Making a shift into a higher dedication to truth

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Ascended Master Archangel Raphael through Kim Michaels, October 28, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.


I AM the Ascended Master Archangel Raphael. I AM the Archangel on the Fifth Ray, the Fifth Ray of Truth.

The divine quality of truth

What is truth? That is a question that is rarely asked in America, especially in a political debate. Yet it needs to be asked.

What is truth? Is it something that is beyond any definition that human beings can come up with? Or can human beings define what is truth? Are there some human beings who have an ability to make a statement, a declaration, and then that is truth? This is what needs to be asked. Why? Because how can the American political system function if there is no dedication to truth? What is one of the primary aspects of truth, one of the primary functions of the divine quality of truth? It is accountability. You have either done something or you have not done something. And if you have done something, you need to be accountable for what you have done. This is the entire foundation for the functioning of not only the political system, but the legal system, the educational system, the media, all aspects of society.

Erosion of dedication to truth

If truth is something that can be defined by human beings, then how can a democratic society function? There must be a way to define truth that is not defined by human beings, that is independent of people’s self-interest, their opinions, their beliefs, their vision or lack of vision. Otherwise, how will you have a foundation for evaluating how the system functions, whether it functions well or not? How can you have a political system, a democratic system that functions, if politicians who are elected by the people, based on certain statements, based on certain promises, do not live up to their promises, but yet cannot be held accountable because they can find a way to make it seem like they were living up to their promises after all? How can you have a democratic system if the elected officials are not held accountable by the people or, for that matter, by the court system if they violate the law while in office?

What is one of the functions of the Fifth Ray of Truth? It is to provide this guiding rod, this frame of reference, for evaluating human behavior. How many people in embodiment in America today are even aware that there is a divine quality of truth, have any dedication to it? Well, some are, of course, but the majority of the people are not aware of this and have very little dedication to truth. And their dedication to truth of the American people has been eroded steadily for the last several decades.

This has got to do with various things. One of them is, of course, the media. There used to be some accountability in the media, but over the last three decades there has been the emergence of media outlets who have no dedication to truth. There are these talk show hosts who can basically say anything they want and get away with it. Because nobody holds them accountable. At least the listeners who listen to them day in and day out are not holding them accountable. They either believe everything that is said or they ignore what is a lie, what is an untruth.

You have, of course, seen the emergence of politicians who, likewise, will say anything they want and they think they can get away with it. How can the American governmental system function when you have politicians and the media who are meant to hold the politicians accountable who have no dedication to truth? “It is not a matter of what is true. It is not a matter of what actually happened. It is a matter of what we project happened is true and why it happened” – this trend is, of course, as everything else, directed and controlled by the power elite.

The dream of exercising power without accountability

What is it the power elite wants? They want to exercise power without accountability. They want to create a climate in any society where those who are in power can exercise power without accountability. This is what the power elite wants. They have encouraged the creation of these media outlets that instead of reporting news, they voice opinions. They make up stories. They make up an entire narrative of what is happening in America. A narrative that has no connection to reality, to what is actually happening in America. It is a fictional creation.

The power elite has also encouraged the emergence of a new class of politicians who do not believe that their opinions and their political actions need to have any connection to reality, to truth. They believe they can make up a political narrative and they do not need to be held accountable. They do not want to be held accountable, not even by the people who voted them into office. They want to exercise power without accountability, even though they are not really, many of them, part of the power elite. But they are willing to do the errands of the power elite in order to get into positions of power where they can then exercise power without being held accountable. You see, the power elite are encouraging the media and the politicians to create the kind of climate that they themselves want. Power without accountability. Now where does this ultimately come from?

Defining how the world should work

It obviously comes from the fallen beings who from the moment they fell, rejected the truth. They went into a state of mind where they believe that they in their minds can define how the universe should work. And they can then force the universe to work that way. They cannot even see, some of them, that this is unrealistic because they focus on their immediate environment such as planet earth. And they believe that on earth they can force the universe to work according to their vision, their opinions, their ideologies, theories and religions. Because they can get people to believe in them and follow them. They can get people to follow the fallen beings and the fallen beings are never held accountable by the people and therefore the fallen beings have come to believe that they can define how the universe should work and that no power in the universe can go against them. This is, of course, because they have suppressed the memory of being confronted by the ascended masters before they fell.

Undermining the concept of truth and accountability

But nevertheless, the point is, there are fallen beings who are seeking to subvert democracy, not only in America but primarily in America, by destroying the dedication to truth. By even undermining the very concept that there is a truth. This is a development that is a very carefully planned and orchestrated effort. It has been going on, of course, for a long time but it has been accelerated greatly over the past decade. And it has primarily been accelerated by the election of Donald Trump as president. If you take a neutral look at his life, you will see that all of his actions towards women, all of his actions in business have been driven by this desire to exercise power without being held accountable. He sincerely and stubbornly believes that he can get away with anything. He has even openly stated that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue without losing his core voters. Is this not a direct declaration that he believes he cannot be held accountable? He will not be held accountable because he can get away with anything.

What has he been attempting to do? He has been attempting to create a situation where he can make a declaration and those who are his blind followers will believe it uncritically. They will believe that it is the truth because he said it and they will not compare it to an actual reality. In their minds they will refuse to compare it to reality. They will refuse to see that this actually happened in a different way than what Trump is claiming.

Again, as we have said before, this is not really about one particular person. It is about a tendency that more and more people think they can define how the political landscape works, how the political process works, how the economy works, how everything works. And they can define it and they can demand that the country of the United States should function according to their definition. And they should never be held accountable by somebody comparing their declarations to reality, to truth. How can you expect a democratic nation to function if the leaders act this way and if a certain percentage of the people either support this or do not care because they are in denial about the need to hold people accountable?

It does not matter what you believe about Trump and his ability as a president. It does not matter what abilities anyone has. They should still be held accountable in a democracy because if they are not held accountable, how will you know that they will do what is best for you? How will you know that they will do what you think is best for the nation and for yourself if there is no accountability? Look at history. It has been said: “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Has there ever been anyone who had that kind of power without accountability who did not abuse the power? Has it ever happened? What makes you think it will happen this time?

Of course, people do not think like this because, as Saint Germain has said, they do not think. Once people have accepted that here is a person who can define truth, they stop thinking. You either did this or you did not do it. And if you did it, you should be held accountable for it and you should not be able to make up some kind of political statement that prevents you from being held accountable. You cannot run for the highest office in the land. And let’s say that if the court system attempts to hold you accountable for something you did as a businessman, then this is all politically motivated. You either did something or you did not do it and if you did something that was illegal, you should be held accountable for it as any other citizen in the United States is held accountable by the law, ideally speaking.

And it should not be possible to get away from accountability by claiming that this is politically motivated and that the entire court system is corrupt and is corrupted by political bias. Just as you claim that the entire electoral system is corrupted by political bias and that anybody who opposes you is corrupted by a political bias, what are you essentially saying? You are saying that: “Anybody who opposes me or disagrees with me is corrupted by a political bias, but I am not corrupted by a political bias because whatever I say is the truth.” This can only come from the mind of a fallen being.There is no other possible explanation when you know about fallen beings.

This, of course, does not prevent people from becoming leaders, even leaders of democratic nations. But certainly, the purpose of this is to again, as Saint Germain has explained, make things so extreme, so obvious, that more and more people begin to see this. What needs to happen is that people look at the behavior of Trump and they see the trend behind it. They see that he is just an extreme example of what has been going on in politics for a long time, where people believe that they can exercise power in America and avoid accountability. Accountability is not about punishing people. It is about making it clear to the public what they have done so that the people know what they have done and can therefore make choices as to who they will vote for next time. That is how a democracy functions. That is the only way that a democracy can function if the people running for office are held accountable for what they do and what they say.

The need for accountability among the power elite

There needs to be a shift in awareness, where the people wake up and realize that it is their responsibility to hold politicians accountable. It is their responsibility to hold media outlets accountable. For if the people do not do it, who will? You can no longer count on the media, at least certain aspects of the media, to hold politicians accountable. As you clearly saw with Fox News and the situation around the last election, where they perpetrated outright lies and have admitted to doing so by settling the lawsuit. You see there that there is an admission of guilt, an admission of the fact that here was a major media outlet that promoted an entirely fictional account. And they thought they could get away with it. But the court system functioned so that they were held accountable. And of course, the court system needs to function in other cases as well, including the cases against Trump. And to try to discredit the entire system by saying it is a political witch hunt is simply the extreme outcome of the fallen mindset.

We, of course, do not expect the people to see this, but we do expect more and more people to see that this is simply an attempt to avoid accountability. And there are certain things that cannot be denied. You cannot deny that you made a phone call to election officials in Georgia because it is recorded. You cannot deny that you did or said many other things as a deliberate attempt to overthrow the election and thereby undermine the entire election system and the people’s faith in that system.

Naturally, you need to be held accountable for this. What can you do as ascended master students? Well, you can certainly make the calls. You can use the decrees to us of the Fifth Ray and ask us to awaken more and more people to the need to create a real situation of accountability. Not just for one person, but for all the people who are trapped in this mindset of thinking they can define what is true, regardless of what actually happened or what they actually did.

How can you possibly believe that a person who systematically lies, will do for you what he promised he would do for you? How can you believe this? And if you cannot believe a politician, why would you support that politician? Why would you vote for that person? What is it you think that this person is going to do for you or for the country? You can make the calls, that these people who are hypnotized, who are under this cloud, will be cut free to at least have the opportunity to see in a neutral way what is happening. Some of them might still choose to go back in that state of blindly following these leaders, but at least they have then had the opportunity to see what is actually happening.

I and my angels can and will confront people if you make those calls. This is not a violation of their free will. It is giving them the opportunity to make a free choice, because right now they are not making a free choice. You can call for more and more people to be cut free to see that the current trend, a long-term trend, has been for politicians to seek to manipulate the entire system, the entire political process, so they can exercise power without being held accountable, and that you see the same in the media, you see the same in the financial system. In fact, the entire 2008 financial crisis was the financial elite exercising power and then calling on the government to prevent them from being held accountable by the very market mechanism whose praises they had sung repeatedly up until the market came and knocked on their own door.

Many, many people, many, many Americans are ready to see this, to go through this shift and see that the emperor has nothing on, that the elite have always attempted to exercise power without being held accountable. This is a very old consciousness on this planet. It can be seen today in many autocratic or dictatorial systems, but it can also be seen in all democratic nations.

In a dictatorial system, it is what you can expect. In a democracy, you should not expect this. Well, you should expect an attempt, but you should not expect that this becomes normal or acceptable. But this is precisely what Trump and others like him have attempted—to make it normal that you can say and do whatever you want and get away with it, because you can always twist and turn things around. You can always come up with some worded statement that seems to invalidate the claims that you did something.

The karma-dodging

Of course, again, we do not expect the general public to grasp this, but what is the entire purpose of the law of karma? It is precisely that you cannot get away with anything, that you will be held personally accountable for what you do. But, of course, the fallen beings do not believe this. They do not accept the Law of Karma because they believe that they can get away with it. And, you see, in many cases they can. How do they do it?

Well, take the example of Trump. He makes a declaration that the election was stolen. He takes certain actions behind the scenes—more actions that have actually come to light so far—to overthrow the election, to subvert the democratic process and the normal transfer of power. Has he incurred personal karma for this? Well, yes, but it has been dodged to a large degree because all of the people who believed in his lies have taken on part of that karma. Because by their uncritical belief in him, they become part of that karmic spiral and they take on part of the karma.

This is how the fallen beings have often avoided most of their karma, by getting the people to take it on. And because of the Law of Free Will, when people make these choices or do not make the higher choices, and uncritically accept what the fallen beings do or say, then they do take on part of that karma. Because how else would they learn what it means to blindly follow the blind leaders? If the blind shall lead the blind, shall they not both end up in the karmic ditch?

Democracy needs leaders that have respect for truth

Why am I stating this? Because I see from my vantage point as Archangel of the Fifth Ray that there is a critical mass of Americans who are ready to consciously acknowledge this. Many of them have already done so. But many more can quickly come to make this shift where they realize that unless we realign the American political system so that truth actually matters, we are going to lose our freedoms, we are going to lose our democratic rights. Because if this can be subverted by lies, how can we maintain a democracy?

Democracy is not something that once established could never be lost. It can indeed be lost. And one of the ways it is lost is if there emerges this class of leaders—in politics, in the media, in business—who believe that they can define what is true and never be held accountable by the reality of what actually happened, or by a higher principle, a higher truth.

What is a higher truth? It is that all life is one, that all came from the same source. This is the Christ mind, the Christ consciousness, who sees the unity beyond all differences and diversifications. What is it that the fallen beings do to subvert this? They attempt to divide the people into factions where they see themselves in opposition to others: “They are out to get me and preventing me from running again as president. They are using the electoral system. They are using the media. They are using the courts to get me.”

But the courts are still functioning and the election system is still functioning, because there are still people from both parties who have a dedication to truth. For them, it is not a matter of who should win, but who actually got the most votes. For them, it is not a matter of what a person declares about what he did or did not do, but what he actually did that was not according to the law. To discredit this entire system and all the people who have dedicated their lives to working with that system is simply an extreme dishonesty, an extreme contempt for truth.

But as I said, many Americans are ready to acknowledge that you need leaders that have respect for truth, that respect that if a system is based on the existence of inalienable rights given by a higher authority, then there must also be a higher truth than any truth that human beings can define. This is what you see through the Christ mind.

Defining truth vs connecting to a higher truth

Those who cannot see this and will not see this are not in touch with the Christ mind, regardless of what they say about themselves. There are indeed people who have claimed to have Christ’s discernment, but have not been in touch with the Christ mind, for they have been focused on differences rather than oneness. They have been focused on man-made declarations rather than a higher truth, a Christ truth.

When you look forward towards the golden age, you see, as Saint Germain said, that it is inevitable that America will move in this direction of a greater and greater dedication to truth, a greater awareness of the need to get leaders who are dedicated to truth. And why is this inevitable? Because the entire unascended sphere is moving in that direction.

How do you think a natural planet functions? Because everyone has a dedication to truth, to connecting to a higher truth, rather than seeking to define truth in their own minds. That is how a planet ascends—that the vast majority of the beings on the planet have this dedication to Christ’s truth. This is part of what has created and sustains and magnifies this upward movement of the River of Life. A dedication to truth, a search for truth, an openness to truth, an awareness that truth is not something you define. It is something you discover, it is something you connect to, it is something you experience, it is something you become one with.

You who are ascended master students have a better opportunity than most people to become one with truth, Christ truth, Divine truth. And thereby you can hold a balance for your society, be it America or any other society, for of course, all countries need to make this shift into a higher dedication to truth. For without truth how shall there be change for the better?

What is truth for planet earth? Well, ultimately, truth for planet earth is that earth becomes a natural planet, where all of these problems and conflicts and atrocities that you see are simply impossible. Because you cannot kill another human being if you are dedicated to truth. Because, what is the truth? It is that all human beings are connected and if you kill another person, you are harming yourself.

The Archangel Rafael’s vision for America

When you look forward, you will see that there will gradually be one shift after another, where another group of people wake up, make this dedication to truth, take America higher in that direction of being dedicated to truth and there will come a point where American media has been transformed so that there is this much higher dedication to truth than there has ever been in American media. This will mean that American media will be transformed so that money will be taken out of the media. So that those who have money cannot buy influence on the media.

It will, of course, also mean that American businesses will be dedicated to truth so that those businesses who are honest about their products and about their manufacturing process and how they treat their employees are the ones who will do best. And, of course, it will mean that the political system will be dedicated to truth so that those politicians who seem the most honest, are the ones who will get elected. Not the ones who can spin the best fantasy, the best fictional story of how society is working and how it is going to go to hell if they are not elected.

This is naturally the vision that I hold as the Archangel of the Fifth Ray. And I see the inevitability of this. The only question is, as Saint Germain said, how hard do the knocks have to become before a critical mass of people wake up? How extreme examples of these liars and the lie do the American people need to see before the shift occurs? That is really the only question.

You may think it is extreme right now, but it could become even more extreme if people do not start waking up by seeing the current examples for what they are. You can always consider the fallen beings as substitute teachers. You can always reason that people like Trump are just doing what they are meant to do, acting out in the extreme so that the people have an opportunity to see it. But that, of course, does not excuse what they are doing and it does not free them from karmic accountability, it does not free the people who blindly follow them from karmic accountability.

You will see many examples of this karma-dodging. The people in Russia who believe in Putin and support Putin are taking on part of the karma for the atrocities committed in Ukraine. The people in Palestine among the Palestinians who support Hamas are taking on part of the karmic responsibility for Hamas’ actions. The people in Israel who support the current leadership and their actions in Gaza are taking on part of the karmic responsibility for these actions. The people need to wake up and realize: “We do not want to take on the karma of the power elite and the fallen beings. We do not want to blindly follow these leaders who have no dedication to truth and really have no humanity.”

This will happen but the question is: How much untruth, how much inhumanity needs to be displayed before a critical mass of people wake up? That, I do not have an answer to, for it is up to the free will of the people. What I can predict is that in two to three decades the entire attitude to truth will have shifted in many nations. It will have shifted in all nations but more so, of course, in some than in others. And that is a very important development towards the manifestation of the golden age, because the golden age, of course, cannot come about through a lie. It can only come about through the truth.

With this, it is my joy, my privilege to seal you in the Flame of Truth that I hold for Earth. Archangel Raphael I AM.


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