Let the River of Life flow through your words

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Ascended Master Shiva through Kim Michaels, September  22, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action.

I AM the Ascended Master Shiva.

What the messenger was sensing was that we are actually many ascended masters who want to speak on this topic and therefore he sensed the presence of several masters and was waiting to see which one would step forward and begin speaking, not of course, wanting to force it, as has been his method from the very beginning to not force us, because this messenger was fortunate to realize at a certain point that we of the ascended masters are beyond any human opinions and mental images including, of course, his own.

Taking heaven by force

And this is what all of you can cultivate, that willingness to not project, to not force, to not want to take heaven by force. As we have said, you cannot actually take heaven by force despite this quote from Jesus that the violent take heaven by force, but it is not a correct quote. They attempt to take heaven by force, but they cannot, of course, force their way into the ascended realm, for you cannot force vibration. You cannot force the River of Life as we have been saying.

Now, this is something that it is very difficult for people to lock into, to truly internalize, to truly embrace, to truly accept that you cannot force and that you do not need to force. If you look at the traditional images of Shiva, you will see that I am often portrayed as the destroyer. And how do people see me when I come to destroy? They think, of course, I do it with force. They think that Shiva has greater force, greater power than the demons and the dark forces that he comes to destroy. But is that necessarily so? Do I actually have greater power than the dark forces of earth? Yes and no. I do not have greater power than them in the sense that I do not have the same kind of power that they have, for they have a power based on force. I have a power based on Oneness. Force can only be based on separation and that is why those who are trapped in separation cannot take heaven by force, but they can take earth by force, at least for a time. And this is in line with what other masters have talked about, how on earth there can be created this appearance.

Appearances of power based on duality

You see many examples throughout history and even today where there has been created this appearance that either certain human beings or certain nations or certain empires or even certain non-material forces have great power. There are people who believe that the devil is God’s polar-opposite and has the same power as God. But this, of course, is not the case unless you step back and say: “Well, the devil has the same power as the man-made god, for they are forming a dualistic polarity and in a dualistic polarity, none of the two can have ultimate power.”

From this respect, you can see that the power that is displayed in the world is just an appearance of power. It may have a certain power over human beings, but only because they give it power. You see many examples of where some being, either a physical person or a being in the mental realm or even the emotional realm, has been able to manifest some physical phenomena that can impress people who do not have Christ discernment. People have been misled into thinking that there is power here, there is a certain power in these dark spirits, which is why some people worship the devil and seek to get that kind of power. But you see, you cannot create power from the state of duality without creating an opposite polarity to the power you are seeking to project out. Therefore, there is a limit to how far you can go. I, on the other hand, do not have a power based on duality and separation. I have a power based on oneness, based on love.

Shiva, the Liberator destroying appearances

Actually, it is not a correct use of words to say that Shiva is the destroyer. Shiva is the liberator who destroys the appearances that keep lifestreams trapped in those appearances. By destroying the appearances, people have an opportunity to choose freedom, or they can choose to start creating another appearance, because they are not willing to look at themselves and change their psychology.

What has all this got to do with the topic of the flow of the River of Life? Well, those who want to have power on earth are very concerned about and very attached to appearances. They are always attempting to create an appearance, but the River of Life is not at all concerned about appearances. It is always concerned with the transcendence of appearances. Everything you see on earth is from a certain viewpoint and appearance.

Yes, there are certainly things that are created by the Elohim that therefore have a deeper or higher reality than what has been created by human beings from the state of duality. But yet even what is created by the Elohim is not permanent or some ultimate reality that could never be transcended, because what the Elohim have created is, of course, the foundation that the co-creators are meant to build upon. The Elohim did not attempt to create some static perfect planet. They simply created something that the co-creators could start out with and therefore expand upon.

Of course, once a critical mass of people went into duality, they started creating appearances based on duality, and they certainly have no reality whatsoever. The River of Life will not validate people’s appearances because that would only keep them trapped in being identified or attached to those appearances and that is why you, as a spiritual student, need to take a look at the images you have in your mind of what it means to be a spiritual person, to be a spiritual student, to be a spiritual teacher and what it means to be in the River of Life.

Questioning what it means to be a human being

Again, we are in no way criticizing. We are simply pointing out that you have been on a very dense unnatural planet for a number of lifetimes, for some of you, an untold number of lifetimes. It is better to leave it untold and this means you have unavoidably taken on many appearances that are just temporary man-made appearances. Again, this is not to blame. Even in this lifetime, you have grown up in a certain culture and as a child you absorb many things from your parents, your family, from school, from society, from the collective consciousness. You absorb many of these images that are not necessarily evil, or bad, or negative, but they are the images that people have of what they think they can do as human beings, what they think it means to be a human being and it is inevitable that you take this on. But there is no society on earth where the people hold an image of what it means to be a spiritual being flowing with the River of Life. If you want to flow with the River of Life, you need to consider what images you have received from your culture of what it means to be a human being.

Many of you will be able to look at your family and see that they are not spiritually interested and they have a very fixed image of what you can do and what you cannot do as a human being. And in a sense, many of these images are perfectly valid. The way they see it, this is what you can do and what you cannot do as a human being. You need to question the image that you have received of what it means to be a human being and realize that a human being cannot be in the River of Life, but a spiritual being can.

You need to look and many of you might say: “Well, certainly I have been on a spiritual path for a long time and studied spiritual teachings, I see myself as a spiritual being.” And yes, you do, but this does not mean you cannot have some subconscious images that you are brought up with in this lifetime or that you took on in previous lifetimes of what it means to be a human being. And these images have led to the creation of selves and those selves need to be dismissed just like all the other subconscious selves need to be dismissed by you seeing the illusion that a self is based on and letting that illusion go.

The effect of these images is that when you contemplate what it means to flow with the River of Life, you are superimposing these images on what it means. And that now means that you are subconsciously wanting the River of Life to flow through these images and express itself through these images. But as we have said, if that was to be done, it would validate the image and therefore trap you even more firmly in the image and that is why the Holy Spirit will not blow through such images, it bloweth where it listeth. It bloweth where there is an opening and when you have an image there is no opening.

Hiding behind appearances

What are some of these images? Well, there are, of course, many of them and some of them vary from society to society. But one of the images we can look at here is that all cultures have a certain image of how you talk to each other, how human beings talk to each other. They may vary from society to society, but they all have certain things in common and they are all based on this very mentality that we have talked about of creating an appearance.

If you look at the communication between people, you can quickly learn to see how more than ninety-nine percent of all communication between people happens at the level of appearances. Two people are talking. Each person has a certain image in their mind of how a human being is supposed to talk and they are trying to maintain that image when they are talking. They are trying to maintain the appearance and this means that in most societies that appearance has a certain element of deception, of hiding something. You are not truly honest, not truly straightforward, not freely expressing yourself, because you are always concerned about maintaining the appearance in the eyes of the other person. You are concerned about how the other person might react to what you might say and therefore, there are certain things you do not say.

First of all, you do not have an honest, straightforward communication. Why? Because in all cultures there is this appearance that you should not make yourself vulnerable, because other people might take advantage of it and put you down or criticize you or stab you in the back or expose you, tell to other people what you have told them in confidence. Look at human communication and try to see the patterns in your particular culture and you will see there is always an appearance that hides the real person, or rather that also hides the unreal person, for most people are not in touch with their real self.

You have in many cases, one person who communicates based on a subconscious self or a group of subconscious selves and another person who communicates based on another group of subconscious selves. They are not really two real persons talking. They are two bundles of separate selves communicating and that is why you often see that people cannot resolve conflicts or problems. Why? Because they cannot talk openly, they cannot connect at the heart level. The communication happens at that level of appearances, maintaining a facade.

There are, of course, many people in the world who are deliberately seeking to deceive other people when they communicate. This holds true for the fallen beings in embodiment—for many people who are affected by the fallen consciousness. You will see, for example, many politicians where you can say that in a sense all of their communication is a lie, because they are always speaking from that level of appearances, thinking: “What is good for me? What will get me re-elected, or what will get me elected?” So many politicians are speaking at this level and this is, by the way, one of the main reasons why more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with politics and politicians, because they sense that it is not genuine, it is not open, straightforward and honest and have had enough of this political gamesmanship.

But then you go to the personal level and you also see how many times people cannot communicate. You have children who have grown up with their parents. You would think that if you have lived in the same house with people for 18 years, you would know them. But in many cases the people do not know each other, for they have never communicated at a deeper level than that of appearances. So, how could they know each other?

The River of Life will not validate human appearances

One of the things that you have been brought up to see is that human beings do not communicate at this deeper level. Human beings are not open, straightforward, honest, they do not expose themselves. And this, of course means, what? It means that you block, this image blocks the flow of the River of Life through you. For as I said, the River of Life is not concerned with maintaining human appearances, it is concerned with helping human beings transcend those appearances.

If you, when you are talking to other people, want to maintain an appearance, then the Holy Spirit, the River of Life, cannot flow through you. This messenger can look back upon his life and see how he was brought up to maintain a certain appearance. For example, as a child, he admired the adults who could give a quick answer, often a funny answer, who could make people laugh, who could make light of any situation. He developed this ability to always come up with a joke, to always come up with some surprising play on words or whatever it may be. And he became good at it, but at some point, he realized that it was an appearance he was putting on and it was actually preventing him from having a genuine communication with people.

He can also see how when he first found the spiritual path, he had a certain image of what it means to be a spiritual person. Whenever he communicated, he would always try to conform to that image so that his communication would appear to be spiritual. As he started resolving his psychology, he became more and more able to speak openly, but still he had certain images and even when he started as a messenger, he had certain images based on what it means to be a messenger or a spiritual teacher and some of those images were based on what he had experienced in the previous ascended master organization that he was a part of for a long time. But it was also based on the general view in the world of spiritual people and spiritual teachers. He was, in the early years, more concerned about maintaining that appearance and he can look back and see that there were times when he was talking to people at the level of appearances and there were other times where he was able to be open to the flow. And of course, when he was speaking based on appearances, he could not help people. But then when he was open to the flow, that would often help people.

Really, it was not until we released the teachings on the birth trauma and the avatars that the messenger became much more aware of these appearances. And healing these traumas, overcoming these selves, he has then become able to speak more openly and more freely, which those of you who have known him for just a few years can think back and see the difference. And many of you who have used these teachings can also look back at your own lives and see the difference, how you have become much more open, much more willing to reveal the real person behind the appearances, even if it sometimes makes you vulnerable.

Upward spiral of communication from the heart

You can look at the communication you have had during this retreat. Some of you know each other from previous conferences, but others have met for the first time. But you have still had a much more open and free communication than you generally see out in the world. Many of you can see the contrast between your daily situation with family or co-workers and the kind of communication you have there and then the more free communication you have had here.

And you can therefore see that the more free you feel, the more the River of Life can flow through your communication. And the better you feel about the communication and the better other people feel about it and the more you are able to inspire and help each other, see things that some of you cannot see, but then some people can see what other people cannot see and you therefore create an upward spiral with your communication where you are helping each other.

There is a tremendous difference between speaking from that level of wanting to maintain an appearance and being free to let the Holy Spirit, the River of Life, flow through you. What do you know with the outer mind about what the Holy Spirit wants to express through you in a given situation? How could you, with the linear analytical mind, meet another person, perhaps meet that person for the first time and know very little about them, how could you know with the outer mind what would be the most helpful thing to say so that that person could transcend a particular separate self, a particular illusion?

Even if it could be known by the analytical mind, you would have to spend considerable time knowing about the person’s background, knowing about the person’s psychology, analyzing back and forth until you had determined, like a psychologist might do, what would be the most constructive thing to say to that person. This would take time. Even if it was possible, it would take time. But the alternative is to be willing to communicate from the heart, to open your heart to the flow of the River of Life, because the River of Life knows what to say to that person and it can express it through you instantly when you are open, when you are neutral, when you are not seeking to project an appearance upon what the River of Life should say. And that is when you can have this free flow of communication.

Some of you are not able yet to have this, but many of you are able and you might notice how there are some people that are easy to talk to because, why? Why is it that some people are easy to talk to? It is because they are not projecting an appearance upon you. You feel free to be yourself with them. Other people are more tense, because they still have an appearance they think they need to maintain. This messenger over the years has met many, many people who came to him for validation of some viewpoint or even their sense of self-importance. But he has also met many, many people who just came openly and honestly just to communicate or to ask a question. But there is not the resistance, there is not the projection upon what kind of response they want to get. And this, of course, is something you can become more conscious of, cultivating this free communication.

And if you feel that there is something in you that blocks the communication, then look at this, use the teachings on the separate self to discover what it is. And when you overcome these selves, you will feel so much freer. It will be so much more joyful and relaxed to communicate with other people and you will not be afraid of exposing yourself, making yourself vulnerable. Because even if someone would try to use what you said against you, it could only be a separate self that would be offended by this. If you see the offensive reaction, then you know: “Ah, let me go after that separate self too. I have overcome so many, why not one more?”

The humor of the childlike mind

Again, as Jesus said: “Unless you become as little children, you shall in no wise enter the kingdom.” Consider this, consider how you use humor. As I said, the messenger has created this appearance where he was using humor really to hide himself, to deflect any kind of blame against him. Maybe there was not blame, but he felt that there could be to deflect any kind of attack. This is not the kind of humor I am talking about. I am talking about this innocent form of humor. And humor is a difficult topic, because humor varies from culture to culture. As this messenger has been traveling, he has realized that a certain joke that will be very funny in one country, will just get blank stares in another country. He has gone through a period where he has thought: “Well, maybe I should just not use humor at all. Maybe I should not try to joke.” But is that really the childlike mind?

What you can look at is, do you have some kind of reservation concerning humor? Do you, for example, have a fear that if you tell a joke, and nobody laughs, you will feel bad? Or if you get a negative reaction from people, do you, for example, think that all spiritual people should be very careful about what jokes they tell, because certain jokes are not spiritual? Do you analyze the reaction you get when you use humor and are you afraid that people might think you said something stupid or something that was not appropriate? And you can use this reaction then to go after these separate selves that prevent you from being in that childlike mind.

Always-evaluating selves

Look at children. I am not saying you need to use humor at the level of a five-year-old. I am just saying, look at children. They will say something, they will laugh, a minute later it is forgotten. If nobody else laughs, they will forget that too. They will not analyze the reaction they are getting. They will not evaluate everything. How can you be free if you evaluate and analyze everything?

You need to go through a phase where you look at this, your reaction, not only to humor, but to communication in general. You all have these selves that are created in this lifetime, in previous lifetimes, and they are programmed to always evaluate the reaction you get from other people when you say something. It is like, every time you open your mouth, there is this collection of selves standing, leaning over you, looking at the reaction you get to every word you say and then projecting at you: “Oh, you should not have said that. You should not have gotten that reaction. You better shut up and be quiet and go out in the forest and dig a deep hole for yourself and crawl into it and fill it up with dirt on top of yourself.”

These selves have followed you most likely for lifetimes. But when you have the teachings you have, when you have the momentum you have, you can quickly come to look at them and dismiss them and say: “I just do not need you anymore, because I am not the one speaking. The River of Life is flowing through me and if the River of Life cracks a certain joke, I am not going to analyze it. And if nobody laughs at the joke, so what? I just flow on with the River of Life.”

I can of my own self say nothing

You see what I am saying here? These selves that you have are projecting that you should not have said this, but if you really step back, who is the you that they are saying should not have said this because either your communication came from a separate self, or it came from the River of Life.

What have we said? The core of your being is the Conscious You. The Conscious You is not actually saying something. It either goes into a separate self and it speaks based on the perception filter of that separate self, or it goes into neutral and allows the River of Life to speak through you, through it. What you can say to these selves when they project at you, you can say: “Are you talking to me? I do not think so. You may be talking to another separate self, but that is not me. You may be talking about something that was said by the River of Life, but that is not me either.”

I am not here trying to get you to say that you never need to take responsibility for what you say. I am just saying, as a phase of overcoming this very heavy programming, you can realize, you can go into this state that also Jesus demonstrated and talked about when he said I can on my own self do nothing. You see, ultimately, the Conscious You is responsible for what you say.

If the Conscious You chooses to go into a separate self and speak through that separate self, you are responsible for making that decision. If you choose to open yourself to the River of Life, you are responsible for that. But as a phase for overcoming the selves, it can be helpful for you to realize: “I can of my own self say nothing because it is either a separate self that speaks or it is the Holy Spirit that speaks. Whenever they direct this flame at me, I will just refuse to take it in. I will refuse to accept it. I will just let it pass right through me and then I will open myself up to the flow of the River of Life through me again and again and again and again.”

The liberating power of words

Again, as we have said, the fallen beings created a standard. Everything needs to compare to that standard. Every word you speak should be compared to some standard and it is either good or bad, or it is either perfect or not good enough. How can you live that way and certainly, how can you be an open door for the River of Life with that mindset, constantly evaluating?

Even many spiritual teachings, even previous ascended master dispensations, even this one to some degree, have still been affected by this very heavy collective beast, that you should weigh every word before you speak. That you should speak as little as possible. Or as some Indian guru is famous for saying, the highest teaching is silence. Just take that statement, the highest teaching is silence. Well, first of all, if you really believe what you are saying, why did you say anything? Why did you not remain silent, thereby demonstrating instead of telling? But is silence really a teaching? Nay. And why not? Because what keeps people trapped in the lower state of consciousness are the appearances they have, the illusions they have and they are often, most often, formulated in words. But you see, there is plausible plausibility and plausible deniability, so people can come up with words that seemingly validate anything and everything. But none of what they come up with is the absolute statement. There is no absolute statement with words, which means what? It means, for every illusion formulated with words through the mind of anti-christ, there is a worded statement by the mind of Christ that can liberate people from that illusion.

Who is it that says that the highest teaching is silence? Certainly not the Holy Spirit, certainly not the River of Life, certainly not the ascended masters. Well, take your pick who else it might be. If the highest teaching was silence, why would the Buddha have given teachings, why would Jesus have given teachings, why would other genuine spiritual gurus and messengers have given teachings? Why would the ascended masters give teachings with words? Because we know, that as words can be used to create appearances and illusions, words can also be used to liberate people from the illusion. There is no guarantee that this will happen, but it can be done. It can happen, and it has happened a myriad of times.

But the words cannot come from the human level. There is no statement based on the duality consciousness that can liberate you from another statement based on the duality consciousness, because there is not the power in the dualistic words. You may see some people who have become very powerful speakers. You may look at some of the speeches of Hitler or other famous orators and how they could hypnotize an audience with their words and with a power projected through the word. But this was not real power. This was dualistic power, an appearance of power.

But what does the Holy Spirit, the River of Life have? The power based on unity, on oneness and that is a power that can endow words. It is not so much the words themselves, but the power that they are endowed with by the Spirit. That is what liberates people. When they take in the vibration and they sense there is a vibration behind the words that is more real than the dualistic words and therefore they pay more attention to the words. The words go in, they hit that illusion and they expose the illusion for what it is. And people can then see it and make the choice to accept the higher view rather than the appearance. This is the power of words. If you say that the highest teaching is silence, it can only be because you do not have the flow of the Holy Spirit and therefore you know that you cannot endow the words with power. And therefore, you think it may be better to remain silent and create the appearance that this is the most advanced guru because he was mainly silent.

Dare to open your mouth!

What is it that is the potential you all have when it comes to words, to communication? It is not in the Divine plan of most of you to become a messenger or to become a public speaker standing in front of a large audience or appearing on TV, or the radio, or YouTube, or whatever you have. For many of you, it is in your Divine plan to speak at the personal level with people you meet in various contexts. But the highest potential you all have, whatever the outer goal is in your Divine plan, the highest potential you all have is to allow the River of Life to speak through you, to flow through your words.

And do you see that this does not actually mean that you are in a trance and now the Holy Spirit is speaking through you? The words are still formed in your mind based on who you are, based on your personality, based on your background. The words are still formed in your mind. But it is not just the words that help people, it is the power flowing through the words. And the words do not have to be perfect, according to some standard for the River of Life to flow through them and endow them with power. But if you, in your mind think: “Oh, I have to weigh my words carefully, I have to look at any word I said and analyze it afterwards and have to analyze it before I even open my mouth”, then how can the Holy Spirit flow?

You can say, if you do not have the flow of the River of Life, it does not matter what words you say. Why analyze it? They are all dead words anyway. But if you do have the flow of the River of Life, it also does not matter what words you say because they have the power. Why analyze? Why judge? Why evaluate? Why hesitate? Why is it that some of you think that the worst thing you could possibly ever do was to open your mouth? The biggest mistake you could ever make was to open your mouth. It is because there is a separate self that was based on a trauma where the fallen beings in a past life did everything they could to make you afraid to ever again open your mouth on this planet that they think belongs to them.

How long do you want to be trapped in that pattern? You have free will. I am not telling you what to do. I am only saying it is not the ascended masters who want you to be afraid to open your mouth. If this messenger had been afraid to open his mouth and say: “I AM the Ascended Master Shiva”, well, we would not be having this communion, would we? He would never have gotten started as a messenger and therefore the teaching would not have been brought forth because we cannot bring forth a teaching without having someone in embodiment be the open door for the teaching.

And you all have the potential to bring forth something that we would like to bring forth to help other people. But if you do not dare to open your mouth, how can we bring it forth? I know this does not apply to all of you. But many of you are very, very reluctant to speak out. And that is why you could benefit from going through a period where you evaluate, or you realize: “I am not the one speaking out, it is either a separate self or it is the River of Life. And I have spent most of my life allowing these separate selves to speak for me because I was afraid to expose myself, but I would like to experience that the River of Life speaks through me.” And most of you will be able to see that you have already experienced that. But you can have that experience more often. You can be more conscious of it, more appreciative of it and this is, of course, what we seek to help you attain with this conference. We want all of you to be free to let the River of Life flow through your words.

The pen is mightier than the sword. But really, the word is mightier than any power on earth, the Living Word. But the Living Word does not fall like manna from heaven. It must be spoken through a human being in embodiment and you all have that potential. Would it not be a joy for you to have a personal conversation with someone that really helped that person move on? Have many of you not experienced this? Would you not want to experience it more often? Well then, let the River of Life flow and stop all this analyzing. Just say to these separate selves: “Who are you talking to? If you are talking to another separate self – well, I do not need to be part of this conversation because I am not you and I am not that other self.  And if you are talking to the River of Life – well, the River of Life is not going to listen to you so why should I? And I do not have time to listen to your nonsense, because I want to flow and I want to express something.”

Embrace the ever-self-transcending flow

You see my beloved, it is again this amazing aspect of the physical octave that the most powerful appearance projected by the fallen beings or by human beings is that once something has happened, once something has been done, once something has been said, you can never take it back. There is this very heavy projection. Once those words have come over your lips, you can never take them back, you can never make them unsaid, you can never make them unheard, so you better be careful before it is too late. And of course, there is a certain validity to it.

Once you have said a word you cannot unsay it, but why would you have to unsay it? The word was just said in a moment and this is the amazing thing of the physical octave. A moment only lasts for a moment, then it passes, it is gone. The word that was attached to that particular moment that took place 10 seconds ago, or 10 years ago, or 10 lifetimes ago, that word is not there now, it is back there in the past. The question is where do you want to be? Back there in the past with a word that was said, or do you want to be in the now with the words that the River of Life wants to say in the present now and in coming nows? You have to decide where do you want to be. In the past or flowing with the River of Life, always being in the present now, which is constantly changing.

This is what is lacking for some of these teachings about being in the now. They think there is some static unchanging now, some eternal now, some superior now that you can be in. But this is again, the most wonderful aspect of the physical octave—nothing stands still. Now is already gone before you can say now, so you can either stay in this now that is gone, or you can flow with the now that is coming. But the now that is coming is not static, it is ever-changing, ever-transcending and that is why every now is a new opportunity. And that is why you do not need to unsay what was said in a previous now, you just need to say what the River of Life wants to say in this now and in the next now and the next and the next.

It is a matter of whether you are focused on the past or whether you are focused on the flow. In a sense you could say there is no now. The whole concept of being in the now is meaningless because there is no now, there is only flow. When you talk about being in the now, which now are you going to be in? What is a now? Well, you could say it is a second—yes, so which second? This one, or this one, or this one, or this one, or this one? You see, you start counting the seconds and you are not in the now anymore. But you are never in the now, you never can be. You can be in the flow or not in the flow, to be or not to be. Even many spiritual people interpreted it as being in some static state.

My beloved, what is the purpose of the world of form? It is to transcend itself and become more until the sphere ascends and becomes part of the spiritual realm which is also transcending itself and becoming more. God did not create the world of form to create a static state that never changes. God created a flow that never stops, no power can stop the flow. You can think you have sat in a cave in the Himalayas for years and you have cultivated the ability to still your mind, but you have not stopped the flow, you have just created the appearance in your mind that you are outside the flow, but you are not, are you?

You may be, you think, a highly developed yogi sitting in a cave in the Himalayas. But are the Himalayas not spinning around the globe when the earth rotates? Are they not moving through space when the earth circles the sun? Where is the silence? What have you stopped? You may have stopped your own mind by creating the appearance that you are outside the flow, but as an alternative, why not fully embrace the flow and join the flow? What is it that wants to stand aside from the flow? What is it that wants to create this appearance that: “Oh, I have control over my mind, my thoughts, I can still the mind?” It is a separate self, why would you want to still the mind, when you can be in the flow and experience this amazing ever self-transcending flow of the Holy Spirit, of the River of Life, always moving towards more. Why would you want to stop that? Yes, you can seek freedom from the dualistic mind, but why seek freedom from the flow, when the flow is life and what stops the flow is death and what directs the flow into some appearance is also death.

The forces that want to stop the flow through you

The fallen beings have done everything they can think of to sabotage and to delay the growth of spiritual people. They have created all of these teachings out there that are aimed at one thing only, taking those who are close to making a breakthrough on the spiritual path and getting them to go into a blind alley where they are seeking something that is completely unrealistic, that is just a dead end where they can be trapped for the rest of this embodiment so that they cannot express their Christhood.

What does it mean to express your Christhood? You are the open door for the River of Life that wants to raise up all life. That is what the fallen beings want to stop. If they can get you to sit in a cave in the Himalayas and think you have attained some spiritual attainment because you can stop the flow of thoughts, then they will let you. They will say wonderful, he is not a threat to us. We do not care how spiritual he feels because as long as he is not out there expressing something that we cannot control, he is not a threat.

You may think you are striving to be in the now, but again, you are not a threat as long as you are not in the flow. And as I have said, there is no flow in now and there is no now in flow. So many of these schemes out there are designed to distract you, to divert you, to make you think you are very, very spiritual because you see this obscure teaching that nobody sees. They are all just distractions meant to prevent you from being in that flow of the River of Life. That is the most powerful force of the universe, the only force in the universe because it is the force of oneness. What other force could there be? All other so-called forces are just appearances, they are unreal.

Let the Holy Spirit express itself through you

As long as you hold an image of how the River of Life should speak through you, the River of Life cannot speak. But when you let go of that image, the River of Life will do what it naturally does, flow through you, flow through the opening into the physical octave.

And what is the only opening for the River of Life into the physical octave? It is the mind, the vocal cords of a self-aware being. That is, by the law of free will in a current state on the earth, the only opening. If there are not those who dare to open their mouth and let the river flow, then there will be no transcendence of the conditions on earth. If the earth is to move into the golden age in a timely manner, it can only happen by people speaking out, letting the flow flow. This is what most of you put in your Divine plans before you came into embodiment, that you wanted to give that opening to the flow of the Spirit.

Again, no blame whatsoever. You are on a dense difficult planet. But would not you rather fulfill the potential you put into your Divine plan, than go out of embodiment and look back with regret, because you did not open your mouth? You clamped it shut when you could have said something and here you could have said something. But again, you were thinking and before you were done thinking, the situation had moved on and now there was no point in saying anything.

Just make that decision, if you are willing, to be willing to experiment and let the Holy Spirit express itself and stop analyzing, stop thinking about what could have been said, what should have been said. What was said was said and that was good enough in the situation. It is not a matter of going back and changing what was said, it is just a matter of opening yourself to the next thing that Spirit wants to say. And if you keep doing this, you will fulfill your Divine plan.

That is what I desire to see for you. That is what every ascended master desires to see for you and I hope one day to greet you and rejoice with you in the fact that you did fulfill the potential that you put into your Divine plan because you knew it was realistic.

With this, I seal you in the real power of oneness that I AM, the oneness that destroys separation and thereby liberates the being to be in the flow. Be sealed in that joy.


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