Christhood and your Divine plan

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 20, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I wish to speak to you about the topic of Christhood, how it relates to your Divine plan. We have given you teachings about what we might call the work phase of your Divine plan. When you come into embodiment (when you are a mature spiritual student), you know that there is some work that needs to be done in terms of balancing karma, receiving insights, having experiences that shift your consciousness. As a more mature spiritual student you are often planning to get this work phase out of the way early in your life so that you can move through it fairly quickly, then move into other phases of your Divine plan.

Getting the work phase out of the way

It is quite common to see people who in the early decades of their lives are very busy, absorbed in relationships, having children, building a career, working—all of these things. It is as if you might call it an obsessive compulsive disorder where they feel that they just have to do all of these things and have to do them at once. It is not so obsessive after all because it is simply this desire to move through this so that you can have the clarity of mind, perhaps the opportunity in your outer situation, to focus more on the other phases.

One of the ways, for most of you, you deal with balancing karma is through relationships. That is why you often see that people get married fairly young, they have children fairly young. Maybe you have more than one relationship. They can be very intense relationships. This is something you want to move through. You have a great desire to move through it, even though you do not understand this consciously.

For many people there comes another phase, which is often where you discover a spiritual teaching. You become aware there is a spiritual path and you begin to walk that path. You have many people who are also very, very eager at applying themselves. Whatever the spiritual teaching is, they study eagerly, practice whatever tools and techniques are given. You can almost say that it is an obsessive compulsive manner. It is because this is what you need to do in order to rise to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of your Divine plan.

No need for regrets

One conclusion you can draw from this knowledge is that there is absolutely no reason for any of you to have any kind of regret or negative feelings about what you have gone through in your lives. You can look back at your lives and you might judge with the outer mind that many of the things you went through were not spiritual. They were not harmonious, they were too intense. You might look back and have some regrets and say: “I wish I hadn’t done that.”

My beloved, why did you do what you did? Because it was part of your Divine plan to go through that experience. Whatever it was for you individually, you needed that experience in order to work through what we have called the work phase of your Divine plan. We can also call this the preparatory phase where you are preparing yourself for the more creative phase of your Divine plan. You simply realize, as we have said, that you have the potential to reach a certain level of consciousness in this embodiment, but you come into embodiment with a lower level of consciousness. Then, you want to shift your consciousness as quickly as possible so you can go up towards the higher levels. Only when you get to those higher levels, can you begin to actually see the more creative aspects of your Divine plan.

What we have said is that you cannot really shift your consciousness in a theoretical and intellectual way. You need to have certain experiences in order to shift your consciousness. Why did you do what you did? Because you knew subconsciously that you needed that experience. You wanted to have it as quickly as possible in order for you to shift your consciousness.

My beloved, whatever experiences you have had, did shift your consciousness in some way. I know that most of you will look back at your lives and you will say: “But there were some experiences that were so difficult that I went into a negative spiral and for years I was depressed or disturbed or stressed about this.”

Shifting out of having regrets

Yes, my beloved, but when you are willing to look back, use the tools we have given you, you can actually overcome this, go through the shift you were meant to have as a result of that experience. Then, my beloved, when you shift, the experience no longer matters. I realize there can be energy accumulated in your four lower bodies from a traumatic experience. However, you have the tools to transform that, thus you can let go of it. Many times, my beloved, you do not realize that when you had these experiences, you reacted to them with the level of consciousness you had at the time.

Now, that you have raised your consciousness, you look back at that experience with some regret. Perhaps with the feeling that as the spiritual student you would like to be, you should not have done this. My beloved, that sense of regret (blaming yourself or feeling ashamed) comes from an internal self that is often a part of this conglomerate of the primal self.

If you can identify that you are looking back at your past with regret or other negative feelings, then you should know that this is an internal self. It is a separate self and it may actually be created partly because of a spiritual teaching you had. For some reason, you interpreted it so you created the self that is blaming the self, feeling ashamed, feeling like you are not good enough, feeling (as some of you might feel) that a real spiritual person could not possibly have done that—but you did. The fact that you did it means that now you have lost the opportunity forever. You can never make up for it in this lifetime, therefore your lifetime was wasted. There is nothing you can do about it other than sit down in a dark room, crying for the rest of your life.

My beloved, I am making fun of this but people who have this sense that they did something so bad that they could not possibly really be spiritual often feel they could not possibly approach the ascended masters, for we would surely condemn you as you condemn yourself. How many times have we told you now that we do not look at you as you look at yourself? We do not condemn you as you condemn yourself.

What I want to say here is this: “Do not ever, my beloved, assume that an ascended master would condemn you for anything you have done.” We have only one desire—to set you free. We are willing to help you be free of anything from your past.

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