From Fear-Based to Love-Based Intentions

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels, January 4, 2016.

I AM the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. What can you expect when you reach the third level at my retreat, the level where you encounter the combination of the Fourth Ray of Purity with the Third Ray of Love? You can, of course, expect to encounter my love.

This presents somewhat of a problem for some ascended master students who have come to see the Fourth Ray from a certain perspective and who have come to see me as a strict disciplinarian. As I have already said, I am not strict and I am not disciplining anyone. At the third level, those students who have not let go of this image of me, need to do so before they can really start the initiations of that level. I, of course, seek to help students do this, partly by talking to them, partly by demonstrating that I too am a master of love, as is each and every Chohan.

Why we need not fear the masters

As we have said many times, you do not become an ascended master by having any kind of fear in your being. You become an ascended master by rising to a level of consciousness where you are the open door for the flow of love that comes from the ascended realm. There can be no fear in the mind of an ascended master.

There are, of course, many people on earth who fear encountering an ascended master or an angel. You may see in the Bible that in many cases where an angel appeared to someone, the angel would say: “fear not” because the people were in fear of anything out of the ordinary. There may be a fear among many ascended master students that you cannot hide anything from me. As I have said, when you are in my retreat, of course you cannot hide anything from me. Then again, if you are in my retreat intent on walking the path of initiation that I offer, why would you want to hide anything from me?

What I seek to demonstrate to you is that regardless of what I may see in your consciousness, I will still love you and I will still help you overcome that condition and move beyond it entirely. As I have said, the fourth level is the eye of the needle. The Fourth Ray represents the point on the course of self-mastery where you cannot go beyond until you purify your intention. When we say “purify your intention” we mean, of course, several things. The underlying need for purification is that you purify your intention of all fear-based intentions and raise yourself to a level where you only have love-based intentions left.

In order to do this, you must, of course, be willing to look at the fear-based intentions that you have. If you are afraid that I will condemn you if I see such intentions in you, then, of course, you cannot look at these. You will seek to hide them from yourself, thinking that if you can hide them from yourself, you can hide them from me also. This, naturally, is not the case. You can hide certain things from yourself, but you cannot hide them from me, for the simple reason that I have no fear in my being and therefore there is nothing behind which anything can be hidden.

How fear hides things

You do see, do you not, that it is only fear that forms a barrier behind which things can be hidden? Why is it so that fear forms a barrier that can hide things? Well, in reality fear does not form a barrier, fear does not have any substance that can actually hide things. What fear does is that it makes you unwilling to look at something. Of course, when you are not willing to look at something, then that something is hidden to your conscious mind, is it not? There is no substance that can hide things from you if you are truly willing to look at it.

That is also why there is nothing to fear about looking at something in your own psychology. You will overcome the fear by looking at it. In fact, the only way to overcome the fear is to look at it, to look beyond what you fear to see that it is not nearly as bad as what you thought and that it cannot stop you from making progress on the path.

What the fallen beings have done is to give you the fear that if you look at certain things in your consciousness and see certain aspects of the fallen consciousness in your subconscious mind, then we of the ascended masters will reject you and you cannot go further on the path. Nothing is further from the truth. Where have we ever said that before you can become a student of the ascended masters, you need to have purified your consciousness from all impurities?

Think about it. I am the Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Purity. What is my role? It is to help students apply the Fourth Ray of Purity and use it to consume impurities. If you had no impurities, why would you need my help? My entire work as a Chohan is geared towards helping people overcome their impurities. How could I perform my work if I was constantly judging students and putting them down for having the impurities that I am here to help them overcome? It makes no sense when you think about it, but, of course, the fallen beings will try to prevent you from thinking about it and therefore hide behind the fear or seek to hide your impurities behind the fear.

You can, in fact, hide your impurities for the false teachers of the false hierarchy. The reason for this is that the false teachers also have fear in their beings. Therefore, what you cannot see, they in some cases cannot see either if they have not been willing to see it in themselves. I hope you realize that all fallen beings and false teachers have fear in their beings.

The more a being seems to have power and the ability to control, the more fear it has in its being. Why do you need to control? In order to be able to live with your fear! The greater the fear, the more you must exercise control in order to live with your fear. You need to ponder this with your conscious mind. You need to look at the world and see how some leaders throughout history, and even today, have, so to speak, ruled people with an iron fist, attempting to instill fear in their followers. They do this because they are afraid themselves.

Well, my beloved, when you are on the path to self-mastery, you cannot afford to fear someone in the material world or even in the three other octaves. If you are serious about following the ascended masters, you cannot allow yourself to also follow a fear-based teacher. As I have said before, there is nothing wrong with you deciding or realizing that you have a need to experience what it is like to follow a fear-based teacher from whom you can hide certain aspects of your subconscious.

If you need this experience, I will respect your free will, but then, of course, I cannot help you and so there is no point in you being in my retreat. However, I will not condemn you, I will not be angry with you. I will simply be ready to welcome you when you have had enough of the experience and want a love-based teacher. We of the ascended masters are entirely love-based teachers. We have no need to control you because we do not fear you or anything else.

Discovering our fear-based intentions

Think about this very carefully because what I need you to do consciously, as you are following the initiations at the third level of my retreat in your finer bodies at night, is precisely to look at your life and look at the world and consider what intentions you have that are based on fear. If you look at the world today, you will see that the vast majority of the people have all of their intentions based on fear.

The fallen beings are very good at using the fear in themselves to control others. This we might say is one definition of a fallen being. I have said that many fallen beings have fallen from a previous sphere. This has in a certain sense taught them how to use fear, to use their own fear, to control others without overcoming their own fears. They still have the fears, but they have learned to use them to control others. They are, of course, also doing what I have talked about earlier: exercising a certain mastery of themselves by controlling themselves. This can give you some appearance of mastery, but it is not true self-mastery.

The fallen beings have been good at making you feel that you live in a world where there is something you need to fear. This fear takes innumerable forms. It is, of course, a fear that can be said to have a certain basis in the conditions you observe in the material realm on earth. As I said in my previous discourse, the fallen beings have defined certain secondary laws of nature because this is an unascended sphere. They have therefore defined certain laws and certain conditions that do present a difficulty, challenge, obstacle, opposition, threat, as it will be seen by most people. I am not trying to tell you, for example, that disease is not a reality, although a temporary one, on this planet. I am not telling you that the potential for war or conflict is not there or is not real.

What I am telling you is that the fallen beings have managed to get humankind to co-create the conditions that you see in the material universe. Then, the fallen beings have used those conditions to instill a fear in the population that causes most people to spend their entire lives acting based on fear-based intentions. Most people spend their entire energy seeking to somehow compensate for their fears, seeking to alleviate the fears so that they can live with them. This, of course, is, as the popular saying goes, not a way to live, at least not from the perspective of an ascended master.

It is, however, the way to live for people who have not taken responsibility for themselves and their own state of mind. They have a ready excuse in the conditions in the material universe for feeling that they do not need to look at their fears. They do not need to take responsibility, they do not need to accept that they have the power to raise themselves beyond, not only their fears but even the conditions that they fear. If you will not take responsibility for yourself, you need an excuse for not doing so. The fallen beings have supplied an almost endless number of such excuses through the fears of conditions in the material world. While you are going through the initiations on the third level of my retreat, and while you are giving these invocations every day, I need you to consciously look at your intentions. I need you to consider how many things you do and have done in your life that are aimed at either protecting yourself from certain conditions that you fear, compensating for such conditions or in other ways alleviating your fears of these conditions so that you can live with them.

I need you to, possibly, make a list. It can be a list in your head or it can be a written list; that I will leave up to you. You need to make some kind of list over what intentions you have acted upon in your life and that you are acting upon today that are based on fear. Then I need you to make another list of the intentions you either have or would like to have if you had no fears.

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