Do you want to let go of your fear? 

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels, June 3, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Archangel Michael. It is my joy to offer some assistance for one of the aspects that can take your attention away from focusing within. And it is, of course, the next step up from the physical body, namely the emotional body.

Fear and magical thinking

What is the primary emotion that takes most people away from being able to focus within? It is, of course, fear. Fear can have many forms, but fear is always the sense that something could happen from which there is no protection, no escape, no defence. Again, this is a very understandable reaction, given that you are in physical embodiment where many things can happen that you are not in control of. Yet what you see in the world is that many people have attempted to deal with fear by going into a frame of mind of seeking to control everything. The most extreme demonstration of this is the fallen beings who are so consumed by their fear that they seek to control everything and everybody around them. Yet many people are in this state of fear and many people who are not power people, who are not aggressive people, are seeking to deal with their fear through some form of religion that gives them the impression that ultimately some heavenly being will protect them from any condition on earth.

In that respect throughout history, many people have appealed to me or other ascended masters for protection. Of course, they have often, in fact they have always when they are trapped in fear, come from magical thinking and this is something that you who are ascended master students need to become aware of. Magical thinking is the belief that, even though things are the way they are in the physical realm, there is some heavenly force that is able to and allowed to step in and suspend what you might call the laws of nature, and therefore make you an exception to those laws so that they will not affect you the way they affect everybody else. Many people even today, be they Christians or belonging to other religions, will believe that there are some kind of god or spiritual being who has magical powers to step in and protect them even though they clearly see that other people are not protected. As I said, they think there is some magical power that can suspend the laws of nature or the law of karma and protect them against some effect that they fear.

The remote God on demand

Yet as we have explained many times through this dispensation, the law of free will is the absolute law on earth. I am Archangel Michael. I do have all power on earth. I can change anything. I can protect people from anything but my ability is not enough because I do not have the authority according to the law of free will. The stark reality on earth is that the fallen beings are very clever at making use of this magical thinking to create some kind of religious belief, religious doctrine, religious culture that makes people believe that bad things should not happen to them because they are somehow the chosen people. And then the fallen beings use fallen beings in embodiment or people with weak minds to go and hurt the religious people so that they stand there seeing that they were not protected as they thought they were, causing many people to then go into an even deeper sense of fear or sense of injustice or anger against God feeling the promises were broken.

This is one reason that you see so many people today who have turned away from traditional religion, even turned away from all religion and become atheists. They have experienced that what they thought was the power of God could not protect them, and they were so angry because of this that now they deny any power of God. They deny the existence of God and thereby they are also, some of them, able to deny what the fallen beings have also cleverly inserted in many religions, the belief in the devil who is out to hurt them. Now, some of these people have experienced that they can still be hurt even though they deny both God and the devil, but many people in the modern democracies have lived their whole lives in relatively peaceful circumstances and therefore they have been able to go into this state of, we might call it a form of spiritual pride ,where they feel they know better. They know that there is no God and there is no devil and they have not truly been disappointed because they have not been hurt by anyone or anything in this lifetime.

What I aim to take you to is the realization that as ascended masters students, you need to let go of this magical thinking because the magical thinking itself pushes away your inner connection to your higher self and the ascended masters. Why is this so? Because what is the idea of magical thinking? You are here on earth. There is this being up there in heaven, this remote being up there in heaven who normally is not there but you believe will step in when you need it. This is what we might call a God on demand to use a modern expression, but it also means that it is a remote God on demand, a God that is not there when there is no demand, meaning you can then hide from that God, and so when you project that there is a distance between yourself and I, how can you then connect to me as an ascended being? And if you cannot connect to me, how can I help you transcend your fear, the fear that pulls on your emotional body.

The fear of death

You see again as Kuan Yin and Mother Mary have talked about, we always face this seeming dilemma on earth. I have just said that there are certain things that the law of free will will not allow me to do for you. That means that you are in physical embodiment and there are certain things from which you cannot be protected depending on how other people use their free will.

At the same time, I am talking about helping you transcend your fear. Where is the logic you might ask? Well, the logic is simply this, you are in physical embodiment. You know that one day your body will die but you have found a way to live with this knowledge so that you can function. Even people who are not spiritual or religious can live with this knowledge that one day their body will die. Most people push it far out into the future, in the indeterminate future, but you do know that it could happen at any moment. You have still found a way to live with this fear.

What I am pointing out is there is a difference between the condition you fear and the fear itself. And this is why you can transcend your fear. Because the fear is a condition in your mind. Now you may say that there are so many conditions on earth that you could fear and it is true you can line up all kinds of conditions on earth that you can fear and you can go into a state of mind where you are paralyzed and cannot function because of your fears.

Yet as I said, what is the ultimate fear on earth? It is in a way death. Even though some might disagree and say that the way you could die could be a more severe fear than death itself. Yet if you can find a way to live with fear, and if you live in a situation where there is no immediate threat to your life, does it not stand to reason that you can deal with other fears as well.

How to transcend your fear

One tool I will give you is to realize a simple psychological mechanism. You may know that if an ostrich is faced with a predator it will sometimes use its long neck to bury its head in the sand instead of using its long legs to run away. This is the mechanism that if a fear seems overwhelming or if there seems to be no escape from the condition, you will deny or ignore the fear. And truly this is how many people have dealt with the fear of death by sticking their heads in the sand and not paying attention, refusing to look at it. The problem with this approach is, of course, that even though you may ignore the fear at a surface level, this does not remove the fear from your emotional body.

And if you have a certain fear in your emotional body, it ties you in to the emotional body of the planet, of the collective consciousness. You can at any moment be overwhelmed by the collective fears, especially if something happens in the world that causes people to go into a state of panic. Naturally as we have also taught you before, the more constructive way is to deal with the fear. And certainly any fear comes from a separate self and thus the ultimate way to overcome the fear is to separate the Conscious You from the self so you can see it. And we have, of course, given valid tools for unmasking these selves and coming to see them. But the tool I wish to give you is in a sense more simple, and it is to make you aware that the fear exists in your mind, but in most cases the condition you fear is not in your mind. The condition is outside your mind.

Fear as a vortex of energy

What is the fear that is in your mind? It is not a physical condition, at least not the way you normally see something physical. It is an energetic condition and a condition in the mind. What is energy? As we have said many times, a feeling and emotion is energy in motion, so it is a swirling vibrating something and it can create a vortex, a maelstrom of energy. And this is what fear becomes in your emotional body. It goes in, it starts swirling, it attracts more energy, it swirls faster and faster until it becomes something that resembles a tornado. Now you will know what a tornado is. It is just air swirling at high speed and so is an emotional vortex. There is nothing in there but swirling energy. There is no condition inside the energy and that is why you can come to this realization that fear is like a tornado, a vortex, a maelstrom or perhaps it is more constructive to use the image of a hurricane where you know that inside the hurricane is an eye where there is calm. The air is swirling around the eye but inside the eye there is calm, and so it is in your emotional body when you have fear.

Archangel Michael’s offer

Now most people who are not spiritual are afraid to even look at their fear. This is what happens when you have allowed the formation of this vortex, this hurricane in your emotional body. When you put your attention on it and touch it, the winds are so strong and unpleasant that it seems overwhelming to deal with and you withdraw and try to ignore the fear. But one of the ways to approach this in a different manner is to walk into the fear until you walk through the swirling energy into the calmness in the center. Of course, this can seem scary in itself and that is why I offer you my assistance. I will when you ask me, put my Presence over you for this I am allowed to do within the law of free will when asked, and you will then be enveloped in my Presence and we together will walk into that hurricane of swirling fear-based energy until we reach the center. Now, what could you do to stop a hurricane or a tornado? You could actually, if you were precise enough, drop a bomb into the center of a hurricane and if the explosion was powerful enough, it could snuff out the hurricane.

The fear as an excuse

Well, I do have enough power to snuff out any hurricane of fear-based energy in your emotional body, and I will do this when you allow me to do it. But in order for this to work, you have to let go of the fear. Now, this may seem like an easy thing to do. Who would not want to get rid of their fear? Well, you would be surprised at how many people do not want to get rid of their fear. For their fears specify something that they cannot or should not do, something they should avoid, and once they have accepted the fear, the fear gives them an excuse for not doing this. Many religious people are afraid to think for themselves, to think beyond the doctrines and the dogmas of their religion, and they have come to accept the fear that something calamitous would happen if they thought for themselves. They might end up in hell, open themselves up to the devil or any other fears that they have.

Would they want to get rid of their fear? Nay, for then they lose their excuse for not thinking, and then they will have to start thinking about the inconsistencies, the contradictions in their religion, about the questions they have that their religion cannot answer, and so they actually would prefer to keep their fear. And thus, if you as an ascended master student find it difficult to connect with us, then one thing to consider is whether you have fear in your emotional body.  What do you think would happen if you connected to an ascended master? Would you have to change something, perhaps in your life, in your state of mind? Well, then you might have a fear. Let us say you have some kind of habit that you know is not spiritual, but you have built in your mind an excuse for why you can continue this habit and still continue to study spiritual teachings. You might fear that if you really connected to an ascended master, you could no longer deny the need to give up the habit. Then, do you really want to get rid of that fear?

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