A better society, not by force but by choice

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Ascended Master Surya through Kim Michaels, May 3, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Surya. I want to continue on what Archangel Michael talked about earlier, about the fact that every dictator has at some level of consciousness the consent of the governed. Now, if you think about how most people in the world look at the topic of dictators, you will realize that it is very difficult for people to understand what a dictator is, why dictatorships have arisen, what kind of people are willing to be dictators. You can see that there is a certain element of denial in many people around the world.

For example, if you go to China you might know that even today they universally talk about the “Great Chairman Mao” and you are not allowed to say anything critical about Chairman Mao. It is almost unthinkable that the people would even dare to criticize what has become an idol for the nation. Likewise, in Russia you will see that many people, even though they know about what happened during Stalinist times, they are reluctant to criticize Stalin. It was only a few years ago that there was a public survey done in Russia where the Russian people could vote for the person they thought was the historically most significant person in Russia. For a long time Stalin was actually winning the contest, only in the end was he overtaken by a poet.

People deny the cruelty of the dictator

You will see that there is this tendency that the people will deny the cruelty of the dictator. What they will basically deny, is that the dictator did not care about them whatsoever. When you look at the reality, when you look at even what is known publicly about people like Mao or Stalin, you will see – if you look at it honestly and neutrally – that they did not care about their people, the people they were leading. They were willing to sacrifice any amount of those people for the cause, which basically was the cause of them staying in power. Chairman Mao had certain ideals that he was pursuing but Stalin had hardly any ideals other than him staying in power.

You will see that there is that element of denial that is still there in certain countries that either have a dictatorial form of government or have had it recently. You will see of course a difference when it comes to Hitler, who has for the most part been recognized as being universally evil. Of course, there are certain neo-Nazi groups that look at him with admiration but the vast majority of the people, both in Germany and elsewhere, have recognized and admitted the evil of Hitler. Of course, when they look at this, they cannot understand it. You will see the almost comical extent to which intellectuals will go when they attempt to analyze Hitler and explain how he could do what he did. They attempt to come up with rational, materialistic explanations: Whether it was his family background, his upbringing, his psychology, his genes or whatever.

Dictators are not normal human beings

My point for bringing this up, is that the world at large cannot understand why there are dictators. They cannot understand why there are a few people that are willing to step into this position of having unlimited power over a population of people. Then, once they have that power, they do absolutely anything they think necessary to maintain their power. They cannot understand and explain why there are some people that have held on to their power beyond all reasonability or rationality. They will not let go of their power, as you even saw with Hitler. When any rational person could see that the war was lost, he kept living in a fantasy world, moving around army units that did not exist except in his imagination. Always thinking about this super weapon that would be developed but which somehow never materialized. You see many other dictators like this.

Again, conventional science cannot explain this. Why is it that some dictators lose their minds to a point where they are out of touch with the real world, out of touch with their own people? They are blindly pursuing some kind of goal without any willingness to look at the practical reality of the situation. Naturally, we have given you very, very carefully (both through this messenger and also in previous ascended master dispensations) the knowledge that means that you can understand this at a deeper level. This of course is what we have attempted to condense in the “My Lives” book [My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus] where in a concentrated form that is easier to read, people can get the knowledge that is the critical aspect to understanding dictators. That knowledge is of course that the reason why there is a few people that are willing to step into this position as dictators, is because there are a few people embodied on earth who are not normal human beings, they are different from the norm. This is what people in general have not been willing to recognize.

We must therefore logically ask ourselves why the world has not been willing to recognize this? Again, the only logical answer is that the major thought systems of the world have been influenced by (perhaps even in some cases generated by) certain forces that do not want people to understand the basic dynamic of earth, of how life works on earth. They do not want people in general to know that the earth is a planet with a very broad range of consciousness where many different lifestreams have embodied. This of course has its background in the fallen beings who do not want themselves to be known. They do not want the population to know that there is a specific group of people on earth who have no humanitarian ideals, who have no concerns whatsoever for human beings. These people do not see themselves as human beings, they see the population as human beings but they see themselves as being superior, as being in a special class of people.

This is something that the world is actually ready to recognize. It is almost like the old fairy tale about the Emperor’s new clothes where the people who are closest to the Emperor are so concerned about maintaining their position that they are not willing to step back and look at the Emperor and see that he has nothing on. They are certainly not willing to speak out and say it. The world, the population, is ready to acknowledge that there is a certain group of people on the planet that have no respect, no caring, no love, no humanity when it comes to the population at large. They are willing to kill or sacrifice any number of human beings for whatever cause they have in their heads. It is a complete disrespect for life.

Deciding we want no more dictators

This is something the world is ready to recognize. They do not need to acknowledge ascended master teachings before they can recognize this. It is possible to have people who are creative thinkers, who can simply look at  history, look at human psychology, what is already known in general psychology. They can put these together and draw this conclusion that we need to recognize that throughout history we have seen this special group of people, who have taken these positions of being dictators and who have no respect for life whatsoever. We need to recognize this openly, acknowledge it. Then we need to make a determination: “We do not want this kind of people to lead us anymore, we do not want this kind of people to attain any position in government, or any other position where they have power over the population on earth.”

The collective consciousness has gradually been brought up to where it is ready to recognize this. What we need you to do as ascended master students is of course to make the calls so that, first of all, the people who can be the forerunners for this awareness will be cut free, will be awakened, will be inspired. They will be able to tune in to the ascended masters (even if they do not recognize us consciously) and receive these ideas where it suddenly snaps into focus, their consciousness shifts and they see: “Oh but the dictator has nothing on!” They see the naked truth of who these beings are.

They may not have the concept of fallen beings but they see they have no respect for life. This is what needs to be seen, because (especially in the modern democracies) most people have that respect for life. As Archangel Michael said, they have risen above this level of consciousness where they would ever dream of perpetrating some aggressive actions upon other people. They would never dream of assembling an army and conquering another nation, they have transcended that. Therefore, they are ready to see that it was never really the people as such who assembled armies and conquered territories. It was only that small group of people who had no respect for life.

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