A Buddhic perspective on overcoming the past

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 26, 2015. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

The Buddha I AM. The Ascended Master Gautama Buddha I AM. I come for multiple purposes this day. I come, first of all, to give an action to the European continent to multiply what you have brought to the altar during this conference. Because you have exceeded the potential for the conference, I am able to step in and bring forth the judgment of the Buddha of certain fallen beings that we had not planned could be removed at this time. Because of your willingness to step up and transcend the consciousness embodied by these fallen beings, it has been possible for me, as the Lord of the World, to step in and say that these beings shall now be removed from the four levels of matter over the European continent.

This requires, as we have said, that there are those who have reached a certain level of consciousness comparable to that which the fallen beings had attained before they fell. There are some of you who have attained this, and there are others on the European continent, some not affiliated with this movement, who have attained a sufficient level that this can be done. Yet it still requires the intercession of the Lord of the World to make this a manifest reality. This is not a mechanical consequence of what people have done. It is a gift that I have decided to give, based on the purity of the intention and the hearts of yourselves and many other people in embodiment in Europe.

The paradox of buddhic awareness

You will often think of the Buddha as sitting, as you see the messenger sitting, in a cross-legged position with closed eyes and a slight smile, seeming detached from the world. This is an image I have given in order to help people at a certain phase of the spiritual path extricate themselves from the intense struggle created by the fallen beings. The fallen beings and the dark forces have, of course, attempted to pull people into this struggle and to keep them there indefinitely. It was necessary to bring forth ideas and thoughtforms that could help people attain that non-attachment to the demons of Mara, so they would not be tempted into a reactionary pattern.

Nevertheless I want you to know that as the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, I hold a spiritual office for the earth, the office of the Lord of the World. As a result of this office, I am perfectly aware of everything that is happening on earth. I know the suffering of all people in embodiment. I feel the compassion and the love for them, for I know also that they are extensions of the One Mind, that the Buddha nature is in them. I am, of course, still in the ascended state of consciousness and therefore not attached to people’s experiences, but I do experience what people experience. This is part of my office. You might look at it as a burden, and it would be a burden from the unascended state of consciousness, but it is not a burden from the ascended state of consciousness. This I would discourse on, because it is almost impossible when you are in embodiment to resolve this seeming paradox. How can the Buddha experience what people on earth experience and not be burdened by it? You yourselves can cultivate this ability, not quite to the same degree as when you are ascended, but you can cultivate it. It is a matter, as we have touched upon earlier, of realizing that everything that happens in the matter realm is like a movie projected onto a screen. It is a matter of realizing what science, to some degree, has attempted to achieve: that it is possible to look at what happens on earth in an objective or detached manner where you do not judge. You simply see what is, without applying a value judgment of should this or should this not happen.

Now again, I know that this instantly engenders a reaction from the collective consciousness, because it will say: “Are you then saying that everything that is happening is okay? That there are not things happening on earth that should not be happening? Can you really say that the Holocaust is just an event like any other event? Are you saying that it doesn’t matter whether it happened or did not happen?”

Do you see? This reaction comes from the consciousness that is attached and therefore pulls you into the reactionary pattern where the fallen beings want to keep you indefinitely. An event on earth is just an event. There is, as we have touched upon before, a fundamental difference between the event and your perception of it.

There are people who believe that, before they themselves can be free of the earth, certain changes need to happen on earth. Certain manifestations cannot be here, or they cannot be at peace, or they cannot be free. You will not ascend from earth until you free yourself from this pull. You who are in embodiment today should not count on waiting until the earth is in some perfect state before you ascend. For the foreseeable future there will be many imperfections on earth so unless you want to postpone your ascension for a very long time, you need to realize that you will have to ascend even though the earth is not in a perfect state.

The difference between event and perception

How do you ascend when there is imperfection in the physical octave? You do so by recognizing the difference between the event and your perception of it, and then taking command over your perception. From my office of the Lord of the World, I see an event from the outside and the inside at the same time. I am experiencing what the people involved with this event are experiencing, how they are reacting to it. I am also seeing the event from the outside, from the objective, detached perspective. I see what most people do not see, namely that no matter how the event takes form, and no matter what meaning people project onto it, no matter how they react emotionally, mentally, and at the identity level, it is all part of the forward movement of life.

This does not mean that an event such as the Holocaust had to happen. It does not mean that the ascended masters wanted it to happen. It does not mean that I am saying this was a beneficial event. It was obviously an event that created deep wounds in the souls of many people, and those wounds are keeping them trapped in the reactionary pattern.

It is still part of the forward progression of life, in the sense that those who will not learn directly from the ascended masters must learn by seeing the Mother realm outpicture as physical events their state of consciousness. Even though the actual events can be absolutely horrible to experience, it is the only way that people learn when they are not open to learning from Above. When you are not open to learning from the Father element that we of the ascended masters represent to earth, you must learn from the Mother element. Therefore, the most horrible event on earth is an outpicturing in matter of a very horrible, unbalanced state of consciousness.

By having it outpictured in matter, it becomes far more difficult for people to ignore or deny it, as they had been ignoring or denying that state of consciousness for a very long time before the physical event had been carried through the three higher levels and crossed into the material realm. I see that whatever happens is, in a sense, necessary. Since the people were not able to reach a higher form of learning, it was necessary for their liberation that they saw the physical outpicturing of the consciousness behind it.

I also, as the Lord of the World, have no attachment and pass no judgment on which path an individual or even a group of people, even humankind as a whole, should or should not follow towards their liberation from matter. How can I pass such judgment when I respect free will, and when I have taken the vow that I will hold space for the lifestreams on earth, and thereby make it possible for them to outpicture any state of consciousness as a physical reality?

How the masters respect free will

Do you understand that the earth is not a high planet? There are many higher planets where the wars and the torture that you see on earth could not be physically manifest. Matter itself on those planets has been raised to such a level that it could not even take on these forms that you see on earth. The elementals would refuse to manifest such forms. On earth it is possible for such forms to manifest. Why is this possible? Because we of the ascended masters give many opportunities to the beings who have become trapped in duality.

After I made my ascension from this earth, I could have moved on. I could have said: “Enough with this earth. I do not want to be associated with this planet anymore.” Or I could have said: “Enough with a certain manifestation of darkness on earth. I will not allow this anymore.” But what would that have meant? It would have meant that a large number of lifestreams would have had to be removed. This would have made it more difficult for them to grow because the earth is at a certain level where it provides an opportunity to grow for a large number of lifestreams who are in a sort of in-between state. I decided after my ascension to accept the Office of the Lord of the World and set a certain level that would allow the largest number of lifestreams to receive an opportunity to grow in the schoolroom of earth.

This could have been done in many other ways, but for a number of complex reasons, as a result of a complex calculation on my part, I set a certain level. Therefore, I have held the balance, so to speak, that has made it possible for some of these very dark events and manifestations to take place. You may think this is not spiritual, not enlightened, not what the Buddha should be doing, but then you are looking at the Buddha not with the mind of the Buddha, but with the mind of the anti-Buddha. I am a teacher. If you will not listen to me directly, I could choose to reject you as a student, or I could do what I have decided to do—hold the balance, hold the space, that will allow you to outpicture your state of consciousness to a terrifying degree. This was my decision to make.

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