Let go of any sense of obligation to earth

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Ascended Master PadmaSambhava through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master PadmaSambhava. I AM a Vajra Guru. This indicates that I have reached a certain level of Buddhahood which gives me the right to be on earth, to teach on earth. I do not often speak in this way, but I want to take this opportunity to give you a teaching that might benefit you.

Astrea talked about the possibility of being addicted to a certain stimulation on earth. As a person on the path to Christhood you rise above these addictions to things in the world. But it is possible to become almost addicted to solving problems, to resolving things in your own psyche, in your own psychology.

The tendency to focus on the problems

I want to give you an image. There is a vast landscape, a large plain surrounded by hills and mountains stretching into the far horizon. Above it is an expansive blue sky from which shines the sun beautifully. On the ground in the middle of this huge plain stands a person. Above the head of that person is a small black cloud. And the person is looking up at the cloud, saying: “Oh, look at that black cloud, surely the world is coming to an end soon” – completely ignoring the vast landscape, the expansive sky, the shining sun, only focusing on the black cloud.

I know very well—we know very well—that the many teachings we have given, especially through this messenger, about resolving your psychology, overcoming your birth trauma, resolving separate selves can become almost overwhelming. As some of you have expressed, you feel a certain almost hopelessness, an almost impossibility of coming to see these very deep aspects of psychology. Others of you have achieved considerable results, and you realize that you have resolved many of these selves, many of these wounds, many of these issues in your psychology.

This messenger has been on the path now for over 45 years. There was a period in the 1990s, where he, on a regular basis, thought: “But I have seen and resolved so many things in my psychology but new things keep popping up. Will it ever be over?” And, of course, he is still looking for things in his psychology. But for quite some time now, he is just open to seeing something and resolving it. But he is not focusing on it. He is not burdened by it. It does not take away his peace. He is not frustrated by it.

What I am saying here is that especially avatars, you came to earth with the intent of having a positive difference, however you saw it before you came, however you have changed the way you look at it, however you had changed your MO after you came here and took embodiment. But you still have some view of why you are here, what you are supposed to do, what you are supposed to accomplish. And this can give you this tendency to focus on the problems, to focus on what is not resolved. And you are like the person standing in this vast landscape, not looking at any of it, but only looking at the one little dark cloud over its head.

Sure, you may have some unresolved psychology left. Sure, as we have said, there are illusions to see through until you ascend. But what if what you have left is not nearly as much as you think? What if you have already resolved the vast majority of what you need to resolve but you have not seen it, you have not acknowledged it, because you are so focused on the next thing? You are almost addicted to solving a problem, and getting the stimulation that it gives you to either solve the problem or focus on the problem.

Again, I am not telling you to stop resolving your psychology. I am just saying once in a while step back, and keep stepping back until you can see beyond that  dark cloud over your head and see the vast landscape, the blue sky of your psyche, and see the sun of your I AM Presence shining and feel the warmth of your I AM Presence shining upon you.

Acknowledge that you have made progress

We have given you many teachings on the duality consciousness. But I wonder if you have grasped a certain aspect of these teachings and applied it to yourself. We have talked about balance, we have talked about the Middle Way, not going towards either of the dualistic extremes. But we have also said that the duality consciousness can take any statement made by a spiritual teacher and make it unbalanced. Have you fully grasped that when we give a certain teaching there will be a separate self in your mind—even dark forces beyond your mind—who will pull you to go to the opposite extreme or what seems the opposite extreme from the dualistic mind?

We have quite a number of times talked about spiritual students who come to the spiritual path, come to the ascended masters, because they want to feel special. They want to feel that they are more advanced than other students, even that they are the most advanced spiritual students on the planet. Many of you have taken these teachings, and you have determined that you want to overcome this tendency if you have it, or you do not want to have it. But then there is a self in your mind that says, in order to avoid feeling special, you have to avoid feeling anything about yourself. In other words, you are not allowed to acknowledge your attainment, to acknowledge what you have resolved in your psychology, for that might make you feel prideful.

There is a self that wants you to feel prideful and there is a self that says you should not feel prideful, and therefore you should not acknowledge your progress. But what is the path to Christhood? It is a path of progress, self-transcendence. If you do not acknowledge your self-transcendence, you end up being in a kind of no man’s land where you are so afraid of being prideful that you do not dare to acknowledge that you have actually made progress, and you have risen to a certain level. This is the effect of the duality consciousness of these selves.

Now, you can observe yourself. You can look at this. What tendencies do you have when you hear me say this? What kind of selves can you sense? And then you can use our tools to work on this, overcome these selves until you can come to that point where you have let go of the need to feel special, to feel superior, to feel prideful. And therefore, you can also let go of the self that gives you the false modesty, the false humility, that you do not want to recognize your progress. You can simply let them go, and therefore be in a neutral state of mind where you can realize, you can look back at your path and you can say: “I have actually come up many steps on my path. I have gone through many experiences. I have seen many things in my psychology. I have resolved many things. I have actually made progress.” It is not that you feel pride about it. But you do feel joy about it.

And why shouldn’t you feel more and more joyful the higher you walk on the path? The Christ mind is joyful. The Christ mind is not serious like so many people think, even many ascended master students, but also many Christians who think that Christ is so serious, God is so serious. Christ is joyful. And why shouldn’t you allow yourself to be joyful for having made progress on the path? This is not a joy that is contrasted with an opposite, that is not happiness versus unhappiness, according to a human definition. It is a joy that is beyond these human pairs and dualities and polarities. You have a right to feel this. Why not allow yourself to feel it, to acknowledge it?

The Via Dolorosa

We have never said that the path to Christhood is the Via Dolorosa. On the contrary, we have said the opposite. Who invented the Via Dolorosa, this entire concept? Well, the fallen beings of course. They wanted to squeeze out all joy from the people that they could not get to buy the common Christian illusion of the automatic path: go to church, follow the rules and regulations, believe the doctrines and you will automatically be saved. There were always some people who wanted more. But then they created the concept that this is the path of renunciation, this is the path of suffering, and therefore there is no joy in walking this path of the saints. Well, of course, when you have a church that is based on the consciousness of Peter and the consciousness of antichrist how could there be joy? How could the leaders of that church feel joy? And if the leaders were not feeling joy, why should any other of the members feel joy? After all, you are sinners by nature. How can you allow yourself to feel joy when you are a miserable sinner who should repent and feel bad for even existing? All of this is nonsense. Nonsense. Let it go. Identify the selves, look them squarely in the eye and say: “You are not me. I am not you. I do not want you anymore. I am letting you die.” This is what Christ meant when he said: “He who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it.” You shall find a higher form of life beyond these separate selves.

The reason that brought you to earth

When you look at history, when you look at today, you must say it is truly amazing what human beings are capable of believing. The amount of lies, the amount of illusions that people have been capable of believing is staggering. Not really for an ascended master, for we have seen it all. But still an incredible amount of lies and illusions that people are able to believe, even believing they represent some absolute truth, or they are given by God, or the Buddha, or Krishna or Christ, or whatever authority they see. Look at it, and recognize it for the nonsense that it is. And just let it go.

Perhaps you can identify a certain self, a certain self that most avatars have, and they actually had it from the moment they took embodiment. It is an effect of the fact that you come here with a desire to help people, to create a change. In order to help people, you feel that you should listen to them, you should be sensitive to them. You meet people who believe in these lies or you meet fallen beings, and you think: “I should consider what they are saying. I should be open to listen to them.” You start taking in this, you feel an obligation. When the fallen beings throw a false idea at you, you feel an obligation to consider it: “Could there be something to it? Could it be true?” You even see this in the Garden of Eden story where Eve felt obligated to listen to the serpent and consider what he said. As an avatar, there will come a point when you need to look at this. You need to look at what obligation you feel towards earth, towards other people, or even towards the fallen beings. And you need to dismiss that self and let it die so you can recognize: “I am not obligated to do anything on earth. I have no obligation on earth.”

Now, in order to fully go through this process, you might have to consider what brought you to earth, what you wanted to accomplish, what you wanted to achieve because this is what makes you feel obligated. You want to achieve something and you think that in order to achieve it, you are obligated to do something. You feel trapped, you feel stuck because you have experienced that doing what you think you are obligated to do does not actually achieve the result that you want to achieve. What is your option?

Many have for lifetimes after lifetimes kept pushing, kept trying to find ways to manifest the results. There is only one way out of this dilemma, this enigma, this Catch 22 and that is to consider that it might not be your efforts that are lacking. It might be your goal that is the problem. And you might have to reconsider the very reason that brought you to earth and realize it was not the highest. It was a product of the level of consciousness you had at the time. But now you have risen to a higher level of consciousness so you can look at it and reconsider it, and let it go. Let it go!

This messenger has been working on this now for five or six years since we first gave these teachings on the separate self. He has described how the first great breakthrough he had was that he realized: “There is nothing I have to do on earth.” But he has had many other breakthroughs relating to this: why he is on earth, what he sees as his role, his goal for being here, and he has been willing to reconsider it all. This is beyond the birth trauma because these things were determined before you received the birth trauma.

It is what you brought with you from a natural planet, what brought you here from a natural planet. And that is the next step after you resolve the birth trauma is to consider these deeper aspects like: Why are you even here? Because if you do not resolve this, how can you leave? How can you ascend? How can you stand there before that gate and take that last look back at earth and see if there is anything that pulls you back here? How can you watch the demons of Mara attempt to pull you into some kind of reaction, yet have no reaction? Only when there is no action you feel you need to take on earth can you avoid a reaction to any condition on earth.

Some of you are not at the point where you are ready for this teaching. But I wanted to have it brought into the physical so that those who are ready now can take it, and those who will be ready in the future can find it and read it. And I have, as a Vajra Guru, the right to bring forth any teaching I desire when I have an open door through which it can be brought. And therefore, I say Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra. Padmasambhava I AM.


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