Going into the mind of a dictator

TOPICS: Human and fallen consciousness – Understanding fallen beings – The illusion of perfection – Being focused on yourself – Seeking to prove God wrong – Dictators have little personal power – The fear of being proven wrong – A dictator must have someone to blame – Could a dictator change? – A development similar to China – A shift in the international community – 

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Ascended Master Padma Sambhava through Kim Michaels, July 1, 2016 during a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Padma Sambhava, and I would like to take you on a journey into the minds of a dictator. We will begin without focusing on any particular dictator because I do not want you to think that this only applies to one person. When you look at the long history of this planet, even as it is known in the history books, you can see that there has been a great number of leaders who have set themselves up to be in a position where nobody could object to their decisions. They had absolute power. If they said that things were going to be such and such, then things would become such and such and anyone who objected would simply be killed or removed.

Human and fallen consciousness

You may think that this is a phenomenon that is inevitable. You may think it is a product of the human consciousness. We have taught you about the ego that is part of the human consciousness and you may think that a dictator who sets himself up in this position of absolute power has simply taken the human consciousness and the ego to its ultimate extreme.

I would like to distinguish between “human consciousness” and “fallen consciousness.” What we normally refer to as human consciousness is a consciousness that is not necessarily so evolved. Actually, instead of human consciousness it is human unconsciousness or lack of awareness. It is simply that you have certain lifestreams who are not particularly evil and have no evil intentions, but they are acting based on their state of consciousness and they have only grown to a certain level. This can be because they have not been in embodiment for so long, it may be because they have been deceived into staying at a certain level or because they have not been willing to make decisions that brought them up higher. It is a lack of development, a lack of awareness.

A fallen being does not have a lack of awareness in the sense that it has not had much experience. It has had lots of experience, and that is why it has learned to manipulate others and to bend them with its will. Beings who have the fallen consciousness have learned how to take advantage of the human consciousness. They can cause those in the human consciousness to follow them blindly because they are either deceived into believing that the fallen leaders are benevolent or they are afraid of protesting in any way.

I want you to realize that the fallen consciousness, the consciousness of a dictator, is not simply taking the human propensity for selfishness and bringing it to some extreme. It is an entirely different level of consciousness. It is not a lack of development, it is a development that has deliberately been turned into a negative. The being is seeking to establish itself as a god on earth because it has refused to transcend itself and therefore become a god in the spiritual realm. This refusal to transcend itself did not happen here on earth, it happened for most fallen beings in a previous sphere and that is why the fallen beings feel no kinship with human beings who are evolving on earth. They see them only as tools and they have no compassion, no sense of connection with human beings.

Understanding fallen beings

Let us now journey into the mind of such a dictator. I can assure you that there have been many more of such dictators than what you have seen in known history. In past ages there have been some who have gone even further into extremes than what you see or have seen in recent history. I, of course, have spent quite a long time studying this phenomenon as have other ascended masters. We have often, while we were in embodiment, chosen to be in embodiment where we were in close relation with fallen beings because we wanted to study them up close in order to understand the mindset of a fallen being.

Now my beloved, placing yourself in close proximity to a fallen being is not a method of education that I recommend. In fact, if one is brutally honest (as one can, of course, be after one has ascended), then I can see that for myself there was a certain mixture of naiveté and pride in making the decision to associate myself with fallen beings. There was the belief that it was possible to understand a fallen being and there was the belief that I was capable of understanding a fallen being.

These are dangerous beliefs to entertain, and I tell you this because what I will give you in this discourse is a certain aspect of how the fallen consciousness works. I do not want you to develop the attitude that based on what I tell you and what other masters have told you in other books and dictations, you fully understand the fallen mindset. You must understand that the fallen mindset has a clear element of the irrational, and therefore it cannot be reduced to something that follows rational, logical, linear laws and patterns.

In other words, you should not come to a point where you think that you can look at a particular dictator (look at his attitude and his past actions) and use that to predict what he will do next. It can be very difficult to predict what such a being will do. There are certain times where it is very predictable because the being will continue the patterns it has demonstrated so many times. But there will be certain times where a dictator will do something unexpected, and it can be for the better or it can be for the worse. I say this because I am not giving you this discourse in order to have you take it and apply it to a certain individual and then think that this individual will always behave a certain way and could not change in a positive direction.

The illusion of perfection

The pattern you see in so many civilizations is that you have a king, an emperor or another ruler who has set himself up in this position of having absolute power because the person is believed by his underlings, his followers, to have absolute authority. You therefore see many who have set themselves up in such a way that they have been worshipped by the people for whom they were leaders.

You will know that in recent decades there has been a concept that has been broadcast in the world of leadership and leadership training, and it is the concept of “servant leadership”. What you see in many of these dictators is, of course, not servant leadership, and that is one measure you can use to recognize those who are in the fallen consciousness. For them the concept of serving the people simply does not compute, as they say. They are very clear that the people are there to serve them.

What does it take to set yourself up as a dictator who is being worshipped by your people as having almost god-like authority or even certain god-like personal qualities?  It takes that you enter a specific variant of the fallen consciousness, which operates with the concept that there can be such a thing in the material realm as perfection. Something in the material realm can be perfect, meaning that it is above and beyond what could be achieved or manifested by any other person or at least by the vast majority of the people on earth.

It is again important for you to realize that this state of believing in perfection is not a development of the human consciousness. It is not a matter of taking the human consciousness or the human ego to its ultimate extreme and then you have this belief in perfection. Nay my beloved, this is a product of the fallen consciousness, which is qualitatively different from the human consciousness. Perfection is based on a total denial of your own identity as a son or daughter of God.

Being focused on yourself

We have told you that all lifestreams started out being created by their spiritual parents and sent into embodiment by your I AM Presence. You started out with a very localized awareness. By being in embodiment (whether in this or a previous sphere), a lifestream would raise its awareness of itself, its own creative abilities and of how its environment works. It is therefore possible that a being can achieve a very high degree of mastery in terms of creating the exact physical conditions that the lifestream wants. It can therefore come to believe that it has attained some ultimate state of mastery in terms of manipulating matter and even manipulating other people with the mind.

As we have explained before in greater depth, this is not true mastery. This is where a being becomes focused on itself and it seeks to raise up itself in comparison to others instead of attaining what Jesus described as the Christ consciousness. Here, you have an awareness of the all, and instead of only seeking to raise yourself, you are seeking to raise other people, you are seeking to raise all life.

The Law of Free Will allows that a being can walk this path of raising up itself until its sphere is getting close to the ascension point. Then, there comes that point where the lifestream needs to be faced with the reality that although it believes it has attained great mastery, it is nevertheless not ready to ascend. Many among the beings that this being believes are below it, are indeed ready to ascend, for they have purified their hearts, their beings and attained the Christ consciousness.

There comes that point where an ascended master must appear to such a being and confront it with the reality of the situation. It must then be presented with the choice that it can start walking the true path and be given all necessary help so that it can catch up and manifest the true Christ consciousness and the true mastery. If it is not willing to do this, then the being will descend or fall into the next sphere that is being created.

There are many examples of beings who have been very focused on themselves, very much in love with themselves and their own mastery. When confronted with reality, they have indeed turned around and made the decision to walk the path. They have caught up, they have manifested the Christ consciousness. This does not mean they have lost the momentum they have gained, but they have been able to change it and use it for raising up the All.

There are also examples of those who were not willing to make that decision. Instead, they chose to go into a state of mind where they believed that they knew better than God how the universe worked—or at least should work. They decided that they were going to take their free will to the ultimate extreme where they decided that they were going to prove God wrong and prove themselves right.

Seeking to prove God wrong

This then will cause a being to fall into the next sphere. When it has fallen, and when it starts taking embodiment again, it will have forgotten some of its previous existence, but it will have a very strong inner drive to raise itself up to be in a superior position in its environment. Because it has previous attainment on manipulating matter and other beings, it can very quickly attain a leadership position in its new sphere.

Such a fallen being can then begin to use its position to attempt to demonstrate its own superiority, its own infallibility, its own perfection. Beyond this, there are certain beings that attempt to prove God wrong by counteracting the directions that the beings in the new sphere are receiving from the ascended masters. Of course, in a new sphere all beings are tutored by the ascended masters and they are consciously aware of this tutorship.

The fallen beings will try to counteract this and destroy the people’s ability to tune in to us and their willingness to believe what we are giving them. In doing so, they can attempt to prove God wrong by getting people to believe something that is contrary to reality. They are, so to speak, creating their own world view. It is an epic world view where they are right in an ultimate sense and therefore someone else must be wrong. That someone else may be the devil or it may be God, but to them God is in a polarity with the devil. Therefore, they have created a relative God that is not the true, unconditional God.

There are certain fallen beings who are completely obsessed and focused on proving God wrong and proving themselves right. There are other fallen beings who are not quite as focused on proving God wrong. We might say that there are certain beings who have been dragged along with other fallen beings who had decided to prove God wrong. These beings (who have been dragged along with the others) do not have that drive to prove God wrong, but they have been caught in the consciousness of the belief in perfection. They do believe it is possible that one human being can be in a state of perfection that sets that person above and beyond all of the people in his kingdom or his state. Therefore, he comes to see himself as a leader who deserves to rule because he is always perfect.

Dictators have little personal power

Now my beloved, I said I would take you on a journey that would take you into the mind of a dictator. What goes on in the mind of a dictator who is in a position of absolute power and has millions of underlings that will follow him blindly (whether out of fear or because they believe in the claim to perfection)? You may think, when you look at these dictators, that they are very powerful beings. You may look at their outer actions and see how they are willing to exercise great power in terms of either military adventures, suppressing their own people or killing those who object to their rule. You may think, as many people think, that such a dictator is a powerful person and must have great personal power.

What does it mean, my beloved, to have personal power? It means that you are in control of yourself, your own mind, your own psyche. There is nothing outside of yourself that forces you to make a certain decision. In whatever situation you face, you are free to make that decision based on your own internal deliberations. You are not forced by anything outside of yourself and you are not forced by anything inside yourself in terms of past patterns that, so to speak, force you to make a certain type of decision.

You will often see that people who actually have such mastery are not in positions of power because they do not want to exercise power over others. They realize that the purpose of raising up the All is that all people grow in self-awareness, and they do not grow in self-awareness by having a dictator who makes decisions for them. They grow by making decisions for themselves, and that means they must be given the freedom to make those decisions.

The fear of being proven wrong

When you look into the mind of a dictator, you see that he is not free because he is constantly making decisions based on being forced by outer circumstances and his own internal circumstances. What is the primary internal circumstance that drives such a dictator? It is fear, my beloved. Those who are exercising the “greatest” power and those who are the most ruthless in exercising power are those who have the greatest fear.

What is it they fear? Well, my beloved, before you can deceive others, you must have deceived yourself. There are certain fallen beings who are extremely clever in an intellectual way. They are extremely clever at reasoning and they are extremely clever at either convincing other people or getting other people to go into a state of doubt where they do not know what to believe. Before those beings developed the ability to deceive others, they first had to deceive themselves. They had to believe their own illusions, they had to drink their own Kool-aid.

A dictator who believes he rules because he is in a state of perfection, he himself believes he is perfect otherwise he could not psychologically handle being in that situation. He could not exercise the kind of ruthless power to destroy anyone who raises doubt about his perfection. The dictator believes he is perfect and what does this mean? How can you uphold the illusion that you are perfect? Only by never making a mistake. What is the dictator’s greatest fear? That he could make a mistake, that it could be proven that he had been wrong in a way that was undeniable to some degree to his people.

What the dictator really fears is that he could make a decision that turned out to be wrong and that this was demonstrated in such a way that he himself would have to acknowledge that he had been wrong in an absolute way. Therefore, he would be forced to admit that he was not perfect after all.

Do you see, my beloved, that such dictators are completely driven by this fear? There is absolutely no measure on earth that they will not take in order to uphold the illusion that they are never wrong.

The difficulty they face, and it is an existential difficulty, is that when you are the absolute leader of a country and you are making a decision that your country should do something, then who is there to blame, who is above you, where you can pass the blame onto someone else? There is no one. You may need to try to put the blame on some external force outside of yourself and this is what you see in many dictators. They have been the leaders of a certain country but that country has not had absolute power on earth.

A dictator must have someone to blame

Archangel Michael mentioned earlier that there has never been a nation or an empire that achieved absolute power on earth and it is partly because of the second law of thermodynamics and the fact that such an empire creates its own opposition. It eventually comes to a point where it cannot overcome that self-created opposition, as it is reflected back. There is also a psychological component because no dictator who believes in his own perfection actually wants to be in a position of having absolute power on earth. Subconsciously, he rejects such a position because if there was no one outside of his empire that opposed him, where could he then place blame? You see how the dictator needs to have someone that opposes him so that he can always blame his own failures on opposition from that external force.

Or he may be able to blame his own people for not exercising their task as he told them to do or not doing it well enough. He may also be able to go into a state of mind where he is what psychologists call delusional. He has created his own fantasy world so that even those decisions that have clearly undesirable consequences, he can still (in his own mind) explain them away as not being mistakes. Therefore, in his own mind he can uphold the illusion that he did not make a mistake, that he therefore is still perfect. This is what you see in most of the dictators you have known. Hitler, Stalin and Mao, which are the three dictators we often mention, all were in this category. Inside their own minds, they had created a fantasy world in which they simply could not be wrong no matter what happened.

Could a dictator change?

The question therefore becomes: “Is it possible that a dictator could come to accept his own fallibility, to accept that he was not perfect?” What does it take for this to happen? In the case of Hitler, for example, his many failures towards the end of the war eventually made him realize that he was not perfect, that he had made wrong decisions and that the defeat of Germany was inevitable. You will know that for years he was in a state of denial, a state of delusion, where he was imagining in his head, moving around troops that did not exist, winning battles that were never fought or winning battles that actually were defeats. There came a point where he could no longer deny the reality that Germany would be defeated and therefore he could not live with himself anymore and committed suicide. You will also see that Stalin and Mao never reached that point and therefore they died believing in their own perfection and infallibility.

The question that I put before you is: “What does it take for a dictator – who believes he is perfect, who has drunk his own Kool-aid or drunk the Kool-aid given to him by his father – what does it take for such a person to actually be willing to admit that he is not perfect and therefore change the way he exercises power or give up that power?” It is a very delicate question that obviously has no absolute answer.

One potential is that a person can go through a shift in consciousness whereby he sees that instead of continuing to exercise power the way he has been brought up to do, he can actually attain a higher state of perfection by letting go of some of his power and giving his people greater freedom and abundance. There are examples from the past where this has happened. They are not many but they are there.

The reason I bring this up is, of course, that the most peaceful possible outcome of the division of Korea would be that a certain dictator went through a switch in his mind where he began to see that he cannot maintain his aura of infallibility by continuing to do what his father and grandfather were doing for so long. He can actually maintain a certain aura of infallibility by deciding that due to his magnanimity, it is better to give his people greater freedom and to open up for the potential that they could have a greater abundance, a greater standard of living.

In other words, this would raise him up to a greater state of perfection than his father and grandfather and make him seem like a leader who is able to take his people into a better age than what was achieved by his father and grandfather. It is possible that this can happen. How likely is it my beloved? Well, there is a greater potential than you might think, but again I will not give you a specific number. I desire those of you who are willing to do this, to change the way you look at this dictator and actually hold what Mother Mary has called the immaculate concept that a positive change could happen.

You may feel that this person has committed atrocities and that his father and grandfather committed great atrocities against the people of both North and South Korea. You may again feel the desire to punish or to make that person responsible, to make him see his mistakes. My beloved, what I am putting before you is the potential, as Quan Yin explained, that we can put North Korea on a track similar to that seen in China.

A development similar to China

Do you not understand that even though China (after Mao) did not have one almighty dictator, as Mao was, there was still a very small elite in China who had almost dictatorial, almost absolute, power. They had a need to maintain the infallibility, not only of them personally but also of the party, of the system.

How could they actually allow the opening up of China to doing business with the West and still maintain that aura of infallibility? Well, as you will see, they managed to do this, at least in their own minds and in the minds of a large percentage of their people. It was this shift in the mindset of the leaders – where they saw a different way to project the perception of infallibility – that caused China to be set on a new course. Now, China has gone so far on that course that it would be impossible to revert back to the older times. The Chinese people have gone so far that it simply would be impossible to go back to the state of affairs that existed under Mao. There would not be enough Chinese soldiers and special forces to kill the number of people that would have to be killed in order to go back to that previous state of centralized control.

The most positive outcome that could happen in North Korea was that it went through a similar transformation of starting on a track of becoming more and more open without the leaders of North Korea realizing what was happening. I, of course, do not consider it very likely that they would read this dictation or accept it as an astute analysis of their own situation. I desire you who are the spiritual people to hold that vision, if you choose to do so, that there can be a positive transformation that will lead to greater openness. This is what Archangel Michael and Quan Yin talked about: a greater exchange of ideas, of consciousness, of energies so that within a relatively short span of years, there can be a shift in the North Korean nation.

A shift in the international community

This will require a shift in the mindset of the international community where they will have to start treating the leader of North Korea with a degree of respect that they do not think he deserves. Again, it is only a matter of playing the game of realizing what is needed in order to bring about a shift that can become irreversible. Again there is no guarantee of how a mind that is so trapped in the fallen consciousness will react, but it is one potential scenario for how there can be a peaceful outcome of the current situation.

Of course, we who are of the Buddhic lineage, we always want to see the most peaceful possible outcome. I will tell you, my beloved, that we do not look upon the leader of North Korea through the human state of consciousness. Therefore, we have no animosity, anger or negative feeling and we would welcome if such a lifestream could actually be turned around and get on a positive track. We see the Buddha nature everywhere in all people and in all matters.

I have given you a piece of my peace. My peace is, of course, unconditional and infinite so in a way it cannot be divided up into pieces. I have given you a portion that I evaluated that most of you who are here would be able to handle and would be able to hold the balance for. There is, of course, much more peace that I am willing to give to those who will apply themselves to a path of discipleship under me. I have a long experience of tutoring individual lifestreams in overcoming the elements of non-peace in their consciousness.

If you are willing to look at yourself in the mirror, if you are willing to see the beam in your own eye or even the splinter that you have not so far seen, then you may apply to me. You may ask me to guide you and give my mantra at least nine times a day while spending a little time afterwards tuning in to my heart, to my infinite peace. Therefore, I seal you in that peace, and I extend to you my gratitude for giving me a platform whereby I could speak this to your individual minds and to the collective minds of this beautiful planet.

Padma Sambhava’s mantra: OM AH HUM, VAJRA GURU PADME SIDDHI HUM.


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