How to Stop Blaming Yourself

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 16, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada. At this third level of the initiations of my retreat, I want to start out by referring to something I said in a previous lesson. I pointed out to you that there is a mechanism in your consciousness where you are feeling that because certain conditions in the world, specifically here on planet earth, are not the way they should be, you cannot be a certain way. You cannot be at peace, you cannot be yourself, you cannot fully express yourself on earth.

Now my beloved, what is really behind this psychological condition? Why is it that you have come to accept that because of certain conditions on earth, you cannot express your creativity, you cannot express your Christhood, you cannot give the gift that you came to this planet to give? Here, it is necessary, my beloved, to recognize that the fallen beings are very, very subtle and very, very clever and they are very, very determined to prevent anyone from expressing Christhood.

Naturally, we have given teachings about the concept that many spiritual people are avatars who came to earth specifically to assist in the process of raising the collective consciousness. I can assure you that the fallen beings are also very, very determined to prevent any of the original inhabitants of the earth from rising to the level of Christhood and beginning to express that Christhood because, truly, that is the greater threat to them.

As we have pointed out before, the real progress of this planet depends on the original inhabitants of the earth. The avatars can help raise the collective consciousness but they cannot really cause the planet to make a decisive leap forward. It takes a critical mass of the original inhabitants to rise above a certain level of consciousness before there is a decisive shift. Of course, for such a shift too happen among the original inhabitants, it is necessary that some of them reach the level of Christhood and begin to express that Christhood so the fallen beings are very anxious to prevent this.

Being hammered down for expressing yourself

What has happened to you in the past is that you have dared to express something that is beyond the ordinary. You have dared to not follow the crowd, and the fallen beings have been there to hammer you down, to create some kind of trauma so that you have associated pain and fear (or a sense of hopelessness and despair, a sense that nothing really matters) with expressing yourself, expressing your creativity, taking a stand for a higher truth or in other ways acting beyond the norm. Many of you have this mechanism where you actually fear that the moment you begin to express yourself, you will be exposed to ridicule, criticism or even physical consequences, such as being killed, tortured, imprisoned or whatever. What you have built in your own mind is a mechanism that says: “I don’t want to express my Christhood, but I know I am here to express my Christhood so I need to have a justification for why I cannot express my Christhood.” Of course, this then is what causes you to think that until a certain outer condition has changed, you cannot express your Christhood.

This makes your ego and certain internal spirits feel very secure because, naturally, it could take a very long time (or least so it has seemed in the past) before the earth is ready to overcome war. You know that for several future embodiments you will not have to worry about expressing your Christhood because you have the perfect excuse. The expression of your Christhood is tied to the change of a certain outer condition that is difficult and will take a long time to change so your ego can feel safe for a while.

Watch your internal reaction

Now, when exposing something like this to you, I am asking you to look at your internal reaction to what I am telling you. In a sense, you could say that I am being very direct, very merciless, here in exposing this mechanism. Some people might feel I should not be so direct. Some people might feel I should not expose this at all. There may be a reaction in you and it could take one of two forms. One is that you feel I should not have been so direct in bringing this to your attention. The other is that you accept what I am saying and that you immediately feel bad about yourself for having this mechanism.

What I am pointing out to you here is that in my last lesson, I said that you cannot really be at peace within yourself as long as you do not accept conditions on earth and accept being in embodiment. If you are constantly struggling against being in embodiment, resisting being here, naturally you cannot feel at peace. What I need you to recognize in this lesson is that if you are not accepting yourself, then likewise you cannot be at peace. Why am I bringing this up by pointing out this mechanism where you are postponing your Christhood? Well, it is because when I am pointing out to you that there is a mechanism in you, it will often create a reaction. The reaction can help you see what it is in you that is preventing you from accepting yourself, from feeling at peace with being who you are.

Now, there are some of you (not most of you, but some of you) who will react by feeling almost offended that I would bring this to your attention. This is because you are still at the point where you are seeking to avoid looking at yourself by always projecting out that this or that should not have happened. I need you to become aware of this reaction and I need you to see that it is simply an internal spirit – a part of your ego – that is resisting this way. It is a defense mechanism where the ego does not want you to see the mechanism that is giving the ego power over you. It is causing you to always project your attention out and saying that this or that should not have happened.

I need you to start separating yourself from this, and I know very well that when you do this, then you will realize that you need to look at yourself, you need to look at the mechanism. Instead of saying that I should not have said this, you need to look at the fact that you have this mechanism, this tendency to postpone your Christhood. This, then, allows you to do what many other students have already been doing for a while, namely looking at yourself, looking at whatever you have in you that needs to be resolved.

I know that for many of you, in fact most of you, it will be painful to look at this condition. Many of you have felt on a number of occasions, as you have been taking this course or even as you have been following the spiritual path before this course, that when something has been exposed inside of you, it is painful. It causes a reaction in you.

Ascended masters are not sadists

Now my beloved, ascended masters are not sadists; we are not deliberately, consciously torturing you. We are not enjoying pointing out a mechanism in your psychology that makes you feel pain, that makes you feel bad about yourself. On the contrary, I have no greater desire at this level of my retreat than to help you come to the point where you can look at yourself without feeling pain, without feeling bad about yourself.

The entire purpose of this third lesson at my retreat is to get you to a point where you can overcome this very, very subtle tendency to feel bad whenever you come to see something in yourself that you need to overcome. Many of you will feel that you come to see something that should not be there, that should not have been there in the first place. Now my beloved, you need to recognize here that this very reaction is created by the fallen beings. I should perhaps rephrase this by saying that the reaction, of course, is not created by the fallen beings, but that the outer conditions that cause you to react this way were created by the fallen beings.

Sometime in a past lifetime you did dare to express an aspect of your Christhood and the fallen beings did everything they could to hammer you down so that you could not continue in that lifetime to express that Christhood. You need to recognize that the fallen beings are not satisfied with just stopping you in that embodiment. The fallen beings are looking at anyone who dares to express an element of Christhood. There are fallen beings in the identity, mental, and emotional realms who are using the fallen beings in physical embodiment to deliberately try to make sure that you will never again dare to express your Christhood. They do this by trying to in some way insert a reaction in your being that makes you feel that you were wrong for expressing your Christhood. You were wrong for challenging them, you were wrong for speaking out. You were wrong because you were too different from the norm, from the other people or any number of such mechanisms.

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