Only women can bring change to American society 

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, September 20, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I am the Ascended Master Portia. Given that we have dedicated the 2020s as the decade for the liberation of women, we naturally want to give you a perspective on the situation of women in America. What are the choices facing women? What are the choices facing America concerning the situation of women?

Now, in order to give you this perspective, I first want to deal with a particular phenomenon in the American mindset. When you look at the nations on earth, you can look at each nation in terms of how much pride the citizens of that nation have in their nation and how much of a desire, how much of a need they have to feel that their nation is somehow superior to other nations, perhaps even all other nations. There are many nations on earth that have grown beyond this sense of national pride. Most of them are among the smaller nations. But naturally, the United States has not grown beyond this.

The United States is one of the nations in the world where you find the greatest sense of national pride that many Americans feel and need to feel that America is the greatest nation on earth, is better than other nations, and so forth and so on. Naturally, the national pride has over time suffered some setbacks. But still many Americans have this sense that America is the oldest democracy, America is the greatest nation on earth, and is certainly one of the most advanced if not the most advanced nations on earth. The problem with pride is that it always blinds you. What happens in a nation that has great national pride is that the people become blinded to a realistic assessment of where their nation is at, especially compared to other nations. Many Americans have this sense that America must be right, must be superior, that America cannot be really wrong, that other nations could not be better than America, could not be further evolved or more advanced than America.

This creates a certain unwillingness in the American collective psyche, to look outside the borders of America. Americans have some, unrecognized in a sense, that perhaps America is not as great compared to other nations as they would like to believe, but they have an unwillingness to take a look and see if that is the case. This is a mindset that is more powerful in America and in most other nations, not all other nations, but most other nations. The problem with this mindset is that it makes America and Americans unwilling to learn from other nations, from the progress made by other nations. The problem here is that America is a large nation but it is not the only nation in the world. It is not even the largest in terms of area, or the largest in terms of population. So, it simply is not logical that all of new inventions, all of new ideas, all of new ways of doing things better, could be brought forth in America. Naturally, there will be other nations who have good ideas, who implement them, and could come up with something that works better than what was there in the past.

If Americans are not willing to look at and learn from other nations, that means Americans have to reinvent the wheel every time and sometimes they will not be able to reinvent the wheel because people in America, due to the collective consciousness, the national sense of identity, will not be able to see certain things that people in other nations can see. Americans may be able to see that the result is better, but they would not have been able to come up with the idea. They can take the idea and implement it. They cannot come up with it on their own because the equation is different in other nations. This is not really a matter of being more or less sophisticated necessarily, but just that every nation has a certain collective mindset that is open to some things and closed to others, so you cannot expect that any one nation will be able to get all of the best ideas. This means that either America will look at other nations and learn from them, or they will not learn and therefore, it will not make progress. Therefore, it can potentially fall further and further behind, at least in certain areas.

Now, this national pride in America is clearly more prevalent in men than it is in women and therefore, women are the ones in America who have the greatest potential to be willing to look beyond the borders of America, to look at other countries and look at what good ideas are there. Of course, women are the ones who have the potential to look at these other countries and say: “What are women’s situation? What is women’s situation in those countries and have those countries make greater progress in terms of liberating women, giving equality to women than we have in America and if so, what can we learn? How can we implement this in America? How can we, the women of America, bring America to the same level that we see in these other nations?”

Now, if you do, as women in America, look around the world, look at women’s situations in other nations, you will actually see that there are quite a few other nations where women have a better situation than they have in America. This is the case in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, many European nations, and especially in the Scandinavian nations, where there is a greater equality among the sexes, not just in terms of legal terms, or equal pay for equal work, but in terms of the mindset of the people, where these nations have made further progress in overcoming the male superiority that have traditionally been there in most societies on earth. This sense of male superiority, is still very strong in the United States. It is especially strong among those who call themselves the conservatives, those who hold on to traditional values, those who claim to be Christians and those who are the least willing to consider new ideas, the least open minded. This sense of male superiority, of course, goes back to the story of Adam and Eve, and their fall from grace, because it was Eve who ate that fruit and tempted Adam to do the same. With all of this condemnation that has heaped upon women ever since, as we talked about in our Conference on Women, so this is quite strong in America, because the Christian influence is still so strong in America, whereas many other nations, especially the Scandinavian nations, have moved to become more secular nations.

Now, as we have said, it is absolutely necessary for a functioning democracy, that it has a secular form of government, and that therefore, also the people of that nation become less blinded by a particular religious mindset, thinking that there is only one true religion, and that this religion should dominate the political life of the nation. As we have said before, the attitude displayed by most Christians and conservatives in America actually shows that these people do not respect democracy. They want a more authoritarian form of government, based on the principles in the Bible, as they themselves interpret them. This essentially means that what these people would like to see was the day and their particular church were put in charge of America, and were given dictatorial powers. Naturally, not a realistic scenario, but this is how many of these people think and that is why they are the ones who are least open minded to improving the situation for women. Their view of women is that women are inferior to men. They were created inferior to men, or they became inferior when Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Therefore, women should find a certain role in society, being secondary to men or even being the servants of men. They should, by and large, be kept from important decision-making positions. There are many of these people who do not want a female president, who do not think that women should be allowed to have decisive power in the political process, in companies or in churches.

So, women in America can acknowledge that this is the case, they can recognize that this is not something that is easy to change for them and therefore, it is in the short term, not easy for women to change this at the political level. What can you do, then, if you cannot change this at the level of society? Well, you can certainly change it at the level of the individual. You can change it in your own consciousness, but you can also change it by finding together with other women, forming various groups, various political initiatives even, and then gradually increasing the attention on women’s situation, and on how women are discriminated against in so many areas of American society. You can draw attention to the fact that other nations have achieved greater equality and a better condition for women.

What you especially can do and what we want to bring out in this release, is that there is a need for women in America to take a look at what is so often called traditional values. Whether you call them Christian, or conservative, or whatever, there is this set of traditional values. What women can recognize is that if a woman in America is to live up to these traditional values, she will be boxed in, in a very small box, there will be very strict limits of what she can do and cannot do in American society. This relates, in large part, to the fact that according to traditional values, a woman is supposed to get married at a fairly early age and then she is supposed to give birth to any number of children, depending on the culture.

The question simply is, is this role, traditional role for women, in alignment with the divine plan that a certain percentage of American women have, that they have created for their lives. When you look at this traditional role, you see that if a woman is supposed to get married quite early and have children, it is much more difficult for that woman to get an education. Now, some have dealt with this by getting an education first, having children later. But nevertheless, if you get an education and then have children, you may be able to get a job but how much energy and attention can you devote to that job? Therefore, how can you compete with the men who are able to devote much more attention to their jobs and therefore, can play the game and reach higher positions that women often cannot reach? Not because they are not capable, but because they have a responsibility to watch their children. You see that because of these so-called traditional values that are not found to the same degree in, for example, in the Scandinavian nations, women are limited by what they can actually achieve. I am not specifically talking about a career in business, although that is part of it, but I am especially talking about what women can achieve in terms of bringing change to American society.

Now, Saint Germain gave this very profound discourse on which people in America are open to Golden Age ideas. It is clear that when you look at American society, you find that, in general, women are more open to new ideas than men. This is sort of a statement that needs to be qualified because we cannot say that all women are more open to new ideas, because you find many of the women who have been brought up in this environment where they have been indoctrinated with these traditional values and therefore, they are no more open than the men in that environment. But if you look at the nation as a whole, you find that there is a larger number of women who are open to new ideas than there are men. What does this mean?

Well, this actually means that if you look at it realistically, who can bring forth the new age ideas that will manifest the golden age in America, then women have a greater chance of doing so than men. Or we could say it another way, if the golden age is going to be brought forth with a timetable that Saint Germain considers ideal, then women have to be part of bringing forth these ideas. This does not necessarily mean that women and men will bring forth the same type of ideas, there is a general tendency that men, and this is not an inevitable thing but this is how the culture is currently, are more focused on the technical aspects, whereas women would be more focused on the political, cultural, or sociological aspects of society. So, in other words, there is a general tendency as the culture is right now, that men are more open to bring in forth technological ideas.

When it comes to bringing forth the changes that could implement these ideas, women are the ones who have to drive that change. Saint Germain talked about the fact that natural energy requires major changes in all aspects of society and many of these changes will have to be driven by women if they are to be manifest, because men are simply not able to do it, they do not have the awareness, they do not have that focus. So, the question simply is: “Can women in America become free to play the role that Saint Germain would like to see, and that they themselves would like to see when they made their divine plans?” What will it take for women to be able to fulfill their divine plans, then play the role that Saint Germain intends for them in bringing forth the golden age? There are, of course, many changes that will have to happen.

What will have to happen is the movement towards what you see in the Scandinavian countries where women and men share a greater responsibility for the home, for the bringing up of the children. This is reflected in the laws of society, this is reflected in employment, so that men, for example, can get paternity leave to take care of their children, as women can do it. There is a general awareness in the business world of accommodating women so that they can fulfill their parental responsibility, but also allowing men to do the same. There is, of course, an absolute necessity to give women equal pay, to give women an equal representation in business boardrooms and other areas of society. These are some more long-term goals that are political goals that women need to work towards.

The more immediate change that many women can move towards is that they can change their own attitude towards women’s roles, especially relating to traditional values, and they can help other women do the same. Basically, when you look at it realistically, you can see that Saint Germain has a timetable for how he would like to manifest the golden age in America. For this timetable to be met, it is absolutely necessary that quite a substantial number of women will engage in the business world, in the political life, in other areas of society and will be able to devote the majority of their time and resources to bringing forth these changes in society. For a substantial number of these women, this will mean that they do not have children. In other words, there is a substantial number of these, should we say, open minded and progressive women in the United States today who have it as part of their divine plan that they will not have children. But of course, many of these women have still grown up being affected by these traditional values and the general attitude in society even beyond the Christian conservatives, that women are supposed to have children. If you are a woman, it is part of your career path in life that you get married and have children and so, this is something that there is a certain segment of women that need to free themselves from this.

I am not saying they need to create a general culture that all women should do this. But it needs to be recognized that right now the situation is so that men have the freedom to engage in business or society and devote the majority of their time and attention and energy to it, but women do not have that same freedom. It is absolutely necessary that more women engage in these areas of society and the only realistic way that this can happen is that there are some women who devote the majority of their time and attention to this task. This means in practical terms, as society is right now, that these women cannot have children. This is not a loss for these women, because they have carefully considered the situation before they took embodiment and they have decided, this is not what I want to do. Or rather, they decided this is what I want to do. I want to focus on the role I can play in changing society and this is my main goal in life. Therefore, all other things are secondary, including having children. Some of these women can have children later in life, some of them can adopt children, some of them can marry a man who has children from a previous relationship. It is not that they cannot necessarily have contact with children. But for some of them, it is in their divine plan that they will live their entire lives without having children.

This is, again, important to understand that this is not an ideal for all women. But there is a certain percentage of women in the United States, some of them are still children, who have it in their divine plans to not have children, but devote their lives to changing society. Quite frankly, these women are advanced, evolved life streams that have vast experience from past lives and they are very, very capable of producing these changes, far more capable than most men are. They are extremely confident. They are extremely competent and they are very well able to drive these changes. Some of them, are of course, already in embodiment and have reached in some cases a mature age, where they have been able to have an impact. Some of them have had children and in some cases lessened their impact, but many of them are not yet at that age and so they have time to make that change, where they realize what is in their divine plans, and accept that this is part of their divine plan and therefore, this is something they are willing to do. They are willing to implement this and they are willing to stand against the considerable and very aggressive condemnation that they will be exposed to from American society.

These women need a certain strength, many of them have not had it, you who are ascended master students, well, you can make the calls for these women to be protected so they are not overwhelmed by this negative reaction. You will see that once women start acknowledging openly that children are not for me, I do not have time in this lifetime to have children, there will be a tremendous condemnation directed against them. But nevertheless, some of them can and will persist and they will create an environment where these women are supporting each other and supporting the role that they know they can play in American society. This is of course, not a complete evaluation of the situation of women in America, but you can see that what we said in our conference about women is that you cannot actually liberate women unless you overcome this biblical overlay that women are responsible for the fall of men. And you can see that when you look at the so-called modern democracies, there are virtually none of these democracies that have this condemnation of women, biblical condemnation of women, to a higher degree than what you find in the United States.

In this respect, the United States is far behind, for example, the Scandinavian nations, but also many other nations around the world. It is somewhat amazing to us that American women have not objected to this, have not spoken out about this. Some of course have, but many have not. Many other ones who have been exposed to this could have spoken out, could have said that it is time to change the attitude towards women, it is time to throw away this idea that women are responsible for the fall of humanity and therefore, should be kept from decision making positions. You who are ascended master students can make the calls for this, specifically in the United States, specifically, in churches or cultures or environments where you know that this is prevalent. This would include, for example, the Republican Party, to a lesser degree, the Democratic Party, but even there, you will find some of this.

You will find some men in America who are not really Christians, but who still have this attitude, this distrust of women that they should not be allowed to make decisions in society. You will find this, especially in the business world, where many of the middle level and high-level managers are men and even though they are not particularly religious, they still have a distrust of women in the business world. This is clearly something to make calls on. It is also something that needs to be changed but it will only be changed when women go into the business world and change it from within, partly by demonstrating that they are capable, but party by challenging the mindset making it visible.

Now, one of the things we have often talked about is that in any society, what holds back progress is that there is not a free and open dialogue. There isn’t the ability to talk openly and in a fairly neutral way about particular issues and problems. It is clear that when you look at America, not only because of the polarization and the culture wars, but also the tone of the public discourse, there is a lack of this free and open communication. This needs to change, this will change in the golden age. And who can change it? Again, only women. Only women have the ability to change this at the large scale. Naturally, men can and will be part of the process but far more women are open to this, because women are generally more open to talking about their problems, talking about issues. This is something that women need to become more aware of. They need to support each other in doing this. They need to, first of all, shift their mindset so they recognize that this is not only a valuable thing to do in society, it is an absolutely essential and necessary thing to do.

As we have said, what is the choice faced by America? Will it be compassionate or confrontational? Well, if America continues to have the level of public discourse and dialogue that it has right now, then the future can only be confrontational. The only way it can become compassionate is if you have an open and free dialogue, a compassionate dialogue and who can bring this about? Well, primarily women, so this is quite clearly something that needs to happen, that women need to be aware of. Saint Germain talked about how people 200 years from now will look back at your time. Well, not even 200 years into the future, but just decades into the future, people will look back at America at the present time, and be absolutely amazed at the attitude of women, at the discrimination against women and how women are put down in American society. They will not understand how America could claim to be one of the most advanced countries in the world and be so far behind many other countries when it comes to women’s situation.

These are some perspectives that we wanted to give you. Naturally, we will talk more about women’s situation not only in America, but elsewhere in this coming decade. For now, this is what we wanted to bring out. It is, of course encouraging that one presidential candidate has nominated a woman as his vice president as his running mate. It is absolutely necessary that there will at some point be a female president and it is also necessary that what you normally call minorities will gain representation, more representation in the political process. It is clear that there is a culture war in society right now in America where those who claim to be representing traditional values are very concerned about the opening up of American society such as gay marriage and this tolerance for alternative lifestyles, alternative views, and they see it as potentially bringing forth the downfall of civilization. But when you look at this from a larger perspective, and more long-term perspective, you see that, as we have said, a democracy cannot really function unless there is tolerance for differences.

Therefore, it is inevitable that as democracies evolve, there will be greater tolerance. Women, of course, can play an important role in driving this move towards greater tolerance, because they themselves form the biggest group in society that have been persecuted and discriminated against and so, they are the ones who have the potential to drive this move towards tolerance. Of course, how can you liberate women, unless there is greater tolerance in society? And, if there is greater tolerance in society well, there must be greater tolerance towards those who have a very different lifestyle, a very different view of life. It is simply part of the democratic process. It can be no other way. This does not mean that there cannot be a debate about alternative lifestyles or alternative views of life, but that cannot be forced in a democratic society. You cannot forcefully suppress and discriminate against other people, because they have a different view of life than you have, then you do not respect the democratic process.

We could say that, as we have talked about before, that there are certain people who may not necessarily be in alignment with the highest ideals, but they do sense that a change is necessary in society and a change is necessary in American society in terms of bringing forth greater tolerance for differences. Even those people who are part of some alternative group or that are demanding equal rights, they are part of this necessary change, towards greater tolerance in society and women, of course, need to be part of this change. Therefore, women also need to have a certain tolerance for different lifestyles, different views of life. We of the ascended masters look at this in a more long-term perspective. We look at many of these issues that are today creating such conflict in American society will in the long run, just fade away. I can assure you that a hundred years from now, there will of course, still be gays and lesbians in American society and in other societies but it simply will not be the issue that it is today. There will be an entirely different attitude, where it just is not so important to people and to society.

What you can see with this is that it is not that we are advocating a particular view. We are simply saying that as societies move on, many of these issues that are so divisive today will fade away, people will look back and they will not understand how people could argue in such a confrontational way about these issues that are simply no longer important to people, because they have expanded their awareness, their collective consciousness has been raised so people can look at these issues without looking through this filter of black and white thinking. And so, you see that this greater openness, this greater tolerance for differences is part of this change that must happen for a critical mass of Americans to be able to accept some of these golden age ideas that Saint Germain is ready to release, including the natural energy technology.

Many, many changes need to happen for people to accept this. But again, women can play an important role in bringing about these changes and this is the main message we want to get across. Naturally, if you look at this upcoming presidential election, women can also play an important role in electing a president who can be more compassionate than confrontational. And so, if enough women will make the effort to vote, then this can have a decisive impact on the election and therefore have a decisive impact on whether America elects a president that can turn America into a more compassionate society, or whether they elect a president that will turn it into a more confrontational society than it already is.


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