Christians are holding back progress of democracy in America

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, October 8, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM Jesus Christ.

I am the being who holds the spiritual office of Planetary Christ, Planetary Savior. I am the being who was embodied 2000 years ago as Jesus Christ, for I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. But how can I be with you now that I am no longer in a physical body?

Many Christians in America and around the world do not really think about this. They have been told some story or other but they rarely think about it. Did I make a false promise when I said: “I am with you always”? They believe I have ascended to the spiritual realm but they also believe that there is nothing I could do, now that I am up there and you are still down here. How am I with you if I am sealed in some remote heaven, where I can do nothing to help you who are still struggling on earth? How am I with you? How can I fulfill my promise? Well, I am a spiritual being. Because of the law of free will, I am not authorized to do anything directly in the physical but what I can do is I can work with all people who are willing to tune into my being as a spiritual being.

That is what this messenger has been willing to do. Many other people for the past 2000 years have done it also, to some extent, not in the same way of having me speak through them but at least that they could receive some impulse, some ideas, even a sense of my presence, a sense of my energetic vibration and this is how I am with you. I am here constantly with every human being on earth! But are you with me in your mind, in your consciousness? Or is your heart far from me because your mind is far from me?

The consciousness of Satan in the Christian churches in America

What I have said so far has already caused the vast majority of Christians in America to reject me and reject what I am saying, that this cannot possibly be Jesus Christ. Is there not an irony in the fact that there is a religion with many different churches that claim to be the religion of Christ? Some even claim that the leaders of their churches represent Christ, that they are the only ones who represent Christ, that they have somehow been given a patent on Jesus Christ. Yet, are they willing to tune in to my being, to my heart? Are they willing to listen to the living Word that I speak through whomever I choose to speak through? For you are not the ones who choose what I as a spiritual being do.

This, they are not willing to grasp. They are not willing to grapple with this. And why is that so? They are so busy looking at the splinters in the eyes of their brothers and sisters that they are not willing to look at the beam in their own eye, and what is that beam? It is the beam, the consciousness that I challenged when I said to Peter: “Get thee behind me Satan for thou savorest not the things that be of God but the things that be of men.” Peter said to me: “Be it far from thee Lord! Nothing is going to happen to you that does not conform to my expectations or what should happen to the Living Christ.”  And this is the very consciousness that has been perpetrated by the Christian religion to this day. It is found everywhere in the world where there are Christian churches but it is especially powerful in America today. It is one of the main things that prevents progress in America and this I want to discourse on, for as we know some will understand, some will have ears to hear and eyes to see the beam in their own eye.

Imagine now, I realize that most Christians in America have been programmed from an early age not to use imagination, especially not when it comes to their religion and its doctrines and dogmas. But anyway, let us imagine that I, Jesus Christ, a spiritual being with all power in heaven and on earth, that I decided to take on a physical body and appear in America, walking around in America or perhaps driving since this is the land of the automobile and I would preach. What would I preach if I appeared in America today? Well, the first thing we need to deal with is that many Christians would say that since I was the Son of God, and since I had to be perfect when I was in embodiment 2000 years ago, I would say the exact same thing today that I said back then because what I said back then was perfect, it was the Word of God, so how could that be improved upon?

This is of course, the consciousness of Peter, the consciousness of Satan that wants Christ to conform to its own state of consciousness. I have said it before, I will say it again: “Why does Christ come to earth?” Because people are trapped in the consciousness of death, the consciousness of Satan, the consciousness exemplified by Peter. Christ comes to awaken them unto life, the life of the Christ consciousness. How can the Christ awaken you if it conforms to your expectations that are based on the satanic consciousness? It can not be done! It is impossible! There were many people back then, 2000 years ago, that rejected me because I said something or did something that did not correspond to their expectations of how a spiritual leader, possibly the Messiah, should talk or act.

Who were the people? Well, there were many among the people, but certainly as you can even see from the Bible there were many among the established religious leadership, the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrin. Did they embrace me? Did they accept what I said? Were they willing to be changed? Were they willing to change their religion based on the living Word of God? Nay, they found something where I said or did something that did not conform to their expectations and they rejected everything I did, I said, based on that one thing. This is the consciousness of Satan.

What would Jesus say to Americans today 

Now imagine that I walked around America today and preached. Who would be the first to reject me? The leaders of virtually all Christian churches in America, they would be the scribes and the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Sanhedrin. Those wise men, for they are still men who thought they knew better than the Living Christ, what the Living Christ should say. One of the reasons would be that I would not say what I said back then. I would talk about many of the same issues because the psychology of human beings has not changed that much in the last 2000 years, certainly not as much as I had hoped. But I would not say the same words and I certainly would talk about issues today that are relevant today. I would not talk in parables today because the consciousness has moved on. People know so much more today that I can talk much more directly.

I would not use the same imagery. There would be no good Samaritan in my speaking today for how many Samaritans are there in America? I would find other ways. I would talk about what is going on in American society and the leaders of Christian religions would of course say: “This cannot be the real Jesus, the real Christ talking in this way, he would not be so different from the way he talked 2000 years ago.” Well, is the world different from what it was 2000 years ago? Then why would I not talk based on how the world is today? There is a certain irony here that I want to point out, that the very people in America who claim to be representing Christ to the American people, would be the first to reject me if I appeared in a physical form. Think about this. Think about this and then think further. How do you reject the Living Christ? Two thousand years ago I, in my incarnation as Jesus, had the anointing that made me the Living Christ in embodiment: I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within me, he doeth the work.

I, as an embodied being, was not the Living Christ. I was the open door for the Christ consciousness to shine through me. This is what they have denied since the formation of the Catholic church. Which is what? Based on the Peter consciousness, which he did not overcome, as you can clearly see by reading the New Testament and his reaction to my crucifixion and arrest. Peter never overcame the Peter consciousness, the satanic consciousness. He wanted Christ to conform to his consciousness, even though he had recognized that I was beyond his consciousness he still wanted me to conform. He carried this with him to Rome, exemplified in his demand to be crucified upside down because he was not worthy to be executed the same way as Christ. But what did I tell my disciples to do? To come into oneness, not only with me, but with the Christ consciousness that I had come into oneness with. How do you become the Living Christ? Only by coming into oneness with the universal Christ consciousness.

But then again, according to these Christians and their literal interpretation of the word of God, I was not the Living Christ. I was God from the very beginning. I was fundamentally different from all other human beings and this is again, the satanic consciousness that wants to do what? It wants to destroy the mission of Christ by making all people think that I was fundamentally different from them so they cannot follow my example and put on the Christ consciousness. This will be denied by virtually all church leaders in America, be they Catholic or Lutheran or evangelical or whatever they call themselves. It will be denied. But how can they deny it? Because they are in the satanic consciousness, the Peter consciousness, they are blinded by this and therefore they think they know better than Christ, better than God. They, when you look at the psychology, they are looking at the world. They, whether they are conscious of it or not, think that “God and Christ are up there in heaven, but we are down here, we are the leaders of the people down here and we know from down here what will bring people to salvation. We know what should happen.“

Well, this is the exact same consciousness that you saw in the scribes and Pharisees. What did I tell them, scribes and Pharisees? “Hypocrites! Ye are of your father the devil. Ye are of whitened sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones.” And if I walked the earth today and encountered these Christian ministers who came up with their sophisticated interpretations of scripture, what would I say to them? “Hypocrites! Ye are of your father the devil, ye are filled with dead men’s doctrines.” And how would they take this? They would reject me, they would do everything they could to get people to reject me, why? Because they would lose their position, their power, their privilege. They would lose it. But what does that mean? He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it, shall find eternal life.

If there is something you are so holding onto here on earth, that you will reject the Living Christ standing before you in order to keep it, then you cannot at the same time claim to be a representative of Christ because doing so is pure, absolute hypocrisy. There is no other way to look at this from the perspective of Christ. There are multitude of other ways to look at it from the perspective of human beings who are trapped in the satanic consciousness, they can come up with all kinds of interpretations. But most of them will prefer to just ignore it: “It could not possibly be that Jesus Christ would choose to speak through this person that nobody has heard about, who is not even a Christian minister, who has never done anything special, who has no specific position or authority in society. It could not possibly be so we can safely ignore it.“

Naturally, they would do the same if I appeared physically, they would say: “There is no way that the real Jesus Christ could choose to appear in this physical manifestation and challenge our doctrines and challenge our positions. Therefore, he must be a false Christ, he must be “of the devil” and we can ignore him.”  And of course you can, free will is free will. But nevertheless, some in America will not ignore it. Some will even grasp it from the Christ, from the collective consciousness, and even though they know nothing about this messenger or ascended masters, they will be able to take a look at the Christian religion and see something that they have not seen before because this goes as shockwaves, I might say, into the collective consciousness of America. Some will understand, some will be awakened, some will be willing to lose their lives for the sake of coming to a higher awareness of Christ, Christ reality.

The basic psychology of the Christian churches in America 

I would take this a little bit further, by talking about what the basic consciousness, the basic psychology of the Christian movement in America is about and how it affects America. Now Saint Germain has talked in a number of dictations about the economy and he and other masters have said: “Does it really make sense that you have a democratic political system, but you have an economic system that is completely anti-democratic by allowing a small elite to do whatever they want to concentrate wealth in their own hands, taking it from the people.” Naturally, this is also antichrist, an anti-Christian economic system.

For did I not say: “Do unto others what you want them to do to you?” And is that what the financial elite in America is doing, and has been doing, almost since the founding of this nation? Is it Christlike, is it Christian to steal the wealth of the people and concentrate it in the hands of one percent? Certainly, some can see, it is not.

Then the logical consequence of this is to ask the question: “Is it logical to have a country with a democratic political system but a dominant religion that is completely and utterly anti-democratic?” Many will of course object to this, as some of you might be able to feel the opposition from the collective consciousness to this even being stated. And they will say: ”Well, certainly the Christian religion, the Christian ministers and the Christian people, they respect democracy.” Well, do they now? Do they really? What did I just say? The basic psychology of Christian leaders and many members of Christian churches in America is, that they know better.

They do not think consciously that they know better than God or Christ but they certainly think consciously that they know better than other people. They know better than other people how America should be governed. They believe that America should be governed based on their particular personal, subjective interpretation of the Christian scriptures. They believe of course that their interpretation is not subjective, but is objective and the only way that these scriptures can be interpreted, in a literal way.

But then, my beloved, just do a simple exercise. Select five of these Evangelical Lutheran churches in America. Look at their doctrines. Look at how they interpret particular verses from scripture and see the differences. See how different interpretations people have come up with of the same scriptural passages and then ask yourself: “Can this be objective?” Oh, yes. Many people will say: “No, but the others are wrong. We are the only ones who have the right interpretation. Our little church with 150 members here in central Florida, we are the only ones who have the correct interpretation of scripture.” “No, no, our little church here in rural Alabama, we are the only ones who have the right interpretation.” You see, if these churches had the Christ consciousness, they would be in agreement. They would be in agreement, they would not need to interpret scripture for they would have a living direct experience of my Being that is far beyond anything that was written down 2000 years ago or could be written down today. It is beyond words and therefore, if you are in alignment with Christ, in oneness with Christ, you do not let words divide you. You are not fighting with other people over the interpretation of words for you have a shared experience of the living reality of Christ that transcends anything on earth.

Based on the fact that they are so divided, you can see that they do not have that experience of Christ. And why don’t they? Because you cannot experience Christ through the consciousness of antichrist! You might experience as Peter did, that there is something special about Christ, that he is beyond your level of consciousness. But remember that Peter had a direct experience of the Living Christ in embodiment, which these churches deny could happen today and therefore by this denial, they have confined themselves to an interpretation of the scriptures from the past. They may think that some of these ministers have the Holy Spirit and are interpreting the scriptures by the Holy Spirit. But again, there is only one Holy Spirit. Would there not be some greater agreement and oneness if they were all tuned in to the same Spirit? And it was the Holy Spirit? And not one of the multitude of other spirits that whisper in people’s ears: “Oh, you have the truth, you are the superior one, you are the one who is right.” So many people fall for it as Peter did, thinking he was my primary disciple after I was no longer in the physical body.

The essence of a democracy and the Christian mindset

What is it that this does to democracy in America? These Christians, the majority of Christians in America, they think they know better than other people in America how America should be governed and they know better about particular issues. I have no intention here of going into particular issues. I’m only pointing out the general consciousness that these people have. Now my beloved, what is the essence of a democracy? All people over a certain age should have a vote. One vote, one vote per person. It doesn’t matter who they are, what race they are, what religion they are, what sex they are. Each person has one vote. There is an election, all of the people have the opportunity to vote. Those who vote, their votes will be counted and the majority of the votes determines the outcome of the election. Whether it is a special issue or the election of the President or members of Congress and the Senate, the majority votes. If you respect democracy, you respect the majority might not vote the way you think they should vote, but this is okay for you if you accept democracy.

But you see, that is not the mindset that most Christians in America are in because they have fallen prey to the epic mindset of thinking it is epically important that their way of looking at America should be the one that rules the day, no matter what the majority says. They know,  they know that they are not a majority in America. There are not a majority of Americans who are members of these fundamentalist Evangelical churches. They know this. They know they cannot determine the future of America through a majority vote. But they still think it is epically important that their view rules America and therefore they are willing to do whatever they can within certain boundaries in order to force that view upon America. This is why they supported Donald Trump as President, because he, even though he was in no way a Christian or an Evangelical, he was also in the mindset that he knew better and that his view should be forced upon America regardless of the democratic process and the people behind him and the power elite, the financial elite have the exact same mindset.

The reality here is that Christ supports democracy in America. Christ supports the process of democracy that is constantly unfolding. You may say, there are certain issues where Christ clearly sees the consequences and the consequences of saying yes to this or no to that, the Christ can see the consequences, that Christ can see that it would be better for the people, better for the nation if a certain decision was made. Again, I mention no specific issues but the Christ also sees that democracy is a process of gradually raising the consciousness of the people. So in certain cases, the people must be allowed to vote yes to a certain issue and experience the consequences of that decision so it can raise their consciousness in the long run, even though it has consequences in the short run. This is what people in the democratic mindset realize and will come to realize in greater and greater numbers because of the many dictations we have given on this and the invocations that you our students have given.

It is not the purpose of democracy, as we have said many times before, to manifest a society in a specific form. The purpose of democracy is the growth in consciousness of the population and this sometimes happens by them outplaying a certain state of consciousness and experiencing the consequences. In fact, you could say that any society, growth in consciousness happens only when people outplay a certain scenario and experience the consequences. As the Russian people will begin in increasing intensity to experience the consequences of this scenario that they are outplaying in their nation.

A self validating system of the human mind

We, who are in the Christ mind, we realize that even if we could get people on earth to listen to us from the ascended level, it would not lead to a growth in consciousness, the maximum growth in consciousness if people blindly followed what we told them. People need to have a certain amount of experiences. They need to outpicture certain ideas and beliefs that they have, experience the consequences in the physical, in the emotional in the mental and in the identity level and then, as a result of that experience their consciousness will shift or at least this has the potential to shift.

Now, you can, of course, always turn things around and say: “Well, isn’t that then what the Christians in America are doing? Aren’t they simply outplaying a scenario and they need to experience the consequences of it before their minds can shift?” Certainly, you can say that. But then you could also say: “Well, why did God then bother to send Christ to earth? Why not just leave people alone so that they could experience the consequences of their actions and state of consciousness and keep doing this indefinitely, until they finally got it, they shifted their consciousness?”

Because the law states that people have free will to do whatever they want but they also have to be given an opportunity to see the alternative to their current state of consciousness. And the reason for this is that we have explained so many times, that the human mind can become a closed system, a self validating system, where people are so convinced that the way they look at things is right and that even when they see the physical consequences of it, they can use that consciousness to deny, ignore or explain away those consequences. And most often the way they do it is to point at somebody else, to point the finger and say: “Oh, it was not our consciousness that precipitated this. It was those other people who precipitated this consequence. It certainly was not our consciousness that precipitated the problems in 1930s Germany. It was the Jews! It was not our, the Russians consciousness, who precipitated the problems in Russia after Putin. No, it was the West, it was NATO.”

You see, if people are left without ever encountering the Christ consciousness they can go on indefinitely, forever being trapped in what I called death, the state of death, the state of spiritual death, the consciousness of death, the consciousness of antichrist, the consciousness of Satan. And especially now that the very religion that emerged as a result of me appearing in a physical body 2000 years ago, has become perverted to the point where that religion is promoting the consciousness of antichrist while claiming it is the consciousness of Christ, this is the main problem in the Christian movement in America today.

The illusion of the fixed state

Democracy is the government of the future, at least the near future. It is necessary for the growth in humankind’s consciousness. We have talked about this at length, giving many different perspectives on it. The majority of Christian leaders in America have not grasped, locked into or accepted this fact. Their view, their basic attitude to life and to America is that they know better. They know best and therefore they need to find a way, by hook or by crook to force their view upon America. They think they had it made when they had a President who chose these Supreme Court judges that could overturn Roe vs. Wade. They think they had it made because of a number of other issues, but they do not realize that what they are actually doing is holding back progress in America.

They think there is a “fixed state” that needs to be attained. They even think that God and Christ want this fixed state to be attained on earth and then you will have the kingdom of God manifest on earth. But as I have explained many, many times, this is not what Christ wants. Christ stands for perpetual progress, perpetual self-transcendence. Why did Christ come to earth 2000 years ago, if it was to maintain the fixed state that was there, or to create a fixed state? Has there been a fixed state in the past 2000 years? You saw when you look back that for almost a thousand years the Catholic Church had almost total dominance of the thinking, the mindset of Europe. Did they ever attain a fixed state? Was it not eventually overturned? Because there can never be a fixed state on earth.

What is it that the devil stands for? What is it that Satan stands for? Well, it is this very consciousness of thinking that you know best. The devil thinks he knows better than God, how the universe should unfold and in order to try and prove this, the devil is trying to establish a fixed state based on his view, his definition and then he wants to maintain that indefinitely. Why would God want a fixed state? Why would the kingdom of God be an unchanging society? Some will say, because the kingdom of God is perfect and something that is perfect cannot change. But did God ever say that? Did Christ ever say that or was it the devil who said that?

The Living Word vs dead words

You see my beloved the devil is clever. The serpent was the most subtle of the animals in the garden. The devil, the consciousness of antichrist, what we have called the duality consciousness can turn anything around, can turn anything upside down. I know very well that what I am saying here is expressed in words and those in the consciousness of antichrist can easily go in and find words to counteract what I am saying, to argue against it, to say: “Oh, this cannot be right, it is this way.” But you see, their words are dead words. They are words only at the intellectual level. My words are the Living Word. They carry more than intellectual meaning. They carry the cup of light that is what Christ gave to those who thirsted.

The cup of light is carried in the words and those who are willing can open their minds and they can feel, they can experience the light streaming through the words and that is something that the false leaders cannot imitate. They may try in all kinds of manifestations that they claim is the Holy Spirit, but they cannot imitate the vibration of Christ. Now, of course many people cannot read that vibration, but some can and some will. You of course, are examples of people who have or you would not be listening to this but there are of course, many degrees of being able to read the vibration of Christ.

Did I ever want to start a movement that was based on a written word that could be interpreted and interpreted and interpreted over and over again? Nay, I wanted to establish the movement that would focus on one thing, giving people a direct experience of the Comforter, the Christ mind, the one Holy Spirit, which is the antidote to all of the subtle interpretations that the mind of antichrist can come up with because you sense there is a vibration and you can compare whatever the devil throws at you to that vibration. You can sense, you can learn to sense that there is a difference in vibration and that is why you can say: “Get thee behind me, Satan!” This is the movement I wanted to start. A movement where there was no need for interpretation of the scriptures of the past because you had the Living Word in the now. And people saw themselves not as being passive, not as sitting there in their churches every Sunday staring with blank eyes while they are thinking about something else when the minister is preaching. They saw themselves as people who were on a path to gradually raise their consciousness, increase their ability to read vibration and therefore gain a clearer and clearer expression of the Christ consciousness.

No one has ever been given a patent on the Christ consciousness. I did not have it 2000 years ago. I never gave it to Peter and I never gave it to any church. This messenger has never, ever considered that he had a patent on the ascended masters. He knows and accepts and realizes that we are the ones who decide that no human being on earth has the power to decide because the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It is beyond human comprehension and therefore beyond what human beings can take power over, but even what they can grasp with the outer mind and define and say: “Oh this is what the Christ would say, this is what the Christ would not say.” The Spirit bloweth where it listeth because what is the purpose of the Spirit blowing? It is to go beyond all human expectations and definitions and give you something that is an alternative, a viable alternative to your present way of thinking, your present state of consciousness, your present state of death.

Those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, those who have hearts that are open to the Spirit, they grasp it, they sense it, they know it, they feel it, they experience it and they allow that experience to be like the leaven that raises the whole loaf of their consciousness. That is the basic psychology that I came to expose 2000 years ago. It is the basic psychology that I preached, that is hidden even if in the fragmentary scriptures that have survived the onslaught of the Catholic church and their antichrist attempt to root out any real ties to the Living Christ and to turn the Christian religion into a dead religion that could be controlled by the Roman emperor, and that could control the people.

The resurrection of Christianity in America

Many will say in American churches, but we are Lutherans, we are Evangelicals, we base our religion not on the Catholic church but on the scriptures. Do you know nothing of history? Have you never looked at how the present scriptures were created? How they were selected? How many books were left out? How they were interpreted, translated, this and that? Have you really not looked at historical facts that have come to light within the last several decades? Do you really think that you are not affected by the Catholic church and the decisions of Constantine and the church fathers to create the state religion of the Roman Empire? Have you forgotten that it is the Roman Catholic church? Catholic, as you know, means universal? Does Roman mean universal? How can a Roman church be truly universal?

So you see scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, they would reject me today as they did 2000 years ago. Partly because some of them are the very same scribes and Pharisees reincarnated again and again and again. They have often had leadership positions in Christian churches for hundreds of years, some for the past 1700 years. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. If there is to be the highest possible resurrection of democracy in America, there must be at least some resurrection of Christianity in America. For right now, Christianity is a backwards-looking religion that wants society in this year 2022, to conform to values and beliefs that were present in the year 22, 2000 years ago. Christ is not backward looking, or Christ would not ever appear on earth.

Now some will say: “But Christ only wants people to be saved, why is Christ concerned about these things that happened on earth?” But I would say to these ministers: “Then why are you concerned about what happens on earth? Why are you involved in politics? Why are you trying to influence the political process of the United States if you think it does not matter because Jesus is going to appear in the sky any day now and roll up the world as a scroll?” You see again the inconsistency, the hypocrisy. As I said, Christ is not concerned about particular issues. Christ is concerned about the raising of the consciousness of the people because it is the raising of the consciousness of the people that can secure their entry into the kingdom of God, their salvation.

Again, look at what I said 2000 years ago. Look at what happened to the Christian religion with the formation of the Catholic church, that it created an entirely pacifying religion that was the same as the Jewish religion where you just have to obey the earthly leadership of your religion and then you will be secured entry into heaven. What did I say? Look at what I said, read between the lines: “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation, for the kingdom of God is within you.” What is within you? A state of consciousness, your state of consciousness. It does not matter what you do on the outer because if you do not change your state of consciousness, you will not be able to enter heaven. Look at so many Christians. They sit there and they think: “I am guaranteed to be saved. I have done all the outer things that my religion prescribes and this is the religion of Christ so Jesus is bound by some contract to come and save me after this lifetime, he must save me.” But do you have that contract? Then show me, where is your contract that says I am obligated to save you because you have done outer things on earth. You have observed things on earth, but you have not looked at the beam in your own eye, and therefore you have not changed your consciousness.

The consciousness that the vast majority of Christians have today is not allowed in heaven! You cannot enter heaven with that state of consciousness. That is why you must lose your life, your way of looking at life, your state of mind and attain a higher state of mind, being reborn in Christ, become a new being in Christ before you can enter heaven. It is all there in the scriptures if you are willing to look at it.

Hypocrisy and anger in the Christian movement

Now look at these Christians in America. Hypocrisy takes many forms, here’s one: many Christians go around thinking they are kind people. They always behave kindly. Many of these Christian ministers, they speak softly, they are kind to everyone, “Bless you, my child” and they think this is how a Christian behaves. But then look at some of the ministers, and many of their members. Look at their actions, on their fruits you shall know them. Look at the scandals that have happened in Christian churches. Why can you have a person, who on the outward gives this image of “being a man of God” as they call themselves and yet he goes and has some sexual affair with a man or a woman or he has financial improprieties, or whatever it may be.

Why do you have this contrast? Yes, I know what the Christians say, they say: “We are all human. We are all weak” like the Catholic church about its priests abusing children “We are all weak, we are all human.” Well, if you are human and weak, how can you claim to represent Christ? Did I go around sexually abusing children? You see my beloved, why is there this discrepancy between the image they portray and what is going on inside of them? Because surely you can see that if a minister claims to be this man of God, and yet he does things that are not of God, there must be something going on in his subconscious mind.

And what is going on in the subconscious mind of most Christians in America? Why do you see that some of these people, who claim to be good Christians, have become so angry because Trump was not reelected? How come you see that they have become so angry that they are willing to cast doubt on the entire democratic election system, which by international observers has been said to be a perfectly well-functioning system? Why are they willing to go along with Trump’s election lies? What is behind this? It is, if you look at it, if you look at their emotional bodies, it is anger. They are angry.

Most Christians today in America, both the members and the leaders are angry. They do not know why they are angry and so they do what angry people universally have done throughout history. They direct their anger at somebody else. Oh, it is those Democrats; it is those Antifa members; it is those election officials that were part of this conspiracy, they are the reason we are angry. But anger is an internal condition. It can be channeled and directed into outer conditions but it is not caused by the outer conditions, at least not the specific outer conditions.

What is anger really caused by? Well, you take a lion, which has spent its entire life roaming free on the savanna. You catch it in a trap, you put it in a small cage, or you tie it with ropes and what do you see? The lion roars, it bears its claws and teeth and it strikes out at anybody who comes near. You would say, from a human perspective, the lion is clearly angry but why is the lion angry? Because it is trapped. It feels trapped. Why are Christians angry? Because they feel trapped. Why do they feel trapped? Because they have an outer religion that tells them this. But somewhere within them they know that what their outer religion tells them is not true. Ultimately, they know that they will not be saved by believing in what the outer religion tells them. How do they know this?

Will you follow the hypocrites?

They do not know it consciously. They know it because this is a momentum that has been growing in the collective consciousness for the past 2000 years. Quite a few Christians have contributed to this momentum. But many members of other religions have also contributed and many people who are not members of any formal religion have contributed to this. Even some who claim to be atheists or materialists have contributed to this by doing what we have talked about many times, taking responsibility for changing your own psychology, your own consciousness. And they have experienced that when you change your own consciousness, your experience of life changes, you become a new person. But the Christians have been brought up to believe that they do not need to do this. Because what is the basic message of the churches in America, the Christian churches in America? It is, you just need to follow the outer rules and you will be saved. You do not need to look at the beam in your own eye.

Yeah, Jesus made that remark, but he did not really mean Christians. Christians do not have to look at the beam in their own eye for as long as we follow the outer rules we will be saved. But they know, because they feel that pressure from the collective consciousness, that this is a lie. It is an insidious, a satanic lie. You will not be saved by being a member of a Christian church in America unless you change your consciousness, which of course can be done but most people cannot do so because they have no idea where to even start. So Christians feel angry because they feel trapped. They feel from within that they are not going to be saved but they cannot abandon nor question the other religion that tells them differently. And they are fixated, they are kept in exactly the position where the devil wants people to be kept. They are trapped, they are immobilized, they are pacified, they are in a catch-22. From their state of mind there is no way out. This is death as I portrayed it 2000 years ago. Read the scriptures and how I talked about death. Let the dead bury their dead. Can those who are physically dead bury other corpses? No, so there must be a deeper meaning. Those who are spiritually dead, can bury those who are physically dead and those who are not dead can follow the Living Christ and attain life.

What can I say, other than: “Those of you Christians in America who want life, I have set before you life and death. Not only through this messenger, but in many other ways. Seek life. Choose life! For if you do not consciously choose life you are subconsciously choosing death.” And those ministers, look at them all. Look at why they would reject the Living Christ. Because they want to keep you trapped in their churches. They want you to come every Sunday and listen to them so they can feel important. They want you to give them money so they can maintain the elaborate lifestyle of some of these leaders of mega churches have.

Did I 2000 years ago, build a palace for myself in Palestine? Nay, because I knew I had but a short time on earth. What did I need to own anything for on earth when I wanted to rise to My Father’s Kingdom? What does it show you that there are Christian ministers who claim to represent Christ and they own palaces and palatial churches? It shows you that they want something on earth. But then how can they be in alignment with Christ, who wants nothing on earth? Again, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, hypocrites, all of them. Will you follow the hypocrites? Or will you go within and find some experience of the Christ consciousness? I hurl this challenge into the collective consciousness of America. I hurl this challenge.

Democracy is the government of Christ. What did the Catholic church say? They said: “The king and the noble class holding the people, the population as slaves, that is the government of Christ. The king was God ordained the divine rights of kings.” That was what the Catholic church said in the Middle Ages. I say: “Get thee behind me Satan! Let the people decide. Let the majority decide and see what experiences they get and how this gives them an opportunity to shift their consciousness. What is that to thee? Follow thou me! Why did I say this? Because, what sense does it make to fight over this or that issue that in the long run, the long perspective is not consequential? What I want is the growth in consciousness that opens people’s hearts and minds to the Christ consciousness, to the Holy Spirit and therefore they can shift so that they find that kingdom of God within them, because they are reborn into a new being in Christ. That is what I want. This cannot be forced by anyone. No dictatorship, be it Catholic or Communist or Capitalist, can force people to shift their consciousness, at least not upwards. It might force them to shift it downwards. This can only happen voluntarily.

And what is democracy all about? The voluntary choices of people. The Christian religion in America is not democratic. It is dictatorial in its mindset. Therefore it is as any dictatorial society, dominated by a small elite who think they know better. These are the fallen beings who think they know better than God, how the universe should work. They do not.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. I am grateful for those of you who have been willing to listen, to open your minds and chakras to be broadcasting stations to send this into the collective consciousness. Surely, many people will never read it or hear it but this does not mean that it cannot affect them by radiating through the collective consciousness as waves upon waves upon waves, as it surely will do, as all of our dictations have done.

And you may say: “Where are the results? Where are the changes?” First of all, you have seen many changes in the past 20 or 50 or 70 years, have you not? Second of all, there are many changes that are filtering down through the identity, mental and emotional level and only need a certain trigger to become physical. Someone who is willing to open their mind, many people who are willing to open their minds and suddenly there is that shift, and nothing will ever be the same. This can happen in America as well. The division, the animosity you see today can shift almost instantly. Many people can wake up and see that there is a discrepancy between claiming to be good Christians and having anger against another group of people. Because, how is this: “doing unto others what you want them to do to you?” And this was after all, one of my primary commandments that no Christian can truly deny. They can misinterpret it and think they are doing unto others but again, hypocrisy.

Even the Christ must sometimes step back and simply let things out play themselves. With this, I seal you in the Joy Flame that I AM.


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