Free yourselves from the consciousness of communism

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Ascended Master Shiva, November 30, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Shiva. There are many who would object to what I am going to say here because they believe the lie that communism appeared without having any need of religion. Many people believe the statement by Karl Marx that religion is the opium of the people. Well, what is the effect of opium? It puts people to sleep, and if they had not been asleep, how could they ever have been taken over by the communist forces? You see here that the reality, the historical reality, is that if it had not been for the influence of Christianity, Catholic Christianity and Orthodox Christianity, communism could not have appeared. Communism could not have gained the power it got. It could not have taken over the country of Russia and other countries after that.

Why is that? Well, it is actually important for people, if they are to free themselves from the burden of the communist era, to understand why. When you go back and look at the creation of the Catholic church, you see, first of all, an intent from the Emperor Constantine of creating a religion that would allow him to control his empire, which essentially means controlling the people, which essentially means pacifying the people. What was created now with the Christian church was a certain mindset that is very subtle. It ties in with the concepts of original sin, the fear of hell, the concept that people are sinners. The psychological effect of it is that, over several centuries of being indoctrinated with this Christian view, there was a certain number of people on this planet who came to accept a very subtle sense of identity, namely, that they were not able to make good choices. Whether they believed they were sinners or whatever their particular belief was, the psychological effect was that these people did not want to make choices because they were so afraid of making the wrong choice. They were so insecure about their ability to tell the difference between the right choice and the wrong choice that they were afraid that, by making choices, they would go to hell or have some other calamitous, epically wrong outcome.

In other words, there was a certain group of people that stopped wanting to make choices. They decided at the level of their identity body: “I can’t make right choices. I don’t want to make choices. I want other people to tell me what to do, and they should be an authority that knows what is right so that what they tell me is the right thing to do. Thereby I can’t do something really wrong by doing what they tell me.” These are beliefs that exist at the identity level. They have nothing to do with the Christian worldview or with the communist worldview, but it is something engineered by the fallen beings where people became afraid of making choices. They decided they did not want to make choices.

Now naturally you find these people all over the world. But you see that in the century before the Bolshevik Revolution a very large portion of these people embodied in Russia, so that by the time the communist revolution came around, there was a substantial majority of the Russian people who were in this state of consciousness, this frame of mind, where they were afraid to make choices. When you look at Marxist ideology, it makes a lot of claims about the working class, freeing the workers, creating a classless society, but it also makes it clear that the workers are not really able to decide how society should be organized.

Therefore there needs to be an elite of people who can decide this. The workers therefore should continue to be workers, meaning they are passive. In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, you have certain people who started businesses, and you have others who just became workers. So contrary to the claims of wanting to liberate the workers, what did communism do? Well, it condemned the workers to remaining workers for their entire lives. It created a system where the vast majority of the people were workers, and there was only a small elite that were the decision-makers.

Why was this kind of society established in Russia as the first country? Well, precisely because the majority of the people embodying in Russia had that unwillingness to make decisions. So what was created, after Lenin’s engineering of the Soviet state and after Stalin’s takeover with the terror, was a state where the vast majority of the people did not actually have to make decisions. They had very, very few decisions to make in their lives. In many cases they did not actually make conscious decisions. They just let circumstances, and the needs of the country or their family or whatever, make those decisions for them of what kind of job to get. Once they had decided that, they would keep that job for the rest of their lives, and there was very little choice they had to make in their daily lives. They had to show up at their workplace and do what they were told to do, mindlessly repeating the same task over and over again in most cases. So you see that these people had to make very, very few choices during an entire lifetime. This felt very safe, very secure, for them because of their fear of making choices. They were so afraid to make choices that being in a situation where they did not have to make choices felt very safe for them. They valued that safety because it was the only way that they could psychologically beat back the fear they had from past lifetimes, the fear that they could make some epically wrong choice that would condemn them to eternal suffering in hell.

So you see that it was actually the Christian religion that set the stage and made it possible for the Bolsheviks to take over in Russia and for the Russian people to submit themselves to the communist rule and continue to submit themselves over several generations. You could say, of course, that there was a real physical threat that people would be killed or sent to Siberia if they objected to the system. Therefore you could say that these people submitted themselves because the alternative would be that they would have been killed. But this is not actually why they submitted themselves. They submitted themselves because of their psychological mechanism of not wanting to make choices. It was not primarily the fear of being killed.

If you look at it neutrally, you will say: “What good did it do the Russian people to submit themselves to the state so they wouldn’t be killed, when so many of them were still sent to war during the Second World War and killed as soldiers?” The fact that you submitted yourself to the state did not mean that you did not have the risk of being killed, just as you saw with the Red Terror, where people still could not feel safe. You realize that the real issue here was that unwillingness to make choices because they were afraid of the consequences of making choices.

This is something that, of course, is important for people everywhere to understand, not just people in the previous Soviet countries or Warsaw Pact countries. All people need to understand that you cannot grow if you have this fear of making choices. If a majority of the people in the nation have that fear of making choices, then that nation either will become ruled by a dictator, who will be very abusive and really create the School of Hard Knocks, or it will be a nation that cannot function very well. You see some of the nations in Eastern Europe that now have a somewhat democratic form of government, but are still not functioning very well, because they still have such a large percentage of the people who are afraid of making choices that they dare not actually take an initiative.

If you look at the communist system, you will say that this is a system where you do not need people to take initiative. In fact, the system does not want people to take initiative. It wants them to be pacified. Despite the fact of claiming to free people from the influence of religion, the superstition of religion, the communist system pacified people even more than the Christian religion did. But when you look at a so-called free economy, whether you call it a capitalist economy or something else, you see that in a more free economy there is a need for people to take initiative, to experiment, to try something new, to start their own business, to provide some kind of service or to improve things even if they have a job. A free economy is based on people taking an initiative, and that is also why the communistic economy cannot work. People cannot take an initiative. They are not free to take that initiative. They are afraid of doing so.

Now I want to go further with this and address an issue that even many spiritual people are confused about. When you look at a situation like the Soviet Union, you can say: “What options did people have? If they had objected to the system, if they had refused to submit to the system, they would have been killed. And would that have done any good?” Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you look at it from a normal human perspective, you can say: “Well, why shouldn’t these people stay alive and have the somewhat secure life that they could have for the rest of their lifetime?” Yet if you look at it from the perspective of spiritual growth, what was the effect of people submitting to the system and therefore living under these conditions for 30, 40, 50 years? What was the psychological, the spiritual, effect of people living for an entire lifetime under such a repressive system? Well, it was, of course, that it only reinforced that state of not wanting to make decisions, and as we have said before, if you are not making decisions, you are not growing. You cannot be growing.

You see that from a spiritual growth standpoint, there were many people that lived their entire lives in the Soviet Union and did not grow at all. In fact, they had negative growth because they became more and more cemented in that state of consciousness of believing in the danger of making choices, of not wanting to make choices. From the standpoint of spiritual growth, it might have been better for these people if they had stood up to the system, been killed, and therefore given an opportunity to embody somewhere else. This is a concept that Jesus introduced 2,000 years ago, but which many Christians are, especially in the modern age, uncomfortable with. You saw the early Christians who endured the Roman persecution with peace. They believed that it was better for them to not be attached to their lives in this world because it would give them a better place in the next world. Although it did not give them a place in heaven after that lifetime, it gave them a better situation in their next embodiment, that they took a stand for something beyond the human level, the earthly level.

There are many of you who are spiritual people today, who in past lifetimes have taken a stand for something you truly believed in, often been persecuted or even executed because of it, but it has actually enhanced your spiritual growth. Instead of reinforcing this self that is willing to submit to an earthly authority, you have demonstrated that you do not want to live in a society where you are the slave of some authority. This then enables you to embody in a more free country in your next lifetime. What you see here is that the communist system gave people very few opportunities for growth. There were very, very few people who grew during that time. Even if they embodied several times in the Soviet Union, they grew very little over several lifetimes.

This, of course, is something that you can only understand when you have the perspective of the fallen beings because their primary goal is to stop spiritual growth, to stop the expansion of consciousness. When you realize this, you realize that the Soviet Union was primarily, from a spiritual viewpoint, an attempt by the fallen beings to slow down the growth of the planet, which eventually would cause them to lose control of this planet and not be able to embody here anymore, not even be able to remain in the other three realms. It was their desperate, last-ditch attempt to delay or even stop the Golden Age of Saint Germain, which is an age that will prevent them from having an influence on this planet.

With this in mind, you recognize how important it is that the nations who are part of the Soviet Union free themselves from the past, free themselves from this mindset. Otherwise how can they actually keep pace with the growth of this planet? We have said before that the entire sphere is growing at a certain pace, and the Earth has for a long time been behind. This creates a tension, a pull on the Earth, a pull on the collective consciousness, and the Soviet Union was completely resisting that pull. This was why it was eventually pulled apart. It could not maintain that resistance, and therefore the system collapsed under its own weight, or rather by the weight that was created by the upward pull of the entire sphere. You might say: “What is weight?” As you talk about gravity, well, you are talking about the force of gravity pulling on anything that has mass. But there is also that force of acceleration in the entire sphere that likewise pulls on anything that has mass, pulls it to come up higher, not just to move in space, but to actually transcend its vibrational level and come up higher in vibration. The fallen beings, of course, resisted this, and it was their plan to create the Soviet Union and, out of that, set the stage for a Third World War that would have become more devastating and therefore become more of a delay factor to stop or slow down the Golden Age.

The fact that this did not happen is in large part to the credit of ascended master students in various organizations, who gave their many decrees, the violet flame and the communist decrees and many other decrees that prevented this from happening. But it is also due to the credit of many other spiritual people around the world who raised their consciousness and people in the democratic world who also raised their consciousness and overcame a lot of the aggression that was there in previous ages. So there was not anything that the fallen beings could use to create this ultimate confrontation between East and West because the West was not responding as they had hoped. Now you understand, as we have said, the Soviet Union was, in a sense, doomed from the beginning because it could not transcend itself. It could not renew itself, it could not adapt to the changing times. And this, of course, is because the fallen beings cannot transcend themselves. They cannot adapt.

The fallen beings cannot follow the upward pull of the entire sphere. They can only resist it. The reason for this is that they, of course, have shut down their own creativity. They have shut themselves off by going into this lower state of consciousness. When you have this model of the 144 levels of consciousness, as people move to the lower levels, they become more and more selfish, more and more self-centered. You see that even though it may seem that a dictator like Stalin had tremendous physical power, he was actually more trapped, more imprisoned than any other person in the Soviet Union. You would say he had the greatest physical power in the Soviet Union, but he was more trapped in his own mind than any other person in the entire system. Of course, those who were close to him were also very trapped, and then as you moved further and further out, people were less trapped. But anyone who was part of the communist ruling elite, even the local party boss in some remote region in Siberia, they were all trapped in this prison, in this mental, emotional and identity level prison that made their lives very, very uncomfortable, very, very tense, very, very stressful.

You today, when you look at this, cannot even imagine how tense, how stressful, it was for these people, how intense their lives were, how unpleasant they were. They, of course, would never have acknowledged this and recognized it because they had decided that this was the way it was supposed to be. But if you look at the lives of Stalin and Lenin, for example, you will see how they were so trapped in a certain mindset that there was no room for joy, no room for creativity. There was really no room for enjoying life because everything they did was driven by this mindset they had that drove them to do what they did to get the power or to create the Soviet Union and this “flawless” ideology that Lenin wanted to create.

What people can recognize, what they are ready to recognize, is that everybody who lived in the Soviet Union or a Warsaw country lived in this constant state of tension. It was not just fear. It was stress. It was tension. You never knew what could happen, you were afraid of talking freely to people, you did not know who you could trust. In fact, you could not really trust anybody except maybe a very few people. So nobody was free. They were not free, as it says in this invocation you gave before the dictation, to make choices without fear. They were constantly afraid of the choices they could make and the potential consequences, and very few people could enjoy life in a real way.

What is it that gives enjoyment in life? It is that you feel free to flow with whatever impulses you get from within, whether it is your desires, even your human desires. You look at people who are very much focused on their human desires of getting various pleasures, but the fact that they have the freedom to do so gives them a sense of joy and enjoyment. You see people who have a goal in life. They have a deeper sense of enjoyment because they are pursuing that goal. They have a sense of purpose, but still the freedom to flow, to be spontaneous, to not have your entire life planned and ruled by some external idea, ideology or authority. That is what gives enjoyment in life. Therefore it is possible for people to look at this and say: “It wasn’t pleasant to live in the Soviet Union. We are no longer living in the Soviet Union, but what if we are still dragging with us some of that mindset that was created? And what if we will never be able to fully enjoy life until we look at that mindset and overcome it and choose that we don’t want it anymore?” This is not beyond what people can come to see and come to understand. Therefore they can say again: “We need to just go through a period where we take a look at this and free ourselves from it so that we can be permanently free, and we can enjoy life in a different way.”

You look at some of the nations in Europe. You look at the Baltic countries. Some of these nations have made tremendous progress since the fall of communism. You have a much better standard of living today, most people. But still look at these nations. Look at the country of Estonia that the messenger knows personally, look at the country of Poland, look at Hungary, look at some of the other nations, Latvia, Lithuania, and just see how many people are still tense.

They are not fully able to relax, they are not fully able to enjoy life, they still have that sense of struggling against something. Now those of you who have traveled to the West or lived in the West, you might be able to tune in and realize that many people in the West do not have the same tension. They may still have some tension, they may still not enjoy life fully, but they do not have the same level of tension and stress as you have in Eastern Europe. That is because they did not grow up in the communist system.

If you want to get to the point where you are free, where you can enjoy yourselves, does it not stand to reason that you need to free yourselves from the consciousness that was created during those communist times? And that you are still dragging it with you in the individual minds of people but also in the collective consciousness? Then when you do deal with this, then your nations can be free. Then you can catch up very quickly to where you would have been if you had not been stumped in your natural growth by the communist system. Many people look back with regrets, thinking: “Where would our country have been if we had not been held back for so many years by the communist system?” But it does not really matter because if you can free yourself from the consciousness of the communist system, you can very quickly catch up to where you otherwise would have been. It is not like you have been set back for 60 years or 50 years and now it will take you 50 years to get back up. It will take you a much shorter time once you free yourself from the consciousness of those times. Then you can catch up very quickly. Things will start moving more smoothly, all of the things that are not seemingly working today will suddenly start working, your economies will improve greatly, and there will be a whole new attitude to life if you are willing to take a look and free yourselves from this old state of consciousness, this fear of making decisions, this unwillingness to take an initiative, this fear of experimenting, fear of doing something spontaneously without having a particular reason for doing it, or just flowing with life.

The last thing I want to do here is to address the concept of fear. Many people will say there was a real physical threat in the Soviet Union that you could be killed or sent to a concentration camp. Yes, that was indisputable. It was there. So what were people afraid of? Were they afraid of this physical threat? No, they were not. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Which comes first, the fear or the condition you fear? What have we said over and over again? Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. Fear is a psychological condition. Sure, there is always some outer thing, something outside yourself, that becomes the focus of your fear, but the external condition is not the cause of your fear. The cause of your fear is internal, that you have accepted a certain sense of identity, certain mental beliefs, and this has opened your emotional body up to the forces in the astral plane, who are projecting fear-based energy into your aura.

So what is the key to overcoming fear? Is it to remove the outer condition? You may look at the nations of Eastern Europe and say: “Now that the people don’t have the risk of being sent to Siberia, does that mean they have no fear?” If you look honestly, you will see that many people still have a certain fear because they have not overcome the psychological condition. That is why they are still afraid of making choices. They are afraid of what could happen. They have a negative view of their government because they fear that one day this promise of this new future could fall apart. After all, the Soviet Union promised a better future, but it all fell apart. Why could it not be that capitalism is promising a better future but it will also fall apart one day? Many, many people have this fear that one day some major condition will happen, calamity will happen, that is completely beyond their control. This sense that they could have a better future is once again going to be dashed and shattered, and they are going to be even worse off. Many people have that fear. Many spiritual people still have a certain fear because you have not looked at how for lifetimes this fear of the terrible consequences of going to hell has been programmed into your four lower bodies.

The reality here is that there is only one way to overcome fear, and it is to recognize that fear comes from a particular separate self. Now that separate self is created in response to an outer condition. There is a certain separate self that fears being killed, for example. So you need to look at that self, let go of that self, and then you can have other selves that have other particular things they fear. The key to overcoming a self is to realize that it was not the outer condition that caused the fear. It was the self that caused the fear. So regardless of what the outer condition is, whether it is still there or not, you can let the self die and thereby overcome the fear.

You may say the communist threat of being sent to Siberia is no longer there. But there is still the fear that a meteor could hit the earth, a tsunami could wipe out your city, an earthquake, sudden catastrophic disease, an epidemic, all of these other fears that people have about the future. So you can see that, at least at the present level of the earth, of the collective consciousness, there will always be some outer condition you can fear. You get rid of one condition, and the selves immediately shift to focusing on another condition. So you can see that realistically how could you ever be free of fear? Not by removing the outer conditions that you claim you fear. You can only be free of fear by recognizing that the fear is an internal condition. It is independent of the outer conditions, and the only way to be free of it is to let this self die. This we have given you the tools to accomplish, and many of you would benefit from just taking a look at yourself and seeing: “What fears do I have left? Is there any condition I fear?” Then recognize there is a self, work on dissolving that self, letting it die. Then not only will you feel more at peace, you will enjoy life more, but it may also be that you will not have to experience the condition you fear.

This messenger has told the story of how he was afraid of skeletons as a child, and he overcame it by letting himself be locked into a dark room with a skeleton. By the fact that he survived that experience, he realized the fear was unreal. He did not need to fear skeletons attacking him. But it was only by experiencing that, that he was able to let go of the last remnants of that fear. Many of the conditions that people have had, have experienced, are because they needed to realize that even though they go through this calamitous thing that they have feared, they still survive. Maybe their body dies, but they survive as a self-aware being. This is how the School of Hard Knocks gradually helps people overcome their fears, by realizing that you can, as a self-aware being, as a soul, survive all of these conditions on earth, and therefore you do not need to fear them. But this is the School of Hard Knocks. What we are giving you is the alternative, where you identify the selves and instead of trying to remove the outer condition, you let the self die, and then you are free.

My beloved, when you look at the hysteria that preceded the 2012 date, where so many spiritual people thought it was going to be the end of the world, or when you look at the many conspiracy theories out there and how many spiritual people are indulging themselves in one theory or another, you can see from this that many spiritual people, even though they may have walked the spiritual path for many years, still have fears that prevent them from being at peace with being on this planet, that prevents them from enjoying life on this planet. We of the ascended masters have overcome those fears. It is easy for you to say: “Well, of course you have. You are ascended, so you don’t need to fear anything on earth. But we are still here.” But why did we ascend? Because we stopped fearing that any condition on earth could define us. And that was what gave us the freedom to leave this planet behind permanently.

How will you ascend? The same way. What one has done, all can do. In order to do what we did and ascend, well, you must do what we did, of overcoming the fears, of letting them die. We are free from the fear. We want you to be free from the fear. There is no being in heaven whatsoever that wants you to fear God, fear life, fear hell or fear anything else. No being in heaven wants human beings to fear. Only the fallen beings in the lower realms want human beings to fear so they can control them. Fear never came from God. The fear of God never came from God. It came from those who have separated themselves from God, and want all other people to do the same.

With this, my beloved, I will give you a promise that anyone who will take the concepts in this dictation, whether they relate to a nation or whether they relate to yourself personally, and make the calls for me, I will multiply your efforts. You may give the decree to me, you may give any invocation that uses that decree, or you may just call to me and ask me. But if you do give a certain number of decrees and invocations, I will multiply them with a substantial factor so that you can overcome your personal fears and make a contribution to helping your nation overcome the fears in the collective consciousness so that both you and your nation can be free to move into the Golden Age. Certainly you can see that in the Golden Age there will not be fear. People will not fear their own government. People will not fear the authorities. They will not fear calamities. They will not fear making choices and taking an initiative and experimenting with life. That is why it is a Golden Age. So with this I seal you in my gratitude for having been willing to broadcast this release into the subconscious minds of your nations.


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