Experiencing yourself as a being beyond form

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels, June 3, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Kuan Yin. Why do I speak so slowly? Notice your reaction. Do you sense agitation, irritability, impatience? Then consider where this comes from. Does it not come from the mind that is so addicted to stimulation? Consider how many people in this modern age are used to this constant stimulation of the mind. From so many sources, your mind is pulled into a constant reaction to something from outside itself. Yet am I, an ascended master, an outside source? Is this event for you just another outside stimulation or is it more? Well, it can be more, but that is up to you how much more it will be.

The still voice within you

You may say, am I not hearing a human voice from outside myself speaking a message from an ascended master? Is it not coming from an outside source like all the other things that are pulling on my mind? Yet am I, an ascended master, truly an outside source? For I tell you, as an ascended master, I am not bound by time and space. I am everywhere in the consciousness of God. Meaning, I am everywhere in the physical octave, meaning I am inside of you, as well as outside of you, as well as everywhere around you. As well as in no specific location in time or space.

Whether you hear me as an outside source speaking with a human voice or whether you hear me as the still small voice within, that is up to you. You can hear both at the same time. Or you can do what the mind has become addicted to doing, listen only for the outside voice and shut out the inside. Do you not, as ascended master students, grasp that the prince of this world, the demons of Mara, are doing everything they can to constantly pull your attention outside yourself, towards anything outside yourself? They do not care what your attention is focused upon, as long as it is focused outside yourself. For they know that no matter what outer object your attention is focused upon, it pulls you away from what is inside. And what is inside is your higher self, your spiritual teachers, the ascended masters. And that experience of yourself as not being the outer mind, but being what we, for want of better words, have called pure awareness. The Conscious You experiencing itself as pure awareness.

Spiritual teachers for humankind

You have chosen the topic for this gathering: Connecting to your higher self and spiritual teachers. We will begin by helping you connect to us, the ascended masters, who are the spiritual teachers for this planet and humankind. Whether they know us or not, whether they know the name or not, we are the spiritual teachers for all people. For we are the beings in the ascended realm, the spiritual realm, assigned by the cosmic hierarchy to work with earth. We are united. We are one.

There are, of course, those who are imposters, who set themselves up as spiritual teachers, perhaps using our names. And they are often in the mental realm, some in the lower identity realm, some even in the emotional realm. And of course, there are those in physical embodiment, who set themselves up as Gurus of various kinds, claiming various forms of authority or some superior state of consciousness. But we, who are the ascended masters, are the spiritual teachers assigned to earth. You may, of course, go and find whatever teacher appeals to you at your present level of consciousness. And there are many people who need whatever experience they are having by following whatever teacher they are following.

Going beyond the spiritual glitter

But you who know about ascended masters, you, of course, will make the most progress by seeking to connect to us. But how will that connection occur? Will you connect to us through the busy mind that is always pulled outwards, that is always pulled hither and yon, never being able to settle on anything for more than a few seconds? Will you connect to us through that mind? Nay, you will not. You may connect to beings in the mental realm, who will stimulate you with all kinds of glitter. As you see, so many people being attracted to that which speaks about various esoteric topics, often speaking in ways that are difficult to understand. But do they have the connection to the cosmic hierarchy?

You who know about ascended masters, what do you need all of this spiritual glitter for? Why would it be necessary for you? For the spiritual path is not so complicated. It is not so glorious according to the standard by which many people in the world judge. They want something exciting. They want something that pulls on their attention, constantly pulling on their attention. For that is what the outer mind has become addicted to, constantly pulling on your attention.

Just look at movies, television shows, how the pace has increased, how there is hardly any storyline, how it is all action and special effects, constantly something pulling. Never time to be still. There are people who see themselves as spiritual, but their minds are constantly pulled outside themselves, never looking within. But what is the spiritual path all about? Is it about constant stimulation of the mind that never gets enough? Or is it about going within, finding something within that you cannot find in the world? For surely if it could be found in the world, it would already have been broadcast by those who are always looking for an opportunity to make money.

Directing your attention within

The spiritual path that we teach reaches back throughout the millennia. And although we may use words that are adapted to the modern world, it is essentially the same path. You will not find what you are looking for by looking outside yourself. You will find what you are looking for only when you start directing your attention within. This is, of course, not an easy thing to do. We fully understand this. We fully understand how difficult it is to direct your attention within, partly because of the planet you are on with the density of the collective consciousness always pulling on you. But also, because you have had many lifetimes on this difficult planet, and therefore have inevitably been exposed to traumas of various kinds and intensity. When you start looking within, you may encounter emotional energies, deep traumas and beliefs that can be painful and difficult.

Many people in the world, when they start meditating or practicing mindfulness or whatever is popular out there, they encounter their traumas from past lives. And some get scared and decide this is too much or even that this is dangerous. They tend to gravitate towards gurus or religions who promise them the external salvation, where someone will do something for you so you do not have to look inside yourself. Just follow that outer path, doing this spiritual practice, following this guru, whatever temptations you have out there, whatever promises are made, whatever claims to authority or superiority are broadcast to tempt people away from the only path that has ever worked—looking within.

We, many of us who are the ascended masters assigned to earth, have been in embodiment on earth. We know how dense the planet is. We have experienced it on our own four lower bodies, but we also experienced that we could overcome. And therefore, we know that the path works and you too can overcome. Now, we, of course, experienced that we could not overcome by our own power. We needed help from the ascended masters who were working with earth at the time when we ascended. And this is, of course, why we now offer our help to anyone willing to receive it. We have come together, a group of us, and considered how we might help you fulfill the goal that you have chosen for this event—connecting.

Expanding your connection to ascended masters

Now, many of you already have some connection to us and to your higher selves. Some of you feel you have not yet established the connection that you would like to have. But many of you who have followed these teachings for some time, and especially those of you who have made use of the teachings given for the avatars about the cosmic birth trauma, the Primal Self and how to overcome the many separate selves, the subconscious selves, many of you have made more progress than you are aware of. But still we have decided to give you opportunities for expanding your connection.

Why do I say expanding, instead of establishing? Because all who can recognize the ascended masters have some connection to us. For only when the student is ready can the teacher appear. Not because the teacher is hiding from the student. We are always here. We are always here for all people. But until the student is ready, the student cannot sense our Presence.

Why you are here at this event?

My purpose for this opening dictation is to make you aware or at least make you focus on, for most of you are, of course, aware, that you will not connect to the ascended masters through the outer mind that is always so busy.

Why are you here at this event? What motivated you to come here? What do you hope to get out of being here? I know why I am here. Do you know why you are here? Many of you will point to various reasons. But have you taken some time to consider why you are really here? Have you considered that part of your motivation can be certain subconscious selves that hope to get something out of it? Have you considered what motives you might have? What expectations you might have?

Many people come to a spiritual event hoping for some dramatic experience. Some even come hoping for some physical manifestation or proof. Some hope that they will feel special or be made to feel special. Many different expectations. But consider the name you have chosen for this event. The topic for this event: Connecting. What do you think or what do your subconscious selves think will happen when you connect to an ascended master? Is there some expectation of some kind of glorious or dramatic event?

Expectation of some dramatic event

I am not here in any way trying to find fault or criticize. I am only seeking to make you more aware of what expectations you might have. For many people come with expectations that block them from actually achieving a connection to the ascended masters. Many people come expecting some dramatic event, some glorious event. And we can surely say that this has to some degree been increased by previous ascended master teachings, where there have been stories of people walking in the mountains, encountering Saint Germain in some physical visible manifestation, being taken into the Cave of Symbols, having dramatic experiences with Saint Germain or other ascended masters.

Many ascended master students have come with expectations based on these quite old teachings. But we have in this day and age given you new teachings that shed a different light on who we are today, how we work with students today. Some of these earlier teachings were given a very long time ago in the Piscean dispensation, when the collective consciousness was much more dense than it is today. People at the time needed more drama, the promise of some dramatic event. But do you see how this is an example of what we have talked about before, where we have to adapt our teachings and the way they are expressed to the consciousness of the people we are seeking to reach? And do you see that whatever we do, it has a certain effect, a certain side effect? If you go back to these earlier teachings, you will see that many people were attracted to the teachings because of these dramatic stories, the hope of some dramatic encounter with an ascended master that made them feel special.

But do you also see that most people, the vast majority of the people who were attracted to ascended master teachings, did not have such dramatic encounters? What was the effect? They were disappointed. They were wondering: “Is there something wrong with me that Saint Germain does not appear to me? And take me into the Cave of Symbols, and tells me how special my mission is. And how I will single-handedly save the planet and bring the golden age.” You see there is always that delicate balance between attracting people, catching their attention and then risking disappointment when their inflated expectations are not met.

Pushing the connection away from yourself

You who are our students in this age and who have been willing to take in the teachings we have given through this messenger, you can look at yourselves and you can see if you still have some expectation of some dramatic encounter. And if you do, then that expectation will block your connection to us. Why? Well, for many reasons. First of all because we are real spiritual teachers. What does that mean? It means we want you to be free of your egos, your subconscious selves. If you have an expectation based on the ego’s desire to feel special about how you would meet an ascended master, what would happen if we actually fulfilled that expectation? What would happen if we appeared to you exactly as you expect and made you feel very special? You would be trapped by that element of your ego, perhaps for the rest of this lifetime.

Therefore, as true spiritual teachers, when you have an expectation, we must step back. For we cannot risk pushing you in the opposite direction of growth. But of course, there is also an inner reason which is that when you have an expectation of some dramatic encounter, it is again the mind projecting out. But as I have said, you will not find us, you will not connect to us out there. But if your mind is projecting an image of how the connection should be, are you not projecting that you want to connect to us out there? Are you then not pushing the connection away from yourself by that expectation? This is the dilemma that we face—for us it is not a dilemma, but it is for you.

We understand fully how it is to be in embodiment. Why would you want a connection to your spiritual teachers unless that connection gave you something that you do not have in your normal daily life? Yes, we understand you must have a motivation for studying teachings, for practicing decrees and invocations. We understand. But we also understand that in most cases where you do not feel you have the connection, it is your expectation that blocks it. It is not us.

Establishing a direct inner connection with the masters

One thing I would like you to pay attention to, to listen to, is this. We of the ascended masters do not limit the connection you can have with us. Again, I am not trying to criticize in any way. I am only pointing out that we are willing to connect with anyone on earth at their present level of consciousness. For that is what the Christ consciousness truly is. The Christ mind is the mind that can meet people at whatever level of consciousness they are at and offer them some frame of reference that can help them take the step up to the next level of consciousness. There is no one on earth that we are not willing to connect to, based on the Christ mind. And I say this so that you who are our direct students can recognize that we are willing to connect to you. Our desire for all of you is that you establish a direct connection with us so that you can receive personal insights, shifts in consciousness and help from us that does not come from any outer source or through any outer source.

You are studying and practicing teachings that have been given through this particular messenger. But neither we of the ascended masters, who are sponsoring this messenger, nor the messenger himself has any desire for you to only connect to us through the messenger or the teachings given through the messenger. We want you to establish a direct inner connection with us so that you come to a point where you do not need the messenger. You may not need the outer teaching. You may not need the outer practices. But there is no desire to limit you and to keep you in a certain state of co-dependence on the messenger or the teaching or the practice. This does not mean you have to leave the teaching or the practice. But we desire all of you to have that direct connection.

Retreating from the world

The question for you really is: “What is there in your mind that might block your direct connection?” And this is, of course, what we will help you come to see and come to overcome in this event. Many of you will look at this as a conference, but you might also look at it as a retreat. Why do I use the word retreat? Because when you attend a retreat, what do you do? You retreat from the world. We are asking you for these next days to retreat as much as possible from your normal lives, what you are normally focusing your attention upon. It is not so much a matter of letting go of whatever responsibilities you have. But retreat in your minds so that you withdraw your attention from all of these things that are pulling on you.

There may be world events happening for these next days. But if something should happen that you need to pay attention to, we will let you know. Which means you can now, if you are willing, decide to turn off that phone, that internet connection. Surely my beloved, if you do not pay attention to the world for the next four days, the world will still be there. For I can assure you that the world is still there when no one is looking, when no human is looking, for we of the ascended masters are always looking.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Connecting with Your Spiritual Teachers.



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