Overcoming the control aspect of the primal self

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, June 21, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus, or as I sometimes say, I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. Why do I sometimes say Jesus and sometimes say Jesus Christ? For no reason, my beloved, other than that is how I feel like expressing myself at that moment.

Why is it that some of you have put your attention on trying to understand why I sometimes do this and sometimes say that? It is, that as a result of the shock of encountering the fallen beings, you have created this self in the identity body that needs to feel that it has a certain grasp, a certain understanding, of the world and how it works because then you can feel safe.

How many have manifested Christhood?

My beloved, the question I want to put before you in this release is this. For now quite a number of decades, we of the ascended masters have given teachings through sponsored messengers who could receive a direct dictation from us. Even from the very beginning of this dispensation of the Living Word, we have given teachings about the fact that I was not the idol and the exception that mainstream Christianity has made me out to be. Instead, I was meant to be the example of the potential that all people have. Now, if you look back at these many decades of giving teachings, of how we have attracted over that time millions of people who have (at least at some level) studied the teachings we have given. When you look back at this, the question then arises: “How many people have been able to take the teachings we have given and manifest and express a certain level of Christhood? How many have been able to overcome the programming of denying yourself as having a Christ potential and actually begin to exercise that Christ potential?” This is the question that I wish you to contemplate and even also discuss during this conference and, of course, beyond.

It is not just a general question of why more people have not done this. Of course, as you who are here know, it is about looking at yourself. The question also is: “Why haven’t I manifested a higher degree of Christhood?” Now, my beloved, I wish to make you aware, for some of you have not quite locked in to this, that we have (actually since the beginning but especially over the last several years) attempted to actually bring about a shift in you.

Freedom from the judging mind

You see, my beloved, what the fallen beings have done for ages, but especially what they have done through mainstream Christianity, is to create the idea of sin. You are somehow imperfect and God is the angry being in the sky who judges you and either sends you to hell or takes you to heaven. They have even attempted to project that I, as the Living Christ or as the Planetary Christ, I am judging you and either raising my thumb and sending you to heaven or lowering my thumb and sending you to hell. We have attempted to help you see that this is not the case.

Over the last couple of years, especially the Lady Masters, primarily Mother Mary, have attempted to help you see that we do not judge you at all but we certainly do not judge you the way the fallen beings judge you and the way the fallen beings have managed to make you judge yourselves. I wish you to be very, very, very clear in your minds that I am not giving you this teaching and presenting you with this question because I want you to judge yourselves and feel bad because you have not manifested a higher degree of Christhood. What is the goal of the Living Christ? What is the goal of me as the Ascended Christ? What is the goal of all ascended masters? My beloved, we have only one goal. Will you please fixate in your mind that the ascended masters have only one goal. It is to set you free. Immediately, your mind says: “From what! From what do the masters want to set me free?” We want to set you free from the mind that asks this question because it is that mind that is keeping you trapped.

How to bring out teachings

Do you understand, my beloved, that we here in the ascended realm are constantly monitoring the planet? We take a very long view and for a very long time, it was limited what we could do, what we could bring out. Do you understand that if you look back at the teachings we have now given, not quite for a century but coming towards that landmark, you can ask yourself: “Why weren’t these teachings given earlier?” Well, actually they were given earlier but in a more private, often secret, setting.

There was no way to give them in a public setting. This has partly to do with the fact that the fallen beings managed to pervert Christianity and make sure that Christianity became the primary tool for actually suppressing the true teachings of Christ, namely the teachings that are meant to set you free. For centuries, in Europe and elsewhere, it was not possible to publicly give the teachings we have been giving. Of course, there is also the purely practical, pragmatic aspect of how do you distribute teachings.

You might know that in the 1930s we sponsored an organization called the I AM Movement. When you go back to that time, which those of you who have grown up in the Internet age can hardly envision, you see that the primary means of communication back then was the mail system. What did the fallen beings manage to do? They managed to actually make the United States government prevent the I AM Movement, at least for a time, from using the mail system. You see that it was really only after the advent of the Internet that there has been a much better opportunity for us to bring forth teachings and spread them out to a larger audience.

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