Experiencing the spherical awareness of the higher levels of Christhood 

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, December 6, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. What does the Buddha know about Christhood and Christ discernment?

Well, how do you become the Buddha? By going through the phase of Christ discernment and Christhood. As we have explained to you, there are certain levels of consciousness and although there are 144 on earth, there are many more in the ascended realm. You first rise to the level of Christhood, and then from there you can rise to the level of Buddhahood. You do not need to rise to the level of Buddhahood in order to ascend, but you can.

What we have attempted to give you here, is some teachings on some of the factors that prevent you from having Christ discernment. The one thing that I want to bring to your attention here is, that when you come to that 96th level, you are facing a certain initiation. Now, we have said that at the 96th level you are facing a crossroads, where you can either transcend the focus on self or you can go into a downward spiral of becoming more and more focused on self. One of the determining factors that decides whether you go up or down at that level, is the issue I want to bring to your attention here. It is something that has been talked about even in contemporary psychology, and it is generally called “control issues”.

If you again, go back to the fallen beings and look at their situation. We have talked about in the fourth sphere where there are these beings that have set themselves up as the absolute rulers on certain planets. What does it take for you to set yourself up in such a position where you have all power and nobody can object to your commands? Well, it obviously means that you have to gain control over that planet, over all the people who are embodied on it. You are seeking to build a state or a sense of superiority by exercising control. You are seeking to control yourself and your own mind, so you are very disciplined and never let down your guard, but you are also seeking to control other people.

Now, after the fallen beings fell, they of course continued this momentum of seeking control. Some of them, went into seeking to gain control over the entire universe, or even gain control over God. But of course, they could never achieve this because they cannot even fathom what the real Creator is like. However, you may be able to see the irony, that someone is seeking to gain control in a universe where the only absolute law is the Law of Free Will.

How can you truly gain control, when free will is the absolute law? How can you control everybody’s choices?

Of course, you see here on earth that after the fallen beings came to earth, they have also attempted in many different ways to gain control over the population. They have done this in physical ways by killing those who will not be controlled, or imprisoning them. They have done it in emotional ways by pulling people into these emotional vortexes, where they are under the control of those who have created the vortexes, namely the fallen beings.

They have done it in the mental level by pulling people into believing in any number of thoughts systems, from religions to materialism, political ideologies and so forth. They of course have done it at the identity level, by making all people on earth accept that they are just human beings who are limited by all of these limitations and that there are only certain very special beings who can go beyond this. Therefore, you should blindly follow those who have this higher sense of awareness.

What the fallen beings have, is of course this momentum on controlling others. So, they are directing out this desire to control, and they are willing to control others. Not all of them are willing to kill other people in order to control them, some seek to do it in less violent ways, but they are still projecting out.

Do not be mistaken, many fallen beings also have what you normally call self- control, they can be very disciplined, very focused, very goal oriented, and that is why they are often successful in the political arena or in businesses. So, they have the desire to control others and they are very aggressive in doing so, feeling that they have the right to do so. Naturally, this is a, you might say, very vulnerable state that they are in. Because they constantly experience that it is difficult to control people, it is especially difficult to control all people, because there is this tendency even on a planet like earth, that once in a while these individuals will appear, who refuse to be controlled, who refuse to follow the mass consciousness, the party line, the dictates of the Pope or whatever you have.

So, there are these rebels and in some cases the rebels are actually other fallen beings who form the aspiring power elite that wants to overthrow the ruling power elite. In many cases, those who will not be controlled are actually beings who have attained a high degree of Christhood, therefore they are standing out in order to show people (the population) that there is a way to avoid the control.

Some of them have even reached a level of Christhood such as Jesus, where they can bring about the judgment of certain fallen beings.

It is very difficult for fallen beings to uphold this sense that they are in control. But many of them have created elaborate structures in their own minds, in order to maintain the sense that they are in control, regardless of what happens on the outer. They have a certain worldview that always places them at the center of the universe. And they have various ways of explaining why certain things happen that they cannot control, that they cannot avoid.

What is planet earth then? As we have said several times, it can be compared to a reality simulator. You take embodiment on earth, you are actually entering this reality simulator that can simulate many different types of environments. Part of the way that it simulates something, is that human beings, especially the collective consciousness, superimposes certain images, certain beliefs, certain worldviews upon the Mater light and thereby the reality simulator out-pictures that.

We have said that the planet was originally created in a higher state, where nobody had to work at the sweat of their brow to sustain their physical bodies. After there was the descent into the duality consciousness, now you do have to do physical work in order to sustain your bodies. So, what you see here is that planet earth is a reality simulator. But there is a safety mechanism that makes it more difficult for people to become trapped in the reality simulator by thinking that the environment simulated is an absolute reality that could never be different. Of course, it does this in various ways, one of them is the second law of thermodynamics that breaks down what is created of duality. Also, the fact that people are so different and that it is very difficult to get all people to behave exactly alike.

So, once in a while you have these Christed beings, who challenge the concept of what a human being is and how a human being should behave. So, you see the dynamic, the fallen beings want to attain control over their environment but there are certain factors on earth that make it virtually impossible for one fallen being to attain absolute control on earth. So, this means that from the moment the fallen beings fell and from the moment they came to earth, they have been faced with this reality, that they want to have absolute physical control over this planet but they can never really get there.

So, how do fallen beings deal with this? Well, they deal with it by seeking to create some kind of explanation in their minds. It can be somewhat on the personal level, something they would never talk about with anyone. It can also be an ideology, a religion, a scientific theory, a political theory, whatever. So, in other words, the fallen being has an obsessive compulsive need to be able to explain why it cannot attain absolute physical control. It attempts to do this by creating this explanatory system that explains why certain things happen, that the fallen being didn’t expect, or didn’t want.

So, this is a very old momentum on earth, there are some huge collective beasts that are created to do this. Because naturally, it is not only fallen beings who are affected by this but most of the people on earth are affected by it as well. Because human beings, who are not fallen beings, still have the explanation problem, that they experience that there are so many things on earth that they don’t want to have happen to them and they have to explain why this is so.

Some people have to explain it, because they are following a fallen leader who is promising them that if they follow this leader, he will bring them to some Utopia. So, they have a need to explain why certain things happen that are beyond what the fallen leader promised, so they can still continue following that leader because they are not willing to make their own decisions.

Some people have believed in a religion that promises them certain things. They have a need to explain why that religion cannot fully deliver on its promise. So, you can generally say that all people on earth have this explanation problem. They need to explain why certain things happen that they don’t want and that they don’t expect.

This is what gives rise to this psychological mechanism that psychologists have started to see and which they have so far called “control issues”. They realize that some people have larger control issues than others, basically all people at a certain level of consciousness have control issues.

So, what is it you see when a person now finds a spiritual teaching, including an ascended master teaching? Well, as I said, you have grown up on a planet where there is this consciousness of wanting control and wanting to explain. So, there is no shame in having this tendency. You all had it when you first found the path. It may have been in past lifetimes but when you first discovered the spiritual path, you had this control issue.

So, what do you do? Well, you do the only thing you can do. You seek to use your spiritual teaching to solve your explanation problem, to explain what is going on earth, why certain things happen that you do not expect, why certain things happen that you do not want and why, despite the promises that might have been made by your spiritual teaching, by a leader or by a religion, you cannot avoid these things that you do not want to have happen. In other words, you also need to explain why you cannot control your environment and your situation and you are seeking to use your spiritual teaching to do so.

Now, what the fallen beings usually do is they appoint a scapegoat, and it is because the scapegoat refuses to follow the one and only truth, that things go wrong. Again, the classical example is Hitler, the scapegoat was the Jews, they were responsible for all of Germany’s problems, therefore they needed to be exterminated and the problem would be solved. This is not the first time that someone has used that idea to create mass killings.

Naturally, when you are a spiritual person and you have reached a certain level of maturity that allows you to recognize an ascended master teaching, you have overcome the desire for control that the fallen beings have (provided you are not a fallen being who has found an ascended master teaching) but even fallen beings who find an ascended master teaching have overcome the tendency to use violence. You are no longer willing to kill other human beings, you are not willing to be very physically aggressive in order to control others.

In fact, many spiritual people at least those who find an ascended master teaching are somewhat over the need to want to control others. It is not all who are over that need. You can see this, even in previous ascended master teachings, even in the beginning years of this dispensation. There were certain people who had this desire to control others, they didn’t use physical means but they used psychological means.

The issue I really want to talk about here is that you have this desire to explain why you cannot control every aspect of your life. You are seeking to use an ascended master teaching to explain this. Of course, we allow this because we know you cannot do anything else at these levels of consciousness from the 48th to the 96th. We have also designed our course on the seven rays, so that you can gradually overcome this desire for control and be less controlled by the desire for control. Because as we have said, many times, you cannot attempt to control others, unless you yourself are being controlled by the psychology behind it, by the collective entities or even by fallen beings.

So, now you come to this point where you have reached the 96th level. The first thing you need to overcome, is this desire to want to control others through psychological means. If you will not confront this, if you will not look at these selves that give you this compulsive-obsessive compulsive drive to control others, then you cannot rise above the 96th level. Therefore, you must go into this downward spiral and become more and more controlling of others for a time.

So, if you can overcome this desire to control others, even through psychological means and even by using an ascended master teaching to control others, then you can rise above the 96th level. This does not mean that you have overcome all control issues. You will still, even for some time above the 96th level, be dealing with this in a more subtle version. In a sense, you could say you deal with it all the way to the 144th level and your ascension.

Again, you have this desire to use an ascended master teaching to explain everything that happens on earth, everything that happens to you. So what can you do to overcome this? Or should we say, why do you have to overcome this, what is wrong with using an ascended master teaching to try and explain everything?

Well, what is wrong with it, is that you have certain separate selves that are now using an ascended master teaching, and therefore the separate selves are claiming to have the authority of the ascended master teaching, meaning you should not question them. What have we said: If you do not question a self, how can you overcome it, how can you transcend it? So, this means you will be trapped at a certain level, if you allow these selves to use the teaching that way.

In order to grow beyond a certain level of Christhood, you have to confront this desire to control by using an ascended master teaching to explain every aspect of your personal situation and of life.

How can you start dealing with this now that we have made you openly aware of it? Many of you have already made considerable progress without really being consciously aware of what you were doing. But you have made progress. Some of you have left behind certain things that you were very concerned about 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.

So, let us take a broad look at some of the methods that people use in order to explain everything. The desire to explain something has different levels.

It has an emotional component, where you desire to explain things at the emotional level. This is where people can be susceptible, for example, to a strong leader who creates a certain worldview where he claims he can explain everything. People are then pulled into this, because when they follow that leader they get a certain feeling, now they feel they are empowered, they feel that they are in control.

What is more common in the modern world, especially in the Western world, is that people seek to use the rational, analytical, linear mind to explain everything. What does the linear mind do? Well, the linear mind sees a linear relationship between cause and effect. The linear mind believes that everything that happens on earth has a cause, everything you see is an effect and there is a cause that produced that effect.

In a sense, at this broad level this is not wrong. There are causes, there are effects. There is nothing in the material universe that does not have a cause of some kind. But the limitation of the linear mind is that it is based on analysis.

What does analysis do? It takes a whole, it breaks it down into separate components. Then it says: “Here is a separate effect that we can now study separately, and this separate effect must have a separate cause that caused it in a linear way.” In other words, a particular effect must always have the same cause and only that cause. An apple falls from a tree, that apple can be studied as an isolated unit. There must be a cause that made it fall and that is the force of gravity that works on the apple. So, there is one effect the apple falls, there is one cause gravity. No other factors need to be considered because now we have a neat linear explanation of cause and effect.

So, the linear mind then reasons that, even though there are many chaotic things that are happening on earth, it must be possible to break them down into simple components and then find a cause for each effect so we understand why certain things are going on.

Now, you will see throughout the ages, how people have attempted to come up with various systems that could explain this. In the old days, some cultures believed that every phenomenon you saw in nature was the effect of a cause and the cause was a particular god that was ruling over that phenomenon. There was a god of agriculture, a god of hunting, a god of weather and so forth. From very ancient times people have also used astrology to explain that there are certain movements in the heavens, certain movements of the stars that form a cause, and they produce a certain effect here on earth, even though they are far away.

Well, in the old days to be realistic, people did not understand how far away the stars are, because they thought the sky was much closer. Today, you know how far away the stars are, but people still believe that they can have a cause and that it can influence you personally so that they set a limitation of what you can or cannot do in your life. My beloved, you cannot manifest Christhood if you believe that you are limited by your astrology and that you cannot rise above your astrology.

So, you see my point, there are any number of these examples. The point is that people are seeking for this very simple cause and effect sequence.

Many people of course, are seeking this because they want to use their understanding of cause and effect to predict what might happen in the future. We might say, as we have talked about before, how can you control something, if you cannot predict what might happen. Therefore, in order to truly control the present, you also need to be concerned about what can happen in the future. Therefore you think that if you can know what is going to happen, you can predict what is going to happen, then you can make adjustments so it isn’t so bad, or at least what is going to happen is not unexpected.

So, you see a certain part of the spiritual community on earth, the New Age community, even the religious community, who have used these various ways to come up with various forms of divination where they attempt to predict something. Often by using something that really is guided by chance. Tarot cards, Ouija boards, prophecies of various kinds, killing an animal, cutting it open and looking at how its entrails fall out. This should supposedly be able to give you a clue of what is going to happen in the future.

In other words, you see the disconnect, you see the cognitive dissonance. Here is a person seeking control over his future by wanting to predict it. But the method he is using to predict the future is based on an element of chance that is by nature unpredictable. What sense does it make to think that some divination method based on chance can accurately predict the future? Well, you could say that chance could as accurately predict the future as some of these other divination methods people have come up with, including, for that matter, certain scientific methods and predictions.

So, when you go above the 96th level and start working your way up through these higher levels, you can benefit greatly from considering this entire dynamic. You can make an effort to look at whatever selves you have, that are these control-based selves. You can fairly easily learn to recognize this (where you) especially in situations where something unexpected happens, you see your reaction to this.

Do you feel upset, angry that something unexpected happened? Do you feel that there must be some kind of injustice? Do you tend to ask yourself, why did God let this happen to me, I have done everything that God supposedly wants me to do and this still happened? Or why didn’t the ascended masters prevent this from happening to me?

So, there is a certain dream among spiritual people, that if you follow a true spiritual teaching and you really apply it, then you should be able to gain control over your life so that nothing unexpected or nothing that you don’t want could ever happen to you.

But look at the life of Jesus. Was he a control freak that wanted to control every aspect of his life? Well, if he was, why did he allow himself to be crucified? Did he want to be crucified? Did he think, “Oh, that would be an interesting experience to know what it’s like to be nailed to a cross”? Of course not.

But he allowed this to happen because he allowed himself to enter a chaotic, unpredictable situation, where it quite frankly was impossible for anyone to predict what would happen. The reality of planet earth, is that this planet is so chaotic, so dense, that no-one, not even an ascended master, can predict everything that is going to happen in every situation.

Now, why is this? Well, what I aim to give you here, is a deeper understanding of a concept that I even brought out 2500 years ago. It is the concept that is still known in Buddhism as the Interdependent Originations, we have mentioned it before. It is important that when you reach these higher levels above the 96th level, you begin to contemplate this. I am not saying that you need to come to some sophisticated understanding of the dynamics of how it works, but you need to understand the concept and what it means, especially in relation to attaining control.

Now, we have said that free will is the ultimate law, there is no being in the ascended realm who will interfere with people’s free will. Therefore, whatever causes people set in motion, we will allow them to experience the consequences of it, unless they have changed their consciousness before the consequences become physical. We have also said that everything is interconnected.

All life is one, the entire universe is interconnected. What does this actually mean? Well, in the context of what I am talking about here, it means that the linear mind’s illusion that it can break down a whole into separate components is – well – an illusion.

You can of course, look at a whole, break it down into separate components and attempt to study them, but you will not thereby explain what is happening because everything is an interconnected whole. So, the moment you choose to focus on a particular aspect of that whole and consider this to be a separate thing, at that moment you have abandoned any possibility of understanding what is happening.

Because when everything is an interconnected whole, how can there be such a concept or such a thing as a separate effect that has a separate cause? It just cannot happen. It isn’t realistic. Yes, at a certain level there can be a direct cause – effect relationship. Certainly, if there is a certain type of bacteria in your drinking water, you will get cholera. This still does not really explain why there are these bacteria on earth, why there is a disease called cholera or many other diseases, and why two people can drink the water and one gets cholera and the other does not.

So, you see here that you can use the linear analytical mind to set up certain cause – effect sequences that work at a very localized level. But they can only explain a very limited range of phenomena and there will be a huge sphere that they cannot explain.

So therefore, we could also say that, when you use the linear mind to look for separate phenomena, separate effects and separate causes, you can never fulfill your dream of having control over everything. Isn’t that proven by science, materialistic science who has attempted to reduce human beings to mechanical beings, where everything that happens in your mind is an effect of the physical condition of your brains. But despite the fact that they have been trying to control the brain, they have not attained control over people’s behavior, or their psychology, despite the fact that they have used technology to attempt to control nature or the weather or the planet at large, they have not been able to control everything.

What you can do as a spiritual student when you reach these higher levels, is you can begin to contemplate this concept of the interdependent originations, everything on earth is interdependent.

Now again, we realize that this presents an enigma. Because as we have said: There is that stage between the 48th and the 96th level where you are pulling yourself above the collective consciousness. You are doing this by building this individual identity. So, naturally this means you are thinking in terms of “what can I do to raise my consciousness?” What can I do to take command over my outer situation and improve my outer situation? This is valid at that level.

But when you start going beyond the 96th level, what are you doing? As we have said, you are breaking down that individual self that you had created. It was a vehicle that took you to a certain level and now it cannot take you higher. It needs to be broken down. How do you break it down?

Well, you need to break it down by considering this whole concept of separation, overcoming what we have talked about – the illusion of separation that is created by the dualistic consciousness. As you walk towards higher levels of Christhood, you more and more see the underlying oneness of all life. You see how all life is connected, you see yourself connected to the I Am Presence, to the ascended masters and to other people, even to the planet, even to matter.

When you start to experience this greater connection with everything, you also start to experience and realize that everything is interconnected, the interdependent originations. In other words, there is no separate origination, there is no separate cause. Because any phenomenon that happens on earth is not an isolated phenomenon, it is part of the whole, therefore it moves with the whole.

Now, just to give you an obvious example. You can or at least you could before the pandemic, go to a place called an airport. You buy a ticket; you go into a piece of technology called an airplane. Now the airplane takes off and flies into the air and it is moving very, very fast compared to the surface of the earth. You are starting at one place and within a few hours you are in a place far, far away.

So, you might say that that airplane is moving independently of the earth, because it is not tied to the surface of the earth. It is moving through the air at high speed and it can even move in the opposite direction of the rotational direction of the earth.

So, when you are looking at this from the surface of the planet and you see an airplane flying above, you see it as a separate object that is moving independently of what is happening on the ground. When you are in the airplane, you also think you are in a separate object, you are moving independently of the ground.

What if you now traveled out into space and look back at earth? You have a binocular with you so you can focus on that one particular airplane. You can say yes, on a very localized level, the airplane is moving independently of the surface of the earth. But when you zoom out to the planet as a whole, the airplane is still moving within the gravitational field of the planet. So, when you consider that the planet is moving around the sun in an orbit, you realize that that airplane is moving along with the planet in that orbit, it is not moving independently of the orbit, or independently of the sun.

So, this is a crude example of the interdependent originations. Everything is a connected whole. You have the concept of chaos theory, which talks about everything being connected and therefore as the popular saying is “that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in one part of the world, sets in motion a chain of interdependent causes, which at a later time can produce a tornado in some other part of the world.”

Although this is not perhaps the most realistic example, it is still a valid example (in the sense that) the earth is not a linear mechanical system like science would have you believe at a certain point because of its own lack of understanding. As chaos theory has opened up for a deeper understanding that there are no simple linear causes, because everything is so connected that a small effect in one part of the system, or a small cause in one part of the system can have a large effect in another part of the system.

What does this mean for you on the path to Christhood? Well, as you move higher and higher in Christhood, you become able to let go more and more of this desire to control your personal situation. In some way, you are increasing your ability to be a co-creator, to control matter and therefore to control certain aspects of your outer situation. But this can become a trap, it can become a blind alley.

There are people who have made genuine progress on the spiritual path, overcome the lower forms of selfishness and moved beyond the 96th level. But they have started to attain some of what we call the mastery of mind over matter, as you also saw Jesus demonstrate.

But there are some people who have then become so fixated on this, that they want to use this mastery of mind over matter to control every aspect of their outer situation so that unpleasant things never happen to them, and so they get the exact conditions that they want, whether it be some nice house in some nice part of the world where the weather is always good, having abundant money, or whatever it may be that these people have envisioned at a lower level of the path and they have not let go of that dream. So, now they begin to have a certain sense of mastery, now they use that mastery to create that situation that they dreamt off.

It can be valid to do this for a time, but there comes a point where you need to move on in order to manifest the higher levels of Christhood that Jesus demonstrated. Jesus did not use his mastery to set up a comfortable situation for himself. That is why he never owned a particular piece of land, never built a house, never created an isolated community around himself where he was always protected and had other people doing the work for him. He walked around without belonging anywhere in particular, without owning anything in particular, as did I, in my time as the Buddha in embodiment. Even though I did in the later years create a certain ashram.

So, you see here that there comes this point where you now become more aware of the interdependent originations. You are overcoming the selves that want you to control your environment and your life and what does this mean? This means that you let go more and more and more. You surrender more of this desire to control, you surrender your expectations, you surrender even your ideas and dreams and images of how your life should be on earth. Why do you need to do this?

Well, what is Christhood? It is the process that leads you towards the ascension. What is the ascension? It is the point where you let go of everything on earth. You look back at earth, when you are standing there at the 144th level, you look back, is there anything on earth that pulls you back here.  If there is you have to go back there and deal with that. But if there isn’t, then you can walk through that gate into the ascended realm.

What you are doing as you are approaching the 144th level, you are letting go of what I call the attachments, but you are also letting go of dreams, ideas of how your life should be. If this is your last lifetime on earth, you need to let go of these expectations of what your life should or should not be.

You need to come to that point where you realize, that the later stages of your path may require you to experience certain things, to go through certain situations that you would rather have avoided at lower levels. But you come to the point where you can surrender this and you can go through these experiences with peace of mind. You are not disturbed. You are not blaming God. You are not blaming the ascended masters. You are not blaming yourself. You are accepting that your life unfolds a certain way.

You allow this unfoldment, because you realize that when you are reaching these levels of Christhood, your life is no longer about you and what you want as an independent being. Your life is about how you can serve. How can you serve other people? How can you serve the ascended masters? How can you serve the forward progression of the planet?

This is not something that can easily be defined. There are many, many ways to do this. There are many, many people throughout the ages who have been in a situation in their last embodiment, where they seemingly went through some very humiliating circumstances. But this was part of this larger service that they could give. Because by going through this, they set in motion certain causes, a cause-effect sequence, very complex, beyond what the outer mind can even fathom but it had a certain effect on the collective consciousness.

So, what actually happens is that at the lower levels of the path, you want to use the outer linear analytical mind to understand everything. So, at those levels something unexpected happens to you and immediately you want an explanation. You can see in even some of the questions that have been submitted to the website, how people want explanations for even small things that happened in their lives. Why is this so? Why did this happen? What could I do to avoid it?

It is understandable at a certain level. But when you reach these higher levels of Christhood, you need to begin to ponder the limitations of the linear mind. You need to realize that because of these interdependent originations, the connection of everything, the linear mind cannot explain and understand everything. There are certain things that will happen to you and there is no linear explanation for it, at least no explanation that the linear mind can fathom.

If you actually look at the scientific theory of chaos, you will see that materialistic science has been on this same quest to explain everything. Everything must have a simple cause and it must be possible to create some mathematical equation that can explain this, or at least some kind of scientific experiment that can replicate the cause.

What chaos theory essentially says in its essence, is that it will never be possible for science, linear materialistic science to explain everything, because there are some effects that do not have a linear cause, the cause is not one, the cause is so many, such a complex series of events in this interdependent system. That is why it has become known as chaos theory.

Because, until the advent of chaos theory, most scientists believed that it was just a matter of time before they would have discovered all of the causes, and all of the complex mathematical equations, that everything could be predicted. But chaos theory raised the question of whether that would ever be possible Whether there were some things that simply could not be explained or predicted by science.

They then chose the catchy word “chaos.” Because for centuries science had had this mechanical model, that the world is like a large machine, and if you knew the initial conditions, if you know the workings of the machine and the laws that guide the workings, you can predict everything that is going to happen in the future. So, this was order, absolute order, and then the word chaos was chosen to show the alternative, that the world in fact is not an ordered system. It is a chaotic system.

Now, the idea of a chaotic system is of course, somewhat of a misnomer, because how can a system be chaotic and how can chaos be systematized. Nevertheless, you can of course still look for certain trends in the chaos. When you reach the higher levels of Christhood, that is what you start looking for. You look for a more spherical understanding of life instead of the linear understanding. You realize that there are certain limitations to what can be explained. Or rather, you realize that specific effects do not have a single cause but a very complex series of causes that lead to that particular effect.

In some cases, it is simply beyond what the outer mind can fathom. You come to a point where you make peace with this. You realize that you do not have to understand everything that happens in your life. You do not have to understand why it happens. You, in fact, come to a point where you make peace with certain things happening that you did not predict or expect, or necessarily want at a certain level of your path.

So, this is again what may seem like a contradiction or an enigma.  Because what have we encouraged you to do? We have been encouraging you to look at your life. We have said that everything that happens in the physical has a cause in the three higher levels. So, if you can find the cause in your own psychology and resolve that self, then you can change the outer condition. And this is still true. It is not that I am questioning this.

But this is true as far as yourself is concerned, as far as your own mind is concerned. You can take control, or rather take mastery over your four lower bodies and therefore you can control what coloring or what forms the light takes on when it descends from your I Am Presence and passes through the identity, mental, emotional bodies to the physical level. This you can take control over and this you can benefit from following the procedure of looking for what it is in your psychology that manifests a certain condition.

But you have to recognize (and you begin to experience this when you attain this Christhood) where you see the connection, you see that – yes you can still attain control, and you can understand what it is in your three higher bodies that causes certain physical phenomena in your life and you can work with this. But you are not living as an isolated unit here on earth. You are living as part of this larger system that involves many other people. So, as you then rise to higher levels of Christhood, you are not seeking to carve out some comfortable existence for yourself. You are seeking to serve the whole. That is when you then need to give up this desire or this belief that you can control every aspect of your life.

You still realize that you can control your own mind, your own four lower bodies. You can still look for the illusion at the next level of consciousness so you can rise to that level. Therefore, you can work your way up to the 144th level regardless of what happens in your outer situation. Your progress on the path does not depend on outer conditions, when you reach these levels. It doesn’t really depend on outer conditions at lower levels, but you think it does.

So, there comes that point where you realize that you have looked at your own psychology, you have resolved certain things in your own psychology. Therefore, you can see that something happened in your life but it isn’t the result of some unresolved psychology, it is the result of you being part of this larger system, where in order to serve other people, in order to help certain people, in order to serve some greater cause, you need to go through this experience. You make peace with that. You go through the experience, it doesn’t disturb you, it doesn’t prevent you from moving forward on the path, going to these higher levels, towards the 144th level.

So, you could say that at a lower level of the path, it seems like you are walking the path in order to attain greater mastery, which you see as greater control. At a certain period you need to do this, in the sense that you raise yourself above the mass consciousness.

But then over the 96th level, you are actually realizing what it was, it was an illusion that the spiritual path would give you control. It was an illusion that being the Christ in embodiment gives you total control over your outer circumstances. Because in order to manifest these higher levels of Christhood, you let go of all desire for control or for controlling your outer situation. You say “how can I serve life?” You say, as Jesus demonstrated when he was sitting there at the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing he would be arrested the next day and possibly most likely tortured and crucified. He said: “God, if it be thy will, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but thine be done.”

You even come to a point where you do not have to do this. Jesus did this partly to demonstrate the process, but there comes a point where you have made peace with this, that you are constantly in this state “Not my will, but thine be done. Whatever I need to go through in order to serve some cause, I am willing to go through it. I don’t need to know what that cause. I do not need to have some ascended master appear to me and explain in great detail with a booming voice why this needs to happen. I don’t need to know because I trust. I trust that when I have surrendered myself to a higher level of service, then whatever happens is part of that service. I don’t need to know everything. I don’t need to understand everything with the outer linear mind.”

But at this point, is when you begin to have something that is beyond a linear explanation, you begin to have an inner experience. We might call it an intuitive or mystical experience, but it is actually a spherical experience. This is where you begin to have what Maitreya mentioned in the end of his last dictation, where now you do not need an outer messenger to serve as an intermediary between you and the ascended masters, because you build a personal inner relationship with the ascended masters.

What we give you is not a linear, factual explanation. We give you something that is much more complex. We give you, it’s not even a vision. It’s not even sensation. It is something that you cannot explain with words. But we give you an inner experience, that helps you see what is the next step on your path.

You gain a sense that this is part of this very complex outplaying of the tapestry of life, the interdependent originations, it is part of your service. This gives you that sense of peace that this is what needs to happen to you. So, you go through it without being disturbed by it as you would have been, while you still had the control issues. Because, when something happens that you don’t want to happen, then you will get very, very disturbed by this because you face this fear of not having control. But at these higher levels of Christhood, you have surrendered that fear, you have let that self die that has that fear.

You are not afraid of not being in control, because you have made peace with the fact that God is in control, the ascended masters are in control, your I Am Presence is in control. You do not need to always know with the outer mind. You just need to have that inner sense that you are connected. You are connected to that larger mind, that is your I Am Presence, that is the ascended masters, that is the Christ mind.

Therefore, you are at peace with this. You may look back at the life of the Buddha and see that I attained a high level of consciousness. I entered Nirvana, I decided to come back. Then I spent many years teaching, teaching high teachings, having this ashram. Then what happened in the end at the age of 81, I visited some person who gave me something to eat that was polluted and as a result of that my body dies.

Well, you would say: “But couldn’t the Buddha have foreseen this, so he didn’t take this food, so he didn’t go in there? Why did he allow this to happen if he had all this attainment?” Well, you now have the explanation. This needed to happen as part of my service. Why did it need to happen? Well, my beloved, there is no linear explanation I can give you in words. You may come to experience this when you reach that level, where you can receive this more complex matrix. But it cannot be fathomed by the linear mind.

So, at the higher levels of Christhood what does Christ discernment mean? Well, it does not mean that you always know what is right and what is wrong and you can always explain everything, that you have knowledge of everything and why this happened and why this is so.

It means you have a broader perspective, a spherical awareness that cannot be translated into words or other concepts found in the linear mind. But you have an understanding that is beyond understanding. You have a vision that is beyond vision. This is what gives you the ultimate sense of peace that you can have on earth. Because you are at peace with whatever happens, whatever unfolds.

Now, I understand that this explanation is at a higher level than where most of you are at in consciousness. So, it will be difficult for you to relate to it. But it is given because there are some people who can benefit from it already. All of you when you keep walking the path will come to the point where you can benefit from this explanation, it may not happen tomorrow or next week but it may indeed happen for many of you in this lifetime.

So, now the teaching is given, it is in the physical octave where you can find it, you can contemplate it and you can therefore rise to that point, where you no longer need the outer teaching because you receive directly from within this much more complex matrix than could ever be given in an outer teaching formulated in words.

You will see that there are many, many spiritual and religious teachings, scientific political ideologies, philosophies on earth that are expressed in words. Many of them, in fact the vast majority of them claim that they have even the Word of God. That God gave this Word and therefore this word gives a complete and an accurate description of reality. Well, this is an illusion created by the fallen beings as a desire for controlling people. Because, if they can make the people believe that the bible is the literal word of God and they should never question it, or rather they should never question the interpretation of it given by the fallen beings, then they are trapped.

You will see that this dispensation is one of the few teachings on earth, that openly says that there is a limitation to what can be given in words. That there comes a point where you must go beyond the words and attain something directly from the ascended realm. This is reality. This is an honest and straightforward teaching that aims to liberate you, rather than trap you at a certain level and make you dependent on some outer guru or leader or authority figure.

We have no desire to limit you, or to trap you, or to tie you to this outer teaching, or this messenger. The messenger himself has no desire to come between you and the ascended masters, or to stop your progress.  This is why we can give a teaching like this, that cannot be given to someone who still has control issues. It cannot be given to a group of students who are still trapped in these control issues and not willing to look beyond them. I am not saying this to cause any kind of pride, because when you reach the level where you are open to this teaching, this is no longer an issue. It is simply a realistic assessment that there comes that point, where you need to recognize that any teaching given in words can only take you to a certain point if you insist on staying loyal to the teaching, you will hinder your progress and come to the point, where you must transcend words and gain that spherical vision, matrix, grasp of your situation, as it is meant to unfold.

I do not mean to say that what we have given you in this conference, is everything that could possibly be given about Christhood or Christ discernment. We have of course given many other teachings about this, we may indeed give other teachings in the future. But what we have given is what we felt could be most useful to the student body. Not only you who are following this dispensation but also the wider student body of people who can come in – in the not too distant future and find this teaching.

So, it is not by any means the ultimate teaching, as no ultimate teaching could ever be given on Christhood, which is a progressive process. But it is the teaching that we found could be most beneficial, given the state, the current state of the interdependent originations on this planet. So, we look to this teaching and you making use of this teaching to create this flap of the butterfly’s wing that sets in motion a chain of interdependent effects, that over time will have a major impact on the collective consciousness and the interdependent originations that guide the unfoldment of life on this planet.

And so with this, I want to thank you, from all of us, for so many of you being willing to participate in this conference, put your attention on this somewhat difficult topic and allow your chakras to be used to broadcast this message into the collective consciousness. I may use the image of a butterfly’s wing, but the effect of a conference like this and so many people tuning in, is of course far greater than the flap of a butterfly’s wing. I do not wish to put any images on it. It has of course had a major effect that will over time take this planet in a decisively higher direction.

So for this, we are grateful and with this, I hereby seal you and I seal this conference in the joyful, ever self-transcending peace of the Buddha.


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