Looking at Everything from Love

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Ascended Master Archeia Charity through Kim Michaels, May 23, 2015. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Archeia Charity. I AM the Archeia of the Third Ray of Love. God love, unconditional love, fullness love, the love that flows and raises up all life without seeking to possess.

How do you possess? By holding things back from transcending themselves. By holding people back from transcending themselves so you can keep them in the matrix where you feel comfortable. Is this not what you have seen time and time again on the European continent where there has been, in every society, in every epoch, in every time period, a power elite that wants to hold back the people from transcending themselves?

Is this not the very core of the manifestation of anti-love? You do not want the people to be free. You do not want them to flow with the upward movement of the Spirit that pulls the entire universe up higher. You will not let them flow with that, for you have separated yourself – not you, but you the power elite – have separated yourself from that flow.

You want others to validate your choice to set yourself apart. You have a right to set yourself apart, but you do not have a right to demand that other people should validate your choice and make themselves the slaves of your choice. This is not a right given to you by the Law of Free Will, and thus you cannot take it without taking it by force, deceit and manipulation.

How the power elite uses ideas

You see how this power elite, how the members of it, have used all kinds of ideas, many of them originating on the European continent, in order to manipulate people into not flowing with the River of Life, with the upward movement of life that truly is love. When you truly love, do you not want your beloved to become more? Surely you do.

When you see that individuals want to limit others – be it their spouses, their children, their parents, their significant others – you know they are not coming from divine love. What could you possibly lose by your partner transcending himself or herself and becoming more in the flow of the Spirit?

You can lose nothing. Your ego can lose everything. It can lose its sense of being in control, which, of course, is what the ego needs, for it thinks it will die if it is not in control.

Why the power elite is on earth

We have told you that there is a power elite. There is a group of beings who have separated themselves from the flow of the River of Life, and they have been allowed to embody on earth. Surely many people will ask: “Why was this allowed? Why did they come here?” Well, they came here, as we have said, as substitute teachers. When the people had separated themselves from the flow of love, they were trying to make things stand still.

Do you understand, my beloved, that before the fallen beings were allowed to embody on this planet, you did not see many of the wars and conflicts that you see today? But what you saw was standstill. So many societies on this earth were standing still. They had reached a level that was not primitive. It was in many ways sophisticated, compared to the civilizations you see on earth today. The people were satisfied. They were complacent. They felt they had enough. It was so good what they had.

Instead of being willing to transcend it and have more, they became attached to what they had. They wanted to stop the clock. They wanted to stop the forward progression of life. They wanted to hold on to it longer, just a little bit longer, just till the end of this lifetime (which, by the way, at the time was longer than the average lifespan today).

It became clear that the only thing that could shake them out of this, for they would not listen to Spirit anymore, was to allow some beings to embody on earth who could create such conflicts that the people would realize that standstill does not work. There really is no standing still, as we have explained about the second law of thermodynamics and how any closed system will start breaking down and self-destructing. This is what the inhabitants of the earth had not realized, would not realize. The fallen beings were allowed to embody here so they could outplay their consciousness.

It was, of course, inevitable that they would drag many people among the original inhabitants into their conflicts and their wars. It was inevitable that this would create suffering. The thing is, when people close themselves off to the input from Spirit, from the ascended masters, how will they grow unless they see the physical octave outplay in an extreme form the divisions and the conflicts they have in their own consciousness?

The stark reality is that they cannot grow in any other way than through the “School of Hard Knocks.” Therefore it was necessary to have someone who could make the knocks harder, for the people at the time had isolated and insulated themselves to some degree from the hard knocks that their own consciousness had created.

It was necessary to allow this to be outplayed. This gave everyone an opportunity. It gave the inhabitants of earth an opportunity to see that the immovability – the standstill, the consciousness that was not transcending itself – did not work. It gave the fallen beings another opportunity to come to a planet and see the contrast between their own warring and conflict and the relative harmony that was on earth at the time. They had the potential to be transformed by this. Some were indeed transformed by it, but as you clearly see, not all were transformed by it.

The warmongers are no longer needed

What you realize, I hope, is the cycles have now turned to the point where those who are the most extreme among the war makers on earth are by cosmic law no longer needed here. The earth has moved to a point – the collective consciousness has moved to a point – where a critical mass of people have seen the fallacy of war. Therefore there is a potential that these warring lifestreams, who will not be transformed, who will not give up their war, can be removed from the earth. 

For that to happen, a critical mass among the spiritual people must not only see the fallacy of war and the unpleasantness of war and the futility of war. They must also transcend in themselves the very consciousness that generates war. This is indeed what you who are here have started doing. Many of you have completely transcended that consciousness. Therefore we can indeed use you, your chakras, your auras, during this conference to release a certain amount of light that will then bring the judgment of those beings that will not let go of their warring ways. 

You understand, as we have explained most recently by Mother Mary in her discourses on war (See the book: Help the Ascended Masters Stop War), that the judgment is not some ominous thing. It is actually an opportunity where those who are stuck in a certain state of consciousness are exposed to enough light that they cannot ignore or deny it. Therefore they see that there is something beyond their state of consciousness. Thereby they have a choice that they did not have before, when they were completely blinded by the separate state of consciousness. They can now choose between the light and the darkness. 

The judgment is truly a supreme opportunity. Those who will not choose the light, who will not be transformed, will then be taken somewhere else where they can receive another opportunity, depending on their level of consciousness. You are not in any way harming the fallen beings by calling forth their judgment. You are actually giving them an opportunity to get out of the state of consciousness they are in, a state which causes them constant suffering, even though they sometimes ignore the suffering and cover it over by this sense of power that makes them almost drunk, feeling like they are masters of the universe.

As we have already said this morning, those who are embodied, or in other ways attached to a low planet like earth, surely cannot be sophisticated fallen beings, or they would not have manifested what you see manifest on this planet. They are not as high and mighty as they think. They are just so trapped in that state of consciousness that they cannot see anything else. Again, the judgment is an opportunity. 

You are not judging. We are not asking you to judge anyone. We are asking you to call forth the judgment of Christ, which will discern between what is real and unreal without applying any kind of value judgment.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Help People Overcome the Past.

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