Democracy is an open-ended process of self-improvement

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

What have you seen in the outplaying of what has happened since the invasion of Ukraine started and even before? If you live in a country where you have access to media, you should make a point of once in a while studying what has been said by the Russian government. You would see that before the invasion started, the Russian government claimed repeatedly that they had no intention of invading Ukraine. That the amassment of forces was just a military exercise. And that it was Western propaganda that made it seem like Russia was going to invade.

Disinformation and lies of Russian propaganda

Then, even after the invasion started, they have said that they had no intention of killing civilians, of destroying civilian infrastructure, or of destroying residential buildings or even, for that matter, any other non-military targets. Of course, you know, that the invasion did happen, despite the denial. You know, that there has been a systematic targeting of civilian infrastructure, of residential buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, where entire towns and even a larger city has been systematically destroyed.

You know, of course, if you have studied this, that the Russians claim that it is not the Russian military that has destroyed civilian buildings in Ukraine. Nay, it is the Ukrainian military who is destroying their own buildings. In other words, they would have you believe that being attacked by 200 thousand foreign troops is not causing the Ukrainian military to use their inferior weapons and supply of ammunition to shoot at the Russian invaders. Instead, they are shooting at their own buildings.

Then you have seen the exposure after the withdrawal from the region north of Kyiv of the systematic killing of civilians, kidnapping civilians, holding them prisoner, torturing them. Often by beating their bodies so there was not a spot that was not beaten. The systematic rape of women and even the booby trapping of residential buildings after they withdrew. Again, you have seen the Russian propaganda machine claim: this was all staged. As if this could be staged by a military that was defending itself, hanging on by a thread until the Russians withdrew. You have seen international experts on war crimes, who have come in to investigate the area. You have seen reports of systematic abuses of human rights by credible international organizations.

The purpose of propaganda

What you see here is a systematic use of propaganda to deny reality, to deny what is actually happening. And what is the purpose one might think? Well, the purpose of propaganda is always to divide and conquer, to sow doubt, to divide even the minds of people who are exposed to the propaganda. Propaganda is, as many of you will know, nothing new. It was taken to an unprecedented level by Hitler, by his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. But since then, it has, of course, been used in many different ways, by many different nations, even democratic nations.

What needs to happen is, of course, that as the democratic nations step up to a higher level of Christhood, leaders, media, and especially the people need to become more aware of propaganda. What it is, what it seeks to do. So that they can defend themselves against having their minds divided by propaganda. They can defend their own nations against having the people of a nation divided into two camps by propaganda.

You see here very clearly that there are people in the world who are willing to present the most blatant lies to the world. Now, of course, you can always say that the Russian propaganda is primarily directed towards the Russian people, making them believe what the government is saying about the situation in Ukraine. But you still need to ask yourself: Why are they bothering to do this in front of the world press? Surely, they could have national press conferences if they only wanted to reach the Russian people. Naturally, they are hoping that there are nations who either do not have the same freedom of the press that you have in the modern democracies, or that the people are less educated and therefore they will believe what the Russians are saying.

But you also need to ask yourself: Do they really believe that the modern democracies believe what they are saying? Do they really believe that when they say something that is in complete opposition to what is reported by the democratic media, that people actually believe the Russians over their own media? Well, they actually hope so. Because they know that there are some people who are so trapped in conspiracy theories, distrust of their own government that they will tend to believe the opposite of what their government or the so-called mainstream media says. They have some impact, even by denying what is obvious to anybody who is willing to look at reality.

But you also need to recognize here that propaganda is not always directed outwards. The government, the people who are formulating the propaganda and spreading it, they tend to believe it themselves. Even if they know the facts, they still tend to believe the propaganda. They drink their own Kool-Aid. They become trapped, not always in the facts they are stating, but in the belief that they have a right to say what they are saying, because they are right about the overall situation. So even if they are a little bit wrong about the facts in Ukraine, they are still right about the invasion and the reasons for the invasion. They are still right in believing they will achieve their goals in Ukraine, no matter what.

People living in an alternate reality

You see that when you grow to higher levels of Christhood you become aware that there are people who are living in an alternate reality. They are living in the same world, the same physical world. They are experiencing, observing at least some of the same physical situations and circumstances that you are experiencing. But in their minds, they have a completely different interpretation of it. This is something many of you can think back to when you first realized that in this embodiment. This messenger was 14 years old when he realized that there were people who had a completely different view of certain aspects of life than he did. And they were willing to take away his democratic freedoms in order to promote or further their viewpoint. He then realized, of course, also the Second World War, the Nazis and propaganda. And it was a shock to him as it has been for many. And you are looking at this and you are saying: “What can we possibly do about this?”

You look at what the Russian government is saying, what Putin is saying, what Putin is obviously believing. How could you possibly change his mind? You have many people who have speculated that he has isolated himself, especially over the last couple of years. That he has stopped listening to this broader range of advisors that he used to listen to years ago. And they are right, he has isolated himself in an ivory tower, in his own perception filter. And he really believes that the universe functions according to his decree. So, when he decrees it, the universe shifts and functions that way. What could you do to change his mind?

And the reality is that as a Christed being you see that you cannot change his mind. What can you do? Well, you can call forth the judgment of Christ upon such people. And therefore, the ascended masters can do whatever can be done, according to the very complex equation that we see from the ascended level.

The need to expose propaganda for what it is

But what you really can do is you can first of all work on yourself. And the people in democratic nations can work on themselves and their country, they can educate themselves. And they can begin to realize how propaganda has been used, and how the use of propaganda has become much more common, and much more widespread with the advent of the internet. Surely, the internet has been a benefit in many ways. But whatever new development happens, the fallen beings are always seeking to take advantage of it, and use it for their ends. And they have used the internet, as we have talked about before, to spread propaganda – propaganda that is meant to divide.

Once you become aware of this, once you become aware of, for example, that Russia has troll factories, where people are spending their entire working day going on Facebook, posting things that are positive towards Russia, the Russian government, or that are meant to sow doubt, well, then you can certainly educate yourself to this, and stop promoting this, stop believing it, stop spreading it, but actually expose it for what it is. You have seen several nations in Europe, where they have done this after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Where they have become much more aware of this phenomenon, and the need to counteract Russian propaganda in this way.

This is a necessary phase in the evolution of democracies. Because you always have this dynamic that we have described where in a democracy, you want to believe the best about people. And you want to believe that nobody is taking advantage of the democratic freedoms and rights so that they use the democratic freedom to undermine the democratic freedom of others or an entire nation, or the entire democratic world. You want to believe that people will not abuse the freedom that you give them in a democratic country with a democratic government that gives all people certain freedoms, such as freedom of speech. You want to believe that people will not abuse it. But this is a phase that needs to be transcended. That people realize that there are people who will abuse it, as many nations have started realizing, of course. But they need to become better at it, better at counteracting it, better at dealing with this and better at identifying reliable information versus unreliable information.

Democratic mainstream media vs. propaganda in a dictatorial country

You see, my beloved I know very well that there are many people, even some ascended master students, who have taken these conspiracy theories into their minds. They have a deep distrust even of democratic governments, and a deep distrust of the so-called mainstream media. But you see, my beloved, from an ascended master perspective, I am not saying that the mainstream media is not affected by lies or propaganda. I am not saying you can believe everything that the mainstream media tells you, or that your democratic government tells you. But what I am saying is that compared to what is happening in a dictatorial country like Russia or China, you can have a much better confidence in the democratic governments and in the mainstream media.

The reason for this is simple. As long as you have a country where there is freedom of the press, then if one press outlet states something wrong, that can be proven wrong, there will be another media outlet that will be willing to publish that story. Just in order to show that they are better than the competition. The same thing, there will be some media outlet that is willing to expose any lies by the government. But what you have to realize here is that the forces of propaganda, including the Russians and the Chinese, are perfectly aware of this. And they are perfectly willing to create media outlets that claim to be exposing lies by the mainstream media or lies by the government. But it is all made up. It is propaganda created to sew doubt.

What I am saying is this. As long as you live in a democratic country that has freedom of speech, freedom of the press, you are far better off than if you lived in a dictatorial country. And it is better to believe in the press and the government you have, than to believe in propaganda promoted by and made up by a dictatorial government.

I am not telling you to believe in everything, but I am telling you this. There are forces that are deliberately trying to cast doubt upon democratic people’s trust in their own government and in their media. And they are doing this for one purpose only: to destroy democracy. They are using the democratic freedoms against democracy.

And this you cannot allow yourself to be pulled into and to promote. Especially not if you are an ascended master student. Because the only way a democracy can function is if a majority of a people have some shared knowledge that they believe is reliable. It does not have to be completely, absolutely true. For what is absolute truth on a planet like earth, where the collective consciousness is gradually being raised? You can see more and more, the more consciousness is raised, and therefore you can see things today that people could not see 50 or 70 years ago.

Beyond the dualistic concepts of true and false

You realize that one of the early phases of Christhood is where you think there is an absolute truth, and that Christ always has that truth. I talked about making mistakes, and how people think that the Christ never makes mistakes. What you see is again, like Saint Germain talked about, you have people who have come to the point where they have had enough of this struggle with other people. They want something higher, they are ready to make that shift that now they are willing to do unto others. And they shift in their minds, but now they want to believe that everybody else has shifted. Likewise, you have people who are tired of the constant battle with other people for who is right, and who is lying, and who is not lying and this and that. They want to believe that there is a higher truth, and that they can find that truth.

There comes a point where you begin to have some discernment, you are able to see certain lies. But now you are, so to speak, seduced by your desire to be home free, to overcome the problem, to go into a new state where you can feel secure. Because you feel, you know what is the lie, you know what is the truth. And there are many people, including many ascended master students, who have gone into this state of thinking that “Now I know Christ truth”. But what they actually have done is gone into black and white thinking. Because they think that every question, every issue can be reduced to a yes and no question. Is it right, is it wrong, is it true, is it false.

And again, this is not said to blame anyone. It is a necessary phase of Christhood, but it is only a phase. And if you end up being stuck in it, that is then when you inevitably open your mind to the subtleties of the antichrist mind. Where they seek to divide you. Where they also seek to make you feel they play on your need to feel superior, to feel special, that you have the truth that other people do not have. The higher stages of Christhood is where you realize that the concepts of true and false, right and wrong, are dualistic. They are clearly dualistic. And you will begin to realize that the Christ mind is far more complex than what can be reduced to two polarities, true or false. And you begin to then open your mind to impulses from above, rather than impulses from below.

Horizontal truth vs. truth of the Christ

What is it that happens in the dualistic mind? What is it that happens when the mind becomes a closed system? It is that you think, the Peter consciousness thinks, it can define reality in a horizontal way down here on earth. Yes, I know people claim: “We have a divine revelation from God. The Bible is the truth.” or “I have a divine revelation from the ascended masters so I know the truth.” But the reality is that if you still think in terms of black and white, right and wrong, true and false, you are defining truth horizontally. And you are not open to input from beyond your own mind, or the mind of the fallen beings that are more advanced in the use of the mind of antichrist than you are in using the mind of Christ to see through the subtleties of the mind of antichrist. The serpent was the most subtle animal in the garden, which is why it could deceive Adam and Eve into thinking that they could become as gods, knowing, defining good and evil.

At the highest stages of Christhood, you see, you experience that your mind is not sufficient in itself. That you need something from beyond your own mind in order to know reality, in order to have a broader perspective, in order to be free of the blind alleys in your own mind, the lies and the illusions from the mind of antichrist. You come to a point where you truly experience that the only way to free yourself from the mind of antichrist and its subtleties is through the mind of Christ.

The vibration of Christ as a frame of reference

Now, you are still at that point, thinking that “The mind of Christ can tell me, in every situation, what is right and wrong, true and false in the situation”. But that, too, is a phase that needs to pass. And when you pass through that phase, you realize that what you really need is not the Christ mind to tell you with words: “This is true, this is false”. You need an experience of the Christ mind. And when you experience the Christ mind, you experience the vibration of Christ and this becomes your frame of reference. This becomes your measure for evaluating everything, and then you will know anything that comes from the mind of antichrist vibrates differently than the mind of Christ.

I recognize this is not an easy ability to build. Even many ascended master students who have followed the teachings for many years will find it difficult to even grasp what I am saying. But it can be done. It is a process that takes time. It will not be absolute in the beginning. In fact, it will never really be totally absolute as long as you are in embodiment. But you can certainly engage in a process where you truly take our teachings and you gradually increase your Christ discernment based on vibration alone.

Can the democratic nations do this? Well, not in the sense that they can openly recognize Christhood and the Christ consciousness versus the consciousness of antichrist. But you need to recognize here that there are many people in democratic nations who have achieved a high level of discernment, even though they are not using the terminology I am using but they have an ability to sense: “This just does not sound right to me. This does not seem right to me.” But you can do this in only one way. That is by being neutral, as neutral as possible. Because if you are not neutral, then the mind of antichrist, the serpent will whisper in your ear what confirms and validates your preconceived beliefs. It will validate what you want to believe, so that you will feel absolutely sure that you are right.

Naturally, we do not expect democratic nations to acknowledge what we are saying as ascended masters. We do not expect democratic nations to create some kind of institution where they can have a priesthood that can contact the ascended masters and receive answers. In fact, we would not want to create a modern version of the Oracle of Delphi where democratic nations would ask our advice before they made decisions. Why is this? Because our purpose is to raise consciousness and you do not raise your consciousness by reaching for a higher authority, being told what to do. You raise your consciousness by making decisions based on your present level of consciousness, then evaluating the results, using that to raise your consciousness. That is also how you build Christ discernment.

The need to counteract information warfare

What needs to happen, what can happen, what you can hold the vision for and make the calls for is that there is a growing awareness in democratic nations that we need to counteract this propaganda that seeks to divide our people. In fact, even a government, even the media and certainly the people themselves have a responsibility to counteract this clearly undermining activity—this clearly divisive activity. It is a form of warfare, information warfare. And the democratic nations need to defend themselves against it. The government needs to defend their people. And you will see even social media platforms who have realized that they cannot just give everybody free speech, because you are allowing those who want to destroy free speech to take advantage of the freedom to destroy the freedom of others. They need to make some kind of evaluation.

The reality here is that this is a movement that is beginning to gain some momentum in the democratic countries. They are becoming more aware of this. Certainly, the election lies of Donald Trump has made many people aware of the need to do this, even from internal sources. And the invasion of Ukraine has made many governments aware of the need to counteract this from external sources. Russia and China have been doing this for years, and the democratic nations have tried to ignore it. But now there is a growing awareness that this can no longer be ignored.

Propaganda seeks to simplify an issue

Now, the next phase I want to discourse on here is that: What is it that propaganda always does? Well, propaganda takes an issue and it simplifies it. It portrays it in very simplistic terms. There is always a right and wrong. There are always people who are right and others who are wrong. There are always the heroes and there is always the scapegoat. This is of course, a gross simplification of life.

You have heard the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. But certainly, simplification is the mother of contention. What creates contention, disagreements between groups of people is that an issue is simplified. In the simplest possible terms: There is us versus them. We are right. They are wrong. That is simplification. Now, this of course, happens all the time in dictatorships. Many dictatorships have been throughout history built on this. Classical example: “The Germans are the master race. The Jews are the problem – the inferior people that must be eradicated.” Why would a master race, that is inherently superior, possibly created superior by God or by the evolutionary process – why would they feel threatened by any other group of people? Why would they need to eradicate a certain group of people if they really are the master race? Why?

Ask yourself why Putin is not willing to tell the Russian people what is actually happening in Ukraine? Why there are so many lies. Why there is a law forbidding people to call it a war. Why all independent media outlets have been choked? Why is he afraid of telling his own people what his own army is doing in Ukraine? If he knew he was right, why would he be afraid of telling his own people that he is right? So why is he not telling his own people that he is right? Because he knows he is not right. At some level of his being beyond his delusional outer self, he knows he is not right. And that is why he will not tell his own people because he knows that if they knew what was happening, they would not approve of it. 

This is always the case with those who perpetrate propaganda. If Donald Trump knew with absolute certainty that he had won the election, he did not need to state the lies. Because if he had won the election, the count of the votes would have come out in his favor. But he knows he is wrong. And that is why he has to not only promote certain lies, but he has to create more and more elaborate lies of what went wrong with the election process and how many irregularities there was, and how there was an entire conspiracy to steal the election from him.

What you see here is this. Propaganda seeks to simplify an issue. It says: “We are right. They are wrong.” What is the effect? – “We do not have to look at ourselves because we are right. We do not have to admit that we made a mistake, or we could do better.” Donald Trump could not have done better before the election. He could not have done better as president. He did everything right. And people saw this and they voted for him. And the reason he could not continue as president was that the election was stolen. He does not need to look at himself and say: “Could I have done better as president? Could I have done better in the election campaign? Could I have treated the people better so they would want me to continue as president? Could I have avoided alienating so many people that they rose up and voted against me?” You do not need to ask these questions when you are always projecting out, spreading propaganda that gives you an excuse for not looking at yourself.

Take Putin. If you believe this, he actually did not of his own volition attack Ukraine. No, he had to attack Ukraine because NATO was a threat to Russia through Ukraine. And then there was, of course, Nazism spreading in Ukraine being a threat to Russia. He had to do this. And there cannot be anything wrong with him having to do this. He could not have made a mistake. He could not have misjudged the situation. He could not have thought that the Ukrainian people would welcome his troops with flowers, and that the government would flee and that the armed forces would surrender. This could not have been a miscalculation on his part, because he had to do it because of the scapegoat.

Constant self-improvement as the driving force of democracy 

This in itself, this mentality, projecting out “They are the problem. We do not have to change”,  this, as we have both Saint Germain and I said, is completely against the very process of democracy – the very principles behind democracy. Because the driving force of democracy is self-improvement. If you do not want to improve yourselves as a people and as a nation you cannot make a democracy function. What you see is that there are many people in democratic nations who are still chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of wanting to feel that now they are safe. Now they are secure. Now they have the ultimate society. It is this dream of being home free. 

As the Christians who believe they are saved because they have declared “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior”. They have not been willing to look at the beam in their own eye. They do not think they have to look at the beam in their own eye because they have done this one thing, said, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior, so Jesus is obligated by contract to come and save me. I do not have to change myself. I do not look at myself. I do not have to evaluate whether my consciousness can actually exist in heaven. I just have to declare that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. And Jesus has to show up like a jack in the box when you push the button, and save me.”

This was not what I originally envisioned. I actually came to start, 2000 years ago, what is today would be called a self-help movement where I gave people the tools to improve themselves, to raise their consciousness. And it was never my intention to start this kind of religion that could promote a false path to salvation where you just need to do certain outer things, like being a member of this church and going to mass and going to confession, and otherwise obeying the Pope and the clergy, then you are guaranteed to be saved.

This was not what I said. This was not what I meant. What I actually came to start, at the beginning of the Piscean age, was a movement that could lead people to constantly improve themselves to gradually raise their consciousness, which then, as I said before, would culminate in democracies, which is a society that is constantly seeking to improve itself. 

How do you improve yourself? Well, first of all, you have to see this as an open-ended process. You are not working towards a particular goal, and once you have reached that outer goal, such as a particular form of government or particular society, then you are home free. Your goal is constant gradual improvement, and it never stops. It is an open-ended process. Well, it does stop in a sense that it comes to a point where you are qualified for your ascension, and then the process continues in the ascended realm but at an entirely different level.

A democracy is an open-ended process of self-improvement. But you cannot do this if you have closed your mind around these absolutist viewpoints: “This is true. This is error. This is the right form of society. This is the wrong form of society. We are right. They are wrong.” You stop your growth then. You are achieving a certain state, and then you think the world is going to stand still. There have been Christians who believed that, in the year 1000, I would return to earth and manifest my kingdom and would reign for 1000 years, and nothing would change. There are even ascended master students who have believed that once the golden age was manifested society would remain constant for the next 2000 years. And Saint Germain has said many times that is not the case. There is constant growth, constant change, constant improvement and that is the Christ consciousness.

Now, how do you continue to grow? How do you engage in a growth process actually, and how do you continue that process? By not falling prey to this simplification that is embodied in propaganda. If you think that everything can be simplified and reduced to a yes or no question, right and wrong, true and false, us versus them, you cannot grow. How can you improve yourself if you believe that you have some ultimate truth? What needs to happen is that democratic nations and the top 10% in democratic nations become aware of this need to avoid simplification. You can take any issue and there is this tendency to want to reduce it to something very, very simple. And people need to awaken and realize that the issue is always more complex than this. And we cannot make good decisions, we cannot make progress by looking at these simplified versions of issues.

The abortion debate and school shootings in the United States

Let me give you a couple of examples. Mother Mary at New Year’s talked about the abortion debate in the United States, and she attempted to help you realize that this is a much more complex issue that really cannot be reduced to a yes and no, for or against. We just need to outlaw abortion then we have done the right thing or we need to keep abortion legal then we have fulfilled our responsibility towards women. What she attempted to show you is that this issue is a very complex issue that has many different viewpoints, many different ramifications. And it cannot be resolved in an ultimate way, in the best possible way by simply saying: “We are going to outlaw this or we are going to allow this.” 

Then, you have the other issue that has come up again and again and again. Most recently with a school shooting, guns and gun control. Some say: “We need to keep guns legal. And if we have bad people shooting good people, then we need to arm the good people. We need to have more guns, then we will overcome gun violence, so we cannot restrict gun ownership”.  Then there are others who say: “If we just forbid assault rifles, then we will have solved the problem.” Neither of those two are right. This is again, a very complex issue. 

Why do you have so many people in the United States, United States of America, who are willing to shoot their fellow countrymen, even children? It is perfectly true, that it is not the guns that are shooting people, it is people that are shooting people. But the solution is not to have other people shoot the people who are shooting people. Because where does it end? It ends in the wild west where everybody is shooting everybody. The solution is to look at why are these people in a state of mind where they are willing to do this. 

And then you start looking at the situation in the United States. Why is this so different in the United States than in most other countries? I am not saying you should not limit people’s access to assault rifles and automatic weapons, as they have done in most other democratic nations. But it is not enough in itself. You need to look at why do you not have so many people in Norway who want to go and shoot their fellow countrymen as you have in the United States per capita? Why are there so many more in the United States? 

The purpose of democracy is people, not ideas

You see again, simplification cannot solve the problems that the modern democracies are facing. And why is that? Well, it is because simplification is always about ideas. We have an idea that the world functions like this and therefore, this will solve the problem. It is always about ideas. Somebody has an idea that they think should be universally accepted and recognized and certainly incorporated in the laws of society, then we will solve our problems.

What does that mindset overlook? It overlooks a very simple fact. The purpose of a democracy is not to solve problems. The purpose of a democracy is one thing and one thing only, people –  not ideas, not problems. Because what do the ideas do? The ideas define the problems and then they define the solutions. But my beloved, people are not a problem. That is the realization that democracies need to come to. People are not a problem for democracy. People are the purpose for democracy. 

The purpose of a democracy is to help people grow and raise their awareness. It is not to solve problems by killing people or by forbidding this or forbidding that. The entire purpose of democracy is people, all people. The purpose of a dictatorship is in a sense, also people, namely either the dictator, or a small elite around him where the broad population are just the slaves for fulfilling the dictator’s ambition. But the purpose of democracy is all of the people, raising all of the people, which ultimately is raising their consciousness. But nevertheless, what can be understood by democracies is that the purpose of a democracy is to take care of the people.

When you have people who are in this black and white mindset, as you can clearly see embodied by Putin, they do not care about people, at least not about the majority of the population, they are just tools. It does not matter how many Russian soldiers are killed in Ukraine, as long as he achieves his goal, so he can save face and say: “It was not a mistake to go in there, because I achieved something important for Russia. I captured this region of Ukraine. Well, I had to destroy it and level all buildings to the ground in order to do so, but still, I achieved something important for Russia.” They do not care about people. 

Donald Trump does not care about people. He was happy that his followers broke into the Capitol building. He did not care about the fact that they were doing something illegal and might be prosecuted and sent to jail for it. He was happy, because this was validating him. Because he and Putin and other people like them, they only care about themselves. This is anti-democratic. A democracy cares about people – all people. And therefore, democracy cannot look at people as a problem that needs to be fixed.

Society is an interconnected and very complex whole

That is why we have said so many times that there is a need for a new approach to psychology, because what is psychology traditionally, based on going back to Freud? It is based on the abnormal psychology and solving what can be characterized as mental illness. There is a new, not really new, but it has been there for some decades, a positive psychology, which seeks to, instead of solving mental illness or solving a problem, it seeks to help people grow and unfold their higher potential. This is, of course, the approach to psychology that needs to be embraced by democratic nations. 

But it is not just psychology, it is everything. It is law enforcement. You cannot have an approach to crime that is based on the idea that there are certain people that are a problem, and we need to lock them up in a prison. We need to look at why do we have crime? Why are there people who have this kind of psychology? What could we do to help them outgrow that psychology? What could we do to change society so that people have opportunities so that they did not have to steal from others, but they could get a job and education, or so forth? What can we do as a society so people do not want to take drugs, because they have no need to escape, and therefore we avoid the entire drug related crime scenario? 

Again, there is no simple solution here. Everything is interconnected, the “interdependent originations” of the Buddha. And this is what democracies need to see: the interconnectedness, the complexity, how everything is part of a certain fabric. How a society is a fabric, a whole, and you cannot simply isolate one problem and think you can fix that problem. You need to look at the context, look at the connections and see: What do we need to do to really change society? What do we need to do to help our people? 

Democracy is a win-win game 

Democracies have already done this to a large extent, I am not saying something entirely new here. There are already many, many aspects of democratic societies where you are saying that: Here is something we are doing for the whole. Why are you building roads in a democratic nation? Because it benefits everyone. It solves many problems. It takes society to an entirely higher level. Why do you build railroads? Why do you build airports? Why do you have hospitals, public health care? Why do you have public education? Why are you educating your children, instead of leaving it up to their parents what they will do or not do? Because you know, this is better, not only for the individual, but for people in general and therefore, for society.

You can go back to many of the things you take for granted today in a democracy and you can say there was a previous time, where what you today take for granted seemed like an impossible goal and an insurmountable obstacle. You go back 200 years, in many of the modern democracies, and a large part of the population could not read and write. This created many, many problems in society. How could you actually really have a functioning democracy when people did not know, they could not read, they could not educate themselves in the political situation? How do you solve this? But it was solved through public education, and the publication of books and many other things. 

You had back then people who were dying over simple things, such as pneumonia. But it was solved by research, by science, by public health care, by education, by people knowing more and taking precautions, and many other things. If you go back to the time when this was a problem, many people would say, what can we do? It just seems too much—it seems too overwhelming.

What I am pointing out to you, that even though I am calling for the recognition that everything is more complex than it seems, especially when you reduce it to propaganda, this is not overwhelming. These are not insurmountable obstacles. This is not something that democracies cannot do. They have already done many things like this. It just needs to be taken to a higher level, which is the next step up for democracies. It is not a dramatic change. I am not requiring democracies to step up to make an impossible leap. It is just the next logical step. It is just the recognition that we cannot reduce problems, to this simplistic explanation, because when we do, we always have one group of people who are imposing their will on another group of people, and the one group of people lose and the other wins. And that is not what a democracy is all about. It is a society where everybody wins. It is win, win, win, win, win, win, win, until everybody is lifted up. That is what a democracy ultimately is. 

Political gridlock: the ongoing threat to American democracy

You look again, at the United States. And you see how there is a political gridlock because every issue is reduced to a black and white, a right and wrong, a for or against. Guns – you are either for guns or against guns. We either want people to have freedom to buy any guns they want or you want to outlaw all guns and take away their constitutional rights. There is nothing in between. But there is of course, many nuances in between. But there are even viewpoints that are completely beyond the scale of black and white, which is what we have pointed out many, many times about the duality consciousness.

What kind of society do you want in a democratic nation? Do you really want the current gridlock, the current animosity, the current hostility in America to continue? Do you perhaps think that this hostility at the political level, these divisions between groups of people who are absolutely sure that they are right, and the other people are wrong, and they believe that the ends can justify the means, at least some of them, do you possibly think that this is the reason why some people get so overwhelmed that they just start shooting?

You look at the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6. What was behind this? “If we cannot get our way, violence is acceptable. Violence is the only solution we have to do something, even if it is illegal, even if it is violent.” Do you not realize that there is a certain group among Republican Trump-supporting voters who have a desire to whip out their guns and just start shooting at anyone who opposes them politically? Do you not realize that this is there, there is that mentality? I can assure you that if you could see the collective consciousness of America, you can see that they have created a very substantial beast that is seeking to make people believe that if you cannot get your way through the democratic process, then you can throw away 200 years of democratic experiment and just start shooting those who disagree with you.

Do you really want this to continue and end up in some kind of civil war scenario? There are people on the left who are not as gun happy, but who are willing to take other measures that are violent in order to get their way. And so where will this end and is this where you want the nation to go? 

This needs to be seen. And it will be seen by some people who are open to it, partly because of what we are stating, partly because of you enforcing it, partly because of your calls with the many invocations we have already given. And you can make calls based on these dictations as well. It will also be seen because there are many people that are open minded and willing to tune into these ideas, even though they know not where they come from and you will see that it will begin to shift. And people will begin to say: Really, a democratic nation should be about people, about helping people, not just some people, not just a small elite, not just the people who vote for that particular political party but all people. And we need to recognize this. 

We need to look at ourselves and say: “We may think we are Christians, we may think we are following the teachings of Jesus. But are we truly following them if we are so angry and hostile with another group of people? Are we truly following the teachings of Jesus if we are doing something to others, that we would be very angry if they did to us? How can we claim to be a Christian nation if we are only paying lip service to the teachings of Christ, instead of embodying those teachings of Christ, and treating other people the way he told us to treat them? ‘Do unto others what you want them to do to you. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies. Do good to those that persecute you. Always respond in kindness, never respond in kind.” 

This needs to break through or you will see the hard knocks in the United States become harder and harder in these coming years. You could see a disintegration into violence, not really a civil war, because who is going to be fighting against whom, but you can see more violence than you are seeing today. You could see more political hostility, more political gridlock and it will have widespread negative consequences for the people of the nation. 

When will they have had enough? That is the question. When will the Russian people have had enough of Putin? When will the American people have had enough of gridlock hostility, animosity? When will they have had enough of the ‘us versus them’ mentality, which basically is also what Putin stands for? 

Seeing connections and humanity in others

You see, this simplification does not lead to growth. You need to start looking at the connections, the bigger picture, look at the forest instead of the trees, and you realize, what is the forest? What is it made of? It is not made of trees, it is made of human beings. And those human beings are, behind the outer facade, just like you. If you see humanity in yourself, you will see humanity in others. And that is an aspect of the Christ consciousness. That is what I taught 2000 years ago.  

How can you do unto others what you want them to do to you? Because you see that those others are not really others, they are human beings like yourself, they are sons and daughters of God like yourself. And therefore, you simply cannot treat them in a way that you do not want to be treated. And you have had 2000 years to integrate this truth, this reality. 2000 years, 20 centuries, 200 decades. How long oh Lord? Do not call yourself a Christian and claim to be one of my followers, if you will not recognize this basic truth. How can you have a nation that claims to be Christian, but is going backwards in terms of living the commands of Christ, to treat others with decency and humanity? 

And so with this, I have had my say, at least for now, for you realize the Christ consciousness is an ongoing process. So there will never be a final statement from the Christ. The Christ always has more to say, but it will be on another day.


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