It is time to express your Christhood

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, June 22, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus, and I come to give you another installment in what I have planned for this conference concerning how to be the Living Christ in action. Now, you have received a magnificent and multifaceted teaching from Master MORE earlier today. It has, indeed, many layers, many levels and much to ponder. In fact, you might say that dictation in itself is a complete description of the spiritual path. If you could fully internalize all aspects of it, then the question is whether you needed anything more.

Being the Christ without fanaticism

Of course, as it is Master MORE who gave it to you, there is more to be given. Naturally, the teachings on the primal self are essential for being the Christ in action. Consider a Christian crusader, a group of them sitting on their horses outside some village in the Middle East. They get themselves in an agitated state of mind and then they scream as with one voice: “God wills it.” Then, they draw their swords, they ride into the village and kill men, women and children, believing they are doing this in the name of Christ and for the sake of Christ. Were they being the Christ in action? Well, of course, you know they were not. You nevertheless need to ask yourself: “How can I be the Christ in action without going into this unbalanced state of mind that is over-eager, over-zealous, bordering on the fanatical?”

Now, Master MORE talked about previous ascended master dispensations and how the students had reacted there. We have seen many ascended master students become so over-zealous, so unbalanced in their zeal to do something, that they simply went out in an unbalanced manner that was not being the Living Christ in action, even though some of these students were firmly convinced that this was expressing their Christhood.

We have, of course, already given you the essential key to avoiding this reaction. It is to overcome your primal self and the other selves that were created after it. The self that absolutely needs security, of course, can make you fanatical. Once you have built this sense of security based on some kind of outer system or belief, then you will not want that security to disappear. Therefore, you become fanatical in fighting anything that you see as a threat to the sense of security.

Indeed, you can also have another self, as we have explained, that is so concerned about not being wrong, not being proven wrong, never being wrong. Again, as the fallen ones made it seem like you were wrong in that first embodiment, this self is always wanting to do the right thing. Once it has convinced itself that it has done the right thing or is doing the right thing, then it is very, very reluctant to consider that it might not be the right thing at all.

Good people are the hardest to save

My beloved, 2,000 years ago I made the somewhat enigmatic statement that it is easier for a sinner to be saved than it is for a rich man to enter heaven. Obviously, when I said “rich” man, I did not necessarily mean a person who had money but a person who was rich in the sense that the person felt that he or she had done many good deeds. The paradoxical aspect of Christianity, other religions and even ascended master teachings is that sometimes the very, very hardest people for us to help are the ones who are absolutely convinced that they are good people and they have done a lot of good things.

Take what Master MORE said about students that became convinced that because they had been in an organization for a long time and faithfully followed all the outer practices and done everything they were told to do, they were entitled to some kind of position. You see an example of this, but you can also go to Christian churches and see those who for an entire lifetime have been convinced they have been doing Christian charity, doing what Christ told us to do by loving our neighbor, being good to all people, being engaged in some form of charity. There are many Christian ministers, and many people who are not ministers but who have been engaged in Christian forms of charity, who feel that because they have served and been so good and done so many good things for their entire lifetime, they are guaranteed to be saved based on the outer actions.

Of course, I made various statements that can be interpreted to unlock the understanding that this is not the case. The Kingdom of God is within you. What is within you? Your psyche. Well, if you do not resolve your psychology, overcome all of these selves, how can you enter the kingdom? You see, this, again, goes back to what Master MORE explained about the perversion of Christianity where they have to create the outer path, the dream of an automatic or guaranteed salvation. Many Christians are on this outer path because they have nothing else and they are absolutely convinced that when they are doing all these outer things, naturally they will be allowed into the kingdom at the end of this life.

This is not my primary concern here, I use it merely as an example. My primary concern is, of course, ascended master students. You need to recognize here that some of you, when you were exposed to the original birth trauma or the events that caused the trauma, the fallen beings made you feel that you had done something wrong or that you were wrong for being on earth, wrong for coming here.

Not wanting to be wrong

There was always a situation where the fallen beings made you feel that you had done something here on earth that was so wrong that you could never be redeemed. As we have said before, an aspect of the primal self is that you decide: “I never want to experience that again.” What have you now done? You have created a separate self that is created to, is programmed to, make sure that you can never again be proven really wrong.

My beloved, what have some of you then done? You have, over many lifetimes, built a momentum of supposedly doing the right thing, by always doing what is defined as right in your culture, in your religion, by being charitable, by helping others and so forth and so on. Of course, based on the outer path of Christianity, some of you actually have a momentum from past lives, believing that if you do these outer things, if you give this service, then you must qualify for your ascension.

What have we said now, time and time again? When you stand there in front of the gate, if you want to use that image (and we realize you need some image but it is only an image), you are standing in front of the gate that leads to the ascended realm and you have to make a choice to go through it. You have to make a choice and it has to be a free choice, my beloved. How can you, the Conscious You, make a free choice? Only when you do not have any of these selves that are coloring your vision. This self that is programmed to make you to never again feel wrong by doing all these good things, it stands in the way of your ascension—if you cannot let go of it. You cannot ascend if you do not let go of it, and you cannot let go of it, if you have not looked at it. You cannot, of course, look at it if you are so afraid of seeing anything wrong in your being.

You see, my beloved, we have given you these teachings that we love you unconditionally. You have our unconditional acceptance, but as long as you have the self that never wants to be proven wrong again, you cannot really accept our acceptance, our love. You will always have the fear of being wrong, the sense that certain conditions can make you wrong, even the entire idea that you could be wrong. You cannot transcend it as long as you have that self because the self cannot question the basic programming, the basic illusion, out of which it was created.

The self cannot question it. As long as you are seeing yourself through the filter of that self, you cannot question it either. You can, as the Conscious You, step outside of that and I give you this specific teaching to help the Conscious You step outside of that self and realize that there are two ways to prevent yourself from ascending. One is to be in a very negative, self-centered, selfish state of mind, always battling other people, doing whatever you want without considering the consequences. In other words you are what some of you would call a bad person. There is another way to prevent yourself from getting into heaven, and that is to be what some of you see as a good person and wanting to maintain that image to the point where you will not question that there could be something in you that is not “right,” in the sense that it will not allow you to go into the ascended state.

When you see yourself through that self, you will think that if there is something in you that is not right, then it must be wrong. Then, that must mean that you are wrong and therefore you cannot look at it. The only thing that can break this deadlock is that the Conscious You is somehow inspired, propelled to go outside of that self and see that it is just a self. It is just a self, and it is only this self that believes that by doing good things, you will automatically go to heaven. It is just a self and as all selves, it is based on an illusion. When you, the Conscious You, recognize this, then you can realize that this self is not you. You can realize that you cannot take this self with you into the ascended realm.

Why can you not take it with you? Because you did not bring it with you when you came here. No man can ascend back to heaven save he that descended from heaven. No self – no you – can ascend back to heaven except the you that descended from the I AM Presence. It is that simple. This is just another self, but I need some of you to recognize that being good and thinking you are good and have been good can also be a hindrance to your ascension. It is just another self that needs to go. As long as you are trying to do good based on such a self, you cannot be the Christ in action. You are seeking to do good in order to prevent yourself from being proven wrong. In other words, what you are doing is self-centered. It is centered around this lower self, not really your real self but the lower self. This is your motivation and it is not Christhood it is not the Christ consciousness.

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