How the elite can hide from the people

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. Most of you are familiar with the story of how I came to earth with 144,000 lifestreams from Venus, vowing to hold the spiritual balance for the earth during a dark period of its history. I have in a previous dictation, compared myself to the cosmic garbage collector, who has gone to a number of these planets who have been in the process of self-destruction and helped to pull them out of there. Therefore, you might say that I have seen everything there is to see about the fallen beings, and what they do and how their minds work. There is not much that could surprise me at this point.

What I wish to share with you is some thoughts about the mindset of these fallen beings who either form the elite in embodiment or who are behind the elite in higher realms. When some of these beings fell, they went into a state of denial and the reason they did this was, as we have told you, there was a previous sphere where there were certain civilizations where certain beings had set themselves up as an elite. They were in power and they had all of the people in a civilization or even on an entire planet who were blindly following them. There came that point where the sphere was ready to ascend and then these beings were confronted with the ascended masters.

The beings, who were not fallen at the time, thought they had mastered their sphere and that they had complete power in their sphere. Then, they are confronted by the ascended masters and they realized they did not have absolute power, in fact, they had hardly any power compared to an ascended being. This was not Archangel Michael that you know, but the Archangel Michael that you do not know. There is no power in the four levels of the material universe that can go against or stand against the power of Archangel Michael. This was a shock to these fallen beings, in a way comparable to what we have called the birth trauma of an avatar coming to earth or an original inhabitant encountering the fallen beings and their intent to destroy you.

Now, of course the ascended masters did not have an intent to destroy these beings, prideful beings we might call them, they had the intent to awaken them. Since some of these beings decided they did not want to be awakened, they had to go into this state of denial and what they denied was the power of the ascended masters, and even the power of God, to stand against them. In their denial, they actually believe that there is no power in the universe that can go against them, there is no power that they cannot somehow either conquer, manipulate or corrupt.

The denial of ascended masters

This is one of the reasons they have created, as we talked about, this false image of God. They have attempted to create an image of God that upholds this illusion that God does not have the power to override their power. God is the remote being in the sky. God does not interfere with human beings. God cannot go against certain things that are happening on earth. There is a devil that opposes God and that has as much power as God, and many of these other subtle ideas of course going all the way up to the materialistic idea that there is no God.

The other aspect of this is of course that it was not actually God, the Creator, who did anything to the prideful beings in the fourth sphere or the fifth or the sixth, it was the ascended masters. What the fallen beings associated with earth have attempted to do is to eradicate all awareness of the ascended masters. They do this because they know that it is not God, the Creator, who comes down and says: “Thus far no farther.” It is the ascended masters. They want to exclude all knowledge of ascended masters on earth. Why? Because, as we have said many times, the ascended masters do not have the authority to interfere with earth. Those in embodiment, have the authority. We have the power to remove the fallen beings, like that, but we do not have the authority to do so, only human beings in embodiment can give us that authority. That is of course why the fallen beings do not want human beings to know that we exist, the power we have and what we could do if we were given the authority.

You will see how they have created these religions that deny any existence of ascended masters. You have Scientific Materialism, Marxism, other materialistic philosophies, that deny the existence of spiritual beings. Now, part of the reason they do this is of course that they do not want to be challenged, they want to continue doing what they are doing. That is, so to speak, the alpha aspect of it, but there is an omega aspect as well and that is that they do not want to be held accountable for what they do. They do not want to be held accountable by a higher power, such as the ascended masters, but also they do not want to be held accountable by the population, by the people that they are suppressing and manipulating. When you look at the power elites of history, you can see this clear pattern. You look at the clergy of the Catholic church during the Middle Ages, and how nobody could speak out against the Pope, or the cardinals or the priests. Even today, many Catholics believe they cannot speak out against their priest. Even if their local priest is abusing their own children, they should not say anything, so as not to damage the reputation of the church.

Exercising power without accountability

You saw that the clergy could do whatever they wanted: crusades, Inquisition, witch hunts, and so forth and nobody could speak out against them. Of course, if you are burned at the stake for speaking out, it is difficult to speak out, but you see the pattern. They had set themselves up in a position where they could exercise power over other people without any accountability. The same for the feudal lords of the Middle Ages, the same for the kings or the Middle Ages, many of the emperors you have seen, the Russian tsars, and then look at the communist leaders, Lenin and Stalin, where was their accountability? If you ever bother to read a biography of Stalin, you will know that he pretty much killed everybody who was close to him, everybody who had supported him. They only survived for a certain time and then he got paranoid, thinking they might try to take away his power, and then he had them killed. There was no accountability, nobody could hold him accountable. The great Chairman Mao, no accountability.

You see the same thing in capitalism. When you are the sole owner of a Standard Oil Company that has a near monopoly, who is going to hold you accountable? When you control large banks, who is going to hold you accountable? What did you see in the 2008 financial crisis? The leaders of these large investment banks had created this entire spiral of the mortgage problem and then, when it became so severe that it threatened their own existence, they refused to be held accountable and wanted the government to bail them out in order to escape accountability. You see in the educational institutions of the world how you have this elite of intellectuals, who sit there in their fortresses of these universities and nobody can hold them accountable. You see in the media how you have these media conglomerates, owned by just a few people, that give a completely biased and skewed version of the news, but who can hold them accountable? If you own all the newspapers, who is going to write about the flaws and expose it to the people?

There is of course the Internet and that is the first thing, really, that has given the possibility that these hidden power elites can be held accountable and can be exposed to the people. In a sense, what the fallen beings have created is a situation where they have attempted to set themselves up as Gods on earth. Because obviously, most people think that God is not accountable for anything. God is the almighty being in the sky, and nobody here on earth can say: “Hey God, I think you made a mistake.” That is actually a completely false image of the real Creator, who is the ultimately accountable being in the universe. Why? Because every self-aware being in the entire world of form is created out of the Creator’s Being. So the Creator experiences whatever is going on in its creation. It cannot run away from anything, it cannot deny anything, not that it wants to, but therefore it is ultimately accountable.

What the fallen beings want is to become false gods who can exercise power without ever being held accountable for the consequences that this has for people. They want to do whatever they want to do, no matter what the consequences are for the people, but they never want the people to hold them accountable. This is something that you need to make the calls on so that people become aware of this, because it is one of the factors that can help people start becoming more aware of the elite and making the determination that we will not allow this elite to run our societies. Why should we allow an elite to do whatever they want and exploit us without being ever held accountable for what they do? Why should we allow a small elite to create suffering for the entire population and never be held accountable for this? This makes no sense and many people can already see it, many more are ready to see it and they are ready to take this and apply it to specific elites, for example, the financial elite.

Why do we allow an elite to run the economy?

Why are we allowing a small elite of people in the financial system to create crisis after crisis, and then taxpayer money is being used to bail them out when their system is in danger of collapse? This can lead to an awareness that the financial system you have today is created for this entire purpose: That a small elite can concentrate money in their own hands by doing whatever they want, creating whatever schemes they want, but they are not held accountable when the schemes fail.

It can even lead to an awareness that in a capitalist economy, by the very nature of capitalism, there will always be an elite and they will be driven by greed, the desire for profit. It is never going to be enough. You do not have an elite that can say: “We are happy owning a factory that produces automobiles. We make those automobiles in a fair quality, we sell them at a fair price, we make a certain profit and therefore we gradually build our savings through that profit.” The power elite cannot say this. It is not enough for them to produce a product or provide a service and get paid reasonably for that. They want more and they want it faster and therefore they create these schemes that they think can give them this faster return.

Now, they do know that there is a certain risk involved, but they tend to deny it and look for the rosy picture, the short-term profit. The fact of the matter is that there are certain basic principles for how the economy works. It is not a matter of capitalism or communism because it does not matter what theoretical overlay you put on the economy. There are certain basic principles and it is very simple. If you provide a product or a service, then you can have a sustainable economy that gives you a sustainable profit, but when you start making money off of money, creating these investment schemes, you are creating an unbalanced economy and in an unbalanced economy, there will be risk.

The more people are blinded by greed, the bigger of a risk they are willing to take in order to get that short-term profit or that extraordinary profit and therefore they will inevitably create a crisis. It is only a matter of time. When people begin to see this, they can clearly say: “Why should

we allow this elite to run the financial system and then time and time again escape accountability?” We either do as they say and let the market take care of itself and let them fail, or we have to find another approach to the economy where we do not allow these high risk investments that lead from crisis to crisis. This is something that many, many people are ready to come to see. It is again this, where the people have been blinded by a cloud of energy and they cannot see the obvious, but when you make the calls for this, the equation can shift and they begin to see it, as many people already have. This leads me to the next topic I want to cover, which is the cloud of energy that burdens people.

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