No concept is ultimate 

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Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels, March 30, 2024. This dictation was given during the Easter webinar 2024: Liberating Christ.

I AM the Ascended Master Maitreya. I will continue the release that Jesus started, for we are of course in complete harmony, synchronicity and oneness as we give these teachings that are indeed progressive because they build upon each other and of course they build upon everything given before.

The River of Life is our spiritual origin

What Jesus explained is that you, as an individual being, are created out of the beings of ascended masters at a higher level than where you come into being. In your case you are in the seventh sphere and you have originated in this sphere. Some of you originated as the original inhabitants for the earth before the earth became an unnatural planet. Some of you have originated on other planets that were natural at the time and that are still natural.

Wherever you originated, your I AM Presence was created out of the beings of ascended masters in what we call the spiritual realm which is the level just above the four levels of this unascended sphere. Of course, those ascended masters came out of the beings of other ascended masters going up through all of the six ascended spheres all the way to Alpha and Omega as the highest beings in this world of form and then beyond that to the Creator, even beyond that to the Allness where the Creator came out of before it started your world of form.

Everything in life is connected, everything is out of this one flow which we have also called the River of Life. Why is this important? Well, it is important when you realize that as the old saying goes, no human is an island, no being is an island, no being could actually exist as a separate being, there is no such thing as a separate being. You can compare this to having two fish swimming in the ocean and they are denying that they are wet. This is what you see in the fallen beings who are denying that they are one with all life.

The enigma of separation

They insist that they are separate beings because they are on this quest to raise up the separate self to some ultimate status and therefore, they are like the fish denying they are wet while, of course, being immersed in the ocean. The reason why this image is helpful is, of course, that if you go into the mind of a fish it cannot even conceive of being wet because it had never experienced an alternative to the wetness of the ocean, and this is the same for beings who are in the duality consciousness for they are not experiencing an alternative to the duality consciousness and the illusion that they are separate beings.

This is not to say that they cannot experience it, but they are not experiencing it because, as Jesus said, the Conscious You of such beings is experiencing the world through the perception filter of these separate selves. Is what we call a separate self really separate? No, because the separate self has no identity in Christ. As Jesus explained, without the Christ consciousness was nothing made that was made. One of the enigmas that you encounter on the path as you begin to contemplate this is how can something be created out of the Christ consciousness and not be the Christ consciousness? The reality is nothing can be created out of the Christ consciousness and not be the Christ consciousness. What am I saying then? Am I saying that a separate self is the Christ consciousness? Well, it is out of the Christ consciousness but it appears to be separate from the Christ consciousness. In reality a separate self is not separate.

As I said, you cannot create anything that really is separate from the whole, but because of free will you can create something that appears to be separate from the whole. However, from which vantage point does it appear to be separate? Not from the vantage point of the Christ mind but only from the vantage point of an individual self-aware being who has chosen to step into this perception filter that hides the Christ mind, that hides the fact that everything is connected, everything is one.

The gifts of not-almighty God: free will, self-awareness, and imagination

This is, one might say, the central mystery on an unascended unnatural planet and it will take some contemplation for all of you to consider this from different perspectives. How can that which is the Christ consciousness appear to be not the Christ consciousness? And the answer is actually in Jesus’s discourse, but let us consider it from different perspectives. Free will is, as we have said, the ultimate law of this universe. You have been given self-awareness and you have been given the imagination to imagine concepts of what you want to co-create in the world of form. And you have been given the power to superimpose those concepts upon the Ma-ter light and create forms in the four levels of this unascended sphere.

How can this free will be allowed to outplay itself? Well, this is what many people in the world cannot fathom when they first hear about these concepts. And the reason for this is that they have been brought up with certain ideas about God that were created and spread by the fallen beings. First of all, we have the idea that God is supposedly almighty. But you see the Creator, while being almighty, has chosen to set aside his almightiness in an unascended sphere. The reason for this is that the Creator is not seeking to achieve a specific end result or to force the individual extensions of itself to walk a path that leads back to oneness with the Creator. The Creator is not seeking to raise up an army of robots. The Creator is seeking to raise up self-aware co-creators who can eventually become Creators. And this cannot be done by force, it cannot be done automatically.

So, the Creator has said: “I will create an unascended sphere and in that sphere I am not almighty, at least not for a time, so that the self-aware extensions of myself have opportunity, upon opportunity, upon opportunity to explore what they can do with their free will and their conceptual minds.” In other words, you have been given the freedom to explore whatever you can do with your free will, but what you can do with your free will is limited by your imagination, by your ability to conceptualize. You can only co-create what you can conceptualize. Unascended beings have this freedom.

Another lie spread by the fallen beings is that God is all-knowing and therefore, God knows ahead of time what will be the fate of the world and even the specific designs of the world, what specific forms will manifest. But the reality is that in an unascended sphere God does not know because free will cannot be predicted.

Then the third misconception is that God is all good and therefore, in the end, God will not allow anything really bad to happen. Now, this is a particularly dangerous illusion on a planet like earth where so many people have been brought up with this idea that God is all good but they see all of the evil taking place on earth and they cannot understand how a good God could allow this. And this has probably created more confusion than any other single idea. But the reason is again that God has said: “I am giving these beings free will and they have the freedom to experiment with that free will in the unascended sphere where nothing can become permanent.” In a sense God has set aside its “all-goodness” also in the unascended sphere. God has set aside its all-power, its all-knowing and its all-goodness in order to allow the outplaying of free will.

Up or down?

Now we have explained that a new being descends to the 48th level of consciousness at least on earth. And you have the two choices, you can build on your sense of connection to something outside your own mind and rise higher towards the 144th level. Or you can go into the illusion of separation and go below the 48th level. And you have a right to go quite far below, but there is, of course, a limit on earth defined by the collective consciousness.

What is it that happens when you go into separation? Well, in a sense you could say that you are simply experimenting with your free will and your imagination. Here we have a being that has some sense that it is connected to something outside itself and you might think, if you look at how we normally explain it, that those people who went into separation did so from the 48th level without having gone above the 48th level. However, this was only rarely the case. What actually happened to most of the beings who went into separation was that they started using their sense of connection to experiment with what you can do in an environment like earth with your imagination and free will. And that means that in the model we have given you here which, of course, is different on different planets, they were rising up gradually towards the 96th level of consciousness.

The reason this is important is that when a new being starts out it does not have a real firm sense of identity. It has, as Jesus explained, taken on certain illusions from the 144th level to the 48th level but these are relating to the four levels of the material universe, planet earth and this means that a being at the 48th level is what Jesus referred to as: “Unless you become as little children you cannot enter the kingdom.” They are fairly innocent and they do not have a strong outer personality, a strong sense of who they are.

So, what happens is that when a new group of beings comes to a planet like earth, they will start experimenting but some will be more eager than others. Some will be focused on enjoying life on earth and when the earth was still a natural planet, life on earth was very enjoyable compared to what it is now. Many were focused on this for a long time, but some became more eager and they started raising their sense of self towards the 96th level and this means that they were building a sense of identity. Now, at the time, the collective consciousness created by the entire group of beings was not nearly as strong as it is now and, of course, it was not affected by the duality consciousness as it is now. These beings were not being pulled down as you are now when you are walking from the 48th to the 96th level but still they had to raise themselves above the collective consciousness who wanted to enjoy life. There were some beings who said: “Well there must be more to life than enjoying life in the physical octave on this planet”, and they started raising their sense of self and as they approached the 96th level they had built a stronger sense of self than the average person around them at the time.

Christ mind and conceptual mind at the 96th level

What happens then at the 96th level? Well, this is where we have explained that you face this initiation of what will you now do with the sense of self you have built. Will you lock in to what we have called the “inner path” where you realize that this sense of self you have built could take you to a certain level but could not take you beyond and therefore, you begin what we might call the real path of Christic initiation where you begin to overcome not only the self you built going up to the 96th level, but even the illusions from the 96th to the 144th level and you begin to put on Christhood.

Now what did Jesus explain? That what you are using to descend is the conceptual mind, the mind that creates concepts. So, what did beings do? They used the conceptual mind to take on the illusions from the 144th level to the 48th level. They also used the conceptual mind to take on the identity that helped them climb from the 48th to the 96th level.

This will require some contemplation. You might say: “Well, is it not that you use the conceptual mind to overcome the illusion at the 48th level and then when you see through that illusion you rise to the 49th level?” In other words, the conceptual mind saw through the illusion that it had taken on. Well, yes and no. You do use the mind because you are thinking with the mind. But what helps you rise to the 49th level is that you see through the illusion and it is not actually the conceptual mind that sees through the illusion. It is that the Conscious You steps outside the conceptual mind, connects to the Christ mind and then rises higher. You are using the conceptual mind to descend and you are using the Christ mind to ascend. However, this of course, does not mean that you can let go of the conceptual mind, nor really that you are meant to.

What is it the conceptual mind does? Well, as you overcome the illusions, you are raising your consciousness beyond the 48th level. You become much better at co-creating for example, much more capable of manifesting what you can conceptualize. But at the same time the conceptual mind is building a sense of self, a conceptual self. Now, be careful to listen. I am not saying this is wrong. This is all you can do in the unascended sphere. However, the big question is when you come to the 96th level, can the Conscious You step outside of the self that the conceptual mind built as you were climbing those steps?

Will the Conscious You be willing to see that the conceptual mind has built this sense of self as a spiritual person, as a leader, as a creative person, as a person who is capable of manifesting what it can conceive of? Will you let go of that sense of self and realize that the Christ mind is more than that self could ever be? In other words, will you realize that by going beyond this self, by letting this self die, you will become more than you could ever be if you continue to build on this self.

Conceptual self vs. connected self

Now this is a realization you cannot come to at the 48th level or the 64th or the 72th. But you can come to it at the 96th level if the Conscious You is willing. But what happened to many beings is that they came to the 96th level and they were not willing to make the shift. Instead, they went into deciding that they wanted to experiment and see how far they could go in building this conceptual self.

Now again, this is not wrong. This is allowed by the law of free will in an unascended sphere. Of course, you cannot ascend with such a self, but you can continue an existence in the unascended sphere for a very long time. However, in order to do this, you cannot stay at the 96th level. You are literally switching. It is not described very well in Genesis with the Garden of Eden story. But it is at least described in some way. As I have explained in great detail in my book, Adam and Eve were told not to eat the forbidden fruit because if they did, they would surely die. The serpent caused them to doubt this, the teacher’s instruction, by saying: “Thou shalt not surely die, instead you should become as a god knowing good and evil.” And as I have explained, this means that you do actually die as the connected self you saw yourself as at the 96th level and therefore, you are cast out of the Garden of Eden of being connected to the teacher. And you are therefore, in the state of separation.

Now this is a shock. And it is a shock that you cannot ignore so you have to justify it and in order to justify it you cannot use the Christ mind so you use the mind that is outside the Christ mind, the dualistic consciousness. And you use some dualistic polarity, some dualistic extreme, to justify why it is important to continue to build on this conceptual self. And again, this is not wrong. What have I said about God setting aside his all-power, all-knowing, all-goodness? You have a right to do this within the law of free will. God is not blaming you. I am not blaming you. No ascended master is blaming you. The Christ mind is not blaming you. But you recognize perhaps, what you have done when you do this. You have said, often without realizing it, but you have said: “I want to experience what it is like to build a self that is not seeing itself as connected to the one mind, to the Christ mind. I want to see how far I can go building this conceptual self. How far can I stretch my free will? What kind of self can I conceptualize?”

Going down into separation

And this is just an experiment. But the consequence of it is, of course, that you separate yourself from a teacher and from the entire lineage of teachers that goes up to the Creator, as Jesus explained. Because this is what you are saying, instead of at the 96th level saying: “I now see that I am connected to this lineage and I want to experiment with how I can build my sense of self as part of this lineage.” Instead of saying this, you are now saying: “I want to see how I can build my sense of self by being separated from the lineage.” And of course, we who represent the lineage, we must then step back.

Now, as we have said, an ascended master will then create out of its own being a Christ self that will follow you as you go deeper and deeper into separation. There will be an element of the Christ mind with you so that you can turn around at any point. But you, of course, will not be aware of this. Now you have a being who has decided to do this and take care to note that I have not talked about fallen beings here yet. You have a being who has decided to experiment with its free will or seeing: “How far can I go in building this separate self that is separated from the lineage” and it just experiments. It tries this and tries that over many lifetimes and still, the being has not fallen. The being has experimented in an unascended sphere, but it has not fallen. It has just continued to create more and more concepts of what kind of being it is.

And of course, it encounters other beings who have done the same thing and they often clash, they often have conflicts because one being uses a particular idea that springs from duality and elevates that idea to the status of being an absolute truth. Another being takes another dualistic idea, elevates that to the status of being absolute. And when two beings meet and they have different ideas that they both claim to be absolute, then it is obvious to them that they cannot both be right. Therefore, there is conflict, therefore, there is struggle, therefore there can eventually be aggression and the attempt by some beings to destroy those who disagree with them. This is still a matter of how far down do you go towards the lowest level of consciousness possible on earth. Again, we are still not talking fallen beings.

The denial of Christ and the fall

So now, you have a situation like in previous spheres, where the entire sphere is ready to ascend. The vast majority of the beings did not choose to create these separate selves and elevate them to a higher and higher status. They chose to walk the path of oneness and therefore, their free will overrides the free will of those who have gone into separation and so now the sphere is ready to ascend.

And now we have the situation where on certain planets in a sphere, there is usually one fallen being who has managed to set itself up as the undisputed leader on a particular planet. There might be billions of lifestreams on the planet who have all gone into separation but they have all submitted themselves to the leader and therefore, they are literally worshiping that leader as a god, as the absolute authority, not only on that planet, but in the entire universe because they do not see that there are other planets who have different configurations and who do not have leaders that are in separation. This is what happens originally before a fall. One being manages to set itself up as the undisputed leader.

Now we have the situation where the sphere approaches the ascension point. What happens? What happens is that the ascended masters come to that planet, manifest ourselves in some undeniable form, not only for the leader but for all of the beings on the planet and confront them with a choice: “Will you choose to ascend with the rest of your sphere or will you continue to go into separation?” And some saw that they had experimented long enough, turned around, received help to ascend with the rest of their sphere, but some did not and now they fell.

But you will notice that when I first talked about new beings in an unascended sphere who are just experimenting with their free will, this is different from what happens in the fall, because a new being is just experimenting. But when you fall, you are denying the reality of Christ. In other words, a new being is allowed to go into the state of consciousness that hides Christ and it does not realize what it has done. It is just experimenting with creating a sense of self in separation and it has no experience of Christ. But when you are confronted with the ascended masters you have that direct experience that your separate self really has no permanence, it cannot survive and it actually is not separate.

The conceptual mind and fallen consciousness

This is what you see when you are confronted by the ascended masters, that your separate self is created out of the Christ mind and the lineage. You have just been given freedom to experiment and so when you fall, you have to deny this and it is a denial that in order to uphold it, it must be as absolute as an unascended being can make it. Nothing is really absolute. But as far as a being can deny it, as firmly as it can deny it, that is how that denial is. What happens is that a fallen being when it falls, it now takes this separate self that it has created over a very long period of time in the unascended sphere and it elevates it to the status where it makes that decision that it could not be wrong: “I could not be wrong.” And this is, again, just a free will decision.

The fallen being, in order to make that decision, has to conceptualize why it is not wrong so it has to make the ascended masters wrong, make them unreal: “This is just not real. Or they are just wrong, or they are just deceiving me, or they are lying to people.” A common theme is that the leader will say: “Oh, the ascended masters are lying to my followers, trying to lure them away from me, but I am the one who can save my followers so they should follow me and that is why it is wrong of the ascended masters to do this.” Or some of them will even say: “But the ascended masters confronting me is a violation of my free will.”

There are various decisions that fallen beings make, but they have to use the conceptual mind to conceptualize why the conceptual mind is not wrong, and they come up with some kind of concept. And then once they have that concept, they elevate it to the status of being absolute and it is so important to them to uphold this concept that they would rather fall than ascend with the rest of their sphere. And naturally, once they have fallen, they have to uphold that concept as absolute and infallible for as long as they want to stay in the fallen consciousness, because once they accept and acknowledge that it was an illusion, it was just a concept, then they cannot stay in the fallen consciousness.

Self-destructive spiral on earth

So, now you have a situation where a group of lifestreams, as on earth, have gone into creating this separate sense of self. There are leaders who have emerged, they have created a certain society on earth, where they see that differences and differentiation is a threat. This is how they conceptualize it. They want everybody to believe the same, everybody to be as uniform, as conformist as at all possible and therefore, the entire planet goes into a downward spiral, because of what we have called the second law of thermodynamics, which is really also an out-picturing of the law of free will—that you are allowed to go against the upward movement of your sphere, but it requires more and more effort to do so and that is why your society starts falling apart due to the resistance you are creating in resisting the upward pull of the River of Life. All of this we have explained before, but I am trying to put it all together, so you can see something important.

Now you have this planet who is in a self-destructive spiral. The ascended masters look at this and decide what can we do to change the equation. And in the case of earth, and it was not the same with all planets, but in the case of earth it was decided that something needs to break up this focus on conformity and what better way to do this than to allow fallen beings to embody on earth.

So now you allow certain fallen beings to embody here and they are in a new situation after they fell, because when they existed before the fall, one fallen being could set itself as the undisputed leader on a planet. But after they fall, this can no longer be allowed so there is always more than one fallen being, meaning they clash with each other. They have an inevitable power struggle, and the same of course on earth and it is precisely this power struggle that breaks up the conformity, because you will always have at least two leaders who insist that they have the only truth, which was not something that was there on earth before, because the earth had gotten to a point where there was no opposition to what was considered the only truth in the society of earth.

The epic cause of fallen beings

Then you have this embodiment of the fallen beings. They break up the conformity, and how do they do it? Because they are in the epic mindset. What does this mean exactly? Well, for earth it means that the fallen beings conceptualized this idea that something had gone wrong on earth and that they were the ones who had to save the earth and bring it back to some Edenic state. Many fallen beings had done this after they fell into the next sphere and the ones who came to earth had this epic mindset as we have called it, and they now believed that they were the saviors of unascended beings.

They created the concept after they fell that the fact that they could fall meant something had gone wrong with God’s creation. Something was wrong with free will, or they, so they thought, should not have been allowed to fall. But they were not allowed to fall. They chose to fall, because they chose to reject the offer from the ascended masters to help them ascend with the rest of the sphere. Nothing went wrong, they just made a choice. But now they have decided that something went wrong because free will is wrong and therefore, free will should be replaced by obedience to those who have the absolute truth.

The confusion of absolut truth(s)

Now, be very careful here and contemplate what Jesus explained in his discourse. The Christ mind is not the absolute truth because it has no form. It is beyond any truth that could be conceptualized by any mind, not just minds in the fallen consciousness or the duality consciousness, but any mind. The thing is, a mind that is ascended knows this, only unascended minds may not know this, because they see through that perception filter of the separate mind.

Because there is more than one fallen being that believes it has the absolute truth, you now have a situation on earth where there are competing absolute truths and most people can see, of course, that this cannot be so. There cannot be two absolute truths if they are opposite or different. And this was what created the confusion, which for a very long time was a constructive confusion, because it broke up the conformity. It actually forced people to think, which they were not doing before, they were just following the prevailing winds.

Nothing has gone wrong on earth

What this all leads to, and I know this was a very long discourse to set the stage for this, is the realization that what you have on earth is a concept that something has gone wrong and someone needs to correct it. This very idea is the greatest challenge for those beings on earth who are beginning to reach the levels of Christhood. Even at the 96th level, and some ways beyond the 96th level, this is the biggest challenge. For, as we have explained many times, when you really grasp free will, nothing has actually gone wrong. It is just a particular outplaying of free will that you see on earth. And the way to correct the situation, the way to remove the suffering, is not that people surrender their free will to some infallible leader, but that they surrender the separate self and reconnect to the fact that the Christ mind is within each and every human being and therefore each being has the potential to put on the mind of Christ, walk that path of initiation that leads you to Christhood. This is what will change the equation. Take note, I did not say “correct” the situation.

There is always more

What does this mean? Well, here is where it gets tricky. We have said that you are allowed to go into the duality consciousness, and as you do so you are creating more and more opposition, more and more resistance, more and more conflict and there can come a point where this becomes so intense, so unpleasant, that you experience a turning point, an epiphany. You say: “I cannot do this anymore, I will not do this anymore, there is got to be more to life than this.” That is when you open yourself to Christ, because what did Jesus say that Christ is? In essence, there is always more than any concept, any sense of self, any physical condition you encounter. There is always more. And when you open yourself to experiencing more, not more conflict, but more than conflict, then you open yourself to the Christ mind, which is right there.

But what now happens is that you experience the Christ mind. You experience that the reality of the Christ mind is more real than your sense of self at whatever level you turn around. Say it is on earth and you turn around at the fifth level of consciousness, a very low level of consciousness. But you experience the reality that the Christ mind is more than the reality of the self you have. As you then continue to rise, you are beginning to experience that there is a reality that is higher than what you see in yourself and see around you. But the thing is, as we have now explained many times, even though you are experiencing the reality of the Christ mind, you are only experiencing an aspect of the Christ mind that corresponds to your level of consciousness and there are many levels of the Christ mind beyond that level. That means you are not experiencing the ultimate reality, the ultimate truth. But it can feel that way when you experience it, because it is more real than what you are experiencing now.

Blind alley of an epic cause

This is what can become a very tricky blind alley for many people. Why? Well, what is it that causes you to turn around? For a very long time you have experimented with creating this very sophisticated separate self that can do whatever it wants on earth, that almost has a godlike status on earth. But now you have experienced that this only leads you into conflict with others who have the same attitude, it leads you to suffering, and it becomes so intense that you cannot do it anymore. What is it that happens when you say: “I cannot do this anymore?”

Well, you begin to doubt that the separate self really is an ultimate self, a sophisticated self. You begin to doubt the self. Now you experience the Christ mind and there is something that is real. And you are like a drowning man who is grasping after a straw, a lifeline. You grab a hold of this rope, and gradually you have more experiences with the Christ mind and you start pulling on the rope. And eventually you realize that the rope is attached to a ship and after a lot of effort you climb aboard the ship. And what do you feel? “I am no longer drowning, I am safe.” What gave you the sense that you are safe? It was your encounter with the Christ mind that gave you a sense of reality.

Now you are on the ship. But the question is, is it Maitreya’s clipper ship, or is it a ship created by the fallen beings? Because the fallen beings have created these ships based on this concept, something has gone wrong, and something needs to correct God’s mistake. There are beings who have been pulled out of the state of drowning by the Christ mind, but now they have grabbed onto one of these constructions created by the fallen beings and they now accept that: “Oh, it was not really so bad that I was drowning, I did not really make such a big mistake, because now I have found my true purpose, which is to save the world by correcting what went wrong with God’s creation.”

What are we, as the ascended masters, to do when beings come to that point? They have experienced some level of the Christ mind, but they have now used their experience with the reality of the Christ mind to project reality on one of these epic causes defined by the fallen beings. What can we do? We can only bow to their free will. They of course, will not continue to have access to the Christ mind, because now they again are saying: “Oh, I do not need the Christ mind, because now I have this wonderful ship and I am just going to make myself the captain of it, and then we are all going to save the world. Or perhaps I am not going to be the captain, I am just going to be one of those who are helping the captain, the fallen being, save the world.”

The conceptual self cannot take you to ascension

You again cut yourself off from the Christ mind. You were listening to the Christ mind for a time, but now you think you have found some ultimate truth in this world, and now you do not need the Christ mind anymore. And again, free will must be allowed to work itself out. But what does this mean? It means that when you look at earth, you can look at religious philosophies, you can look at spiritual or esoteric philosophies, even mystical philosophies. You can look at political ideologies. You can look at the philosophers and their thought systems—and you have a very large number of these that spring from that consciousness of antichrist, the fallen mindset.

What are these belief systems, these thought systems? They are conceptual, conceptualized systems of thought, because they spring from the conceptual mind. What am I hereby saying? What was it that allowed you to stand there at that 96th level and decide not to follow Maitreya or another ascended master on the path towards the ascension, but instead take the path of seeing how far you can take the separate self? Well, it was the conceptual mind. You conceptualized some benefit, some reason for going into the path of separation, the left-handed path or whatever you want to call it.

You used the conceptual mind to go down the staircase towards the lowest level of consciousness. The conceptual mind brought you to this point where you are turning around, because it created all of this suffering. And then you contact the Christ mind, and now you used the Christ mind to rise above the suffering so that you again come to a point where you can live with it. But now you are using the conceptualized mind, the conceptual mind, to plot a course that will take you back up to whatever goal you see defined in your thought system. In other words, you used the conceptual mind to go down the staircase, and now you are trying to use the conceptual mind to go up the staircase.

Now you may ask a logical question here: “But if people are cut off from the Christ mind, how can they rise up the staircase towards higher levels of consciousness?”  Well, they can because, contrary to what I just said, we are not cutting them off. They are ignoring the Christ mind most of the time but those who do grow are still open once in a while to getting something from the Christ mind. It is possible for a being to rise from, say, the 5th level of consciousness up to the 48th level of consciousness and continue going back up to the 96th level from where it started the left-handed path. It is possible to do this by using the Christ mind, but of course this being then still carries with itself the conceptual self that it has created. It may change it over time, but it still has this conceptualized self.

The question now becomes, will the being see this at some point, see the futility of it, see the vanity of it? Will the Conscious You step outside of the conceptual self, see the conceptual self, see that it cannot lead to salvation or rather the Christ consciousness? And that the only way to Christ consciousness is to break down the conceptual self, no matter how sophisticated it may seem in this world, and walk that path of becoming as a little child who returns to that state of neutral awareness with which the Conscious You descended. As Jesus said, no man has ascended back to heaven, save he that came down from heaven.

Will the Conscious You grasp this? The conceptual self cannot grasp it. What the conceptual self can do is it can take any idea expressed in words, even the teachings of the ascended masters, and conceptualize a path to salvation. This is what members of most religions, even many spiritual philosophies have done. This is what many people who have found ascended master teachings have done. We have done more to counteract this in this dispensation than in any previous dispensation. But there are still people who take this dispensation and create this conceptualized path to the Christ consciousness or the ascension and they are convinced that this will work. We are not cutting such people off. We are not saying: “You have misunderstood the path, therefore we are going to walk away from you.” We are still there and we are still waiting for that opening where they can again make contact with the Christ mind and rise to the next level.

The conceptual epic path vs. real path of oneness with Christ mind

But what Jesus and I are seeking to do with this particular conference is to make another attempt to explain to you that you can at any point on the spiritual path above the 48th level, you can come to this realization where the Conscious You steps outside of this conceptual mind and you see that you have used this mind to create a sense of self and of the spiritual path and of how your conceptual self is supposed to follow this conceptual path that you have created in your mind based on the illusions of the fallen beings. The illusion that something has gone wrong and you are one of the saviors who are here to correct it and therefore, you must correct other people and therefore you must judge other people and therefore, you must challenge them because you are here to initiate them. For you are at a higher level of Christhood than they are. You can at any point come to see the futility of this, the vanity—vanity of vanities, all is vanity because all is vanity in this conceptual self. The conceptual path, the epic path is a complete illusion and will not work. The only thing that will work is the path of oneness, greater and greater oneness with the Christ mind, which means greater and greater oneness with the being that represents the Christ mind for you, the particular ascended master who is closest to you and of course your I AM Presence as well.

There is a real path that leads to oneness, to the Christ consciousness. There are many false paths that are claimed to lead to some ultimate level but only lead you deeper and deeper into illusion. What you see on earth is that there are beings and they are not all fallen beings. Some of them actually started in this sphere but they have gone many rounds of this, rising to the 96th level, facing the initiation of whether they will go on the inner path or not, rejecting the inner path, taking another round down into seeking to perfect the separate self. Many of these people have set themselves up as spiritual teachers of various kinds. I will not name names but it is up to you to use your Christ discernment to recognize them.

Many of them will claim to have reached some ultimate state of consciousness and they might over time have developed certain abilities that are beyond the average person and that might impress people who cannot read the vibration of their hearts but only looks at the outer appearance.

The illusion that a self is an illusion

This is of course, in itself important. But I want to address here a specific aspect of this because you can see there are levels, there are layers of these false paths that have been created. You have at the lowest level what you see in fundamentalist Christianity—declare Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and you are guaranteed to be saved without looking at the beam in your own eye. This is a very primitive version of this false path to salvation. But there are teachers who have gone far beyond this and they are defining that there is some kind of goal or path that involves the transformation of consciousness. But they have created a number of these false paths and one of them is what you see in certain eastern religions, even certain modern so-called teachings of non-duality, is this idea that the ultimate reality is the undifferentiated Brahman or pure awareness or whatever they call it. In other words, only that which is undifferentiated is ultimately real, whereas anything that is differentiated is not real.

They have also created this idea that you here on this lowly planet called earth, can switch from being identified as a separate self to realizing that you are pure awareness and therefore you can return to pure awareness. They even define that this is supposedly what the Buddha meant with “enlightenment” or what some Hindu sage or other meant with enlightenment or awakening or whatever words they use. There are even those who have taken it even further and denying that there is any self, there is nothing that is happening, there is no one here, things are just happening and you need to become aware of this and awaken from this illusion that you are a self that is doing something.

What you see in these philosophies is that here you have beings who have for a very, very long time attempted to make the separate self so perfect that it can overcome all suffering. But they have experienced time and time again that just when they thought they had created the perfect separate self, something happened that caused them suffering. Now they have gone into this state of thinking that: “If I just deny that there is a self—any kind of self, then I can escape suffering because it is only the sense of self that causes you to suffer.” And as we have explained before, both Lanto and Gautama, this is an illusion.

The separate self is what suffers, but you were not created as a separate self, you were created as Jesus explained as a self that is an extension of the entire hierarchy of light reaching up to the Creator. And you are not meant to walk this long and arduous path and come to the ultimate level of the path where you just realize: “Oh you were never really a self, your sense of self was an illusion and then you merge back into this undifferentiated something or other and you are no more.”

You are meant to walk the path of expanding your real self, your connected self, your Christed self, until you reach the Creator consciousness and then go beyond from there. Denying that there is a self, that the self is going somewhere, is just self-denial.

The experience of pure awareness

But why is it then that some people claim to have experienced this state of the undifferentiated consciousness and they claim that this is the ultimate reality? Well, first of all, as Jesus explained, when the Conscious You experiences itself as pure awareness, there is a certain phase where you experience this as undifferentiated awareness, but it is just undifferentiated awareness. But what happens to some people is that they experience this, then they come out of the experience and now they take one of these thought systems developed by these false teachers and they say: “Oh, this is what the experience meant.”

In other words, they are experiencing pure awareness which is beyond the conceptual mind, but now they use the conceptual mind to superimpose a concept upon the experience: “This is what it means—it is a state of no self.” It is not a state of no self. It is a state of self that is different from the outer self, the outer personality, but it is not a state of no self because then there would be no experience. If there is no self, there is no experience. The only way to experience is through a self as Jesus explained, that the Christ consciousness is expressed only through individual beings.

What have these false teachers done? First of all, they have confused what it means to be in pure awareness because they had to superimpose a concept on it. They could not just experience it and use that as a frame of reference for questioning their separate self. No, they had to use it as an experience to validate their separate self which means they had to superimpose a concept upon the experience.

That is why they, over time, the fallen beings, started it and it has been developed over a long time even by beings who have not fallen, they have created this collective beast, this collective entity, this collective matrix that denies the self and that can give people an experience that they feel is real. That is also why fundamentalist Christians can have an experience where they feel that Jesus appeared to them and showed them that he is the only road to salvation, the person of Jesus, the son of God of Jesus, the conceptual image of Christ that they have in their religion. That conceptual image is the only road to salvation and they are convinced that this is real.

Do you want to defend or rather transcend your concepts?

What am I trying to show you here? I am trying to show you that as an individual being you are always using concepts but the question is, are those concepts connected to the Christ mind or do they spring from the separate mind, the consciousness of antichrist as we have called it? And if they are connected to the Christ mind, you will not see them as absolute because you will know that this concept that you have received from the Christ mind is just a stepping stone on your ongoing, never-ending journey towards higher levels of consciousness, higher levels, higher senses of self. You will know that you are on a path of building your sense of self that never ends.

Not even the greater consciousness is the end of the expansion of self, the transcendence of self and this is the realization that Jesus referred to when he talked about those who had been reborn in Christ, had escaped the death consciousness. “Let the dead bury their dead. What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” It is those who decide that they want to expand their sense of self in Christ instead of seeking to perfect the separate self, outside of Christ—seemingly outside of Christ.

You see that when you are connected to the Christ mind you are using concepts but you do not see them as absolute. When you are seeking to perfect the separate self, you are also using concepts and some of those concepts may actually come from the Christ mind because you may have been at the 95th level of consciousness and had a genuine insight that helped you go to the 96th. But then you decided with the conceptual mind that this was the absolute understanding, the highest understanding and that took you into another round of seeking to perfect the separate self.

You see that free will must be allowed to outplay itself and when a being uses his free will to leave the Christ, the Christ path, and go into the downward path, the path of antichrist, it is still using concepts. But those concepts are dualistic, meaning they have an opposite, and the opposite is always wrong and your concept is always right. Whereas in the Christ mind, you have transcended the need to label a concept as right or wrong because you see it only as a stepping stone to a higher sense of self. So why would you need to label it, conceptualize it, as being absolute, as being the end of the road when you know it is a stepping stone on this never-ending road?

This is life, the River of Life that never ends but keeps flowing indefinitely. The path of death is the one path where you are always seeking some ultimate state, whether it is no self or salvation in heaven or awakening or whatever it may be. You see here these concepts that spring from duality, they always have an opposite, meaning they are always threatened, meaning that you are constantly having to defend them.

The switch at the 96th level

And this is what causes suffering, defending your concepts rather than transcending your concepts. But you can make this switch that we are talking about. You can switch into realizing what the path is all about. I am not saying that people at the 48th level can do it but certainly as you start climbing higher towards the 96th level you can make that switch. You do not have to wait till the 96th level but of course you can be at the 96th level and make the switch. You can even go a little bit beyond and still not have fully made the switch.

And when you make that switch you realize that no concept that you could possibly see here on earth, on this unnatural planet, is the final truth, the final understanding. There is always more to grasp and only those who continue to reach for the more will make it to the ascended realm. Theoretically, you can be at the 144th level of consciousness and you can think you have reached the ultimate level and you are not willing to reach for the more that brings you through the gate to the ascended realm. Theoretically, this could happen. It has not happened so far but this is a theoretical possibility because you can at any moment decide to cling to your sense of self rather than being willing to let it die. Of course, the higher you go on the path the more selves you have let die and the easier it becomes to grasp that they all have to die. It is not a matter of finding or developing this perfect self that will make it into heaven. They all have to go.

You will notice that those who are in the Christ mind are beyond time and space so we could go on for a very long time, but I will recognize that you are in time and space and so I will seal you for now in the presence of Maitreya. I have been called the Great Initiator by ascended master students but why am I the Great Initiator? They thought that they could use their conceptual mind to define the initiations that I presented to them and how to pass those initiations. But I am the Great Initiator because I am here to challenge the conceptual mind. The greatest initiation is to step outside the conceptual mind and realize that any concept springing from separation is an illusion and that even the concepts springing from the Christ mind are not ultimate, for nothing is ultimate. That is the only ultimate truth that can be expressed on an unnatural planet like earth.

With this, be sealed in the flame of initiation’s fire of Lord Maitreya.



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