23. The Second Coming of Christ

Dictation by Ascended Master Jesus, November 18, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I am fully aware that millions of sincere and devout Christians are looking forward to an event that they describe as the second coming of Christ. There are many different theories and beliefs about this second coming and what it might be like. However, most of them describe an event in which I will appear physically and remove all darkness and imperfections from this planet. I will appear as the King, and I will bring God’s kingdom to earth.

I am Jesus Christ, and I must tell you the truth about this matter. I very much desire to see the second coming of Christ as a physical reality of this planet. I very much desire to see my Father’s kingdom manifest on earth. However, I must tell you frankly that the event envisioned by most Christians simply will not come to pass. Allow me to explain why.

Let us begin by considering the historical fact that shortly before the year 1000 AD many Christians believed that the second coming of Christ was imminent. People believed that I would appear physically and roll up the world as a scroll. It is an undeniable fact that these expectations were not fulfilled. Likewise, shortly before the year 2000 many Christians expected the second coming of Christ as the inauguration of the new millennium. This did not come to pass.

Based on these observations, I hope you will accept the simple fact that I will not suddenly appear and remove all darkness from this world. There are two good reasons why this event will not come to pass.

The outer reason is the Law of Free Will. I have already told you that humankind has created the current conditions on planet earth. Therefore, these conditions are the sole responsibility of humankind. People must learn that they are responsible for their use and misuse of God’s energy. Therefore, God will not simply take away from them that which they have created in violation of his laws.

God has provided a way out so that people can uncreate the darkness they have created in ignorance. However, people must do so consciously and willingly. Planet earth is a schoolroom for lifestreams. If God or I suddenly removed all imperfections created by human beings, how could people possibly learn the lesson of life? When you accept the Law of Free Will, it should not be difficult to see that the second coming of Christ, as envisioned by many Christians, would prevent people from learning the lesson of life.

I am Jesus Christ. I am a spiritual teacher. I want to see people learn the lesson of life. I will go far in my attempts to help people learn that lesson. However, I will not take away people’s opportunity to learn the lesson.

The true second coming

Let me now explain the inner reason why the second coming of Christ will not be as envisioned by many Christians. I have already told you that it is the deepest desire of both God and myself to see you and all other human beings walk the path of personal Christhood and eventually put on the fullness of that Christhood. God wants all of his sons and daughters to come home and join the wedding feast in his kingdom. However, you can come home only by putting on the wedding garment of personal Christhood.

My beloved Brother of Light, Gautama Buddha, gave a very profound teaching that relates to this topic. The essence of Buddhism is that human beings have fallen into a lower state of consciousness dominated by maya, or illusion. Because of this illusion, people cannot see the fundamental reality that everything is the Buddha nature.

Therefore, people have built a false sense of identity as mortal beings, and they cannot see themselves as the Buddha incarnate. The essence of Buddhism is that all lifestreams must strive to reach a state of consciousness called “enlightenment.” When you reach enlightenment, you realize that everything is the Buddha nature. Therefore, you see and accept that you already are the Buddha.

Many followers of Buddhism subscribe to the belief that the goal of Buddhism is to become the Buddha. This belief is both correct and incorrect at the same time. A human being cannot suddenly shift from a state of consciousness that is dominated by illusion into a state of consciousness of full enlightenment. Therefore, all spiritual teachings on this planet talk about a path. If you are a follower of Buddhism, you are walking a path towards enlightenment. However, you are not walking a path whereby you are becoming the Buddha.

The very concept of becoming something implies a distance between you and what you are becoming. The very essence of Buddhism is that everything already is the Buddha nature. Therefore, you are not in the process of becoming the Buddha. You are in the process of coming to the realization that you already are the Buddha. This is not simply a play on words. It is essential that you realize the difference between being and becoming.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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