Making the impossible possible

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Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, May 15, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, which has often been called the Ray of Vision. Obviously, one of the most important things that could happen in terms of bringing a Golden Age in Europe, and elsewhere, is a raising of the people’s vision.

It is a simple fact that you cannot manifest in the physical, that which you cannot visualize in the mind. If you have no higher vision, you cannot manifest anything higher and this is where the material universe can become a closed loop that traps people for a very long time.

The Alpha and Omega of vision

You grow up as a child seeing what is around you, seeing what you perceive through the physical senses. More than that, you are brought up – programmed – to perceive through the collective mindset that looks at life a certain way. This mindset goes all the way from the physical through the emotional, mental and into the identity realm. You will, of course, see that most people on earth think they are human beings. They may think they are somehow created by a deity, but they see that they are separated from that deity. They are brought up to believe (especially in the Catholic tradition) that they are sinners or fundamentally flawed or limited beings. Or they may have been brought up to believe that they are a product of the process of evolution and therefore have no capabilities beyond those of the physical body and whatever technologies can be created.

Of course, if you identify yourself as such, you already have set limitations for what you can and what you dare envision. There is a dual effect of vision. First of all, you have to be able to actually visualize in your mind that it is possible to create something that you do not already see on this planet. This is the Alpha aspect of vision. You have to be able to see something that no one has seen before; you have to be able to see in your mind’s eye what you do not see with your physical eye. The Omega aspect of this is that you have to be able to not only believe but actually accept and know that it is possible to build or manifest this physically.

There are many, many people throughout the ages who have had grandiose visions in their minds. They have been enamored with these visions, but they have not truly believed and accepted that they could be made physical. This is where people need to wake up and realize that there are forces and beings in this world who are doing everything they can to limit your vision, by limiting what people can see but also limiting what they believe and accept can be manifest.

How to communicate a higher vision

In the modern age, we have – due to Saint Germain’s release of certain communication technology – made tremendous progress in terms of being able to communicate a higher vision from one person to another. If you go back just a few decades, or a few hundred years, you will see that there may have been one or two people on earth who could grasp a higher vision, but how could we get that vision communicated from that person to others so that more than one person could begin to believe that there was a higher reality somewhere? This really did not become practical until the printing press was invented.

With more and more modern communication technology it has become easier and easier. We now have a situation where there is indeed a number of people on the planet who have their minds opened and attuned to the ascended realm. They can receive a higher vision of some aspect of society that could be improved. We actually have enough people in embodiment that are able to receive a higher vision. Those people do not all know about ascended masters, they do not understand or acknowledge where their visions are coming from.

We actually have enough people who have enough of a vision to receive the major blueprint for the Golden Age. This is a development that has taken a very long time to build. In fact, if we go back just to Jesus’ mission, we can say that from his mission forward, there has been a very slow growth in the number of people who have been able to manifest a higher degree of Christhood. Of course, the Christian tradition is not the only one that has raised people’s consciousness, for there are also other traditions that have raised people’s consciousness over many lifetimes, to the point where they can receive a higher vision.

How fallen beings limit communication

The fallen beings have, of course, all along tried to limit this. They have in many ways tried to limit communication, to restrict communication, to censure communication. For example, during the Catholic era there was a censorship of books. Books were burned, people were executed or hauled in front of the inquisition for spreading heretical views. You saw the same in the Soviet Union, you see it today even in Russia, you see a similar development in Turkey, you see it in China, North Korea and many other nations.

The fallen ones have not been able to stop the growth in the number of people who could receive a higher vision. What have they done instead? Well, there is one thing you can always count on from the fallen beings: They don’t stand still. Some of them do, some of them do become trapped and become attached to maintaining a certain state of privilege. That is why they become the established power elite that are overthrown by the aspiring power elite. In general, the fallen ones never stand still as a group. There will always be someone who is looking ahead, looking to what the ascended masters are doing and seeing how they can counteract it.

Given that they could see that they could not stop the spread of new ideas, the communication of new ideas, what did they do to counteract this? Well, they took over the minds of a number of people who were willing to let their minds be taken over by the lower forces. Then, they gave their own versions of different visions, very fanciful, very complicated, very complex—some of them seemingly very benign. Then they have used the same technology that is used to spread genuine ideas, to spread their false ideas. The result is that there are now so many ideas out there that most people feel completely overwhelmed. They don’t know what to look at, they don’t know what to believe.

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