How do you know anything on earth?

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, September  24, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. It is my privilege and my joy and has been so for quite some years now to give this sealing dictation for these gatherings where so many of you come together and express the joy of your hearts and build, during these few days, an upward spiral that I sincerely hope all of you can feel. And you may say: “Is it just you that are building this spiral?” And of course, it is not. It is in oneness with us in the ascended realm and with the entire River of Life.

We hope you can also sense that oneness with the River of Life so that you know you are never alone. You are never isolated. You may be isolated from other people, but no human is an island for all humans are in the River of Life. And in the River of Life, there are no islands. And in the River of Life, there is no farther shore. That is only in the Sea of Samsara. In fact, even the image of the River of Life can so easily be distorted by what you see on earth. For a river has two river banks. But the River of Life has no banks, has no boundaries.It flows. It flows in a spherical way that is impossible to describe with words. I attempted to talk about the interdependent originations to show that there is no such thing as a separate cause and a separate effect or a human being who is isolated because it is isolated from other human beings. But the challenge of being isolated from other human beings is to go within and connect to the River of Life that is everywhere and in everything.

Being entangled with fallen beings

Now, building on what has been said, I will add my thoughts on this. And I will start with Padmasambhava’s teaching about this self that cannot let go, that cannot just let go of what happened in the past, but also cannot let go of its view of one or even many situations where you have interacted with the fallen beings.

Now, when we look back to that distant time, of course I was not an ascended master at the time, but I can, as an ascended master, look back at that distant time where fallen beings and avatars first came to earth. We, of course, see certain patterns. And one of the specific patterns that I want to address today is that there is a tendency for avatars to become entangled with the fallen beings. And this is not just a matter of fighting the fallen beings or defending yourself against the fallen beings. There is a tendency that avatars can become entangled with the fallen beings because they have a certain admiration for the fallen beings. And this is something that you can benefit from knowing about and contemplating when you use these teachings we have given at this conference.

The ability to get things done

Why is it that avatars can be vulnerable to being entangled with fallen beings? Well, a fallen being has had a very long time to build up its separate self. It has had a very long time to attain certain skills, a certain ability to take control over its own mind in some way. It is not ultimate control, but it is an outer control. Also an ability to manipulate other people, but also an ability to take decisive actions to produce specific results. And of course, many fallen beings have the epic mindset, so they think it is epically important that their ideology wins the day, that their nation is the superior one that wins the war against other nations and so forth.

When you look at the history of planet earth, you can say that fallen beings have a certain ability to get things done. Naturally, they always take unbalanced actions. They get certain things done, but always create an opposite action or reaction that then causes other things to break down. In the long run, they do not really achieve any decisive result, even though in the short run, they might feel they have won an epically important victory.

The sense of being special

But nevertheless, they have an ability to get things done and why? Because they feel they are so special. They feel entitled. They feel they have a right and an obligation and a responsibility to get things done as they see it. The central feature of the fallen psychology is this sense of being special, this conviction of being special.

Now, let us look at avatars who come to earth. Avatars have not had nearly as long as fallen beings to grow and build their attainment. On the other hand, avatars have built their attainment on natural planets. You have actually a greater attainment than many fallen beings in a constructive way.

When an avatar comes to earth, it certainly has a greater attainment than most of the original inhabitants on earth. What do you experience as an avatar? Well, you do experience that you are more capable, more knowledgeable, more connected than the average person on earth. In other words, you are special compared to the average person.

The sense of kinship with the “good” fallen beings

Now, you encounter the fallen beings and they try to destroy you. And this, of course, does not give you admiration for the fallen beings that are trying to destroy you. But when you go into this reactionary pattern where you decide that you would like them not to hate you, then you can meet other fallen beings than the ones who attempted to destroy you.

We might say that this is what in crime movies is often called the good cop bad cop act. Some fallen beings act as the bad cops who are seeking to destroy you. Other fallen beings act as the good cops who are seeking to help you, perhaps protect you from the bad fallen beings and seek to ensnare you, entice you, pull you into their schemes.

Because you have been so shocked by this attack, you can go into feeling that here is someone who is helping you, who does not hate you, who wants to work with you and who has an ability to get things done. What can happen, and this has not happened to all avatars but it has happened to some, is that you can go into taking the feeling that you are special because you are an avatar and then looking at the fallen beings and their sense of being special and now you can feel almost like a kinship with the fallen beings because after all, you did not come from earth, the fallen beings do not sense they came from earth, you came here with a goal to improve earth and the good cop fallen beings also think they have a goal of improving the earth and they have an ability to get things done and you can, therefore, come to feel that you are special in working with these special beings.

If you look honestly at spiritual movements, you will see this pattern in many of these movements that the members feel they are special because they are in this movement, they are studying this teaching, they are following this guru and they are practicing this spiritual practice that is surely having a positive impact on the earth. Now, in many cases, of course spiritual people are right by practicing the practice, studying the teachings, raising their consciousness, they are having a positive impact on the earth, but for many spiritual people, there is a limit to that impact because they are doing it from this personally focused self. Look at what we have said, you are exposed to this attack, in order to deal with it, you create a self that is very focused on yourself.

“I am a very special being on earth” self

Now, some avatars encounter the good, so to speak, fallen beings who feel they are special, and as a way to compensate for the trauma, you build another self based on this sense of being special. Even though you have the self that projects that there is a problem with you being on earth, you now build another self that can push this self in the background and this self says that: “You are a very special being on earth.”

You will see this combination of selves in many, many spiritual people. You may say that all avatars have that combination, but the question is how strong is the self that feels special? For some people, it is lesser than in others, and therefore it is easier for these people to transcend it, to come to see it and let it go.

But there are some avatars that have a very strong self, a very strong desire to feel special and we have seen this in all religious and spiritual movements. You see it in political movements. You see it in scientific materialism. Everywhere on the planet, you see people who are seeking to build up this sense of being special based on nationality, intelligence, good looks, whatever you have. So many ways people seek to build this sense of belonging to a special group.

And of course, when you have this self that wants to create the appearance that you are special here on earth, you are special compared to the average person, then you cannot flow with the River of Life because again you are focused on yourself. Everything you do, everything that happens, there is this evaluation, not consciously of course, but subconsciously: “Will this make me look more special or less special?” A simple evaluation that you apply for most people, it is subconscious, they are not even aware of it, but it is there.

A mutual admiration society

You see even in ascended master organizations how this phenomenon is there. In several previous organizations, the members felt they were very, very special, in fact, the most special spiritual people on earth. In this particular dispensation, you see it much less, but you have seen examples of groups of people here or there, on this side of the Atlantic or that side of the Atlantic, that had, that came to the teachings with this sense of being special, this need to feel they were special. And we have, in our teachings, not really catered to this need. In the beginning years, we gave some teachings that seemed to validate the previous teachings, and therefore caused some of the people who have moved on from a previous dispensation to reinforce their sense of being special. But we have also over the years given many teachings to challenge this sense of being special and help people get out of it. Some people have taken advantage of this, others have not.

What you can do, you who are open to this teaching, is that as you work on this uncovering this self you have that is so focused on itself, you can see if there is that other self that has this need to feel special, and then you can use our tools to go after it. You can also learn something from observing other people.

You can see that there is that tendency that here is a guru or a leader who attracts a group to himself or herself. And the leader has this feeling of being special, has the need to feel special and he gives, he or she gives this on to the members. You can see that there is a group there where there is a sort of a mutual admiration society where the leader makes the members feel special and the members make the leader feel special.

You have even seen some groups affiliated with this messenger, I am not saying they followed the messenger because those who feel special do not follow anyone. They think they are smarter than anyone, but they were affiliated with the messenger for some time, and then eventually decided that they were superior to the messenger, they were more special than the messenger, and therefore they were even so special that they could denounce the messenger that he was no longer a messenger, that he had lost his mantle and he was not in contact with the ascended masters and that the masters would never say this or the masters would never say that and on and on and on.

You do not ascend as a “special being”

I am not pointing this out to put these people down. They would not listen to me anyway and even if they listened to it, they would say: “Oh the real Buddha would never say something like that.” Because they are convinced that the real Buddha would validate their sense of feeling special. But would the real Buddha validate the sense of feeling special? What does the sense of feeling special on earth do? It keeps you out of Nirvana, out of the Kingdom of Heaven, out of the ascended state, out of the River of Life. Would the real Buddha really validate this or would he challenge it, make you aware of it, so you could be free of it?

Did I, 2,500 years ago, qualify for my ascension by feeling special? Did Jesus qualify for his ascension by feeling special? Did Saint Germain or El Morya or Kuthumi qualify for their ascension by feeling special? Well, many previous students of ascended master organizations would say: “Yes.”, but it is just not the case. As we have said, you qualify for your ascension by returning to that pure state, the state of pure awareness with which the Conscious You was sent into embodiment by the I AM Presence.

As Jesus said 2,000 years ago, no man shall ascend back to heaven, save he that descended from heaven. Only the Conscious You in its pure state descended from heaven and only when the Conscious You returns to its pure state, returns to its innocence, can it ascend back. No one in heaven feels special and that is why only when you do not feel special, can you enter the ascended realm.

There is no specialness in oneness

Now again, many of these students who have the need to feel special, they would deny this. They would say that: “Of course, ascended masters feel special. Those who have these fantastic mantles, this great responsibility, have these elaborate retreats, of course, they feel special.” But this is the fallen beings projecting their own state of consciousness upon the ascended masters creating idols out of us.

What have we said over and over again? In the ascended realm, we all feel oneness. In oneness, there is no room for specialness. Surely, I have attained a level of consciousness that is higher than most newly ascended masters, but I do not look at a newly ascended master as being inferior to myself or myself as being special because I AM the Buddha and I hold the office as the Lord of the World.

Surely, I can look up and see that there are beings who have achieved a higher level of consciousness than I have, but I do not feel inferior compared to them. They do not feel special compared to me. These kinds of value judgments cannot exist in the ascended realm because nothing that comes out of duality can exist in the ascended realm. The Creator does not feel special compared to you or I or any other self-aware being. The concern just is not there. The consciousness is not there in the ascended realm.

Letting go of this burden of specialness

If you come to look at this, you can see that the need to feel special on earth is an enormous burden for you. It is a millstone around your neck. It is something you are carrying with you and it keeps you out of the River of Life. Now, where does this need to feel special actually come from? Well, it comes from being separated from your I AM Presence and the River of Life and your ascended brothers and sisters even your ascended parents. When you go into the consciousness of separation, you feel alone. You feel you have lost something and it is unbearable. But if you can build the appearance that you are very very special on earth, then you can live with it. You can exist and you can compensate for it by being special on earth.

But nevertheless, the desire to feel special is based on a lack, a black hole in your being and no matter how special you could ever feel on earth or on any other planet, you would never fill the hole. Because the hole can only be filled by reconnecting to your I AM Presence and the entire hierarchy of ascended beings that form the River of Life.

What I am saying is this: The need to feel special keeps you out of the River of Life and it is only by being in the River of Life that you can fill the hole in your being. It is one of these unsolvable problems, at least unsolvable from the viewpoint of the separate self. You might say if you discover this need to feel special, you might at least try and use it constructively by taking what we have said about the fallen beings and say: “Yes, they do appear to be very special, able to do things very smart, having figured a lot of things out, being able to come up with these elaborate arguments. But are they really that smart? When it comes right down to it, are they really that smart? Here is a person or a being who for untold numbers of years in this sphere and untold numbers of years in one or several previous spheres have been trying to do the impossible, have been trying to fill the hole in their being by building the appearance of being special in an unascended sphere. Is that really smart? Are they really so special?”

Are you really so special if you do what they do and trying to make yourself seem special in this world? Or would it not be actually really special to see the weakness of the desire to be special and give it up? Would you not become more special by giving up the desire to be special than by seeking to fulfill this desire which is an impossible task?

Of course, once you give up the desire to feel special, well, you are not going to feel special, are you? But you are going to feel whole. You are going to feel that you are in the River of Life. You are going to feel fulfilled in being who you are and expressing it on earth. And you are going to feel an enormous relief because now you no longer have this burden of evaluating everything you do or say or feel or think or how you see yourself based on this: “Will it make me seem more special or less special?” And you no longer have this fear that something could happen that would shatter your appearance of being special and pull you down and show that you were not so special after all.

If you, who are open to these teachings, can look at yourselves, overcome these momentums and many of you do not have a strong desire to feel special or you would not actually have been attracted to these teachings. But if you can overcome what is there, you can start really tying into that particular current in the River of Life that has been built by others, and therefore you can be the open door for establishing this momentum on earth that will make it easier and easier for people to overcome this need to feel special. I can assure you that there are many well-meaning spiritual people who have spent lifetimes trying to use a spiritual teaching to build the sense of being special and thereby they have delayed their ascension, they have delayed their freedom from this self-focused self, because, of course, a self that wants to appear special, well, what is it focused on? Itself.

The joy of freedom from the self-focused self

This particular dispensation that we have given through this messenger does not cater to the need to feel special. The messenger himself does not cater to people who come wanting to feel special. He is actually very quick to shatter their sense that he is special, and therefore they are special because they are affiliated with him. And we have given many teachings to help you be free of this need to feel special.

And it is not a matter, as I said, of feeling that you are somehow special for not feeling special. It is just a matter of letting it fade away. There is no longer that need because you are experiencing the wholeness that comes only from feeling connected to the I AM Presence, to the River of Life. When you are flowing with the River of Life, you are feeling whole and there is no need to feel special.

This is what we all experience and this is what we want you to experience while you are still in embodiment. I certainly experienced this after I came back out of Nirvana to teach, which, by the way, was not an event that happened as it is seen in most Buddhic mythologies. It was simply that I had reached a level of consciousness where I was able to ascend. I had qualified for my ascension. But I went before the Karmic Board and they asked: “Do you want to ascend physically now or do you want to stay in the body and teach?” And I determined along with my counselors to stay in the body. It was not such a supernatural event that some Buddhists make it out to be. It was simply a determination.

You can say that it is similar to what some people experience when they have a near death experience and they are taken in their finer bodies to meet some counselors in a higher realm and they determine that they are willing to go back. I know some people are sent back or feel they were sent back. But when you are qualified for your ascension, you are not forced to go back. You have the choice and you must choose. I did this and that is why I had quite a number of years there where I was free of this self-focused self, and therefore could actually appreciate and enjoy being in physical embodiment in a different way than I could do before.

And that is why I know how freeing, how liberating, how enjoyable it is to be in embodiment with that freedom from this self-focused self. It is truly the greatest fulfillment, enjoyment you can have on a planet like earth. Naturally, you could say that there is a different kind of enjoyment on a natural planet because even if you are a free being, an enlightened being, an awakened being, whatever you want to call it, on a planet like earth you cannot ignore, of course, all of the things that are happening on earth. You cannot ignore the suffering of other people. But you can still avoid reacting to it, and therefore just be focused on doing what you can do to help people who are willing to rise higher, to look at themselves and to shift their consciousness. You can demonstrate that there is a different way, there is a higher way and it is possible for people to follow it.

The“special guru” trap

Now, just to finish off this topic of the need to feel special, why is it that there are so many spiritual movements where they believe that their guru, their leader is so special or was so special? It is of course, because if the guru is special then the followers of that guru become special because they can recognize the guru. Or as I said, they might, in some cases, decide that they are special because after having followed the guru, they can now denounce the guru, and therefore even be more special than the guru.

But if you step back and look at this, what is actually happening? Well, what is happening is that as the earth has been in an upward spiral for a long time, more and more people are awakening from duality. If you looked at it with the perspective of the ascended masters, you would see that millions and millions of people around the planet are coming close to the point where they can start awakening from duality, they can start seeing the fallacy of duality.

The fallen beings are also aware of this, not the ones in the physical body but the ones in higher realms. They are doing everything they can to deal with this situation and they deal with it in two main ways. One is they seek to prevent people from taking the decisive step towards awakening, they try to stop it. But the other is that they try to divert people into a blind alley. And they do this by setting up a spiritual movement that has a leader that is very special, and then trying to pull the ones that are close to awakening into following that leader. And of course, what kind of leader is it typically? Not in all cases, but in most cases, what kind of leader is it that is willing to set him or herself up as a guru who is very special? Well, it is often the fallen beings. As we have said, there is the good cop fallen beings and the bad cop fallen beings. And there are some fallen beings who, over a long period of time, have cultivated this ability to create the appearance that they are not only good, they are actually spiritual or even holy. And some fallen beings have this ability to project this appearance into people’s minds with such force that many people are overwhelmed by it. Some of you have, when you were young, followed such a guru for some time.

How do you discern that there is such a fallen being masquerading as an advanced guru or a holy person? Well, you can apply what Jesus said: “On their fruits ye shall know them.” And you can look at an organization and, for example, ask yourself do the people in the organization feel they are very special? And then that is a sign that there is something that is unbalanced there.

Reading vibrations behind the appearances

But ultimately you can only expose this by reading the vibration of the being behind the appearance, behind the facade. And this is one of these abilities that is not an ability you can cultivate as a human being. You cannot, with the outer mind, read the vibration. But what can happen is that you make contact with your I AM Presence, with your ascended teachers, and you experience the vibration of an ascended master. And this gives you a frame of reference whereby you can look beyond the facade of this guru in embodiment and read the vibration and feel, oh, it is not nearly at the same level as the ascended masters. And that is the ultimate way to discern.

Some of you can do this, others cannot. Do not despair if you cannot. You will gradually cultivate that ability as you walk the path towards flowing with the River of Life. This is not an ability that you can exercise with the outer mind. It is not so that you can engage in some kind of mental process that causes you to see: “Oh, that person is a fallen being.” It is something that just happens in certain situations where suddenly you feel that flow of the River of Life and what comes to you is: “Oh, that is a fallen being”, if you need to know this.

There are those who have become almost obsessed with developing this ability because they want to label people they do not like as being fallen beings. And you see this in some ascended master organizations. You have even seen examples of it in this organization where there are people who want to be able to label other people as fallen beings, especially those they cannot agree with. This, of course, is not from the River of Life because the River of Life flows spontaneously.

How do you know what is real?

And this now opens up another topic that I want to discourse on, and it is that how do you know anything on earth? How do you really know? How do you know what is an illusion of the fallen beings and a higher way to look at things? How do you know what is right and wrong, true or false? Well, first of all, you will never know what is right and wrong or true or false because these are dualistic evaluations. But what you can come to know is what is an appearance created from the duality consciousness and what comes from the Christ consciousness, the One Mind, the River of Life. But how can you know this?

Many spiritual people, yourselves probably included, started out the spiritual path by studying a spiritual teaching. You are studying this with the outer mind. You are building a database in your mind for: this is a valid spiritual teaching, this is not a valid spiritual teaching. You can use that analytical mind to always compare any new idea to this database: “Oh, yeah, this corresponds to what is valid; no, this corresponds to what is not valid.”

But is this really the ultimate way to know? Is this what true wisdom, true knowledge means? Is this what discernment means? And, of course, it is not. How then can you know? Well, you can know by neutralizing that linear analytical mind. And in order to do this, of course, you need to overcome certain separate selves. Some of these selves are created based on some of the collective selves that the fallen beings have created, because there is a very strong collective self on earth that you can know something through the outer mind, through the analytical mind, the rational mind. Science can tell you what is real or other ways of knowing. There is a strong projection that you can know with the mind, the human mind, what is real and unreal.

When you come to see these selves and let them go, you can neutralize that analytical mind or as we say, the Conscious You can then step outside of the four lower bodies. And then you can connect to the River of Life and through the River of Life you can know. But this is not, again, something you can analyze your way to. It is not that you set up these rational arguments. You just go into neutral and then you wait for the answer, the impulse to come from the River of Life: “This is of the One Mind, this is coming from the separate mind.”

Look at this teaching again about this self that is so focused on itself. What does this self actually think or at least part of this conglomerate of selves? It thinks it can know what is right and wrong. What validates your appearance of yourself is right, what does not is wrong, according to this self. How will you ever come to see this self? Again, not through the outer mind, the analytical rational mind. You will come to see it only by opening yourself up to the River of Life. And through the River of Life, as the River of Life flows through you, you can see the illusion of the self-focused self.

Seeing through connection

You have all experienced this in your lives or you would not be sitting here being open to this teaching. But you can become more aware of this, and realize that instead of trying to figure everything out with the outer mind, you just focus your attention on a certain issue or problem and then you withdraw your attention from the issue, avoid going into it and analyzing it, and you just sort of find a way to perhaps send a question to the River of Life, perhaps just connect, and then you will feel that impulse flowing through you.

It is almost like we could say that you are seeing an issue but you see it only partially because it is dark, there is a darkness covering part of the issue. But when you go into the analytical mind, you are attempting to remove the darkness so you can see the problem clearly. But how do you remove darkness? It has no substance. You cannot put it in a garbage bag and throw it in the garbage can. How do you remove darkness? Bring the light. But where is the light going to come from? Not from the analytical mind. Ah, it is going to come from the River of Life.

When you open yourself to the River of Life, it is as if a beam of light shines through your mind, illumines the issue, the problem, and now you just see it. In many cases, you cannot even put words on what you are seeing. You cannot explain it in a way that the rational mind can relate to. But you see it, you experience it. And then you can see: “Oh, this is unreal, oh, this limits me. I do not want to be limited. I am letting that self go.” There can also be situations in life where you come across some new story that talks about a particular issue or a particular problem and instead of analyzing it, you can go into connecting to the River of Life and suddenly you gain a different perspective on it. It can be a spiritual teaching you are considering, it can be anything.

Seeing through dualistic appearances

What I am telling you here is this. There comes a point on the spiritual path where you begin to see the limitations of the linear rational mind and you begin to connect to the alternative which is the River of Life, which can really give you a different perspective on anything in the material world. Why is this so? Because anything in the material world is an appearance. Some of these appearances are created by the Elohim and are, therefore, real enough. They have a certain reality even though they are not eternal. But many appearances on earth are created out of the duality consciousness, the consciousness of separation. When you connect to the Mind of Oneness, that is the River of Life, and it flows through you, then you can clearly see the appearances based on separation and duality. And this means you have come to a point where you no longer really need an outer spiritual teaching to show you what is real and unreal.

Many of you are in this mode and have been in this mode for a long time that you study our teachings, you use them as your frame of reference. Here is an issue you are wondering about. What did the master say about it? Oh, so now I know what is real and unreal. And this is a valid approach to take, but only at a certain phase of the spiritual path. Because we do not want you to remain in that stage for the rest of your lives. We want you to come to the point where you can connect to the River of Life and thereby directly within yourself experience what is real and what is an appearance. You can still study the teachings and use the teachings to connect to the River of Life. But if you only study the teachings with a rational analytical mind, then the teachings will become a blind alley.

And you can look at spiritual and religious movements, for that matter other movements, even science, and see how many people have been trapped in this reasoning with a rational mind, always trying to figure out what is real and unreal. But what is it that the rational mind does? It must set up an appearance in this world that it says: “This is ultimately real and this is my foundation for comparing everything else.” It is a comparative mind. And this, of course, means that whatever is the appearance that you have elevated to the status of an absolute truth will limit everything else that you see. And it will prevent you from ever going higher than that illusion. You cannot free yourself from that illusion.

What the River of Life does is it gives you an experience of something that is real, not ultimately real, but more real than what you have seen before. And if you continue interacting with the River of Life you will increase your discernment. You will increase your ability to experience what is real, not increasing the ability of your outer mind. That is not the point. The point is to increase your intuition, your inner experience of reality.

Being spiritually self-sufficient

That is self-sufficiency. We do not have any desire to keep you attached to this teaching or this messenger. The messenger is in the fortunate state that having overcome this focus on himself he has no need to keep you tied to him either. He has no need for you to see yourself as his followers or his students. You are students of the ascended masters. But really you are not meant to remain students forever.

You are meant to connect to the ascended masters and experience us directly through the River of Life. Some of you can achieve this. You might still want to be affiliated with the messenger. Others will say: “No, I need to go somewhere else to fulfill this particular aspect of my Divine plan.” This is, of course, what we desire to see for you, that you gain that clarity of where your Divine plan wants to take you, and where you can have the greatest impact for your personal growth and for bringing the world closer to the golden age.

Do you see how so many spiritual movements are based on a certain savior complex? We are doing something epically important to improve the world. Can you see that when you overcome this focus on self you are free of this? You are free of this. And that means what? That means now instead of holding an image in your outer mind of what it means to be a spiritual student, you can instead open your mind to flowing with the River of Life as it wants to flow through you at this particular time.

The illusion of the absolute truth

One of the enigmas, seemingly, that you encounter as you go into this stage of the path is that you have this outer self that wants to believe that there is some absolute truth that you can always rely upon. As I said, when you go into this building the outer appearance you take one appearance on earth, one dualistic truth or dualistic polarity and raise that to being an absolute truth. There is a very, very, very strong momentum on earth that there must be something that is the absolute truth.

This ultimately comes from the fallen beings who are trying to build their sense of being special by defining something in this world as being an absolute truth. But this is an unascended sphere. How could anyone in the unascended sphere or anything in the unascended sphere be an absolute truth? The ultimate truth is the Creator or even the awareness that is beyond the Creator.

You have this very strong momentum and when you find the spiritual path how do you all react? Well, you think, oh, this spiritual teaching is the absolute truth. Finally, I found the absolute truth. This teaching comes from the ascended masters who are ascended so naturally what they give us is the absolute truth. Then you hear about the concept of flowing with the River of Life, and that the River of Life can express itself through you and can show you what is real and unreal. And this self will then project into your mind that, well, this means that whatever comes from the River of Life must be the absolute truth. But that is not the case. And it is a very dangerous illusion to be in because it can cause you to experience the River of Life but then shut yourself off because you felt deceived.

There is always more to see

Here is exactly what happens. You are at a certain level of consciousness. Let us say you are at the 98th level of consciousness. You step outside of your outer mind, you connect to the River of Life, you experience the River of Life flowing through you and it shows you something you have not seen before. But what the River of Life shows you is what you can see at the 98th level of consciousness. This is a fairly high level of consciousness compared to most people on earth and you can see a lot at that level. But if you think that what you see at the 98th level is the absolute truth then you have a problem because there is a 99th level. And at the 99th level you can see more than you can see at the 98th level and so on up through the remaining levels. Of course, the same applies at the 48th level.

You see you cannot approach the River of Life, or connecting to the River of Life, with this attitude that the River of Life should show you the absolute truth. This is something this messenger realized many years ago. And it has helped him survive psychologically as a messenger, because in this position where you are claiming you are taking messages from the ascended masters and you are putting them out there where people can find it, you can very easily come to feel that you do not want to make a mistake, which means that everything you get should be, if not an absolute truth, then at least accurate.

And quite frankly throughout the ages the biggest challenge for people who have connected to the River of Life and dare to express it, dare to be an open door for it, is that after they have expressed something they use their analytical minds to evaluate it, to compare it to some worldly standard. And now they decide: “Oh, this was not the ultimate truth so I do not dare to do this anymore.”

And this messenger could have done the same thing except he realized: “I have a certain level of consciousness and this means the ascended masters can only bring forth what I can grasp with my current level of consciousness.” He also realized this is perfectly in order because this means that the people who are at or close to the same level of consciousness, they can grasp what is being said. It is adapted to their level of consciousness.

He also realized that he came to a point where he consciously decided: “There is nothing I know that is an absolute truth, because at any moment the ascended masters could show me a higher understanding.” And this means that he was open, first of all, to realizing that what he could see right now was not an ultimate truth, but he was open to letting us take him higher at any time. Whereas, if you want an absolute truth you are saying: “Now I have the absolute truth. Now I do not need the ascended masters anymore. I do not want to be open to a higher truth because I have the absolute truth. And what could be higher than the absolute?”

Raising up people in a specific situation

You see when you begin to connect to the River of Life it is very important to switch your mind. You are not looking for the River of Life to give you an absolute truth. You are looking for the River of Life to express what can be expressed through you at the moment given your level of consciousness, given the level of consciousness of the people who are hearing what you are saying and the situation you are in.

This again ties in with this teaching of the interdependent originations. In any situation the situation is much more complex than what you see with the outer mind, so there are many factors that determine what can be expressed by the River of Life in a given situation. It is not a matter of bringing forth an absolute truth that is valid for all people in all situations. It is a matter of what can help the people in this specific situation come up higher. And this means that in one situation something might be expressed, in another situation something else might be expressed.

And now we come to this point where we have seen ascended master students use the linear mind. We have students who have now been in a certain ascended master dispensation for many years and have studied the teachings. They feel this is the highest teaching they have. They feel that they have a grasp on the teaching. Now there comes this impertinent person who claims to be a messenger for the ascended masters and he puts out a website claiming this is from the real Jesus. These older students they look at this and then they compare with the analytical mind: “Ah, here is something on this new website that is not in accordance with what was said in the old so the new must be false.”

If you do this with the River of Life, with your own contact with the River of Life, you will lose that contact, because your outer mind will become so obsessed with defining what is absolutely real that you will say this outer teaching, this must be real. And, therefore, you close your mind to the flow of the River of Life. You have to cultivate, in order to maintain your connection to the River of Life, you have to cultivate this awareness that the River of Life is always seeking to raise up people in a specific situation. The purpose is to help people transcend their current level of consciousness. It is not to manifest a certain physical condition. It is not to bring forth the ultimate truth. It is, in a specific situation, to raise up those who are involved with that situation.

Therefore, you do not go back and analyze what was said through you. You do not go back with the outer mind and compare this to what might have been said earlier through you or what might have been said through someone else or what might have been said in a spiritual teaching. You are content that what was expressed was what needed to be expressed in that situation and then you just flow with it. And when the next situation comes up, you allow the River of Life to express what it wants to express there and you are content with that and then you move on.

No need to analyze

Many people will be afraid to do this. They will have a fear: “What if I said something wrong?” They go into analyzing. But as I have tried to explain to you, you never can determine this by analyzing because you must always have some appearance that you think is the absolute truth. What is the alternative? It is set aside the fear. Maybe what was expressed through you in a particular situation was not the highest that could have been expressed. Maybe you were not quite connected. Maybe you were a little bit biased in your mind. Maybe you wanted a certain outcome of the situation. Maybe it was not entirely pure what came through you. But instead of going into fear, instead of analyzing, you just say: “Then I have to be more neutral next time.” And you strive to be more and more neutral. And the more neutral you become, the more pure it is what comes through you. And that is when you say: “No need to analyze. I am just flowing with the River of Life. In any situation I am flowing and once the situation has passed, it is passed. Now it is a matter of where do I flow next? Where does the river want to take me next?” And when you can overcome that self-focused self that causes you to hold on to something that you think you must fix and that you cannot let go of, then you can really flow with the river. And you are just flowing from situation to situation.

And you will be amazed at how out of conditions that you thought could never be changed will suddenly be liquefied. And you will start flowing around them or through them. And things will open up for you that you could not imagine before. And again then, do not analyze. Do not compare. Do not have in your mind this what should or should not happen. Be willing to flow and continue to flow.

What one has done all can do

I know and I sense for many of you that you still have many questions. You still have certain fears: “How do I do this? How do I actually come to see a self? How do I let go of a self?” But we have already given many of teachings on this that you can study and apply. You can talk to each other. You can learn from each other. You can support each other. You could create groups where you would meet on the internet and talk about these separate selves and how you can help each other overcome them. Many things you can do.

But what you really can do is you can realize that all of these fears, all of this insecurity is just projections from the fallen beings and your separate selves. And you can look at this messenger. You can look at other people who have applied the teachings and realize they are not special. What is the essential motto of the ascended masters known in several previous organizations? What one has done all can do. It is a doable task because if it was not doable for you, you would not even be open to the teaching. You would not be here. You would not have found the teaching. You would not have thought there was any validity to it. By the mere fact that you are here, it is a realistic potential in your Divine plan that you can let go of this self-focused self and flow with the River of Life.

With this, I, Gautama Buddha, seal you in the particular current of the River of Life that I AM, and that I am one with, that is created by all of the beings in this unascended sphere who have attained the level of the Buddhic consciousness, and all of the beings in previous spheres who have attained the level of the Buddhic consciousness. And I can assure you that is a considerable momentum. I am not giving you a fantasy here. I know, I experience what can be achieved by letting go of this last attachment of this personal self-focused self. May this be your experience also, and in this lifetime.


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