Women are not to blame for the fall of man

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Archangel Michael and I come to offer my assistance to all women on this planet who desire to be liberated and who are willing to do something to become liberated. Therefore, they are willing to break the spell that has been cast upon women by the fallen beings, by men, by the collective consciousness, by societies, by institutions, by religions, political parties, whatever you have.

You may think of me as a male master, but at the level of an archangel the normal concepts of male and female that you have on earth do not apply. I am completely beyond all of this. I am a universal being and if it may help you to think of me as having certain qualities, then fine. For many people, it actually does not help you to think of me as having male qualities. It would be more constructive to see me as a universal being. I am beyond anything on earth, which is precisely why I can serve to bind the fallen beings on earth who are otherwise masters of drawing people into some relative dualistic reaction. I am beyond all relativity, all duality and that is why the fallen beings cannot draw me into any kind of reaction to them, which is precisely why I can serve to bind them anytime there is a call for it from earth.

Naturally, I am not in embodiment. Therefore, I cannot just go in and do whatever I desire to do on planet earth, even though I could very, very quickly, in fact in the blink of an eye, remove all fallen beings from earth. This is the power I have as an archangel of the First Ray. There is no power on earth that can stand against it precisely because any power on earth is dualistic and my power is not dualistic. Therefore, my power is the power of the entire universe because I am one with the greater whole, with the oneness of the universe, with the one Creator. That oneness can of course not be moved by any force that is divided. There is nothing that is divided that could possibly move oneness.

Divisions can move within oneness in an unascended sphere because that is allowed for the outplaying of free will. Divisions can move within oneness, but cannot move oneness. They can move within oneness when a sphere is set apart as an unascended sphere where free will is allowed to outplay itself, in the sense that beings can use their free will to ignore that they are part of the whole and start acting as separate beings. This is precisely what the fallen beings have done. This is what they have perpetrated on earth so that you have created this most basic illusion on earth, which is that men and women are separate beings.

Men and women are not separate beings

You have this very, very fundamental division that men and women are different. Out of this fundamental division springs all of the persecution, suppression of women. I know very well that when you are in embodiment on a planet like earth, it is difficult to look beyond the fact that your physical bodies are different. It is difficult to look beyond that, but you need to recognize that the fallen beings have taken the differences of the physical body and projected those differences upon you, as souls, as spiritual beings. They have projected that there is a difference between men and women. Of course, they have used religions to project, as we have explained, the idea that men are created differently by God, or even what you see in Genesis where God first created Adam and then, almost as an afterthought, he created Eve. Oh, yeah, Adam feels alone. We need to give him someone who can be there with him, and by the way, be his servant and fulfill his needs. So, we create woman as well.

What did we explain to you? All of creation is based on two forces: the expanding, the contracting. You cannot create anything without both of them. When you are not in duality, they are not separated. There is not one that comes first and one that comes later. The expanding force did not come before the contracting, they were created at the same time. They are created in a polarity. It is not a dualistic polarity. It is a creative polarity, but nevertheless, they are created at the same time.

You could not physically create man first and then create woman. It cannot be done. It is simply a product of the lower state of consciousness that people had at the time when Genesis was given to the people in the Middle East. This of course raises the question again: Who gave Genesis to the Jews or the forefathers of what you call the Jews today? Well, it was not the Almighty God who created the heaven and the earth. It was not the Creator itself. It was the fallen beings who gave Genesis and who gave certain statements in Genesis precisely to, right there at the very beginning, set men and women apart in a fundamental way that allowed them to then elevate men as the primary creation and women to a secondary, servant role.

Then, of course comes what is also built into Genesis and the story of the Garden of Eden where it was Eve who was tempted to eat that forbidden fruit. Well, my beloved, this is again a deliberate, malicious, aggressive lie of the fallen beings in order to create this fundamental, irreconcilable divide between men and women. Truly, there is no reality to it whatsoever. We have before said that there can be a certain symbolic value. We have in previous dispensations said for example that you can set up various polarities where you can say that the I AM Presence is the masculine aspect of your being and the soul is the feminine, and it was the soul that was tempted to go into duality, which is the forbidden fruit. It is not forbidden because it is an aspect of free will, but again this is how the fallen beings decided to portray it because it fits in with their overall agenda. It creates tremendous confusion.

Resistance from the male-dominated religions

How many Christians, Jews, Muslims have read the story of Genesis and been confused? Why did God put the fruit in the garden if he did not want them to eat it? Why put a fruit there and then say it is forbidden? Why did he say that if you eat of the fruit, you will surely die, but the serpent said: “You will not surely die” and they ate the fruit and they did not die? So who was right? Was God wrong and the serpent was right? Well, of course that is exactly what the fallen beings want you to believe—that they know better than God. That is what they have made many people believe. They have made many people act upon this even if they do not consciously believe it. They think the ideas that the fallen beings have put out on earth are more true than the ideas that come from the spiritual realm, from the ascended masters. You will see, when you look at planet earth today, how there is an incredible resistance to the ideas we are giving you at this conference and of course many of the other teachings we have given you over the years. There is an incredible resistance to this.

You take the three monotheistic religions who are all based on the Torah or the Old Testament, who all in some form recognize or acknowledge the story of Genesis as the creation story, and you will see that they are all discriminating against and putting down women. They are doing it precisely because they are still upholding this very old account of creation, even though the consciousness has moved on so far from what it was when Genesis was released. There are of course, as with everything else in the world, various estimates of when Genesis was released, but I can tell you that it actually goes far back beyond recorded history. You see that even if you take the normal time frame, and say that a few thousand years ago there was this tribe in the Middle East who received this teaching, look at how much society has moved on in those few thousand years. Look at the incredible changes that have happened in people’s knowledge, in technology, in the development of society, the emergence of democracies and all of this. What sense does it make that there are so many billions of people on earth who are holding on to this ancient account and think that this must have been released by this superior God, and therefore it must be an infallible revelation that should stand for all time? It makes no sense whatsoever. Of course, many people, men and women alike, have started to realize this, which is why they are leaving these monotheistic religions behind. They realize that they have virtually nothing of value to say about the situation they face in a modern world, in a modern society.

My beloved, cycles change. Everything on earth evolves in cycles. This is something that you can even observe. You do not even need to look at the precession of the equinoxes, but you can just look at earth. There are seasons, but beyond the seasons of the year, there are cycles, there are cycles in society, there are cycles in the collective consciousness where people have been under a certain illusion, and after a time they begin to free themselves from it, and all of a sudden there is progress. There are new inventions, new ideas that are released.


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