Let the people of Europe choose the Living Christ!

TOPICS:  Who will bear witness to the true path of Christ in Europe – Enough of the false path of anti-christ! – Stop sleepwalking through life – The illogical mindset of science – Why a democracy cannot guarantee freedom – The temptation of the death consciousness – Come into the consciousness of life – Encourage each other – The Alpha and Omega of the Living Christ – Civilization cannot progress until people recognize the ego – Open your hearts to the unconditional love of Christ –

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Ascended Master Jesus, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Who will bear witness to the true path of Christ in Europe

I AM the Living Jesus Christ and I come at precisely 11:11 in the morning to signal that this is the eleven o’clock line for the continent of Europe. And the eleven o’clock line is indeed the line of victory. Thus, I, Jesus, desire to see an awakening on this continent, whereby the people will realize that there is a Living Christ beyond the dead Christ that they have been presented by the dead churches for so long.

Therefore, I AM here to pronounce the judgment upon the dead Christian churches, wherever they are found, in all corners of the world. But especially on this continent of Europe, where indeed modern Christianity as you know it was hatched as a plot by those who wanted to stop the fulfillment of my plan for the Piscean Age! And thus, they merged the Roman state with the emerging Christian church, a church that had already departed from my true teachings by becoming so focused on the crucifixion, the suffering and the consciousness of Peter—who, although he had the opportunity to be reborn and enter the true path, denied me before men three times and therefore squandered that opportunity.

Enough of the false path of anti-christ!

And thus, the Roman Catholic Church – who claims to have authority as the true Christian church because it is based on Peter as the first Pope – makes an entirely false claim, when it claims that Peter could represent Christ. Peter did indeed represent the false path, the path that seemeth right unto a man because it is convenient and does not require you to step up higher, to step outside of the box of your comfortability. Thus, from its very inception, the Roman Catholic Church has denied the essential aspect of the path to Christhood, namely that you are willing to enter the Path of Life and leave behind the path of death and the consciousness of death.

And this consciousness of death, disguised as the true path and the true church of Christ, has indeed been hanging over this European continent now for 1,700 years. And I, Jesus Christ, have had enough of it! And thus, I am looking for those who have also had enough of it and who will choose to be my mouthpieces and give witnesses to the truth that there is a Living Christ and a living path behind the dead path that has been presented by Christian churches, going all the way back to the Roman empire. But also through the Protestant churches who claimed to have corrected the errors of the Catholic Church but never went back to the very inception of the Catholic Church and realized that you cannot be on the path of Christ if you deny Christ before men and if you refuse to come up higher and leave behind the death consciousness.

Thus, the eternal question, presented by the Living Christ is, “Will you choose life or will you choose death? Will you continue to choose death or will you leave behind the consciousness of death and be reborn into the consciousness of life, that the Living Christ bestows upon all, as his body and blood that is broken for all who are willing to take it?”

Thus, the question to ask yourself is, “Am I alive in a spiritual sense? Or am I still weighted down by some aspect of the death consciousness that then makes me feel burdened, overwhelmed, focused on myself or whatever it may be?” I ask you who are here and all who might hear or read this, to take a minute to center in your heart and ask yourself that question. “Am I really alive right now? Am I fully alive?” Or is there an entirely new level of life that I perhaps have glimpsed but have not yet internalized and become? So my beloved, ask yourself this question honestly, “Am I fully alive?”

Stop sleepwalking through life

Now then, I am not in any way trying to make you feel burdened or guilty for not being alive. I am trying to help you see that almost everyone is still, to some degree, burdened by the death consciousness. For it is indeed a black cloud hanging over the planet. Yet what I hope I can help you see is that there is something beyond that death consciousness and that it is possible for you to step up and glimpse that consciousness of life. And then internalize and embody it, until it becomes your everyday reality and you are in that consciousness 24 hours a day and radiating that consciousness, sharing it with all people.

This is truly the goal of the path of Christhood—to be fully awake, fully alive all of the time and to not sink into that death consciousness that makes you just sleepwalk through life. Yes, your ego is shaking in its boots as you are hearing these words because it knows that when you are fully awake, there will be no room for the ego. And thus, it has come up with thousands of cleaver schemes to prevent you from being fully awake, to prevent you from letting that light shine. And it has found an inroad into almost everyone’s consciousness, that causes you to think that you should not be awake, you should not let your light shine, or that you should not be awake in certain situations. This is the trap. And it is very subtle because – through the force of habit – you become so accustomed to it that you barely realize that you have slipped away from the consciousness of life into the consciousness of death.

Do you not see, my beloved, that all true spiritual teachers, that have come to this planet throughout the ages, have had the same message and the same goal? And that is to awaken people to the reality that there is an entirely higher level of life that they are not even aware of. We want you to be free as we are free. We want you to be all you can be and more. For the potential is always more, for God himself is more, is self-transcendence. For God is the Living God. And the Living Christ is the only begotten Son of the Living God.

And the Living Christ can never, ever be put into a man-made doctrine of philosophy or church or organization or system of any kind. For there is no man-made system that can hold the Living Christ, for he will break whatever chains people put upon him. There are no chains that can hold the Living Christ, and thus there should be no chains that can hold you. There should be no prison that can hold you for an entire lifetime—if you are willing to exercise the potential you have been given by God, the potential to become the Living Christ on earth.

The illogical mindset of science

This does not mean that you are always speaking the way I am speaking now. The Living Christ can speak in many different ways and can be soft and gentle. But I am speaking sternly now because I am speaking into the mass consciousness of this European continent. And I tell you, that consciousness is so dense that unless my words are piercing, they would have no chance of penetrating that consciousness.

This death consciousness has been hanging over this continent for so long, that it has become so solidified in certain areas that it is almost impenetrable by anything. Yet nothing is impossible to God. And certainly, nothing is impossible to the Living Christ who knows he is not the doer but it is the Father doing the works through him. And thus, I take this opportunity to speak the words that can penetrate this density of consciousness, the death consciousness, the mechanical consciousness of thinking that there is a mechanical path to God.

Whether it be the path presented by the Catholic Church and the Christian churches or the path presented by science—which really is no path but simply says that everything is the result of a game of chance. But how is it possible that science discovers still deeper and deeper layers of order and organization, yet they claim that all this order came out of a completely random process? This is so illogical that it is time to say, “The emperor of science has nothing on!” For truly, an orderly and sustainable universe could not have come about by chance, by a random process. It must be the result of an intelligent mind holding a vision for that universe and then imposing that vision on the Ma-ter light, so that the Ma-ter light outpictures the vision.

And this then gives rise to the recognition that all self-conscious beings have the power of mind to impose the vision on the Ma-ter light, and that is why human beings have been able to create something that is lower than the vision of earth held in the Mind of God. And that is why you see so many imperfect conditions on earth. It is not a matter of God creating in this way. Nor is it a matter of a game of chance so that there is no real systematic way to improve life.

Has not science systematically improved the material conditions of life on this continent? Then does it make sense to say that everything is random? Is it not more logical, indeed, to say that human beings have the power of mind to envision a future that is different from their current reality? And thus, if they envision a future that is lower than their current reality, they will create that future and they will create the dark ages for an entire civilization. And if they break the mold of thinking and start envisioning a brighter future, they will create a better future as has indeed happened on the European continent since the emergence of science and the age of Enlightenment.

Why a democracy cannot guarantee freedom

What is the blindness that prevents human beings from realizing that they are creating their own reality, for better or for worse? And that the only way to create a better future for this planet is to become more aware of the power of the mind, and then make the decision to choose the consciousness of life and create the future based on the consciousness of life, instead of continuing to create the future partially based on the consciousness of death.

It is the next logical step that human beings realize the power of their own minds. For did I not say, 2,000 years ago, that the kingdom of God is within you? Well, what is within you? Well, surely it is your mind that is the innermost core of your being, your consciousness. And therefore, what you hold in your mind is what you create in your outer so-called reality. This is an essential truth that must be brought out in this age. For has it not been said that he who fails to learn from the past is destined to repeat it? And have you not seen this European continent be torn apart by war after war, where the one war set the stage for the next war in a seemingly endless spiral?

Thus, I come also to bring forth the judgment of the Living Christ upon the consciousness of war, the consciousness of power, the consciousness of wanting to preserve power at the cost of enslaving the people and destroying society! For do you not see that the essence of life is self-transcendence? And therefore, nothing will remain the same. If it does not grow in an upward spiral and becomes more, then it must inevitably go into a downward spiral until it self-destructs, and in that self-destruction there is the rebirth of a new reality. This is precisely what happened with the Roman Empire, that would not transcend itself and take the power that was vested in one person and divide it up among the people as was the true matrix for the Piscean Age.

What did you see for most of the Piscean Age? You saw a form of government where one person was at the top of the pyramid, and he had absolute power over those below him, whether it be the Pope or a king or an emperor—or a Führer. You saw the one person who had absolute power. But was I, when I walked the earth, a person with absolute power? Nay! For the Christ has no need for power. Look at what I did with the Christian movement. I was there as the leader to bring forth a teaching and set an example, and when that was done I disappeared and I left the entire movement, not to one disciple but to twelve and those beyond.

Was the Christian movement, in its beginning days, not more like a democracy than like a totalitarian organization? Yet it was not a democracy in the sense that everybody voted based on the human consciousness. It was a democracy in the sense that people were meant to have their Christ discernment, so that they did not vote or make decisions based on the human consciousness, the death consciousness. But indeed, all had some Christ discernment, and therefore could come into oneness, could come into union in knowing what was right, what was the next step. Because they were led by the Spirit, by the Comforter, that I sent to all those who are willing to receive it.

Thus, even though a democracy is certainly a step up from the totalitarian regimes of the past, a democracy is by no means a guarantee for a free society where all have equal opportunity. A truly free society can happen only when there is a critical mass of people who have some degree of Christ discernment and are willing to exercise it by speaking out, by bearing witness to the truth that they see through that Christ discernment.

If everybody is trapped by the human consciousness, by the death consciousness, and cast their vote based on that consciousness, what do you think will happen to a democratic nation? Well, my beloved, surely only those people who are embodying the death consciousness will even be able to run for office and be recognized as candidates by the political parties. And thus, you see in every democratic nation that the leaders are a reflection of the consciousness of the people. And if the people do not have any level of Christhood, then they simply cannot attract leaders who have any level of Christhood.

And thus, the entire nation will go into a downward spiral, as El Morya and Saint Germain were explaining has happened to many of the nations in Europe, where there are more and more problems that seem to have no solution. Well, these problems have no solution precisely because the problems that are created through the death consciousness cannot be solved through the death consciousness. And therefore, the only viable solution is to reach up higher for that vision of Christ that helps you see that there is indeed a solution. But the solution is not at the same level as the problem. The solution can be brought about only when people are willing to abandon their old ways, their comfortable ways—to let the old ways die, to give up the ghost of the old ways and then come up to an entirely higher approach, a higher world view.

This is precisely what is lacking in the European nations. But as both El Morya and Saint Germain said yesterday, it is close. It is right under the surface. And it just needs some final steps that can break through that ice and start it flowing downstream so that the river can be cleared. And that final step can only come from those who are the most spiritually mature people, those who are willing to honestly recognize that they are still trapped by certain elements of the death consciousness and then willing to look that death consciousness squarely in the eye and say, “Get thee behind me Satan! For you have no part of me anymore!”

The temptation of the death consciousness

My Beloved, there are many people who have followed the spiritual path for a long time. There are many people who have studied the teachings of the ascended masters, practiced our techniques, be it decrees or rosaries, and they have done so diligently. And they have made progress by doing so, but there will come a point where you will not make any further progress until you start to consciously make what I have called LIFE decisions.

It is a law of God that the devil is allowed to tempt you. For in being tempted by the death consciousness, you have the opportunity to choose life and prove that you are willing to choose life. And you see the example of how I was tempted by the devil after my stay in the wilderness. And the stay in the wilderness symbolizes that I had withdrawn from the ways of the world, from the consciousness of the world, and put my entire attention on the kingdom of God within me until I connected to that kingdom.

And then, I faced the challenge that when you connect to the kingdom of God and reach a certain level of Christhood, you cannot just sit there in your cave and meditate and be in bliss, for the world is crying in pain. And the role of the Living Christ is not to remove himself from the world, but to be in the world while not being of the world—and thus demonstrate to the people of the world that there is a higher way, not just a different way, but a higher way.

And thus, the Living Christ must go out, and in going out the Living Christ then meets the consciousness of the world as was exemplified by the devil who came to me and tried to tempt me into perverting or aborting my mission to bear witness for the absolute truth of God. The devil tried to tempt me into pursuing worldly goals or denying my Christhood or using it in frivolous pursuits of creating miracles or tempting God to save me.

This is a temptation, but I must tell you that although I was tempted three times, it does not actually mean that the devil can tempt you only three times. For you are the one who must decide how long you will allow the devil to keep tempting you, how long you will allow the worldly consciousness to pull you into this direction or that direction and pull you away from bearing witness to the truth and letting your light shine.

There are people who have been on the spiritual path for decades and who are still allowing the devil to tempt them on a daily basis because they have not been willing to take a firm stand on the rock of Christ and say, “Enough is enough! Get thee behind me Satan!” When you make that decision and you are completely resolved, so that you make it with every part of your being – so that you are not a house divided, but you are of one mind, your eye is single in being focused on the one vision of Christ – then the devil will flee from you. The worldly consciousness will flee from you in the sense that it cannot touch you anymore.

This obviously does not mean that you will not encounter that consciousness. For when you interact with other people, you will encounter their consciousness. But it means that you have established a hallowed sphere inside yourself, and you know that there is a core of your being that the prince of this world, that the forces of this world, that the demons of Mara simply cannot touch. Because it is your hallowed ground. It is the meeting point between your conscious self and your I AM Presence, your God.

This is what I desire to see for each and every one of you, each person who has found my website. For my beloved, the Ask Real Jesus website is far more significant in this age than most of you realize. Think back to how it was 2,000 years ago, how many people recognized my teachings and my disciples as a significant force that would have a major impact on western civilization. Well, it was not very many. For there were not even any written teachings. Nor was there any way to get the teachings out, except by preaching and by word of mouth.

Think about how far we have come in being able to communicate, so that people all over the world can find a higher teaching. The outer teaching that is all they need in order to trigger what they already know in their hearts. For truly, God has written his law in your inward parts. And all you need is an outer stimulus that can help you reconnect to that inner law and that inner truth, and then you can become a spiritually self-sufficient person who has the Christ discernment to know what is real and unreal in your own psyche and in your own world.

Indeed, it will take a period of what I call magnificent confusion before you will have worked your way through the temptations of the worldly consciousness that are many and subtle. Nevertheless, by being willing to enter that state of confusion, to experiment, by being willing to make mistakes and recognizing those mistakes and learning from them, you can shorten the time it takes before you come to that inner wholeness that is sufficient for you to take the firm stand, whereby you can fully and finally rebuke the devil so that he must withdraw from you. Because even the devil realizes that when you take that firm stand on the rock of Christ, if he keeps tempting you, he will judge himself. And since he does not want to hasten his own judgment, he must run away from you.

Come into the consciousness of life

This, my beloved, is the difference between life and death. And I desire all of you to come into the consciousness of life as quickly as possible. I recognize that you cannot all do this in a split second, that you have healing to go through. But nevertheless, spend a little bit of time and attention now and then to ponder the difference between the consciousness of life and the consciousness of death. Reread these words. Listen to them again, when you feel you need to reconnect. Make it a part of your consciousness that you know the goal is to rise above the consciousness of death and enter into the consciousness of life.

If you will make this part of your path, you will make much swifter progress. You will shorten the time until you come to that point of making that ultimate decision to choose life, the final decision that frees you from the fear and doubt that you could fall back down. It is indeed possible to be in embodiment on earth and be beyond the risk of falling back down into the blindness of the ego and the duality consciousness. It is possible to come to a point, where you know you have been spiritually reborn and it simply would not be possible for you to forget that higher state of consciousness that you know is ultimate reality. Certainly, it is always theoretically possible, but in all actuality – having worked your way up through the consciousness of death – you would not again fall for the temptation that caused you to fall so many lifetimes ago, when you first left off from your spiritual teacher.

And this does not mean that you know everything, that you are the perfect human being. But it does mean that you know that you would never again fall back into living a completely unconscious life. And that gives you a sense of peace of mind, which is what you see exemplified in many spiritual people throughout the ages who have come to that sense of inner peace, of knowing who they are and daring to be who they are, even if they are not perfect or still make mistakes and certainly don’t know everything and still need to sleep and take a shower and do these other mundane things that people do to take care of the physical body.

Encourage each other

My Beloved, this is the inner peace that I desire to see you have. For I am the Prince of Peace. I came to demonstrate that it is possible to be on earth and be at peace. And I want all of you to have that peace. And if you are willing to look at the elements of the death consciousness that pulls you away from that inner peace, and do whatever is necessary – use whatever tools that are available in the world or that we have given you in order to work through those elements of death – then indeed you can make progress.

And I think you will recognize, when you who have faithfully given the rosaries, studied these teachings, when you come together with people and you see that they have changed. And suddenly, you can then look in the mirror and see that you too have changed but it was just so gradual that you didn’t notice in your busy daily lives. And I strongly encourage you to help each other see how much you have changed. Not in a prideful way of thinking that you are the most advanced spiritual seekers on the planet. That is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about you acknowledging the growth you see in each other and helping each other realize how much you have grown. Because it encourages you and helps you realize that you can continue to grow and continue to come closer and closer to that state of inner peace, where the world cannot touch you, cannot touch your relationship to God. Because you have discovered the truth that the kingdom of God really is within you and that no human power, not even the power of your own ego, can prevent you from entering that kingdom—when you are willing to leave behind all those elements that pull you back into the outer world.

Nothing can stop you, except your own attachments to the things of this world. And when you realize that, even that is a sense of peace. For you know that if you keep looking at one attachment at a time, as you are able, and letting go of one attachment at a time, you are moving forward step by step toward that breakthrough point, where you can finally let go of the very sense of attachment itself. This gives you that inner knowing, that inner peace, that allows you to say, “I and my Father are one, and there is nothing that can take away that oneness.”

The Alpha and Omega of the Living Christ

So my beloved, I too can be gentle. And it is indeed in order that some people see the gentleness of Jesus. Yet if these people do not recognize that the gentle and loving and kind and compassionate Jesus is the Omega aspect of my God Flame and that I also have an Alpha aspect, then their image of Christ is not complete. For the Omega aspect of the Living Christ does indeed comfort people, love them, raise them up. It is the Omega aspect of Christ that gives people a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. For truly, if people are suffering with a specific problem, then you need to help them overcome that specific problem, instead of giving them a sermon about the higher purpose of life which they are not capable of receiving in their present state of consciousness.

And thus, you did indeed see that when I walked the earth, I healed the sick, I comforted people in whatever state of consciousness they were in, so that they could overcome their afflictions—and by overcoming their immediate affliction, then have the opportunity to move higher. Yet how can they move higher unless they also recognize the Alpha aspect of the Living Christ that calls them to come up higher and to never get comfortable, to never stand still.

The Living Christ is a whole being that embodies all aspects of God and thus has the potential to reach all people and help them take the next step on their path. For it is by taking the next step and continuing to take the next step that you will make it all the way home. There are many false teachers that will promise you that there is a shortcut, so that you can skip a number of steps and jump from your present state of consciousness to the state of enlightenment or being saved or whatever they use to entice people.

But there is no shortcut, for if there was a shortcut, surely all life would already have been saved. You cannot skip steps, and therefore be alert for those who claim that you can be saved or make your ascension without dealing with the ego. For we of the ascended masters are very well attuned to where humankind is at in consciousness. And we know that in this day and age humankind is ready for the teachings on the ego. They are ready to recognize that the ego is the main factor that prevents them from manifesting their Christhood. And thus, I must tell you that any teacher who claims to be teaching about Christhood but is not teaching about the human ego, well that teacher cannot be connected to the ascended masters.

This does not necessarily make them false teachers, for they might still have valid teachings for people at a certain level of consciousness. But if you claim to be teaching about Christhood without teaching about the ego, then you are not in tune with what we of the ascended masters are bringing out in this age. And thus, you must choose which teacher you will follow. And that is why all who are following my website know that the teachings on the ego are essential. You know it is essential for yourself, but I think you also sense that they are essential for humankind.

Civilization cannot progress until people recognize the ego

If humankind does not recognize the existence and nature of the ego, then civilization cannot make that leap of mastering the initiations of the consciousness of Pisces and moving into the consciousness of Aquarius. It simply is not possible. And that is why we are using a variety of people to bring forth teachings on the ego, whether it be psychologists or self-help gurus. I can assure you that anyone who teaches openly, sincerely and honestly about the human ego is attuned to the ascended masters at some level. They may not be officially sponsored as messengers but they are certainly sponsored at some level and inspired to bring out these teachings.

For there are at present very few people who teach about the ego while still being completely blinded by the consciousness of death. And thus, although not all who teach about the ego have the full understanding of the ego, they are very much working for the goal of the ascended masters in this age. And thus, I do recommend that you study teachings from a variety of sources about the ego. Because the more you understand about the ego, the better chance you have that one day the specific words you read will click in your consciousness and release that understanding that helps you see an aspect of your ego that has so far remained hidden.

Even though I try on my website to give teachings on the ego that are suitable for people at many levels of consciousness, the website is not meant to reach every level of consciousness. And I cannot explain every aspect of the ego in so many different ways that I can reach everyone. Thus, there could be another teacher out there who has brought forth a certain teaching, a certain wording, that could help you, that could unlock that understanding. Again, do not limit yourself. I have no desire to see my website become like the movements in the Piscean Age that claimed that they had the only truth or that you should only look at their teachings.

Study the ego from many different angles. Study the spiritual path from different angles. And then use your discernment. For even if you read something that is not sponsored by the ascended masters, that might even contain errors, it is an opportunity for you to increase your discernment. And if you are not willing to study even that which is inaccurate, how can you truly increase your ability to discern between reality and unreality? And how can you then increase your ability to help others.

Do you see, there is no reason to have regrets over the fact that in the past you have studied a teaching that you might not consider to be the highest possible today. For you increased your own discernment by doing so, and you also increased your ability to help those who are still stuck at that level of consciousness. Now that you have come up higher, you can help others come up higher. But had you not known how they think, what questions they have, how could you help them.

Open your hearts to the unconditional love of Christ

Now, my beloved, I desire to give you an opportunity to center in your hearts and to open your heart to experiencing the true unconditional love of Christ, the true love for your being that the Living Christ has for you. So I give you this opportunity to meditate on my Presence in silence while we allow these chants to play.

Take the time you like, until you feel you have had enough. But open your heart to feel the love that I have for each one of you. For that love is all-consuming, is unconditional. It is an ecstatic love that will not accept the mundane, the human love. It will not be held back, it will not be restricted. It wants to flow and it will forever flow, just like you cannot dam up a mighty river. So focus on that love and allow yourself to accept that you are fully worthy to receive the love of Christ.

Jesus has given many more teachings on the ego in the three books about ego illusions, ego games and ego dramas.


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