The year of the shaking earth

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 28, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit and of the Miracle Mother, I come this day. I am Mary, and you have known me under many names. I have been called the Blessed Virgin, I have been called the Mother of God, and I now come to you with another title that I have earned through my dedication and service. It is the title of the Miracle Mother.

I come this day, at 11:00 AM, to symbolize that I come at what is the eleventh hour for the earth and her evolutions. I came to you one month ago to bring forth the judgment and to give a warning that the earth might indeed shake in an attempt to shake off the darkness that human beings have bestowed upon her through their rigidity and even through their love of evil rather than good.

During the last month, you have indeed seen numerous earthquakes, and just within the last few days, you have seen major earthquakes in Iran, in the Pacific, in California and in Panama. I must tell you that this is only the beginning of what could be the year of the shaking earth.

Yes indeed, 2004 has the potential for becoming the year with the largest amount of earthquakes known in human history and with the largest amount of destruction due to these earthquakes that humankind has seen in known history. It is with a heavy heart that I bring you these dire news. You must understand that no being in heaven has any desire to bring such news. Yet we do not desire to leave people without warning of what they are bringing upon themselves, and therefore someone must be the messenger for these news. And given that I am the being who is so in touch with the earth Mother, I then volunteered to bring forth this dire prophecy.

So I hereby warn you that in this coming year there is a potential that the shaking of the earth will literally roll around the globe, almost as a seismic wave that will cause the earth’s crust to move and crack in many places.

What causes the shaking of earth?

I would like to explain to you the cause of this shaking. The cause is simply that the earth is being raised to a higher level of consciousness, and this is happening because a number of individuals have chosen to raise their consciousness on a personal level.

You will recall that my son Jesus, said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32), and indeed he has. And what is happening now, 2,000 years later, is that a number of people are beginning to walk the path of individual Christhood and are beginning to manifest a high degree of personal Christhood. And as they do so, they create a magnetic pull that lifts humankind. However, the pull also affects the earth herself.

You see, humankind has descended into a lower state of consciousness. When that descent began, it created a contraction of the consciousness of the people on this earth. Because everything is consciousness, the contraction of the consciousness of the people also created a contraction of the physical earth herself.

For a very long time now, the earth has been in a period of expansion. The consciousness of humankind has been gradually raised and took a major leap forward with the incarnation of my son 2,000 years ago. This was indeed a cosmic moment, and because my son had his victory of manifesting the Christ consciousness on earth, we have now entered an accelerated cycle that will lead to the raising of humankind and the entire planetary body.

What is happening now is that the earth’s crust is very dense, due to the density that is still left in the consciousness of humankind. As individuals around the globe raise their consciousness, it creates a magnetic pull that lifts the earth’s crust. It is literally as if the earth was a balloon covered with a layer of plaster that has hardened. Now imagine that someone pumps air into the balloon. What will happen to the layer of plaster around the balloon? Yes, as the balloon expands, the plaster will crack because it cannot expand with the balloon.

So this is what is happening on the earth, only the earth is not being blown up from within. The earth’s crust itself is being pulled up, almost like a rubber sheet that is covered with hardened plaster. However, the earth is not covered with plaster. It is covered with the dense energies generated by humankind. These energies are a reflection of people’s consciousness, so they have the potential to be liquefied.

If a critical mass of people would awaken to the spiritual reality, to the reality of God and to their own spiritual potential to become the Living Christ on earth, that awakening would bring about a liquefying of the earth’s crust, so that it could be pulled up without cracking. Right now the earth’s crust is so dense that when some people raise their consciousness and pull on the earth’s crust, the hardened crust will inevitably crack in places, and that is why you see earthquakes happening.

Oh yes, my beloved, I realize that your scientists will ridicule my explanation. But that is because they have not been willing to acknowledge that the earth herself is made from the energies of the divine mother. They have not been willing to recognize that all is indeed consciousness, even though they have observed that at the deepest level of matter itself, the consciousness of a human being can influence the formation of subatomic particles. Well, if the consciousness of a human being can influence the deepest level of matter itself, does it not show that matter is indeed consciousness?

The miracle rosary

So what then can be done to avoid the calamities of the year of the shaking earth? What can be done is a liquefying of the consciousness of humankind. The greatest service that could possibly be rendered on this earth in the coming year is to teach the greatest possible number of people about the inner path to personal Christhood by giving them the tools that can help them follow this path.

We have given many tools on our website, but there are many other individuals and organizations who have brought forth valid spiritual teachings and valid tools for the raising of the consciousness of humankind. Tools that will truly help the individual follow the inner path to Christhood. I am not here to tell you that only one organization, one individual or one teaching has the answer. I am here to tell you that many individuals and organizations have part of the answer. And if indeed a critical mass of people would avail themselves of what has been brought forth, you would see a liquefying of the consciousness of humankind and thereby a liquefying of the earth‘s crust, so that the earth would be able to rise without cracking and shaking.

However, I desire to bring you another tool that can be the very stopgap measure that will help the earth rise without cracking. That tool is the Miracle Rosary that I am releasing today. I encourage all those, who have ears to hear, to use this rosary, if possible on a daily basis. As part of the release of this rosary, I will give you a gift, a special dispensation from my heart. If you will diligently give the miracle rosary for the raising of the consciousness of humankind, then I will allow you to work on one personal issue along with the planetary issue.

If you will make calls to my heart for the resolution of a particular issue in your life, then I will do whatever can be done according to your free will, your individual karma and your divine plan. So my request is simply this. Select a personal issue and write a brief call to my heart. Then, for each time you give the miracle rosary, read that call. Or if you feel impelled to do so from within, adjust the call. But let it be a call for the same issue.

Continue to give the rosary and the call for at least nine days. In other words, after you have repeated the entire rosary once a day for nine days, you can select another personal issue to work on. The rosary will be explained elsewhere, as it is already brought into the physical octave. I encourage you to make use of this tool, which is truly an extraordinary dispensation born of the seriousness of the hour.

If only a few people would use this tool diligently and consistently, I can assure you that the potential for massive earthquakes in the year 2004 can be greatly mitigated. In fact, if a critical mass of people were to embrace this rosary, the earth’s crust could be liquefied, so that hardly any earthquakes would reach the surface and cause it to crack, thereby causing devastation and loss of life.

The judgment upon the false teachers

Now I will speak to you of what I said in my last dictation, when I talked about the judgment, the judgment of God, descending upon the false churches of this earth. I mentioned specifically the Catholic church, but the Catholic church was meant to be the church universal. It was to be the church which would espouse the cause of the universal Christ, the universal Christ consciousness which appears in everything that was ever created.

The universal Christ, the universal Christ consciousness, is indeed the Word spoken of in the Gospel of John. It is this universal consciousness, this universal Word, from which the world itself was created. And that is why my son Jesus said that if men hold their peace in defense of the Christ, the stones themselves will indeed cry out. The reason being that the universal Christ consciousness is in everything.

The universal Christ consciousness is in every human being, and every person has the potential to manifest Christ consciousness. This is indeed the message that my son Jesus came to bring 2,000 years ago, and it was his desire, and God’s desire, that the church which he started would become the church that would espouse the truth about the universal Christ and the path to individual Christhood that is made possible because the universal Christ consciousness is in all.

As you well know, the Catholic church did not become the true church universal, and instead it turned the magnificent example of my son Jesus into an exception. It turned Jesus into an idol, and it created the lie of the exclusive incarnation that could take place only in one Son of God.

Well, this very idea, this very idolatry, is nothing less than the denial of the Christ within all life. This then is the essence of anti-christ. As you should know and be able to observe, this denial of the Christ has become almost universal on this planet. It is not confined to the Catholic church, and therefore the judgment that I gave one month ago was indeed the judgment of all those who deny the Christ, whether they are found in the Catholic church, in other churches, in the state, in the governments of the world, in the media establishments, or wherever they are found.

The judgment is opportunity

What will be happening in the coming year is an accelerated cycle of the descent into physical manifestation of the judgment of those who deny the Christ within themselves and others. This judgment will greatly reinforce the process I have described of the raising of the consciousness of certain individuals.

The judgment is a descent of God’s light, a concentrated measure of Christ light. Those who accept their Christ potential can absorb that light. They can become that light incarnate. Therefore, they will greatly accelerate the magnetic pull on the consciousness of humankind and on the crust of the earth. This will greatly increase the potential that the earth will crack under the strain of the forces that are pulling her in opposite directions, those who accept and affirm the Christ and those who continue to deny the Christ.

What you will see is a dividing of the way, which is truly what my son came to bring 2,000 years ago, when he said that he came not to bring peace but a sword (Matthew 10:34). Well, the sword is nothing less than the dividing of the way between those who choose the light and those who choose to continue to deny the light within themselves and others. This dividing of the way forces all to choose this day whom they will serve, and their choice becomes the judgment. So you see, that the judgment of God is opportunity.

While people are in darkness, it is difficult for them to make a truly free choice between light and darkness. How can you choose light, when all you see is darkness? Yet when the light of God descends, it becomes much easier for people to see the light and to see that they have the option to choose the light. And yet, some see the light and still reject it because they love evil. And when they do reject the light, they bring the judgment upon themselves. They are truly judged by the Christ light that is within themselves. And therefore one might say that they judge themselves.

What you will see happening in the year 2004 is a polarization between those who choose the light and those who choose darkness. As this polarization occurs, you will see certain areas of the world that will become lighter and will be raised up. And you will see other areas that will become darker and that will express all kinds of behavior that is truly a denial of the Christ within.

The earthquake in Iran

You might wonder why this accelerated judgment created such a devastating earthquake in a small city in a remote part of Iran. The reason is that 2,000 years ago my son Jesus did indeed pass through that city on his pilgrimage to the East. He did preach in that city, and he was rejected and barely escaped with his life. Had he not escaped, he would have been stoned and his body would have been buried in that city. And the dispensation that he brought to earth would not have come to pass. It would have been buried with him.

For these past 2,000 years, the inhabitants of that city have continued to deny the Christ, both in the Christian religion and in their own religion. For truly, the religion of Islam can be a path to individual Christ consciousness. This city has attracted other souls who are denying the Christ in themselves, and therefore it has grown well beyond the size it had 2,000 years ago.

At the end of the Piscean age, the judgment must descend upon those who have consistently denied the Christ within themselves for the past 2,000 years. That is what you saw in the recent earthquake. And while we in heaven feel great compassion for the people who are victims of such a calamity, the law will not allow us to do anything for these people until they bend the knee and ask with an open mind and a heart that accepts the Christ in all life.

When you see such devastation, you should have a sense of co-measurement that should immediately cause you to look at other areas of the globe. Where do you see the greatest expression of the denial of the Christ? Where have you seen such a denial in the past? My Beloved, those are the areas where you have the greatest potential for future earthquakes.

Many areas have ancient records of the denial of the Christ. Because current science does not accept that humankind’s influence on this planet goes much further back than is known by science, you do not know all of these areas. Yet there was indeed an ancient continent in the Pacific ocean, and on that continent took place the beginning of the denial of the Christ on this planet. This continent is no more, but there are remnants of the continent and its people all around the Pacific rim. That is why the Ring of Fire continues to be one of the most active areas for earthquakes.

However, let me also warn you that the Middle East truly is one of the darkest areas on the earth and that the denial of the Christ has reached a level that the earth Mother herself can no longer bear. Therefore, unless a miracle is brought forth, there will indeed be other calamities in that area. I warn you as well that another area with an intense concentration of the denial of the Christ is the very birthplace of the Catholic church, namely Rome herself. I further warn you that there are ancient records of the misuse of light in the area around the Panama canal.

What is a miracle?

I desire to give you a few teachings on the concept of a miracle. There are people on this earth who deny the existence of miracles because they say that nothing can violate natural law. There are those who accept miracles and yet believe that human beings can do nothing to bring them about, but can only wait passively for some kind of grace to bring about a miracle. Well my beloved, both of these types of people have an incorrect understanding of the reality of miracles.

It is true that nothing violates the law of God, but there are two levels to the laws of God. There is the material law, which is what scientists call the natural law. And then there is the spiritual law, which is a higher law that can indeed supersede and suspend the natural law. Thereby, one can bring forth what, according to natural law, seems like a miracle.

Why did my son Jesus Christ descend to this earth? He descended to show people that when you manifest individual Christhood, when you put on the Christ consciousness, you become the open door so that the spiritual law can act in the material universe and therefore supersede and suspend natural law itself. This is what you saw Jesus do on any number of occasions.

There was no magic in turning the water into wine. But there was the magic of one human being raising his consciousness and bringing the higher law of the spiritual realm into action in the material universe. Thus changing the very composition of matter itself because that matter truly is an expression of the consciousness of the universal Christ. Therefore, one human being who manifests individual Christhood becomes the open door, whereby the universal Christ consciousness can suddenly act in the material realm and therefore raise matter itself into the purity of that Christ consciousness. This brings about the consumption and removal of the dense crust that has been imposed upon matter by the density of the consciousness of humankind.

When the spiritual law is allowed to work through an individual, that person can indeed walk on water, can indeed raise the dead and give life back to the molecules of a physical body that has started the process of decay. Likewise, that person can regenerate the very cells and molecules of a physical body that is crippled by disease, a disease that is nothing more and nothing less than the physical outpicturing of the density of a person’s consciousness.

My miracle rosary does not have the purpose of reaching those who are willing to believe in miracles but who continue to believe that they can only wait for miracles to occur. My miracle rosary is meant to reach those who are willing to acknowledge the path of individual Christhood and willing to acknowledge that when they walk that path, they are not simply waiting for miracles. They are bringing about miracles because they are the miracle of the incarnation of the universal Christ consciousness, the Word of God. The Living Word of God is the higher law that can set aside not only the material law but the very density of the consciousness of humankind.

This is the living miracle, namely the incarnation of the Christ consciousness through a human being who has become conscious of his or her potential to be the Living Christ. A person who has accepted the potential to be the Living Christ on the earth, to be the Living Christ in embodiment. That potential and that incarnation is truly the miracle of God that can erase all errors produced by humankind, or what so many Christians call sin.

Sin is nothing more than the misqualified energy; energy that misses the mark of God’s perfection and therefore is imprisoned in an imperfect thoughtform, an imperfect matrix. And when the Christ descends, the Christ consciousness will set the energy free of the imperfect thoughtform, and once again make it the living, liquid energy of God that naturally flows into the perfect matrix of the Kingdom of God and therefore suddenly, as a miracle, outpictures that kingdom on earth.

Oh yes my beloved, this is no mere fantasy. This is no mere promise of a Utopia that will never come to pass. This is indeed a living reality, a living potential. But it must be brought about by a critical mass of human beings accepting the potential for the birth, the miracle birth, of the Christ consciousness right within themselves.

The truth about the virgin birth

To fulfill the law, I must comment on the birth of my son Jesus. The fulfillment of the law requires that when human beings are given a higher teaching of the potential for the miracle kingdom becoming manifest on earth, they must be willing to balance that teaching by letting go of one of the illusions that are preventing the manifestation of that kingdom. The illusion that you must shed today is the illusion of the virgin birth, as it is understood by mainstream Christianity.

Ah yes, this is indeed a topic that will make many Christians uncomfortable. They have created such a dense and hardened consciousness around the birth of my son Jesus, and they have done this in an attempt to cement the idol into which they have made my son. They have done this to cement the idea that Jesus was unique and that no one can follow in his footsteps. So in their obsession to set my son apart from all other human beings, they created a completely false myth about the virgin birth.

What is the reality of the birth of my son Jesus? The reality is that it was a virgin birth, but not as it is understood by most people today. The true meaning of “virgin” is a woman whose consciousness is pure because she has learned to keep her energies above the critical level. And therefore, her thoughts and feelings do not miss the mark and do not misqualify the pure energies of God. She is therefore pure, and whatever she does is pure. So when a person is in this state of consciousness, it is quite possible to conceive a child in the natural way, and that child will not be conceived in sin.

What I am telling you here is that my son Jesus was indeed conceived as every other child on this earth has been conceived, namely through the physical interaction of myself and my beloved Joseph. It is very true that the Holy Spirit was present at that conception, but the Holy Spirit did not work as envisioned by most Christians.

You will recall that when the angel appeared to me, I questioned the angel – which by the way is not a good habit to get into – I questioned the angel by asking how this could be, seeing that I knew not a man (Luke 1:34). You see, I knew then, as everyone knows today, that the conception of a child requires the physical interaction of a man and a woman. The angel’s answer was that the Holy Spirit would come upon me, and many Christians have accepted the idea that Jesus was conceived exclusively through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What truly happened was that the Holy Spirit came upon me and upon Joseph. Upon meeting each other, we instantly knew, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that we were meant to be the parents of the Christ child. We also knew that the Christ child had to be conceived at a precise moment in order to give our beloved son the best possible platform for his mission on earth. So the conception of Jesus did indeed take place out of wedlock because there was no time for us to be married and to receive the consent of my parents.

You will know that back then most marriages were arranged by the parents. I was indeed a temple virgin dedicated to the service of God, and therefore my parents had given up the idea that I would ever be married. I can assure you that if I had gone to them and said that I wanted to be married, they would have reacted against the idea very violently. And they certainly would never have given their consent to a husband whom they did not know and who was much older than myself. Even a husband who lived in the town of Nazareth, which was looked down upon by all in Jerusalem.

My son Jesus was indeed conceived out of wedlock, and he was born out of wedlock. Because how could we be married without the consent of my parents, who would not give that consent until much later? The journey to Bethlehem was not merely because of the census, but because of the desire to escape the condemnation of my parents and of society. And the flight into Egypt was not merely out of fear of the king, although the wrath of the king certainly was a real danger to the life of my son. The flight into Egypt was indeed out of the desire to take ourselves and our beloved son away from the condemnation of the society in which we had grown up, a society which could not and would not understand and accept that Joseph and I had been moved to do what we did through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You see, my beloved, if you take the biblical words literally, you will never understand the inner meaning, you will never understand the true spiritual meaning. Therefore, you will never understand the higher law, the spiritual law of God. And if you do not understand and accept that law, how can you open yourself to be the incarnation of that law and thereby become the Living Christ in embodiment? This is quite impossible.

My last order of business is to relate the conception and birth of my son Jesus to the conception and birth of every child on earth. My son Jesus had to be conceived at a precise moment in order to have the best possible platform for his mission on earth. This is no different from any other child ever conceived on this planet. I give you this teaching to help you understand why we of the ascended masters do not approve of abortion. You see, we understand perfectly well that when a child is conceived, no matter how inconvenient, unplanned or unwanted it might be to the parents, that conception represents a unique opportunity for a particular lifestream to come into embodiment. By aborting that child, you abort a soul’s opportunity.

I would like you to understand that it is perfectly acceptable that a woman exercises her freedom of choice by taking all practical measures to avoid becoming pregnant. This includes contraception, and therefore, once again, the Catholic Church is out of alignment with the truth and the reality of the ascended masters by denying Catholics the use of contraceptive measures. This simply is not right in a modern age.

However, when a woman has exercised her right to freedom of choice and still becomes pregnant, it would be highly beneficial for herself and the incoming soul to recognize that a higher law has now taken effect and superseded the material law. It would be beneficial for the woman to realize that although her surface consciousness, her conscious mind, does not want this child, a deeper part of her soul did indeed volunteer to bring this child into the world at this particular moment. This does not mean that the woman has to raise the child. It is perfectly acceptable to give up a child for adoption. But it does mean that if the woman wants to fulfill the law of God and her soul’s own choices, she should bring that child into the world.

A blessing

My Beloved, I end this discourse with a blessing to all who have had the patience to endure my long release of the wisdom of the divine mother. I end this discourse by giving you an extraordinary release of the light and the love of the divine mother, which now flows, through these words, throughout the matter cosmos, which is truly the body of the divine mother, the ma-ter incarnate in matter. And so I say to you: Peace in the divine mother.

May you choose to abide in that peace always and accept the perfect love of the divine mother, which will consume all your fears, the fears of being the Living Christ in embodiment, the fears of being all that you are in God and more. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, I seal you in my love and light. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed in matter, for the mouth of the divine mother has spoken it. Amen.


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