Diversity as the key to survival and progress  

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea through Kim Michaels, May 4, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master, the Elohim Astrea. My task is to give you some teachings on a characteristic of dictatorships that you can see throughout history.

A dictator always takes power by force. It may be that the dictator inherited this from his predecessor, but nevertheless, the power was originally taken by force and it is upheld by force. You know from your physics lessons as a child that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Or at least that is what Newtonian science says. You know that when you take power by force, by the mere act of doing this, you will create a reaction from the universe.

You are projecting with force into the cosmic mirror and what you are essentially saying to the cosmic mirror is that you want opposition because, by the mere fact that you are using force, you are demonstrating that your mindset operates with opposites. If you did not think there was resistance and opposition, why would you need to take power by force? Therefore, the message you are subconsciously sending into the cosmic mirror is that you want to be in a situation where there is an opposition to you that you constantly need to resist and defend yourselves from.

This is the mindset of every dictator and of course the fallen beings behind every dictator. Which is why you see that dictatorships and dictators always need to have a scapegoat, there needs to be an enemy that is a threat. You can see in every dictatorship how there is that concept of the threat, the enemy, the scapegoat. It is sometimes an external enemy, another group of people, but it is often also some of the people that are in the same nation.

The dictator’s attempt to purify humanity

In other words, the dictator feels threatened from within and from without. This is why the dictator then sets up a system that is meant to essentially purify the nation from all who might oppose or threaten the dictator. In many cases, also, the dictator then creates the system that is meant to purify the world from all that might oppose the dictator.

You can see of course that given that I am the Elohim of the Fourth Ray of Purity, how this is a perversion of the Fourth Ray, or the God-quality of Purity, or at least the human derivative of purity, that is a perversion of the God flame. You will see an extreme outcome of this of course in Hitler’s attempt to purify the human race and create this Aryan super-race by eliminating all unwanted elements. You might know, if you have studied history, that it was not just the Jews that Hitler attempted to eradicate. He also had an internal program of purification where all those with mental illnesses or unwanted genetic traits were euthanized. It was clearly an extreme perversion of the Fourth Ray, an extreme attempt to use force to purify the race, so to speak.

You will see, if you look across the border to North Korea, how there has been (not only during the current dictator, but going back to when North Korea originated) this need to purify the population from a political viewpoint so that those who are not true believers in the system and the dictator are cleansed out. You can see how this also was the case under Mao and it was the case under Stalin. Even after Stalin, to some degree, in the Soviet Union there was this need to imprison or even execute and torture those who opposed the system.

Now my beloved, why is it that these unbalanced regimes believe they need to purify the people, to create this purification process that weeds out those that they consider unwanted? Well, it is of course because they feel threatened. There is a deeper reality here, in the sense that the fallen
beings have, ever since they fell, built this greater and greater intolerance of differences.

Fallen beings and intolerance of differences

You must understand that, as a fallen being goes through the fall and the period of embodying in a new sphere after the fall, perhaps even going through this several times, that fallen being gains a more and more narrow mind, a more and more narrow vision. It feels more and more threatened by anything that could upset the vision of the world that the fallen being has built. This leads to that extreme intolerance where the fallen beings are attempting to destroy all those who do not accept or submit to their vision of how the world works.

This is why you see that communism is an extreme example of how the fallen beings inspired a certain ideology. Then, other fallen beings used that ideology to create an actual regime, a communist regime. They felt so threatened, those in embodiment, that they had to seek to eradicate anyone who would not accept that ideology. You have seen the same in other dictatorships that have had other thought systems, other ideologies they have been based on. They have all attempted to cleanse out those who did not accept the world view upon which the dictatorship was based.

What you need to then realize is that any ideology, any thought system, that is based on this need to purify humanity, this need to limit diversity, is not only against the laws of nature, it is actually against the spiritual laws as well. The primary spiritual law that governs life on earth is, as we have said many times, the Law of Free Will. What does the Law of Free Will encourage? It encourages individual experimentation. What will individual experimentation lead to? Diversity.

Now, you can see from this that many other religions you know in the world have been out of touch with this spiritual law. You can see how Christianity has gone through a period where it also felt the need to purify the population. They created the Crusades in an attempt to destroy Islam and kill the Muslims. They had the Massacre of the Cathars, the Inquisition, the witch hunts as an internal “purification process” where they attempted to weed out those who did not accept official doctrines. You can see that the same thing has been happening in Islam and is going on in Islam today. In a sense, the extreme Islamic movements, such as ISIS, are also obsessed with this need to purify the faith, and even to kill those Muslims who do not accept the imbalanced fanatical version that they have built.

Diversity and the laws of genetics

Now, if you look at what you know about physical science, you will see that the science of biology has developed the science of genetics. You know, for example, that if a population becomes isolated, it will gradually lead to a very narrow gene pool that will then lead to various birth defects. You have seen examples of this in history, such as after the Viking Age when there was a Viking settlement in Greenland. It survived for two to three hundred years, whereupon the gene pool became so narrow, that it deteriorated, in large part due to the birth defects that showed up. You have seen other examples of this in both animal and human populations.

Based on this, you can also see that the attempt to purify the race, so to speak, is in opposition to the very laws of nature. If you take Adolph Hitler and if you project imaginatively that he had accomplished his goals of purifying the entire human race by eradicating all who were not of Aryan descent and did not have the Aryan characteristics (presumably eradicating himself as part of this process, given that he was not a true Aryan), what would have happened? Well, within just a few generations, the gene pool would have become so narrow that the race would have started deteriorating.

What you see is that the entire dream of purifying the human race by destroying diversity and creating uniformity is against both the laws of nature and the spiritual laws. This is easy enough to understand when you know about fallen beings, but it is actually possible for people in general to realize that this is not a realistic scenario. Therefore, we need to realize here that anything that happens on earth is an opportunity for humankind to learn certain lessons. You can make the calls that there will be a shift in the collective consciousness, and again this is one of those things that people are ready for. The shift can be that people start looking at the situation of dictatorships. They have become willing to look at history, and they become willing to consider: “What can we learn from this?” This can begin with certain scientists, certain historians, even writers who look at this, and say: “What is the lesson we can learn? Why have we had these dictatorial forms of government and what does it show us about ourselves?”

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