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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, December 4, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. It is my great joy to open this conference on how to increase Christhood.

We have determined that at this particular point, not based on outer historical events, but based on the progress in the collective consciousness, this topic of increasing your Christ discernment was the most important contribution we could make to the ongoing progress of the planet, which is, as we have said many times, the progress in the collective consciousness. Naturally, as we have also explained, progress in the collective consciousness happens because a critical mass of individuals raised their individual consciousness and therefore, can pull up on the whole.

Now, I want to begin by injecting a little bit of realism. Christ discernment is a task of seeing beyond the illusions found on earth. Now, most people in the world, if they heard that statement, would have virtually no idea what I am talking about. They do not have the understanding you have based on our teachings, of how many illusions there are on earth. Most people think they are not blinded by illusions, but that they somehow see reality, be it based on this or that outer system or culture.

What I want you to understand, as ascended master students, is that planet earth is, as we have said many times, a very dense planet. You have a very high density of matter and this in itself makes Christ discernment very difficult. You also have a very low state of the collective consciousness and this also makes Christ discernment difficult, because there are so many energetic spirals or vortexes in the collective consciousness that can pull you into a certain reaction. But beyond this, of course, you have the fact that the fallen beings have done everything they could think of to make Christ discernment difficult.

Now, we have said before, but it bears repeating, that the fallen beings see as the absolute ultimate threat to their control of the earth, that a person walks the earth in a physical body with a high degree of Christhood. For example, the level of Christhood that was demonstrated by the Buddha 2500 years ago, that was demonstrated by myself 2000 years ago and that have been demonstrated by certain other people, not generally known to the public. This is their primary threat.

But they also know that one Christed being walking the earth is not really sufficient to overthrow their reign, their control of earth. The reason for this is the law of free will. It takes a majority of the people to pull the earth up or down, it takes the middle 80%.

The fallen beings know that there need to be many, many people in embodiment, who express some level of Christhood, some level of Christ discernment, so that they can bring forth certain ideas, certain statements. Their goal is to prevent this. They know that when a lifestream has reached that level of attainment in past lives, and now comes into a new lifetime, being ready to express Christhood, then it is very difficult for them to prevent that individual from expressing its Christhood.

But they also know it is easier to prevent those who are not yet ready for the fullness of Christhood, but for some degree of Christhood from expressing that degree of Christhood. This is their primary focus. They have done everything they could think of with their limited imaginary ability, their crippled imaginary ability, to prevent people from attaining and expressing some degree of Christhood. We will, as a foundation for this course in discernment, talk about them in greater detail.

I will begin at the lowest level, which is the physical octave, the material world. The fallen beings at the physical level are greatly helped by the density of matter itself. Now, as we have explained, the density of matter that you currently experience on earth was not the density at which the planet was originally created by the Elohim. Through the lowering of the collective consciousness, matter has become denser than it originally was. This means, it is more difficult for people to have an experience that there is a level of the world beyond the material, the physical level.

It is much more difficult for people to step outside of their physical bodies and experience, for example, the mental realm, the identity realm, or even the spiritual realm. That is why you see the phenomenon of near death experiences, where many people have been clinically dead but then come back to life after some time and they now have had various conscious experiences while their bodies were declared dead. You even have a few people who were declared brain dead and still had conscious experiences, even though there was supposedly no material process that can account for those experiences.

You see here that the very fact that the body has to die before a person is able to step outside the body and experience a reality outside of the body is a function of the density of matter. The dense matter simply pulls the Conscious You into being focused on, even identified with the physical body.

You look at most people on earth today and they are almost totally identified with the physical body. Many of them even believe they will die when the physical body dies, that their individuality, their minds will cease to exist when the body dies. Others believe that they have only this one lifetime, and will therefore either go to heaven or hell after that lifetime.

You see that the density of matter makes most people experience that they are separate individuals. You experience that your body is an individual unit that is separated from the bodies of other people. You know that if your mother or father or brother or sister die, then your body will not die. You know that if your body dies, the bodies of your children will not die. You experience that your body is a separate being or a separate unit, a separate form of life. This means that if you are identified with your body, you think you are a separate being, a separate identity, a separate mind.

This, of course, is the primary illusion that we might not even say the fallen beings are using it because they do not need to do much with it but it assists the fallen beings in promoting other illusions that make you think that you are separate beings. This is why the fallen beings have been very successful in dividing humankind into all of these groups based on some either real or imagined characteristics of the physical bodies.

There are people who have already started to realize that race is really an artificial concept. From a purely genetic standpoint, there are no separate races. It is a cultural context, a cultural concept, an overlay projected upon human beings. Many others, of course, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, sex, all of these things have been used by the fallen beings to make most people believe that human beings can be divided into separate categories.

Now, the fallen beings have then managed over a long period of time to use the duality consciousness to make various groups of people accept certain subtle ideas. If you look at the Old Testament as a, at least somewhat historical document of the Jewish people, you will see that thousands of years ago, some fallen beings managed to make the Jewish people believe that they were the chosen people of the superior God of the world. That they were special, that they were set apart, that they should isolate themselves and not intermingle with other races, with other people.

Many other people have throughout history come to believe in this, that they were somehow special. You see how in India, they have the caste system, dividing humanity into four separate castes, that also should not intermingle. You see that if you think you are God’s chosen people, then you are automatically put in a conflict with those who are not God’s chosen people. And those who realize that you see yourself as superior to them, also feel they are in conflict with you.

You see how the fallen beings have then used the dualistic consciousness to create a certain psychology associated with these groupings of people. The Jews are not created different from other people. Black people, people with black skin, are not created different from other people. But over the millennia, the fallen beings have managed to use the dualistic consciousness to create these group psychologies, these group beasts, this group consciousness that today has become so strong, that in many cases it can overwhelm the individuality of many people who are born into a certain group. They cannot question it, they cannot see beyond it, they are so identified with it. And what does this mean?

Well, what is the Christ consciousness? The Christ consciousness is the consciousness that sees beyond all illusions that you find on earth. Now, I am in no way implying here that Genesis is a completely accurate revelation from God. As we have said before, it is mixed and affected by the fallen beings. Nevertheless, if you take the statement in Genesis, “let us make man in our own image and after our own likeness,” you will see then that all human beings were created in the image and likeness not of the ultimate Creator but at least of a spiritual being. This means that all human beings have a common origin, a common source, they have a somewhat common design, which means that human beings were created to work in unity.

Human beings were created with individual differences, but in the original design, the individual differences of human beings complemented each other, just like the different facets of a diamond form the whole. This means that human beings were created in such a way that they could work in unity. And together, they would multiply the talents, multiply each other’s talents, and they could create something as a unity that was way beyond what any of them or any group of them could create alone.

In other words, human beings were not created in such a way that there was an inevitable or unavoidable conflict between individuals or groups of people, because they were not created as groups of people. They were created only as human beings. No one was above anyone else. No one was more evolved. No one was better. No one had a higher authority. All men and women were created equal, with equal opportunity to grow.

So what is the Christ consciousness? It is ultimately the consciousness that helps people see beyond all of the divisions, all of the conflicts and differences and see the underlying unity. We have said it before, to see the underlying unity of all life. Of course, these are only words, I am quite aware that they are only words. Most people who would hear this would say: “Well, what does that mean?” They cannot even fathom it because they are so identified with the divisions, but this is my point.

The divisions created by the fallen beings prevent people from having Christ discernment. The more identified you are with a certain division on earth, the less you can see that this division has no reality in God, has no reality in the spiritual realm, that it is an artificial phenomenon created on earth. It is temporary, it will not last forever, and it will limit you and your spiritual expression. How can you see this when you are identified with such a division?

This shows you how at the physical level, there are so many of these divisions created by the fallen beings that are specifically designed to prevent Christ discernment. You will see for example, if you look at many Catholics on earth, they are identified as being Catholics. They are absolutely convinced that the Catholic church represents Christ and is the only road to salvation. In other words, only members of the Catholic church will be saved, whereas all non-Catholics will not be saved. Now, you look at this very concept, and you ask yourself: “Would an almighty God who is supposedly all knowing, all powerful and all good, create people with divisions that almost guarantee that some people will not be saved, whereas only a small group of people will be saved? Would the Creator really do this?”

Well, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, many other people are convinced that that is the way it is. You see here that how can these people be open to an experience of the Christ mind? Because in order to experience the Christ mind — and I say experience, not just understand, but experience the Christ mind —the Conscious You must be able to step outside of not just the physical body, but this overlay, or this group identity in which you grew up, and that you have come to identify yourself based on. You must be able to step outside of that in order to experience the Christ mind, and the more identified you are with this outer identity, the less of an ability you have to do this.

Going back to the Catholic again, for a Catholic to truly experience the Christ mind, the Conscious You of that person must be willing to consider, to grasp, to accept that there is something beyond being Catholic. That there is something to your own being that is not Catholic. You know, if you look at this realistically, that you were not created as a Catholic. At least, if you descended from Adam and Eve, they were not created as Catholics because the Catholic church did not exist at the time.

You must somehow have an opening in your mind that there is more to your identity than being Catholic, because otherwise, you will believe that everything in the entire universe must conform to the Catholic belief. You see, what has the Catholic Church done? It has created a worldview that defines God, Jesus and the spiritual realm based on Catholic doctrine.

If you firmly believe this, as for example, many Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, popes have believed over time, you cannot experience the Christ mind, because the Christ mind will not come into your mental box. Or rather, you cannot recognize the Christ mind from inside your mental box.

Take note of what the messenger read: “The first challenge of Christ is to recognize the Living Christ, that there is something beyond your own mind, some authority beyond your own mind.” Well, if you are firmly identified with the Catholic worldview, you will not acknowledge that there is an authority beyond that view, beyond your own mind. You will be firmly convinced that the Christ must conform to the Catholic worldview. And if the Christ, or rather, if you hear an inner or outer voice that does not conform to the Catholic worldview, you will be convinced that that voice is the voice of the devil.

If you read the scriptures you will see that the scribes and the pharisees rejected me, and some even thought I was of the devil based on their worldview. Well, my beloved, today the majority, even the vast majority, of those who are true believing Catholics would reject me if they met me in the flesh, or any representative of the living Christ, or any idea, such as this dictation or my website, or some of the many books. They would reject this as being of the devil because it does not conform to their mental box, the Catholic mental box, or what the Christ is like, what the Christ will say, and what the Christ will not say. The same of course for many fundamentalist Christians.

So you see here, that before you can experience some Christ reality that is beyond your own mind, there must be some opening in your mind. There must be an opening to the possibility that there could be something to understand, something to grasp, something to experience, that is beyond your present worldview, your present life experience. If there is no openness to this possibility, you cannot recognize Christ.

Now, Christ is a universal concept. Even though most people identify it with the Christian religion, it is a universal concept. You have a situation on earth where most people are completely blinded by the illusion of separation, the duality consciousness. And it is the law, the spiritual law, that people have free will, to go into duality, to go into illusion, to go into what I call the consciousness of death. But they must be presented with something that can help them get started on the path that leads them back to a true sense of identity to life, what I called eternal life.

You look back throughout the ages, even before the Christian religion originated, and you will see that people have always had the opportunity to find something. And that means that when you consider the reality of reincarnation, then all people have had the opportunity in some lifetime, but they have been presented with something that could help them get on an upward path. Some people have used that opportunity, some people have not.

You see today, in many parts of the world, this growing number of people who are open to something beyond traditional religion, but who are not willing to reject all spirituality, based on materialism, or communism, or some other ideology. This shows you that there are many, many people who in past lives have recognized the living Christ, they have passed the first challenge of Christ, and so they have put themselves on a path. But this does not mean that once you have recognized the living Christ once, this recognition will follow you into your next lifetime.

For many, many people, they can recognize some aspect, some expression of Christ in one lifetime, but then, in their next lifetime, they come into a different situation, a different cultural context, and as they are children, they again get overwhelmed by that context, and therefore they have to rediscover Christ again in that next lifetime. Now, if people have in one lifetime accepted Christ, accepted that there is something beyond their own minds, then the law mandates that they will be given an opportunity in their next lifetime. Not necessarily in childhood. For many it comes after they become adults, but they will be given an opportunity to find something that can take them further on the spiritual path. But still, they face that same challenge every time.

You are presented with a slightly higher expression of Christhood than you received in your past lifetime, and the question is, will you recognize it? Will you accept it? Or will you be so identified with your outer context, your group identity, that you cannot follow it? There are many, many people who have to go through this over several lifetimes, where they are so identified as they are children with a certain outer group identity, that it is difficult for them to free themselves enough from that identity, to where they can recognize and accept the Christ again.

This is, we might say, the first challenge at the material level, at the physical level, is to recognize that you have grown up in a certain context, be it a religion, be it a race, be it political, whatever it may be, you have been indoctrinated, programmed with certain beliefs, a certain sense of identity. You are part of a group, you belong to this group, you should think and act the way the group defines that you should. And you should identify yourself first and foremost as a member of that group.

What is the challenge of Christ? It is to recognize:  “No, I am not first and foremost identified as a member of this group. I am first and foremost identified as a spiritual being, as a son or daughter of God, as a person who has the potential as an individual to express my individuality.” Whatever it is that appeals to the person at their level of consciousness, you must realize: “I am more than just a member of this group, I am an individual, and I have a potential to grow as an individual.” Then you must decide to pursue that, regardless of the reaction you get from the group. In some groups, this is easier than others. In some groups, it is very difficult. But all people have to go through this for several embodiments.

You see that this is a difficult challenge on a planet like earth, where matter is so dense, the collective consciousness is so dense, and therefore, many of these groups that you have on earth, have such a pull, that you have to be a very strong individual to look beyond it. You can look at the earth today and you can see that there are many, many countries where they have this very, very strong sense of identity. Just one obvious example is, of course, many Muslim countries, but you are clearly identified as a Muslim. And if you are a woman, you are clearly identified as a Muslim woman. You have very limited options for going beyond this or you will have various repercussions from society, even your own family members.

You see, of course, that this makes it very, very difficult for people to break through from this. But it is absolutely necessary and you who are ascended master students can of course, use this teaching to look at yourself, look at the context in which you grew up. Which very, very strong beliefs can you identify? You can then begin to see how they have affected you, how you have created certain separate selves in order to conform to, or at least in order to be able to live in that environment. And then you can begin to use our tools to identify the selves and to let them die one by one, which is the only way you will increase your Christ discernment at the basic level of the physical octave.

Now, beyond this, beyond the context in which you grew up, there are of course some universal themes at the physical level. We might say how do you recognize not only the fallen beings but their manipulation? I have said they have created all these schemes to pull you away from having Christhood, expressing Christhood. How do you identify the schemes that the fallen beings have created at a physical level?

Well, one way to do it is of course, to think back to what I said 2000 years ago, “on their fruit, ye shall know them”. You look at some of the things that are going on in the world, whether it be this or that, and I prefer not to be specific here, and you can see, what are the fruits. Compare this to what I said, the Christ Consciousness basically shows that beyond all of the divisions found on earth, there is a deeper reality that unites all people. Based on this, evaluate many human activities.

The first evaluation, of course, is that when you recognize that there is more to the identity of human beings, than these outer divisions, you recognize that there is what we have called the basic humanity. In other words, there might be a black person and a white person, or a Jew or an Arab, but if they are beginning to see beyond their outer identity, they will realize that they have something in common. A Jew and an Arab, have been brought up to see each other as enemies in an almost existential way. But if they both start to see beyond this outer cultural context, and connect to something deep within themselves, they realize there is something beyond being a Jew or an Arab, and that is that we are both human beings.

This is the basic humanity and the basic humanity is expressed in almost all religions in the golden rule, do unto others what you want them to do unto you. Because when you recognize the basic humanity, you realize that you have a right to not be violated, but so does that other person.

You then see that when there is some recognition of the basic humanity, you realize that violence against other people is not what you can do anymore. It’s not even that you need to consider it right or wrong. It’s just not something that one human being does to another. You do not kill others, you do not torture them, you do not force them. You do not violate them in all these ways that you do not want to be violated.

So you can look at any human endeavor, any human ideology or idea, do they see violence as justified, do they promote violence? Do they think that violence is just a tool for getting what you want? Do they perhaps even have some epic agenda and they think it is justified to kill all people who oppose it, because their goal is so important?

This is how you can see that the Catholic Church has been completely out of alignment with the reality of Christ, in the crusades, the massacre of the Cathars, the witch hunts and the Inquisition. And you see that this organization cannot be the only true representative of Christ on earth. It cannot be a true representative of Christ. Has the organization raised itself above that mindset? Not fully, certainly, I would say. And so this is an evaluation you can make.

Another thing of course, is to look at the fact that the Christ Consciousness promotes unity among people. Now, it is clear that most people cannot make an instant switch between the mindset they were brought up in and the mindset of pursuing unity. It will for most people be a gradual process, for many it will take lifetimes. But certainly, those who are the more mature spiritual people on the planet can very quickly if they haven’t done it already come to that point of realizing that any idea, any system, any organization, any individual for that matter, that promotes division, and conflict between people is of course, not representing Christ.

This is again on their fruit, ye shall know them, what do they promote? Do they promote unity, cooperation, non violence? Or do they promote division? Division inevitably leads to conflict and conflict inevitably leads to violence.

You see this repeated over and over again. Throughout history, you have a division between two groups of people that has been artificially created, you see that there’s a period here where that division is escalated, is increased, becomes more and more intense. They identify themselves as being different and it is only a matter of time before they identify themselves as being opponents, being enemies. And all of a sudden, they start seeing that it is actually justified or inevitable, to have a conflict with the other group. And now they begin to think that since their group is right, and the other group is wrong, it is necessary that their group wins. What does it take for that group to win?

Well, pretty soon, it is a matter of justifying violence. You have a group that has justified violence, and it leads to an armed conflict of some kind. You can see that behind all of the armed conflicts behind all of the wars, there is that mindset, which is distinctly anti-christ, because it is based on creating artificially and inflaming a division between people. Anything that promotes division, you can begin to question and say, this cannot be in alignment with Christ.

And then you can begin to look at this and look at the individual ideas and beliefs that are behind this, and identify them. You can also look at yourself and see if you have grown up in such an environment, you can come to identify: Does my country, for example, have an inherent conflict with certain other countries? Does my religion have a conflict with others? Does my political beliefs have a conflict with others and so forth and so on.

You can then realize that you have created certain selves, which is perfectly natural, no blame at all. What else can you do as a child?  You create certain selves in order to be able to function in that environment. But now that  you are an adult, you can look back and say, how does this affect me? How does it limit my Christ discernment? And do I want to drag this around with me for the indefinite future? And so again, you have the tools to identify them to separate yourself from them and let them die, if it is your choice, that you want more Christ discernment.

And so, with this, I have given you what I want to give you in this first installment. This is, of course, not something you can hear once or read once and think you have gotten everything out of it, that you need to get out of it. You need to recognize here that any teaching we give you has layers, layers upon layers. Sometimes, you may read a sentence several times and you have no particular reaction to it. But then after reading it again, suddenly, something clicks, suddenly you realize: “ Oh, there was a message there for me, there was something there I had not seen.” That is if you are willing to see it.

So the first challenge of this course in Christ discernment is the challenge to look beyond the identity at the physical level that you grew up with, to see what kind of identity you have. What you have been programmed with from childhood, to identify it, and to decide, do I want to go beyond it? If you don’t, this is of course your free will choice.

But then again, we need to state very clearly, that if you are not willing to go beyond the physical identity that you were brought up with, there is a limit to the Christ discernment you can attain. There’s a limit to how high you can go in Christ discernment, because there does come a point where you cannot go further until you systematically look at how the environment you grew up in, affected you and caused you to be pulled into identifying with a certain group a certain division at the physical level here on earth.

So with this, I seal this release, I seal you and I am gratified that so many people have been willing to attend this workshop, we might call it, on increasing your Christ discernment.


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