Education in the Golden Age

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels, May 14, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I am the Ascended Master Lanto, the Chohan of the Second Ray. We have each chosen to focus on a particular issue, or a couple of issues, that from our particular ray seems the most important contribution that can be made at this time for bringing Europe into the Golden Age. I will, from the perspective of the Second Ray, which is the Ray of Wisdom, focus on which particular application of wisdom could assist people the most in awakening to the golden age consciousness.

A new awareness about money

In order to explain this, I want to start out by talking about what most people in the more developed part of the world have learned about money. You know, of course, that there are many people who live at such severe levels of poverty that they do not have much money to spend and therefore do not have some of the concerns that you have when you have surplus money, money that is not needed for the bare physical survival of yourself and your family. You have, in the last generation especially, seen that in many countries the majority of the population has been in this state of affluence. They had more money than was absolutely needed for their physical, material survival and sustenance. This has raised an entirely different way of looking at money where you suddenly have the choices of what to do with your money.

What have many people learned from this experience? They have learned that there are people out there who are out to get your money and who will seek to manipulate the money away from you through various schemes. Some may be relatively innocent, in a sense that they would make you buy something or buy some experience that you don’t really need, that isn’t very important for you but that gives you maybe some cheap, brief sense of entertainment. Many people have also learned that there are more severe scams and schemes that are aimed at taking money away from you, even to the point of taking more than your surplus but taking everything that you have. This might be anything from various con artist tricks to the greater con artist tricks of the manipulation of the economy, the manipulation of markets, and the manipulation of various pension funds and schemes that were supposed to be there for your retirement but suddenly may not be there due to some manipulation.

What have people learned from all of this? They have learned that they need to be aware of what they do with their money. Before they give their money to someone, they need to consider what those people are going to do with it. Is it still going to be there for you? Is it really going to multiply ten thousand times as they promised you? Or is it just too good to be true? Most people have developed this growing awareness that before you give out money, you need to make a careful, conscious evaluation of what the consequences will be because once the money is out of your hand or bank account, you have no guarantee that you can get it back.

This is, of course, a step up in people’s awareness. From the Second Ray of Wisdom we are always looking at how we can increase people’s awareness, their level of wisdom. Mother Mary has talked about the Wisdom of the Mother, of what can happen in the physical octave, how things work in the physical octave. What I am talking about, concerning people’s awareness of money, is very much an aspect of the Wisdom of the Mother, for you realize that you have to be careful in the material world what you do with your money.

Awareness of how your energy is stolen

If I, as the Chohan of the Second Ray, was to point to one particular thing that could give the most important contribution to the bringing in of the Golden Age in terms of wisdom, it would be that people gained an awareness that is similar to what they have learned about giving away money, but it was applied to the field of giving away their energy. Money is a physical substance, but as you all know, the real currency of the world is energy—your emotional, mental, and identity energy.

Most of the people in the world, of course, are not aware of this. That is why the greatest revolution of thought that we can envision from the Second Ray (and I know that the other chohans can envision their own greatest revolution of thought) would be that people became aware that there are forces in this world that seek to steal their energy. These forces have invented all kinds of schemes in order to take energy away from them. This, of course, begins with a recognition that when you are living in extreme poverty, just physical survival can be such a struggle that it takes up all of your energy. You have no surplus energy to give. It is all tied into just surviving. I am not thereby saying that your energy isn’t being stolen by demons because, of course, the people who are in extreme poverty are very much trapped there by demons. What I am pointing out to you is that when you become more physically affluent and have what Master MORE talked about: spare time, you also increase your energy level. You are not spending so much energy on material, physical survival, and therefore you have energy left over. This, of course, now means that you become the target of all of these schemes where forces and people seek to steal your emotional, mental, and identity energy away from you.

Forces that must steal energy

You also need the recognition that there are beings, forces, that are existing in this world that need to steal your energy in order to survive. There are people in physical embodiment who need to steal energy from others in order to stay in physical embodiment. There are also those who need to steal energy in order to exercise the power they have. All of the dictators you have seen in history have stolen energy from their followers in order to exercise whatever power they exercised. People also need to become aware that there are beings in the emotional, mental, and identity realms that likewise need to steal their energy in order to continue to survive or in order to continue to exercise power. Why do these beings need to steal energy? Because they have lowered their consciousness to the point where they can no longer receive energy from the spiritual realm.

I realize full well that to give the average person this awareness will require quite a process. It is not something that can happen overnight because people need to know many things. You need to understand also that you are actually a spiritual being, that there is a level of reality beyond the material and that the entire material realm is created and sustained by a flow of energy from the spiritual realm into the four levels of the material universe. You need to understand that this energy flows into the material world through those beings that are not cut off from the flow because they haven’t lowered their consciousness beyond the critical level.

You know well that on the physical level, the more money you have, the more you become a target for those who want to steal it. People need to recognize that the same holds true with energy. Some people have more energy, more light, than others and they are the ones who become a target. Therefore, they are the ones that need to be more aware. Yet all people need to be aware because all people in the more affluent countries are definitely the target of the lower forces that want to steal their energy.

This is such a widespread phenomenon that I almost hesitate to tell you more about it because I know that the vast majority of the people on this planet would be so overwhelmed if they knew how many schemes are created for the sole purpose of stealing people’s energy. These schemes may be presented at the physical level as having some necessity or even doing a good deed, serving a good cause, but in reality they are aimed at only one thing: stealing people’s energy.

Energy vampires

While it may sound as if it would be a big leap for the average person to come to accept this, I can also tell you that, seen from my perspective, the acceptance of these ideas is not as far off as you might think. Otherwise why would I bother presenting them if only a few could grasp them? Many people know about the idea, the concept, of vampires that will suck your blood. It is not such a big leap to realize that although physical vampires do not exist, there are energy vampires that will steal your energy. There are, of course, also people in the physical who will use physical violence to steal people’s energy.

There is also a growing awareness of energy, meaning what we might call mental or psychic energy. More and more people are becoming aware of this, more and more people are becoming sensitive to negative energies or positive energies. You have many people who have even entered a race to get more and more positive energy, to feel good vibrations, to feel a good mood, a good environment. There is already a growing awareness of energy and the importance of energy, and that is why it is time that those of you who are more aware make the calls into the collective consciousness to pull up on those who can be pulled up and to realize that they need to be as careful with how they spend their energy as with how they spend their money.

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