mind. You are not seeing yourself in opposition to them. You are simply exposing their lies but you are not doing this to fight them or to destroy them. You are doing it to set the people free. You do not mind setting the power elite free, but that is not as likely to happen, but it is likely that you can set some of the people free.

Christianity has been a divisive force

Look back at Christianity and see how, even before the creation of the Catholic church, but certainly after the creation of the Catholic church, Christianity became not a unifying force, but a divisive force. Some will argue with that statement but you look at the Catholic church, and even when it had near absolute power, it was not a unifying force. It attempted of course to force everyone to come into the fold of becoming a Christian. But it created a clearly elitist society with an upper elite that could not be challenged by the population and the population were virtual slaves. It also was a very divisive force in itself because even though it had near total control, it still created these incredible divisions that you saw in the crusades, the witch hunts and the Inquisition.

You saw how the Catholic church after several centuries of its existence, was not even content to fight its external enemies. It turned upon its own members and started the Inquisition, which could be seen as a war against itself or at least its own members. You see, Christianity has fallen into the pattern that you see in so many other religions and spiritual movements, defining a boundary between those who are inside and those who are outside. I know that many Christian ministers would immediately argue: “But what about when Jesus said: ‘Go ye into all the world and make all people my disciples.’” But did I say: “Go into all the world and make all people members of a Christian religion that is ready to kill anybody who opposes them?” Or for that matter, any Christian religion.

I said: “Make all people disciples of Christ.” What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? It means you are striving to put on the mind of Christ and attain that Christ discernment where you see beyond division and you see the unity behind all the divisions created by the duality consciousness and the fallen beings, the power elite, or whatever you want to call them, the prince of this world as I often used it, or Satan as another symbol or name for the divisive force. So that is what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. Make all people disciples who are walking the path towards seeing unity behind division.

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