22. Techniques for Attaining Christhood

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 17, 2002 through Kim Michaels

In this discourse I will give you a set of practical tools for attaining the goals outlined in the previous discourse.

Consecrate your life to Christ

To assist you in holding the immaculate concept, use the following affirmations and give them silently or aloud.

Give each affirmation at least 3 times, or give an affirmation until you feel inner peace. As often as is practical, say:

I consecrate my life to Christ-victory, and I see only Christ-perfection.

Before getting out of bed, say:

I consecrate this day to Christ-victory, and I see only Christ-perfection.

Before beginning any activity, say:

I consecrate [give a brief description of the activity] to Christ-victory, and I see only Christ-perfection.

You can also say:

I consecrate [my family, household, community, nation or world] to Christ-victory, and I see only Christ-perfection.

The Seal of the Lord

I have said that you must come apart from the mass consciousness that is currently dragging humankind down into what is truly a self-created hell on earth. This has an inner and outer aspect. The outer aspect is that you need to refrain from activities that serve to bind you to that mass mind or that drag you down into a state of consciousness where you have no chance of manifesting Christhood. I will not tell you what you should do or what you should not do, and I will later explain why.

The inner aspect of coming apart from the mass consciousness is that you must seal yourself from the energies of the mass consciousness. This requires some effort on your part because you need to build and maintain a shield of high-frequency spiritual energy that surrounds your personal energy field and thereby your mind. You need to invoke spiritual energy to transform the negative energy already stored in your field. You also need to fill your energy field with spiritual energy and keep it filled.

I am aware that many Christians believe that you should say a prayer only once and that you should refrain from rote repetition. However, we are not here talking about prayer. We are talking about invoking spiritual energy to build a shield of high-frequency energy around your energy field. This simply cannot be done by saying a prayer once. After you invoke a shield of spiritual energy, that shield will be bombarded by the lower energies of this world. These energies will be transformed by the energies in the shield, but this will cause the shield to gradually break down. Therefore, you must invoke spiritual energy daily or even several times a day.

To fully seal yourself from the mass consciousness, you need to build a personal relationship to my beloved Brother of Light, the Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is assigned by God as the protector of your faith. Obviously, protecting your faith involves sealing you from the mass consciousness that will drag you down into a state of mind dominated by fear, doubt, questions with no answers, hopelessness and despair.

I can assure you that Archangel Michael is an infinitely powerful spiritual being, and he has an absolute dedication to his assignment and to your growth. However, as everyone else in the spiritual world, Archangel Michael is bound to respect the Law of Free Will. I have already explained to you that you are ultimately responsible for what you do with God’s energy. What you have created in ignorance, you must uncreate with understanding. Therefore, you cannot simply assume that God will take all of your negative energy or karma away from you as the result of one prayer. If God did so, God would deprive you of the learning experience and the sense of victory.

Likewise, you cannot simply pray for Archangel Michael to seal you from the mass consciousness and expect that one prayer will be enough. You must make an effort to invoke the spiritual energy of Archangel Michael and build a wall of that energy around your energy field. I will give you affirmations and a decree that will allow you to invoke spiritual protection from Archangel Michael. To reap the full effect of the following affirmations, you must speak them aloud, and you must give them with power and authority. Why must you say the affirmations out loud? Because when God created the world, God said: “Let there be Light.” In other words, God used the power of the spoken word to create the world. A thought holds power, but the spoken word releases that power in the material world. To make maximum spiritual progress, you must learn to use the power of the spoken word. It is your birthright.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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