Exposing the illusion behind all dictators 

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara through Kim Michaels, May 4, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. I greet you in the flame of love. Not only the flame of love that we have brought from Venus, but the flame of love of the Third Ray.

I wish to speak about how dictators pervert love. They do not pervert the flame of love as it cannot be perverted, but they pervert love, and how do they do it? Well, many people would say that love is a feeling. The reason they say this is that a concept has been created by the fallen beings that has reduced love to a feeling, because love is a spiritual flame. A spiritual flame has nothing to do with what human beings on earth call feelings. They are divine qualities: love, wisdom, purity, and so forth. But divine qualities are not human feelings.

How love has been perverted

Now, what happens on earth is that you have a need—human beings have a need to name and label everything. When you create a label expressed in words, then the fallen beings can take those words and create a man-made concept, a dualistic, relative concept. That is how they take divine qualities and reduce them to human feelings. You have the concept of a human feeling named love. You have a divine quality, which can also be named love but of course is much more than any name that can be expressed in words. What the fallen beings have done is they have taken this word and they have perverted it so that it now describes both what is supposedly a divine quality (even though they cannot see a divine quality) but also a human feeling.

Many people think that it might be the same thing. They think that human love and divine love are the same thing, which of course they are not. It is not simply that you can set up a scale for love and you can say that at the lower levels this is human love and as you go gradually higher, you reach divine love. This is a false image. There is a fundamental difference between human love and divine love. You cannot go from one to the other. You cannot cultivate and perfect human love, and thereby reach divine love.

This is a mistake made by so many Christians, and other spiritual and religious people throughout the ages, where they think that if they are loving enough in a human way, then they will eventually become loving in a divine way. But it cannot be done. You cannot be an open door for divine love unless you have transcended the human love, or rather transcended the self that can only deal with human love. You see that self for what it is, a separate self in your being, and you let it die. Then, you can be an open door for divine love.

People love the dictator and hate the scapegoat

What you see in many dictatorships is that there is this entire consciousness created that people are supposed to love the dictator. You see this across the border in North Korea. You saw it in Nazi Germany. You have seen it in China even today where they glorify and supposedly love Chairman Mao. You see it in Russia with Stalin. You saw it with Pol Pot. You have seen it with other dictators. You can go back to medieval Europe and see how they were supposed to love the kings and so forth and so on. How do you have a situation where you have a brutal dictator, who is oppressing the people, and yet the people, or at least a sizable portion of them, love that dictator?

Well, this is what the fallen beings are able to accomplish when they pervert things into human love, for example. They take this human feeling, and then they are able to get people to go into this very strange state of mind where they have both the human feeling and its opposite at the same time. This is what we have explained about the duality consciousness: It is polarized. There are always two polarizations, two opposite polarities. There is human love and there is hatred. Now, there is of course no divine hatred. But you could say that what the fallen beings have is a hatred that is actually beyond human hatred because they have had it for so long. They have cultured it for so long that it has taken on a quality and a proportion that is beyond what human beings on earth are capable of producing.

They have managed to get people on earth to go into this polarized state where they have the love, the human love, and the human hatred at the same time. This is how it is always expressed in a dictatorship. They manage to get people to love the dictator, but this can only be done because there is a scapegoat towards which people can direct the human hatred. They loved Adolph Hitler. They hated the Jews. This is what you see over and over again. There has to be a scapegoat. It has to be somebody where people can feel justified in directing the hatred that is the inevitable companion of human love. You cannot have human love without having hatred. When you go into this very unbalanced state that you have in a dictatorship, the people cannot avoid feeling both the intensity of the human love and the intensity of the human hatred.

Now, what you see in many of the modern democracies is that people have risen higher than this unbalanced state. Therefore, they do not have the strong emotions. They do not have this need to love their leader, or even love their country, as you see in all dictatorships. As a result of that, they do not have as strong of a hatred. Therefore, they do not need to direct that hatred against either a group in their own country or another country. It is not that people have transcended human feelings, but they have become more balanced. Therefore, they are not expressed in such an extreme way as you see in a dictatorship.

A very unbalanced form of government

By understanding this dynamic, you see that a dictatorship is a very, very unbalanced form of government. It is a very unbalanced state of mind that people go into when they are subject to a dictator. Of course, the dictator himself goes into an extremely unbalanced state of mind in order to become a dictator, do what he needs to do to gain power, and then be willing to do what he needs to do to maintain that power. That is why you see that all dictators go too far. They actually do more than they need to do in order to maintain power. The reason is that they become so unbalanced that they go into a state of paranoia where they see dangers and opposition everywhere. They see even their own people as enemies. They see even the very people who helped them gain power as threats. Therefore, they see anybody who gains influence in the government as a threat. And that is why you will see that they will sometimes cleanse them out as both Mao, Stalin and Hitler did at certain times.

What you realize here is that love is a feeling that does not stand still. We have said before that love flows, but in reality all divine qualities flow. Love has this special dynamic where even the perversion of the divine quality of love, namely human love, has a certain intensity. This means that it is very difficult for people to remain in one state. When they claim to be loving something from a human perspective, their love is possessive. Human love is possessive. This means in a sense that you are always striving to have some ultimate state of love. In love relationships you see many people who are looking for the perfect love partner. They find one person they think is the perfect love partner. They go into a relationship. When they discover that the person is not the perfect partner after all, then they often seek another partner. Or they seek to change their partner and mold that person into the perfect partner. It is difficult for even human love to stand still.

This is also what you see when people are manipulated by the fallen beings into loving a dictator and loving their country. You will see how in Nazi Germany, for example, they had a love for Hitler, they had a love for their nation. But it was not enough for them to just love their own nation and be content by sitting in their own nation and loving their nation and feeling superior. They had to export their view of life to other countries. They could not stay within their own borders. You see the Soviet Union where there was this desire to go beyond the borders. This is what leads to that unbalanced state where you engage in more and more ambitious measures. You can see, as we have mentioned before, that Adolph Hitler went into such an unbalanced state of mind that he wanted to conquer the entire world. Therefore, from the very beginning his defeat was assured, as the world is simply too big to be conquered by one power.

What is it that really happens when you reach this unbalanced state? Well, when you go into love and the state of love, you have this very special dynamic where people feel completely justified in doing what they are doing because they think they are doing it out of love. In other words, there is a certain state of consciousness, a certain illusion that has been projected by the fallen beings, that love is the ultimate human emotion. Love is the ultimate feeling and there is nothing higher than being loving. Therefore, when people feel that they are doing something out of love, they feel justified in forcing this upon others because it is for the good of these other people. If you really love your country and if your country is being threatened by another group of people, whether inside the country or outside, then is it not justified, by the very fact that you love your country so much, that you kill and eradicate those other people? This is how love can be perverted.

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