Freeing up creativity and social awareness through Christ-based justice

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, April  1, 2024. This dictation was given during the Easter webinar 2024: Liberating Christ.


I AM the Ascended Master Portia and I hold the title of the Goddess of Justice for earth. But what is justice?

Christ-based justice

Well, if you look at the world you see that you have these elaborate legal systems around the world that are meant to ensure justice. Now, there are various laws, various ways of interpreting the laws, various ways of enforcing the laws, but can you really say that the laws encapsulate justice? Well, that depends on how you define the laws, how you enforce them, how you punish those who break the laws.

But if we step back from all of these specific laws, what are most of these justice systems based on? Are they not based on the golden rule? Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you. If we step back even from this rule, what is it actually based on? Well, it is based on the Christ mind. And what have we said about the Christ mind? It has an individual aspect of your individual growth, but it also has the universal aspect of the whole. Thus, the Christ mind balances the growth of the individual with the growth of the whole. And the growth of the whole is the basis for justice in the highest sense. Does the behavior of the individual contribute to the growth of the whole? Or does it work against the growth of the whole? This is the basis for divine justice or Christ-based justice, as we might call it.

With this, let us take another look at the various justice systems of the world. What we see is that human beings going back in time, various philosophers, theologians, legal experts, they have attempted to define justice based on a certain view of morals and ethics. They have attempted to create a moral code. And when you go back in time, you see that this was often guided by a religion. The Jewish religion, the Christian religion, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism. The religions became the basis for the justice systems of the world. And even today, where you have secular democracies, they are still in large part based on some kind of religion that has influenced that society.

What do we see? We see that human beings have come up with concepts of what justice is. They have used what we have called the conceptual mind to define the moral codes, the ethical rules, and therefore define the laws and how the laws are interpreted and enforced. But this is often what we have called the outer religion, not the inner core of the one mind, which we have now called the Christ mind in this context, but which could also be called the one mind to be neutral, because this one mind expresses itself through all valid

Justice and the conceptual mind

What is the effect of this? Well, of course, as we said earth fell from being a natural planet to being an unnatural planet. This happened because the vast majority of people embodying on earth went below the 48th level of consciousness, went into the consciousness of separation and duality. In this consciousness, people can still recognize certain general rules and laws, such as the golden rule. But they are still using the conceptual mind to interpret what it means, how it should be carried out, how you should live by these rules, and how they should be reflected in a country’s actual laws.

We see now that, even though the justice systems of the world are generally based on the golden rule—that it is wrong to harm others—people have still used the conceptual mind based on separation and duality to create laws and the interpretations of laws. Look, for example, to the United States today. Look at all the many different lawsuits that are taking place. People are suing each other, suing this or that company, or even the government. And what do you always see? There are lawyers involved. And they try various ways to delay a court case, to get it thrown out, to get witnesses declared invalid, to come up with all kinds of interpretations. And what you see here is that the area of the justice system has become muddied, the waters have become muddied. And you see a clear tendency that those who can afford to hire the most expensive lawyers can sometimes literally get away with murder.

Therefore, you see a clear tendency that the elite, the most wealthy people, can get a different treatment in the justice system, that the ordinary citizen who cannot afford a fancy attorney. Is this justice? Is it not a principle of democracy that all should be equal before the law? You can go even a step further and say: How are the laws made in America? Well, they are obviously made by Congress. But nevertheless, you know that there are lobbying groups that are trying to influence the lawmakers. And who can afford to pay for a lobbying group? Well, probably not the average citizen, but those who already have great financial wealth, meaning the power elite. Not only do these have an advantage in how the laws are interpreted and carried out, they also have an advantage in how the laws are made.

Is this justice? Is this the intention behind a democratic nation? Is it the highest potential for a democratic nation? Obviously not. What is the reason for this development? Well, in the short term, we can say that the reason why the justice system is getting more and more muddied, more and more polarized between rich and poor, is simply, as we have said before, that the duality consciousness must become more extreme, more and more unbalanced, until people have had enough of it and demand change. The justice system is getting worse and worse because there has not been that shift where people say: “This has gone too far.”

But if you step back from the immediate situation, you see that the problem is, of course, the conceptual mind that is based on duality. Therefore, you see that those who are the most trapped in the dualistic consciousness, those who are the most skilled at using the dualistic consciousness, the serpentine mind to argue, they will seek to get an advantage for themselves. Many of these are, of course, fallen beings, but not all of them are fallen beings. They are simply those who have started seeing that when you use the serpentine mind to cast doubt, you can gain that advantage because you can manipulate and control people, you can neutralize their attempts to improve their life, and therefore you can get them to either follow you, give you power, or to give you some kind of privileged position, some kind of advantage.

There is a power elite that has learned this over many lifetimes, and they have become skilled in using this conceptual mind. This, of course, is the mind of anti-christ, the serpentine mind. We see that from the making of the laws to the interpretation of the laws in the court system, and even the enforcement of the laws, you have a deep influence of this serpentine mind. And this is, of course, not justice, because what is justice? Well, at a very minimum, a way of describing it is to say that you have a clear law that is unequivocal, that does not need interpretation, everybody understands what the law says, and then the way this law is enforced is the same for every citizen. This is at least a demand in the democratic countries.

Of course, in dictatorships and autocracies, you will always, when you look at history, see that there was a clearly elitist tendency where the law was there for the common people, but the elite could do whatever they wanted. And this is, of course, not what you can allow in a democracy, although we clearly see that all democracies have the tendency that there emerges an elite who thinks they are above the law, and in many cases are above the law. Justice is that you have a clear law that is clearly enforced and interpreted, and that this is done equally for all citizens.

Getting an advantage from a muddied justice system

Why do not you have that? Well, you have it partly because the power elite have used the serpentine mind to set themselves up, but you also have it because the people have not seen through this manipulation. They have allowed their sense of justice to be neutralized by the serpentine mind. And why do they do this? Well, because even though they may not be consciously aware of it, they think that they too can get an advantage from a muddied justice system because maybe they too can get away with something.

You can talk about the power elite who may be at the top of society in terms of their privileged position. Then you can look at the bottom of society and you often find criminals. You may say that a criminal organization like the mafia can have influence on society, but clearly they are at a very low state of consciousness, having no compunctions about directly physically harming other people. Whereas those at the power elite do not need to physically harm other people because they have other ways of securing their positions.

You look at many of these criminals that you find around the world, whether they are organized or not, and in a certain sense they know that what they are doing is wrong, not necessarily from a moral viewpoint, but they know that they are breaking the law and could be punished for it. If a criminal knew that he would be punished, would he still do the crime? In most cases not, so what is it that causes criminals to commit crime? They think they can get away with it. They think that they can avoid detection or that they can wiggle their way out in court as well. You even have many people who are not criminals, who still have this desire to get away with things.

An attempt to circumvent cosmic justice

If you step back and look at society, look at humankind, you will see if you could look back to when the earth was a natural planet and compare it to the conditions today, you will see that the vast majority of people are in a certain state of mind where they know they are not always keeping the golden rule, but they are hoping that they can break the golden rule in some way and get away with it in this world. And they are even hoping that if they can hide what they are doing from other people, they can hide it from God. They can get away with it even in a larger sense.

What you see is that the vast majority of people on the planet are enveloped in this specific consciousness, where they think they can break the golden rule, they can do something that harms others, but they can get away with it. They in a sense want this kind of muddied justice system or law enforcement. They do not want a system where any infraction of the law is punished. This is why many people deny karma, why many Western people, many Christians deny karma. Because what is it that the Christian religion as it is right now actually promises people? Look at the fundamentalist Christians, but even most Christians. What do they believe? What do they believe happened here at Easter? Oh yes, Jesus died for our sins. What is the underlying consciousness here? “Oh yeah, we have sinned, we have broken the golden rule, but we can get away with it because Jesus paid for our sins with his blood on the cross.”

What does this allow people to do? It allows many, many Christians to live in this hypocritical state of mind. They claim to be following Jesus. They claim to be believing in what he said. But they know they are not always doing to others what they should be doing. They know they are sometimes doing things to others that they do not want others to do to them. They know they are violating Jesus’ commandment, but they think because they are following the outer rules of their religion, declaring Jesus to be their Lord and Savior, going to church, going to mass, going to confession, whatever the outer rules may be, they think they can get away with violating the most basic command of Christ, because Jesus is obligated to pay for their sins no matter what they do. They think they can sin, but get away with it. Because Christ has supposedly circumvented cosmic justice.

Cosmic justice of the cosmic mirror

What is the golden rule really? It is cosmic justice. What you do to others will come back to you. There is no cheating in the golden rule, nor in the law of karma. What you do to others will be done to you by the cosmic mirror, reflecting back to you what you are projecting out through your consciousness. This is an aspect of the law of free will. You have a right to create whatever concepts you want to create in your mind. You have a right to project them out from your mind. But the cosmic mirror will reflect back to you what you are sending out, and you cannot escape what is coming back from the cosmic mirror. You will experience the physical manifestation of the concept you are projecting out. This is cosmic justice. There is no escape here.

But what have Christians turned Christianity into? An escape mechanism to circumvent cosmic justice, they think. Does it work? Of course not. Is it a grand collective illusion? Of course. Have other religions done similar things? Of course. Look how they believe that spinning a prayer wheel will consume your karma without you having to change your consciousness. Or sacrificing to some Hindu deity. So many things people have invented to circumvent cosmic justice or rather so they think they can circumvent cosmic justice.

Psychology behind the muddied justice systems

Does any of it work? No. If you do not change your consciousness, what you have projected out will come back to you. The only way out of it is to change your consciousness and that is of course what the vast majority of people on this planet, both the broad population and the power elite, do not want to do. If you look at the average Christian, what are they subconsciously saying? They are saying: “I am willing to believe in all kinds of doctrines. I am willing to follow certain rituals. I am willing to make certain sacrifices or light candles or give prayers or go to mass or this or that. Just don’t force me to look at the beam in my own eye.”

But was this not precisely one of the main commandments of Christ? Why are you looking at the splinter in the eyes of your brother and not seeing the beam in your own eye? This is the state of mind they are in. They are always looking for how other people are at fault and are violating the laws or the golden rule, seeking to judge and correct others, judging after appearances. But do they want to look at themselves? Nay. Do they want other people to point out that they need to change? Nay. Do they want the ascended masters to point out that they need to change? Nay. Do they want Christ to point out that they need to change? Nay

They are perfectly happy with the Christian image of Christ being up there in this remote heaven, sitting at the right hand of God, but he is out of the way. And they can do whatever they want while they are here on earth, because they think that when they leave earth, well, then Jesus comes into play and now he comes and says: “I forgive you all of your sins, even though you have not looked at the beam in your own eye. I am contractually obligated to take all of your sins because you declared me to be your Lord and Savior.” This is what they think. Is it any wonder that they do not want a justice system that works equally for all people and never lets anyone get away with anything? That is really the psychology behind the muddied justice systems that you see even in the modern democracies. Of course not all democracies have a skewed justice system to the same degree. There are countries where there is more equality for the law, but nevertheless there is still that mindset of people hoping they can get away with it. “Oh, it’s not so bad. It is okay.”

Psychology of crime

Now let’s step further back and see, where does this desire to get away with things actually come from? Well, on an immediate level we can say, why do people commit a crime? As we have said before, when you go into the consciousness of separation, you are not sensing your connection to your higher self. And when you do not sense a connection to your higher self, you cannot sense that you are connected to other people or even the physical planet. You think you are a separate individual, and this gives rise to the idea that you are a separate individual. Meaning, in its extreme form, if you kill the physical body of another human being, your body will not die. There is no bolt of lightning that comes down from the sky when you have killed another human being and kills you. There is this belief that you as a separate being can harm another human being and get away with it. Even gain an advantage from it.

But still, why do people commit crime? Why do they become so angry that they kill another human being? Why do they become so focused on having something that they are willing to steal it from others or rape someone? Why do they get to a point where they have a desire and they are so focused on the need to have that desire fulfilled that they are willing to harm other people to do it? And disregard the consequences this has for other people. Why is it that people cannot apply the golden rule? What is the psychology of the golden rule? It is, when you are doing something that affects other people, you are mentally looking at what are the effects going to be on other people and how are they going to experience what you are doing. How are they going to experience the effects of this? In other words, if you rape a woman, how is this going to affect her—not only physically but psychologically? Would you want to experience that yourself? And if the answer is no, then you do not force that experience upon another person.

But why do people set this aside? Why are they not willing or able to think this way, to put themselves in another person’s shoes? Well, because their minds are clouded over by something so they do not think clearly. But what clouds over their minds? Well, the basis for it is what I have described, the desire to get away with things. But why do they come to a point where a desire becomes so strong that they are willing to violate another human being to fulfill that desire? Why do they become obsessive-compulsive about fulfilling a desire? Because their minds are taken over by what we have called these collective entities or beasts.

Why does a person become so focused on getting alcohol that he is willing to disregard how it harms his own body, how it harms his family, how it harms other people? Because his mind is taken over by the alcohol entity. And behind every of these desires is some kind of collective entity that has been created by humankind over time. All of the people who have indulged in alcohol in an unbalanced way have contributed to this alcohol entity. In fact, all of those who have partaken of alcohol and come up with an excuse for why it is okay not to do it in moderation, they have contributed to it. And the same with all of these other entities. Any of the people who are partaking in pornography, for example, are contributing to the sex entity, that in its extreme form leads to rape, but in less extreme forms leads to all kinds of other sexual violations of others.

Are people willing to acknowledge this? Are they willing to take responsibility and say: “I do not want to be part of this anymore. And the only way to free myself from the influence from these collective entities, that I may have grown up to tie myself to, is to look at my own consciousness and say, why do they have power over me? Because I have some kind of belief, a subconscious self, that gives them something to pull on. Therefore, I have to follow Jesus’ commandment to come to the point where the prince of this world comes and has nothing in me. Then I am personally free from this pull and I do not contribute to the collective.”

And that is following the commandments of Christ. But are people willing to do this? Nay, because they think: “Oh, but is it really so bad? Everybody else is doing it.” And then in the back of their minds is always this: “There is some way to get away with it.” It is not only in Christianity, all of the major religions, they promise people some way out, some way to avoid facing the consequences of their choices. There is always some shortcut promised. Otherwise, they would not have become major religions with millions of followers. Because as the collective consciousness is on earth right now, this is what makes a religion popular. It gives people a way out, they think they can escape the consequences of their choices. And it may seem as if they can, and in their minds, they believe they can. The religions enable this belief, and the justice system enables this belief, and many other aspects in society enable this belief, even the popular culture.

The collective illusion imprisoning Christ

Is this justice? Of course not. Is it real? Of course not. It is a collective illusion. But of course, the density of the physical octave—the four levels of the physical octave—means that from the moment you commit an act that harms others, until this returns to you in the physical, time passes. As we have explained before, this is a grace. Because before the karmic impulse comes back, you have the opportunity to change your consciousness. But many people of course do not want to acknowledge this, so they think: “Well, I got away with it.” And then in a future lifetime, it hits them, and now they feel this is some cosmic injustice, why did this happen to them? Because they do not acknowledge the fact that it happened because they did something similar in the past to others. This has allowed this collective illusion that works against the realization of what cosmic justice is.

This very illusion is imprisoning Christ in people, because as long as they are fixated on this illusion, hoping they can get away with something, how can they connect to Christ? What is Christ? It is what ensures oneness between the Creator and the creation, therefore,  also oneness between an individual co-creator and the whole. If an individual co-creator commits an act, and then is willing to look at that act and reach for the Christ perspective, then that individual co-creator will know that it was not in alignment with the whole, the growth of the whole, and then that individual co-creator can correct itself

Now, take note here. We have said that beings start with a very localized sense of self. You are not expected to start out at the 48th level of consciousness and you have such a connection to the Christ mind that you can always make actions that do not have unintended consequences, that do not harm others or do not harm yourself. You are allowed to experiment. You commit an action, you refer to the guru who represents Christ to you, you evaluate the action and you correct it. But of course what happened when people went into separation is that they left behind the guru and they said: “I do not want to have this frame of reference from the Christ mind. I want to define for myself what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust.”

And this is what imprisons the Christ mind in this state of consciousness, which really is anti-christ. For what is the Christ mind? It is that you want to grow towards oneness, you want to expand your sense of self so it encompasses more and more of the whole. And as you do this, you naturally cannot harm other people. You will naturally follow the golden rule. But when you step below that sense of connection to the whole, to the one mind, you are starting to define what is right and wrong, just and unjust, based on what seems to give an advantage to the separate self, the ego. And it is just that there are some fallen beings who are so much better at doing this than the average person on earth, and that is why they set themselves up in these privileged positions. But it is the same consciousness. They just have it to a higher degree than the average person, but the average person still wants to be able to do whatever seems good at the moment, and then believe that they can escape the long term consequences.

Freedom from the force-based mindset

What do you see, if we return to the justice systems of the world? That they are in large part set up to maintain this illusion that people can get away with things, first of all for the elite, but even for the general population. What is the justice system based on? A certain moral code, a certain sense of ethics. But who defines what is morally right, what is ethical? Well, it is defined based on the conceptual mind trapped in separation. It is always defined by some elite. And how do they define it? To their own advantage. I am not saying that in democratic nations there is this secret conspiracy of fat old men sitting in a dark room, deliberately trying to pervert the laws on the moral standards of society. They are, in many cases, not deliberately defining laws to their own advantage. But they are doing it based on the vision they have, and their vision is centered on themselves, not on the whole, because they have cut themselves off from the Christ mind. If you were not cut off from the Christ mind, you would not strive to become an elite. You would not think you knew better than anybody else.

You see these seemingly, from a certain perspective at least, well-meaning people who are sitting there feeling they are able to define what is right for our society. And it is not that they are malicious or evil, but they are limited by their vision. They attempt to define some kind of moral code. Take the Ten Commandments, which has been the basis for various societies. “Thou shalt not.” But you see, this Ten Commandments was given for people in a very low state of consciousness. And what is it that happens when people go into duality and start thinking they can get away with things? They become more and more self-centered. And the more self-centered they become, the less they are able to respond to any form of higher teaching, such as the golden rule. They become so focused on themselves that they only respond to one thing, the fear of punishment.

Look at the god of the Old Testament, the angry being in the sky. “Thou shalt not have any other gods before me. Thou shalt not commit murder.” All of these “thou shalt not.” And it is always with the underlying threat that if you do, you will be punished in hell. Some moral codes in some countries are based on this punishment, very harsh punishment. And this is, of course, the lowest level that people have sunk to. But as you see in the democratic nations, there is not that harsh form of punishment, because these nations have risen to a higher level of collective consciousness. In fact, democratic nations are based on the moral code that Jesus expressed in: Do not do unto others, turn the other cheek, forgive seventy times seven, and all of these other commandments that have been somewhat incorporated in a not so fear-based strict punishing system, but still based on this idea that you can get away with things.

What is the highest form of morality? Well, it is that any person at their level of consciousness reaches for the Christ mind as they can grasp it at that level. That is the highest form of morality. And then you continually seek to raise your connection with the Christ mind until you come to that point where you naturally, without forcing it, you abide by the golden rule.

What you see is that people have gone into this state of separation, and as they go lower and lower in consciousness, what happens to them? They become more and more force-based, more and more willing to use force to get what they want. And this can only be stopped by this fear of punishment. But the Christ mind is not force-based, it is not force because it respects the law of free will.

You see all of these people who have some kind of unbalanced desire, be it for sex or alcohol or whatever it may be, and they are beginning to realize that, perhaps not that it is wrong, but certainly that it harms themselves and people around them. They are seeking to overcome the desire by forcing it away, by suppressing it. You see how many people who try to suppress the urge to drink, the desire to drink. But what gives them the unbalanced desire to drink? It is the force that comes from these external entities. But why are they vulnerable to these external entities? Because they themselves have gone into the force-based mindset of wanting something and wanting to get away with it.

It is force that has made you open to a problem and now you are attempting to overcome the problem by using more force. What does it do? It puts you in a constant state of inner tension. As we have explained, you go into duality, there will always be opposition and therefore, the tension, the stress increases until you cannot stand it anymore. But this is all force. What is it that Christ offers people? It offers people a way to escape force, escape a force-based desire without using force to suppress it or fight it. But by contacting the Christ mind and experiencing there is an alternative to the force-based mind

You can be free of this force-based mind without using force, but how do you do that? By letting the force-based sense of self die, by letting these subconscious selves die one by one. It does not take force to let a self die. It only takes the willingness to give up using force, to surrender the idea that you need to use force. There are some people who have called Jesus a pacifist—turn the other cheek, forgive the seventy times seven, do good unto those that harm you. They have thought this is weakness and from people in the force-based mindset it seems like weakness but what was it that Jesus offered people? An alternative to the force-based mindset, a way to attain freedom from the force-based mindset. Why have most people, even most Christians not really grasped this? Because they have not had enough of the force-based mindset.

But this is what Christ offers you, a way out of the force-based mindset that creates division and tension and stress in your being. That is why Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Because how do you attain peace? Well, those in the force-based mindset think that they have to conquer the whole world and turn them all into Christians or Muslims or Nazis or communists. And then when everybody has submitted to them, they will finally have peace and there will be peace on earth, a forced peace. Has it ever happened? Nay. Will it ever happen? Nay. What is the only way to peace? It is to give up the force-based mindset.

See, when you give up the force-based mindset you can have what you want without using force. You can have what the real you wants instead of what the separate self wants. The real you does not want to fulfill a desire that harms other people because the real you does not have those kind of desires. The real you wants to be more by coming closer and closer to the one mind. By connecting to the hierarchy of life that reaches from earth to the Creator. By connecting to the path of oneness, the path of Christ where you for each step you take up become more and more and more. This is what the real you wants. You have taken a temporary detour into creating this separate you. But the separate you can only create stress and tension. And it is only when you realize this and realize that there is an alternative that you start the path that leads to peace.

The essential humanity and equal opportunity for all

Going back to the justice systems of the world. Most democracies have a clearly more egalitarian justice system than dictatorships. Not as elitist, but nevertheless, do they have the ultimate justice system? Nay. Why not? Well, partly because they are secular democracies. Now, I am not thereby saying that a democracy should be a religious democracy, as some people in the United States want to turn America into a Christian nation based on Christianity. But a democracy needs to recognize what we have called the essential humanity. There is more to a human being than the physical body and brain. There is a higher potential. There is a potential to connect to something greater than an individual human mind. This is really the basis for democracy, as all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. If there is not that higher authority beyond the mental level, you will not escape the influence of the power elite. And therefore, cannot create a true democracy that gives equal rights to all people and equal opportunity to all people.

I of course also hold the flame of opportunity for earth. And it is a democratic ideal that all people are given equal opportunity to improve their situation, but really to improve themselves, their psychology, their minds. This is what has not yet happened in the democracies. You see in some of these democracies how they are beginning to move in that direction because there is a greater and greater recognition that mental health becomes the next big challenge for the healthcare systems. There is a greater and greater recognition among the people of the need to go into psychology and to seek to heal your psychology to escape all of these patterns. There is also a recognition that it is necessary for society to do something about this. At the same time you have many people who are going into some form of seeking to improve their minds. It can be various forms of psychology, it can be mindfulness, it can be various spiritual movements

But as we move further into the golden age what will happen is that these secular democracies will come to recognize that you can have a universal spiritual view that transcends individual religions. And that this universal spiritual view is related to expanding and growing the human mind, the human potential. There will be a recognition that those countries that will do best are the ones that are most creative, and the ones that are most creative are the ones who have people who are most creative because they have explored the higher potential of the human mind. It is a complete waste to have societies where the vast majority of the people are using only a few percentages of their mental capacity.

This will come to be recognized, that people have a much wider potential than what is common today and that the countries who will do best, the societies that will do best in the golden age are those who are focusing on helping people raise their potential, explore their potential, expand the capacities of their minds. Not only in terms of producing something but also in terms of finding inner peace and harmony so they can function psychologically. In other words there will be a shift where it will be seen that in order to really provide justice it is not enough to have laws and law enforcement and punishment and a penal system

But it is necessary to have an entire system that is as elaborate as the current justice system but it is aimed at one thing, helping people explore the human potential, overcome the limitations in their psychology, overcome the hangups that create problems both for the individual and for society. And therefore, raise people to the point where the law enforcement system gradually becomes obsolete because when you move further into the golden age you will have societies where there may still be laws but hardly anyone breaks the law.

Therefore, you do not have a society where a substantial part of the population are working on creating laws, interpreting laws in the courts, being the police that enforces the law or being the prison personnel that keeps people in the prisons. Neither do you have a certain percentage of the people who are in prison and therefore, cannot produce productive work in society. Instead you have more and more people who are doing productive work, who are coming up with new ideas and inventions and you have people who are working on their minds to explore the human potential, thereby pulling the entire society up.

Freeing up creativity and social awareness

This is a higher form of a justice system where it is seen that laws and punishment is a lower manifestation of the fact that human beings have not developed their psychology. And as you do develop psychology, these will start to fade, become smaller, take up less resources, thereby freeing up resources. Just look at a country like the United States. How many people are in prison? How many people are working in the prison system? How many are law enforcement people? More and more elaborate government agencies keeping an eye on everybody. More and more lawyers. Imagine that all of these people, both the inmates in the prisons and those in the system, were freed up to produce something constructive, to actually produce something in society, whether goods or services.

Just imagine what that would mean for the economy, the growth in the economy, the growth in productivity, and look how many inventions might come forth if these people could focus on bringing forth new ideas rather than enforcing laws or escaping laws. It will be an enormous boost to the economy. It will of course not happen overnight, it will happen gradually, but nevertheless, project into the future and see these societies where all of these people who are now trapped in this system are free to produce something that has value for society and for individuals.

If you go back to the feudal societies of Europe, what did you see? You had a small group, the king and the noblemen, and maybe a few others here and there who had some room for creativity, but the vast majority of the population did not have room to be creative. They could not really change anything in their daily lives or come up with something that changed society. But look how the entire economy was at a certain level back then that is much, much lower than what you see in the democratic nations today. What is it that has brought this increase in wealth? It is that a greater and greater percentage of the population have been freed up to do creative work, to do something creative. Creativity has been set free.

Well, what is creativity? It is the Christ mind that always seeks for more. Creativity is bringing forth something that is more than what you have now. That is the essence of the Christ mind. How do you produce a more affluent society? Through creativity. But this is brought about by liberating Christ in the individual. Why was the Soviet Union unsustainable financially? Why did the Soviet Union gradually decline until Gorbachev realized that it would lead shortly to economic collapse unless he tried to reform the system? Because there was no room for creativity. Why is China now facing an economic crisis? Well, why did China go through this economic expansion? Only because of the democratic nations using China as the factory of the world. It was not due to a rapid increase in productivity in the Chinese population, because they are still so subdued by the communist system. But why are they now facing an economic crisis? Because they have not allowed the freeing of creativity in enough people. Some has happened because of the interaction with Western companies, but not enough to make China a self-sustaining society.

You see here the broader picture that what leads to growth in all aspects of society is that you liberate Christ in the form of liberating people’s creativity, their creative ability, their creative drive. And then the law takes effect that “to him that has, more shall be added” because the Christ mind multiplies the talents. And that is what causes a society to make this gigantic leap from a restrained economy to a more free economy. Surely even in democratic nations there is still a power elite that is attempting to curtail economic growth by concentrating wealth in their own hands. And the primary example is of course still the United States. But even that will change because there is already a movement in the United States to curtail the influence of the power elite. It has not reached critical mass, but nevertheless it is at least a beginning. And just imagine what would happen if this tendency to concentrate wealth in the hands of a small elite is stopped by a democratic nation. Again, there will be an explosion of economic affluence.

Look at the United States. It does not have a public health care system. Look at the Scandinavian countries that do have public health care systems. There are people in America who look at this and say: “How can they afford it?” And then they look at the tax burden and they say: “How can people accept this?” But you realize that it is because when you reach for that Christ mind, which is both creative but also has social awareness and seeks to raise up the whole, then there will be a multiplication factor and your economy will be raised to a higher level. There are people who will say: “But the United States could not afford a public health care system.” And that is true with the current economy. But if you make that shift to free up creativity, avoid the concentration of wealth in the hands of the power elite and increase the social awareness so people will say: “Yes, we are willing to pay extra taxes to give everybody health care.” Then the multiplication factor will make sure that you can afford it.

Surely, I am not saying that the Scandinavian countries are the perfect system. They require constant adjustment. But what I am saying is that there are these leaps that can be made by freeing up creativity and social awareness. Because what is social awareness? Creativity you can easily see is the desire to be more. The drive of an individual to improve its outer situation, to improve itself, that is creativity. But what is social awareness? It is also the desire to be more by saying: “I am not only seeking to raise myself, I am willing to raise the whole. And I cannot allow myself to become a multi-billionaire who has so much money when the workers who work for me and put things in Amazon boxes and ship them out are working for the lowest possible wage that I can get away with paying them.” When you contact the Christ mind, you do not become a Jeff Bezos who tries to pay people as little as possible and try to pay as little as possible in taxes. You instead say: “How can I use the wealth that I now have some say over, to improve the situation for others, to improve the whole?”

Christ defends the whole

This is just a glimpse that I have given you of how societies will change as we move into the Golden Age that my beloved Saint Germain has planned for this planet. Many more things will of course change. Immense changes will happen. Changes that cannot be envisioned or imagined by most people. But also changes that will not currently be accepted by most people because they want to maintain this society where they can have the illusion that they can get an advantage as a separate self and get away with it.

And the greatest irony in this regard is, as I said, the Christians who believe that they can get away with violating the commandments of Christ because their interpretation of Christianity makes them think that Jesus is obligated to take upon himself their sins so they can continue to sin and still feel they are good Christians. But this is what Jesus referred to as the death consciousness. Let the dead bury their dead. And they will not enter the wedding feast because they have not put on the wedding garment of the Christ consciousness. Instead, they will be, by their own consciousness and their refusal to look at the beam in their own eye, they will be bound hand and foot by their own state of consciousness.

They bind themselves so they can hardly move and they will be cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Not that Christ casts them out, but that they themselves keep themselves outside the oneness of Christ. They use the example of Jesus to justify staying outside of the oneness of Christ, the wedding feast. Christ is not casting you out, but Christ is the guardian of oneness and those who are in the consciousness of separation cannot enter the wedding feast. And therefore, Christ says: “You shall not enter.” Not because Christ punishes people, but because Christ defends the whole and therefore, keeps out those who would damage or take down the whole. The whole is that which is becoming more.

Those who are not willing to join that upward movement of Christ cannot enter the wedding feast or the community of Christ. They are like the scribes and Pharisees. And what did Jesus say so many times? “Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, ye enter not in yourselves and those that would enter ye hindered.” This can be said about many of today’s Christians, especially the Christian leaders who have not been willing to enter the consciousness of Christ and who are keeping their flocks from entering. And this goes from the preachers in these small fundamentalist churches that you find in every corner of America to the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church and to the Pope himself. Scribes and Pharisees. Priests and cardinals. Popes. Hypocrites, and you will not pass until you let those separate selves die and reach for an experience of the Christ’s mind and allow yourself to be reborn into a being that is connected to the Christ in you and to the Christ in all.

With this I seal you in a flame of justice that I hold for earth. And I thank you for being willing to be the broadcast stations for projecting this message into the collective consciousness where many can pick up on it and sit up and pay attention and wonder what shifted. You have my gratitude and my joy.


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