Even dictators have the consent of the governed

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels, May 3, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM Michael, the Archangel or if you prefer, the Ascended Master Archangel Michael. Why do we say that an archangel is an ascended master? Well, because we want you all to realize that there are no divisions in the ascended realm. I am not in any way different from or separated from or in opposition to any other being who is ascended because you ascend by overcoming all the divisions that are so common on earth.

We are very grateful for all of you who are part of this conference. Those of you who are physically here, those of you who are connected via the Internet and those who will later study and apply the teachings. Why have we chosen this topic of ending the era of dictatorships on earth? Well, because we intend to give a series of conferences that are focused on giving you the tools to raise the earth out of specific conditions that we have evaluated you are ready to begin to work on and that the planet is ready to begin to work on, given the state of the collective consciousness.

Raising the collective consciousness

What is the state of the collective consciousness? It is something that you who are ascended master students (and all who have been ascended master students now for nearly a century) have been helping to raise. We have from a very early stage in our revealing teachings through sponsored messengers, given the concept that our students can help raise the collective consciousness. We have given tools and decrees and invocations for this specific purpose. Therefore, it is natural that as a part of this raising of the collective consciousness, and as part of the progressive revelation that we are giving, that we will now step up and give a certain amount of tools that are meant to help the planet overcome certain conditions. This will be our focus for this year’s conferences.

You will see that last year, we gave a different set of conferences where we gave you tools for raising your personal awareness, especially for healing the birth trauma and earth trauma [See the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and other books in that series]. These tools are of course still valid and will be valid for a long time to come, especially for when new people come in and find the teachings. You can resolve your own psychology to the highest possible degree before you start using these tools for transcending the planetary consciousness—for raising the planetary consciousness.

The tools we are going to give here (during this year’s conferences and the other tools we have given for raising the earth) will be most effective if the people who give them have already raised their personal awareness and overcome, especially the birth trauma and the earth trauma, or at least begun to work on it. That way, you will have the greatest impact. That way, you will not be seeking to change the earth based on your birth or earth trauma. Therefore, you are not colored by that trauma so that you direct your energy into a vision that is a human vision, or that you do it with feelings that are human feelings. Naturally, the more neutral you are, the more effective you are in using these tools, giving the invocations and the decrees.

Truly, my beloved, we are not asking any of you to be perfect, to be enlightened, to be in some specific state of consciousness before you start using our tools. But we have now given you a set of tools that can help you truly resolve the deeper aspects of your psychology. We want you to know of course that the more you resolve, the more effective you will be. This is not to discourage anyone from using the tools at whatever level of consciousness you are at. But we do want to let you know that we have in previous ascended master dispensations seen that people have used our tools, used the decrees, with a certain fear-based state of consciousness, with a certain fear-based vision. We are encouraging you very strongly to recognize if you have this in yourself, and to use the tools for healing your psychology to overcome this so that you do not use our present tools with a fear-based state of mind.

Overcoming your fear of dark forces

We know, my beloved, that when we make you aware of many conditions that are going on here on this planet, it is unavoidable that some of you will react with a certain fear or trepidation. We have given many teachings on the fallen beings and the dark forces that are not commonly known by people. Naturally, as an ascended master student, when you first start to awaken to the reality that there is so much more to know here on earth than what you were told in kindergarten, then you will go through a period where you are somewhat fearful of this. You are somewhat fearful of the dark forces because you realize they are there and you realize that you have been personally attacked by dark forces, certainly in this embodiment but probably in many embodiments. Of course, this can give you a certain amount of fear when you realize that these dark forces are there and you do not know how you can protect yourself from them.

You understand, my beloved, that (as other masters have said during this last year) we are always facing a certain dilemma as ascended masters. The question is, how much can we reveal? How much teachings can we give you without overwhelming you and without having you plunge into fear? This is always a delicate balance we are walking. I trust that you all realize that with the tools for resolving psychology that we have given you over these last years (for that matter, these last many years), it is possible for you to free yourself of this fear-based reaction. Because the fear-based reaction naturally comes from your outer self (or selves) because your Christ Self, your I AM Presence, they have no fear.

I trust you can actually see (when you begin to lock in to what we have taught you about the Conscious You) that the Conscious You has no fear either. The Conscious You, when it is conscious of who and what it is, is simply observing life on earth in a neutral state of mind. Fear does not reside in the Conscious You. The Conscious You has no extension. There is no room for fear in the Conscious You so where can fear reside? Only in one of these separate selves, one of these external selves. It may be your primal self (which naturally reacted with fear to what you were exposed to by the fallen beings), but it may be also be any number of other separate selves. You now have the tools to work on this and I encourage you that if you look at yourself, and if you feel that you have a fear-based reaction to any teaching we give, then do not use these tools for trying to change the world right away. Instead, take a period of time, however long you need it individually, to free yourself from this fear-based self or these fear-based selves. For most of you, you probably have several based on the very turbulent history of this planet. Take some time to overcome the fear until you can give these tools for changing the world from a neutral state of mind. I of course, AM the Archangel of the First Ray and it is my task and my joy to help you overcome fear and the doubt that is always the starting point of fear. Therefore, you can of course use the invocations and the decrees to me but you can also simply ask me. Ask me to help you overcome the fear and ask me to help you see the selves that you have that are the repositories of fear in your being. You can ask me to help you see where the fear resides in your four lower bodies.

You will find that although most people would think of fear as a feeling that is associated with the emotional body, there is actually a mental fear and an identity level fear. You can ask me to help you see this, you can ask other masters to help you see this, so that you can come to the point where you are free from fear. You may not be totally free from fear for some time, but at least you can come to a point where you are not driven by fear, you are not colored by fear and you do not fear a particular response from the dark forces to you giving invocations. Naturally, you can give the decrees and invocations to me for your protection, and when you know and experience that my protection works, then you are not overwhelmed by fear.

How we become broadcast stations for the masters

Fear is of course the primary feeling that has been used by dictators throughout the ages to suppress the population. Therefore, if you are to be effective in helping raise the earth to the point where the era of dictatorships will come to an end, you need to raise yourself above that fear. Naturally, we are not expecting that this conference will, in itself, end the era of dictators on earth, but we are very happy to see so many people who have chosen to attend this conference. We are very careful not to give you the sense that numbers are so important. But it is of course obvious that the more people you are, the more of a multiplication factor there will be. Your decrees, your invocations will be multiplied by the number of people that are present. Therefore, we are gratified that so many of you are here so that this conference can be an important turning point towards that process where people use the invocations that will be based on the dictations, and then gradually this will end the era of dictatorships on earth.

Now, you realize I trust that even though you are now sitting, listening to me speak through the messenger, you are not passive participants of this conference. Each and every one of you is an active participant in this conference. You may be sitting, you may be taking in, but I trust you realize that as you are taking in the vibration, the light and the words we are releasing, you are at the same time, if you are willing, becoming a broadcast station. Your aura, your four lower bodies, your chakras are broadcast stations for sending our light and our vibration into the collective consciousness. Therefore, the more you can tune in to the Presence of the master who is speaking, the more effective you will be as a broadcast station.

You understand, my beloved, the basic equation. We of the ascended masters do not have authority to act in the physical realm. You who are embodied in the physical realm, you have authority by your free will to act. Now, of course the messenger has allowed us to speak through him and this has an effect, and in a sense we could have the messenger stand alone and take dictations and it would have an effect. But by you being here and also becoming broadcast stations in the physical octave, the effect is multiplied manifold and that is why it is important for you not to see yourselves as passive recipients of what we are releasing. You are active participants in this conference. There is a figure-eight flow from us Above to you below and back again.

This is guided by the eternal law that Jesus exposed when he was on earth 2,000 years ago, when he talked about the multiplication of the talents. As you become a broadcast station for what you receive from us, as you allow your chakras to radiate it into the collective consciousness, the more you radiate into the collective, the more is returned to us Above, whereby we can multiply what you have multiplied and thereby increase the figure-eight flow.

Therefore, the highest potential for any ascended master conference is that you allow yourselves to spiral upwards in these coming days. You focus your attention on us, on the Presence of the ascended masters. Naturally, you can sit at home, you can read our dictations, you can listen to them, you can give our invocations. But the value of coming together at a conference is that you are setting aside your normal daily activities, your normal daily life. This gives you (especially, my beloved, if you minimize the use of your smart phones over these next days) an opportunity to raise your consciousness beyond what you could do in your normal environment and your normal state of awareness.

You have the opportunity here that you can all spiral upwards. We are ready to help you spiral upwards. We are already up, but we are ready to help you spiral upwards and come as close to our vibration as you are willing to go. Because you are so many people together, you can collectively spiral much higher that you could do alone. This is the potential for any ascended master conference, but it is especially important when dealing with a heavy topic, such as the topic of dictatorships. I wish to give you some opening thoughts on dictators, and how we see it from the ascended realm.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.


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