24. What You Can Do for Jesus

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 19, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I am fully aware that many of the ideas in this book can be shocking to people who have grown up in a Christian culture. I am fully aware that many of my readers need to go through a process of inner transformation before they can fully accept the ideas I am bringing forth in this book. Many people need to go through some soul-searching before they can accept their own potential to walk the path of personal Christhood.

I do not want to rush you through this process. I want you to take the necessary time to internalize my ideas and to come to an inner resolution and an inner understanding of what this book means for you and your personal life. However, I must tell you that you will make things far easier for yourself if you will engage in a process of seeking greater understanding.

You must understand that this book was written for a specific purpose, namely to awaken your inner memory of your potential to walk the path of Christhood. I obviously cannot cover all possible topics in this book. Consequently, I am aware that for some people this book might raise many questions.

To answers such questions, I and other ascended masters have brought forth additional books through this messenger. I am also offering you another way to resolve the questions you have as a result of reading this book. I can assure you that if modern technology had been available to me during my mission on earth, I would indeed have made use of it. Therefore, I intend to make use of it today.

I have instructed my messenger to create a website that will give you an opportunity to pose questions directly to me and other ascended masters (www.ascendedmasteranswers.com). I will then answer these questions through my messenger.

I also hope you will realize that it truly is not my desire to make you co-dependent on an outer source. What I really want to see is that you attain such inner attunement with your Christ Self and with me that I can give you answers directly in your heart. Therefore, use our books and websites only as tools for expanding your inner attunement with me. Use the exercises I have given in this book for increasing your attunement with me. Make a sincere effort to purge your mind from all incorrect beliefs. Make a sincere effort to heal your psychology.

If you will use the tools I have given you, you can quickly go through a personal transformation and raise yourself into a state of inner peace. This is what I desire to see for you. However, I cannot make it happen for you. You must make it happen through your own choosing.

Your divine plan

I am aware that many of the readers of this book will feel a great inner desire to help me bring God’s kingdom to earth. Naturally, this desire will prompt you to take some form of outer action. In other words, I know that many of my true followers will ask: “Jesus, what can I do for you?’

I want to assure you that there is much you can do for me. Before a lifestream comes into embodiment on planet earth, that lifestream meets with its spiritual teachers. In many cases, I am part of this team. The lifestream and its spiritual teachers create a plan for the lifestream’s coming embodiment. This plan has the following elements:

A plan for how you can pay back your personal karma and fulfill your debts to life.

A plan for how you can bring a unique gift to this planet. This can be a specific idea or quality that only you are capable of expressing. I like to call this your “sacred labor.”

What I am telling you here is that your lifestream and your spiritual teachers created a divine plan for this lifetime. Obviously, when a lifestream is born it often loses the conscious memory of this divine plan. Yet most people have some inner sense of what they came to do in this life. And all people have the potential to regain the conscious memory of their divine plan.

You must understand that each lifestream has a unique divine plan. What I want to see for you is that you fulfill your personal divine plan. Therefore, I cannot tell you what you should do to help me bring God’s kingdom to earth. This is far too personal and individualized to be expressed in a book like this. Furthermore, I do not want you to receive instructions from any source outside yourself pertaining to your divine plan. It is important that you get inner direction so that your outer consciousness can fully accept and internalize your divine plan.


NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


Copyright © 2002 Kim Michaels