Higher speech requires higher energies

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, January 7, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 New Year’s webinar – Being a spiritual person in a chaotic world.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. The next topic we need to discuss here is the concept of higher speech. Again, many Buddhists have looked at this, they have taken the translation of right speech and they have attempted to define what is the right speech and what is the wrong speech. As I have explained already, this is not the highest approach. How do we go higher? 

Well, you cannot actually understand the concept of higher speech without understanding energy. Now admittedly, this was something that was difficult to explain to people 2,500 years ago, but it has become much easier with the advances in modern science. As already mentioned, Albert Einstein proved that the world is really made out of energy. This means what? It means that everything you do is done with energy. You cannot feel, you cannot think, you cannot hold a sense of identity, you cannot talk and you cannot act without using energy. I realize that many people are aware that their body needs energy and they think that you get this from your food, perhaps from sunlight, perhaps from breathing the air, but this is only the physical aspect of energy. 

It is of course not very relevant when it comes to speech, higher speech. In order to grasp the concept of higher speech, you need to realize that energy is a continuum of vibrations. There are certain energies that make up what you call the material realm, but there are many other energetic vibrations. You know from science, how they can measure energy vibrations that you cannot detect with the physical senses. There is a form of energy that vibrates within what we can call the material frequency spectrum, but beyond that is a form of energy that vibrates in the emotional frequency spectrum, another form in the mental and finally energy that vibrates at the identity level which is the highest level of the material universe. Beyond that of course is the spiritual realm of even higher vibrations that are beyond what can even be measured by physical instruments. 

You are perhaps not aware of this, but there is a limit to what instruments made out of matter can measure. It is comparable to the fact that an optical microscope cannot see any particles that are smaller than the wavelength of visible light. That is why they have constructed electron microscopes to detect smaller particles. Likewise, there could be constructed other instruments that can measure higher vibrations and some have already been constructed, but there is a limit to what you can measure with instruments created in the matter realm. Thus, you will not be able to create an instrument that can prove the existence of a spiritual realm beyond the material. It simply cannot be done. Nevertheless, these energies exist. 

The linear mind, the intuitive mind and objectivity

Now you may look at what scientists have discovered where they on the one hand have formulated the theory of the Big Bang. They say that, at the time of the Big Bang, there was really no matter as you understand matter today because everything was energy that was compressed into this infinitely small point, called a singularity. This idea of a singularity is really an outcome of the linear mind and we need to briefly touch upon this. I have said that the linear mind looks at current phenomena, it looks at the complexity that is there now, but it wants to break it down and say that the complexity comes from a simpler state guided by a few simple natural laws. If you therefore continue to go back to these lower states or more fundamental states, you eventually reach the end of the line where you have the original cause. 

According to science, this is the singularity that existed in this brief interval of time before the Big Bang. Nobody can really explain what a singularity is. Nobody can really explain how all of the energy that has created this vast, vast universe could be compressed into a single point. This is a theory created by the linear mind where it says you must be able to go back towards stages that are simpler and more fundamental until you reach the ultimate stage, the ultimate cause. It is the same as saying that sometime in the past, in the primordial soup, a lightning hit and the first single-celled organism appeared. Well, is this really the only way that this could be conceived? It is the only way by the linear mind, but what about the mind that is not linear? Today, more and more people are becoming aware of intuition. More and more people are realizing that intuition is simply a method for investigating the world you live in, and it can be as valuable and as valid as the linear analytical mind. 

The reason why modern society today is in somewhat of a stalemate in terms of growth and has created so many problems with the environment, for example, is that materialists, when they took over science, wanted to disregard the influence of consciousness. They wanted to disregard intuition because they decided that intuition was subjective and unreliable, and only the rational, linear, logical mind could be objective and reliable. This is a very artificial determination that has had widespread ramifications for modern society and for creating many of the problems you see that seem to have no solution. They have no solution with the linear mind because the linear mind can again only think in distinctions, differences, analytical ways of looking at life that create these dualistic polarities and then implies a value judgment. Once you have the value judgment, you have closed your mind. 

Science started out as an objective process of observing what can be observed. Instead of thinking that a certain doctrine accurately described the universe, even though observations contradicted the doctrine, you were willing to look at what is actually happening. This was an attempt to create some objective way of approaching the world. It is a valid way of doing it, but it is only one side of the coin of the mind’s abilities. Intuition is also a way to step away from subjectivity. When you have this experience that I described where the you, the Conscious You, steps outside of your emotional, mental and identity bodies, this is an objective experience. Having an intuitive experience can be just as valid as using logic and analysis, but scientists decided that it was only the rational mind that was reliable. They attempted to exclude intuition, claiming that this was subjective, whereas the rational mind was not subjective. This of course is a limited claim because what do you do with both minds? Whether you use logic and rationality or you use intuition, you are actually having a direct experience of something beyond your normal level of awareness. 

The question becomes, are you then willing, when you come back into your normal level of awareness, to use the experience to question your awareness, your mind? Or will you try to interpret the experience through your present level of consciousness, wanting it to fit into the perception filter, the mental box that you have? Scientists who interpret scientific observations are in many cases not neutral and objective. They certainly are not if they are materialists who have taken an ideological approach to science. They have formulated an idea of how they want the universe to work and they are superimposing it upon scientific observations, desperately wanting to fit them into their ideology. 

An intuitive alternative to the Big Bang theory

This is how they created the theory of the Big Bang. It has to have started somewhere and if you go with a linear mind to the smallest thing you can imagine, you get something that the mind cannot imagine, but it can label it and call it a singularity. What could this possibly be? Well, what if you use your intuitive mind and say, the Big Bang, or rather the process of manifestation of the material universe, did not start in a singularity.  It started in an opening between the material frequency spectrum and the frequency spectrum above it, a higher vibration beyond the material frequency spectrum. It was not necessary that all of the energy that is currently in the universe was compressed into a single point, which is clearly an impossibility. It was only necessary that there was an opening between a higher realm and a material realm and that energy could enter through that opening. 

Now, of course, you still have this artificial concept that if there was only one opening in one point, it is still quite difficult to imagine that this vast universe should have started in just one point. What if it did not? What if instead there were many openings so that instead of everything having to come through one little hole, there was a large amount of energy that was lowered in vibration from the higher frequency spectrum to the spectrum of the material universe? In other words, a simultaneous manifestation, a simultaneous entering of energy, not from a single point, but from many points. 

Then you get rid of the singularity. Now, of course, the linear mind will say, prove it. I will say, use your intuition and you can experience the reality of it. How can I say this? Because your mind has the potential to be an entry point for energy coming from a higher realm. In fact, if your mind did not have this ability, you could not be conscious. Scientists have, since the advent of materialism, attempted to exclude consciousness from scientific inquiries, saying: “We do not need to study consciousness, it can only be subjective.” 

A good scientist will know his instruments or her instruments and will be willing to look at the limitations of the instrument. Scientists could have taken an optical microscope and used it to observe the smallest particle they could observe that is bigger than the frequency of visible light. If they had been in the same mindset as the materialist, they would have said: “There is nothing beyond this smallest particle. There cannot be anything that is smaller than what we can see in this optical microscope.” You need to know the limitations of your instruments in order to know if you are making accurate observations. Well, what is the primary instrument used by scientists? It is their minds. Not only do they use their minds to formulate theories to construct instruments that they use for observations, but they also use their minds to interpret the observations.

The expansion of awareness leads to new knowledge

Now you can go back 2,500 years to when I appeared on earth and the people at the time had no awareness of anything beyond what they could see with their senses. They did not know, many of them, that there were organs inside the body. They certainly did not know about cells, about molecules, about atoms, about subatomic particles. They could observe energy such as sunlight, but they had no real concept of what energy was. They did not have the concepts of vibration, frequency, wavelengths, amplitude. They even did not have the concept of an energy wave. They could see waves on water, but not conceive of an energy wave. There was no way to have explained this to them. There was in fact no way that scientists could have formulated their current theories based on what people knew at the time. 

What is it that has happened since then? It is that humanity has expanded its awareness, but this is based on discovering but also formulating new concepts. People have many more concepts today than they had 2,500 years ago and that is why they can explain things that could not be explained back then. What scientists are not aware of is that the way you formulate a concept has an impact on how you look at the entire issue. It has an impact on what theories you can formulate, what instruments you can imagine constructing, what measurements you can imagine making, and how you interpret the measurements. You will know, if you have ever studied this, that in quantum physics there is something called the wave-particle duality. Well, what is a particle? A particle is a concept that starts in the mind that sees, that experiences, the world through the senses. 

The so-called wave-particle duality

Your eyes can see a billiard ball. They can see something that is much smaller until you get down to a grain of sand. Therefore, you have the concept of a visible particle, which scientists have then used the linear mind to extend and say there must be smaller and smaller particles until we reach the smallest possible particle. This is what the ancient Greeks called the atom, the indivisible particle. There came a point where modern scientists had discovered something that they thought was the smallest indivisible particle and they called it the atom. Later they discovered that the atom could actually be divided and there were smaller particles. These are normally called subatomic particles and they have various names. 

Experiments have proven that if you observe this subatomic phenomenon in a certain way, it behaves like a particle and if you observe it in another way, it behaves like a wave. Therefore, they have come up with the wave-particle duality, which is supposedly one of the few remaining mysteries of modern physics. The wave-particle duality is a result of taking macroscopic concepts that can be seen by the senses and projecting it on the world that cannot be detected by the senses. If you take Einstein’s theory, it says that all matter is actually energy and energy is a wave, so there are no smallest particles. In fact, at the subatomic level, there are no particles as you conceive of particles with the linear, outer mind. This is just one example of how the concepts you have in your mind influence how you look at the world, the conclusions you make, and therefore what experience you have of the world.

The idea of a personal God

Now there are many, many people who are open to a spiritual teaching and they think that a spiritual teaching can give them insights into how the world works. Of course, many spiritual teachings do that, but many people also hope that a spiritual teaching can help them change their physical circumstances. They look for some kind of magical bullet that is built into the spiritual teaching so that they can change their physical circumstances. The classical example of this is that people have conceived of the idea that up there in a higher realm, there is a personal God who is supposedly an old man on a great white throne who is looking down upon you personally and evaluating everything you do, to see whether it is right or wrong according to his ultimate standard. 

If you do what this God considers right, or rather what some human being, some human priest, a Brahmin, has defined that God says is right, then you will be rewarded by going to heaven. If you do not follow the Brahmins of your religion, you will be punished by going to hell. The hope that is implicit in this worldview is that by doing something that is prescribed by your religion, you can entice this personal God to grant you favors, to take away unpleasant experiences and give you what you desire. 

This is of course an ancient belief, and many people have lived entire lifetimes in this belief. Many people in the modern age have lived in this belief so many lifetimes that they have given up on it because they have realized that it does not actually work. At least there is no systematic way to make it work. They come into embodiment in this day and age with this deep distrust of these traditional religions that talk about the wish-fulfilling God. And the reason for this is that they have experienced that although this gives them hope, it is actually in the end a disempowering belief system. Because if this wish-fulfilling God does not respond to your attempts to manipulate him into doing what you want, then there is nothing you can do. You are literally stuck. You are disempowered. 

An empowering spiritual teaching

The reason I did not talk about a spiritual realm or gods 2,500 years ago is that I wanted to give people a method, a teaching that was empowering. What is empowering? Well, it is that you realize the fact that I mentioned earlier. Your mind is conscious because there is a stream of energy coming from a higher realm into your mind. It comes from your higher self, which we do not need to go into in any depth here, but it enters first into your identity mind. Here the energy is qualified or takes on the form of the images you hold in your identity mind. This qualifies the energy so it takes on a certain form. You can compare it to a kaleidoscope with different levels of colored beads where the light first passes through beads of one color and takes on that color and then passes through other layers. 

First you have the identity mind and here you have your sense of who you are and what you can do. If you sense that you are a passive being who has no power, this is the quality that the energy will take on as it enters your identity mind. Then it passes into the mental mind where you might have other limiting beliefs of what you can or cannot do and now the energy is qualified with that. Finally it enters your emotional mind where you may have some emotional patterns of fear, of doubt, whatever you have, that again qualifies the energy. Then it enters your conscious mind and it takes on whatever beliefs you have at the conscious level. 

What are you doing with all this energy? Well, you are using it to think, to express feelings, you are using it to speak words and you are using it to take actions, physical actions. This is not all you are doing. Your mind is actually a projection apparatus, somewhat like the movie projector in a movie theater. Instead of one film strip, it has four, each of your four lower bodies. You are constantly projecting through the four levels of your mind onto the energy that makes up the material universe. 

The cosmic mirror

You can – and some of you have heard us say this before – you can compare the physical universe to a mirror. What you are projecting out with your mind will be reflected back by the mirror. This means what? Well, this is actually the deeper meaning of the teaching that I gave 2,500 years ago of the interdependent originations. 

Everything in the physical world on planet earth is made up of these four levels, the physical, emotional, mental and identity level. There are four levels of the material universe and everything that is manifest in the physical level is a projection of the images in the three higher levels.  The physical level is like the movie screen that has images projected upon it through the projector. However, the physical universe is connected to the minds of human beings. Human beings are the co-creators. There are self-aware beings who created planet earth from the outside, but human beings are the co-creators who create planet earth from the inside. You do this through your minds by allowing the energy streaming through your mind to take on the images, the mental images, in your mind and projecting them into the cosmic mirror, projecting them onto the energy that makes up the four levels. This is the deeper meaning of the interdependent originations, something that could not be explained 2,500 years ago, but can be explained in a more easy to grasp level with the current knowledge of energy. 

You see that you live in an interdependent system. You do have an actual physical planet. We can debate how real it is, but that is not relevant right now. You do have an actual physical planet, but the physical planet is a projection coming from three higher levels. In other words, as I said about the Big Bang, instead of all of the energy that makes up the current universe being compressed into a singularity, there was a point where the universe was not manifest because there was no energy in the physical vibrational spectrum. All the energy was in the emotional, mental and identity levels. At some point there was a projection that brought energy into a material spectrum. This did not happen in one single point, but at many points that defined a certain space that was the primordial space. 

Energy kept streaming through until it started coalescing as physical particles that then became increasingly complex and organized until you had the formation eventually of all of the galaxies that you see today, or rather, even many of the galaxies that you do not see today because the universe is too big. This was a process that happened from the outside, but it happened in essentially the same way as how you are co-creating, by allowing energy to flow through four levels of the mind until the energies were brought into the physical spectrum. 

The interdependent system

You now have an interdependent system here. There are four levels of what we might call the material universe, but within that material universe there are many individual self-aware beings, human beings, who have an individual mind that exists within the larger energy field of the material realm. You have a conscious mind, an emotional, mental and identity mind. Beyond this, all of the individual human minds are connected and form what we can call a collective mind. Science has even discovered that when certain events happen, there is coherence in the collective mind, which affects random number generators. I am not seeking to prove anything here for the linear rational mind, but simply to trigger your intuitive experiences. 

Everything you do is done with energy, but you are not an island. Even your energy field is not an island because you exist within this whole, this interconnected whole. Now why is this empowering, as opposed to disempowering? Because your physical circumstances are connected to the circumstances in the four levels of your mind. They are projections. Now, it is perfectly true that your physical circumstances are not the exclusive product of the projections coming from your mind. They are also a product of the interconnected effect of the collective mind, and of course the original projections for creating the planet.

This is not a magical belief in some wish-fulfilling God who has all power to set aside the free will of eight billion other people in order to give you the specific circumstances you want, because this is disempowering. What if God does not do this, which in most cases he does not do? With this knowledge, you can take an empowering approach and say: “I may not be able to change every aspect of my physical circumstances, but I can change some aspects by changing what I am projecting out through my mind. Even if there is a physical circumstance that I cannot change this way, I can certainly change the way I experience that circumstance, the way I react to it. I can in fact come to a point where I am free to either choose a more constructive reaction, or I can choose not to react at all.” 

This is empowering, and although this could not have been explained 2,500 years ago, it was still what I attempted to explain. The key to changing any aspect of your life is to start by changing your own mind, raising your level of awareness. This is the essence of the Eightfold Path. You go through eight phases or steps whereby you gradually raise your level of consciousness.

Speech and energy

What does all this have to do with speech and higher speech? Well, speech is a use of energy. Whenever you open your mouth and utter a sound, you are using energy. Now, you are projecting even when you are silent through your identity, mental and emotional mind, but these projections do not have quite as direct of an impact at the physical level as when you either take a physical action or when you speak. In other words, when you produce an effect that can be observed by the physical senses, this has a more direct influence at the physical level than when you project something from one of the three higher levels. 

The use of your voice is a powerful instrument that can be used to qualify energy, and you will never understand the concept of right speech or as I choose to say here, higher speech, if you do not understand that your voice carries and qualifies energy. This energy will have an effect both on other people, your physical circumstances and on yourself. 

You might already be aware, because you have observed this, that many times you can have strong emotions and you can feel that there is a disturbance in your energy field. You may not be very conscious of your energy field, but you can feel that something happens. If you get very angry, it can almost become a self-reinforcing effect, a downward spiral. When you cross a certain line, as people say, you lose it. You express anger often through your voice and it pulls you into a maelstrom, into a downward spiral, that can be very, very difficult to free yourself from. You may have observed it in others, you may have experienced it in yourself. There are of course many other of such vortices or maelstroms that can affect you. This is just an example of how you are using energy. You are qualifying energy and it has a direct effect on your state of mind.

 What you need to become aware of in order to manifest higher speech is how words or your voice qualify energy and project energy. You need to not do this in a logical, linear way. There is always the temptation to set this up in a linear way, and this can be done. You have instruments right now that can measure the human voice and the vibrations of the human voice. You could use this, if you wanted to, to set up a visible, linear scale that could detect different vibrations produced by the human voice. Some have already experimented with this. You will see scientists who, for example, have experimented with sound influencing sand on a glass plate and other similar instruments. The point is that instead of setting this up in an analytical fashion, what will really help you is to develop this intuitive sense for what happens in your own energy field when you use your voice. 

How sound affects your energy field

You know that if somebody is angry with you and yells at you, it affects you. The reason for this is that the person is projecting this energy of a specific vibration into your emotional body. All energy can interact with other forms of energy. If you have certain patterns in your emotional body, if somebody is angry with you, it will stir up these patterns. You can, for example, become angry yourself. Or, you can become shameful or depressed because you feel guilty the other person is yelling at you and accusing you. 

This you can use. You already have this ability, but you can refine it and develop it so that you can sense that there are certain kinds of speech that qualify energy with a lower vibration. You can basically talk about two different kinds of vibration. There is fear-based and there is love-based. There is higher, there is lower. You can learn to feel this. You can very simply center on your heart, the center of your chest, and you can ask yourself: “Do I feel that the energies are higher or lower? Does it raise my energies? Does it lower my energies?” You will be able to feel that if somebody is yelling at you, it lowers your energy. If somebody is talking to you in a positive, loving manner, it raises your energy. 

These are the criteria that most spiritual people can develop fairly quickly. Many have of course done so already. You can evaluate how you use speech and how other people use speech. This gives you a criterion for evaluating: Is this the kind of speech I want to engage in? Do I want to create these lower energy impulses and send them at other people? Because whatever I send out, even though I may think I am directing it at only one person and we are all alone in this room and nobody else can hear me, whatever I send out goes into the cosmic mirror into the four levels of the material universe and it will return to me. 

Karma is really energy impulses

This is one way to explain the ancient concept of karma. Karma is when you use your four lower bodies to project an energy impulse into the four levels of the material universe. That energy impulse starts in your identity body, goes into the mental, into the emotional, into the physical and then is projected out. It first enters the physical realm, then up to the emotional, then the mental, then identity. Here, if it is a fear-based energy, it cannot go further. Now, it is reflected back by what I have called the cosmic mirror, so that it starts hitting you again first in the identity, then the mental, then the emotional and then the physical. This is what has in Eastern religions and philosophy has been called karma. It is simply the return to you of energy you have sent out. 

Now what if you qualify energy with a higher vibration, a loving vibration? Well, the same thing happens. It goes through the four levels of your mind, into the four levels of the universe. When it reaches the identity level, the higher vibration will not be stopped and reflected back to you. It will actually go beyond the material realm into the higher realm to your higher self. Now you will receive more energy of a higher vibration from your higher self. This will increase your creative abilities, your mental capacity. It will also serve to raise your consciousness. In other words, when you qualify energy of a lower vibration, it will be returned to you in a lower vibration. When you qualify it with a higher vibration, it will be returned to you with that higher vibration, but in greater quantity and intensity. To him that has, more shall be added. This is the idea of the multiplication of the talents described in a parable by Jesus.

 We can also say, why is life suffering on earth? Why is there the Sea of Samsara? Well, because the earth is an energy system, but currently the majority of the energy in the system is qualified with a lower, fear-based vibration. There is so much fear-based energy in the energy system and in the collective consciousness that it often overpowers people’s minds and causes them to suffer, feel depressed, feel powerless, feel hopeless, feel angry, whatever you have. All of these lower emotions have to do with the fact that the energy in the collective field overpowers the individual fields of human beings. The way to escape this is to fill your individual energy field with higher energies, higher vibrations, and to purify your individual energy field of lower vibrations. 

You see, I have said that if you send out a fear-based impulse, it will be returned to you, but what effect will it have in your energy field? Well, it will have the effect of reacting with, stirring up, intensifying the lower energies that are already in your field. You become more agitated, more frustrated, more fearful. If you remove the energy that is already in your field and remove the reactionary patterns that cause you to qualify energy with fear, there is nothing for the energy to react to. If you then fill your energy field with higher vibrations, then when the lower vibrations come back to you, they will be transformed by the higher vibration. This is again something that was difficult to explain at the time of the Buddha but is easy to explain today with simple wave dynamics. 

If you take an energy wave of a certain vibration directed at another energy wave, there will be an interference pattern between the two waves, and the result will be a third wave that has a combination of the two waves. In other words, you have an energy wave of a low frequency, you direct a higher frequency wave at that, and you can create a third wave that has a higher wave than the original wave, but a lower vibration than the wave you directed at it. The net effect is that you have raised the low energy to a higher state. 

When you consider that you have had a pattern for several lifetimes where you have qualified energy with anger, and some of this was sent out, and some of this accumulated in your energy field, then you can see that part of this pattern is not just a belief that you need to respond with anger, or that it is the only way to respond. Part of it is the energy that affects your emotions, and the more anger energy you have in your emotional body, the more you are prone to respond, to react with anger in different situations. If you remove that energy, then it will be easier for you to see the reactionary pattern, see the belief behind it, and let it go, so you can be free, and therefore rise to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of the path. 

Using speech to transform energy

Why am I telling you all this when the topic is speech? Well, traditionally Buddhist teachings or Buddhist movements have used a variety of spiritual tools to raise awareness. They have used silent meditation, but many of them had also used chanting, chanting the Om, chanting other mantras, chanting certain syllables, and this has been used in other spiritual and religious cultures as well. The reason for this is that intuitively people from ancient times knew that using your voice is a powerful way to invoke higher frequency energy and direct it at lower frequency energy, and thereby transform the energy and set you free from the pull that it has on your mind. 

You now see that there are two aspects of having these attachments that I talked about 2,500 years ago. One is that you have a belief that is an illusion, but the other is that you have some energy qualified through that belief, and the energy pulls on your conscious mind. If you have an accumulation of anger energy, it does not take very much for you to react with anger to certain situations. You can see people who over the course of time become more and more prone to react with anger, and the simple explanation is that they have more and more anger energy accumulated in their emotional bodies, and it overpowers their conscious minds. 

By becoming aware of this, and by using appropriate tools to invoke higher frequency energy, you can free yourself from this pull. And the most powerful way to invoke higher frequency energy is to use your voice. You can of course use these traditional Buddhist chants, but there are also more modern versions, sometimes called decrees or invocations, that you can use for this purpose. What you realize here is that the original meaning of the concept of speech, higher speech, is that you learn to use your voice, the power of your voice, to invoke and direct energy so that you transform fear-based energy back into love-based energy, and therefore free your mind to look at the patterns and step up to a higher level on the path. This is the essential realization when it comes to speech. 

Many of you will already feel that when you talk in an angry or derogatory way, it lowers your energies. When you talk in a kind and loving way, it raises your energies. Again, many Buddhists have over time, and many other spiritual people have over time, decided with their outer minds that as a spiritual person, they have to always speak a certain way. They have to avoid speaking with anger, they have to avoid speaking loudly, they have to always speak softly and kindly, and they think this is enough, but what are they doing? They are using force to suppress certain forms of speech and cultivate others. 

What is it I have given you here—the alternative? You are not using force to suppress a tendency to speak with anger. You are using your voice to transform the energy that pulls on your conscious mind, and then you are using your ability to step outside your four lower bodies, look at the patterns in your emotional, mental and identity minds, and therefore dismiss the Maya, the illusion, that caused the pattern that caused you to react with anger. You are freeing yourself from the anger instead of suppressing it. There is a huge and essential difference. 

You may think that by suppressing all kinds of inharmonious speech, you have demonstrated great progress on the spiritual path, but I would rather have you dissolve one pattern than to suppress a hundred patterns. The one pattern will at least take you one step up, whereas suppressing will make you feel that you do not need to take a step up because you are already such an advanced spiritual student. Again, you can step into seeing everything as an opportunity. Many spiritual people have accepted this standard that you must speak softly, you must never lose your harmony, you must never raise your voice, you must never become irritated, and if they do, they feel very shameful, remorseful, and they come down upon themselves or they criticize others. 

Really, why would a spiritual teacher be concerned about this? Yes, if it is a pattern that repeats itself, it is not constructive, but what have I said earlier? You can look at everything that happens in your life as an opportunity to see something in your consciousness and overcome it. If you lose your harmony and speak angrily, there is no point in coming down on yourself for it or feeling shameful about it. Just step back and say: “Oh, this is an opportunity to see a pattern I have in my subconscious mind. What is that pattern? Let me go into it. Let me go into the energy, find the belief behind it, and unravel this until I see it.” This is the constructive way. This is the higher way to use speech, to look at speech, to approach speech. 

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you on this topic, and therefore I will seal you for now in the joyful speech of the Buddha.


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