How ego games destroy spiritual communities

TOPICS: You must make two decisions to be healed – A greater understanding of the ascension – A spiritual organization can become a hindrance to growth – When leaders feel threatened  – The greatest tragedy in spiritual organizations – Gautama’s special grant –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

I, Gautama, am the Buddha in the Crown of every true student of the path to Buddhahood. I come to make sure you understand the teaching of the relationship between the Buddha and the Mother. Truly, the key to healing your psychology and overcoming the past – and all attachments to the past – is to understand that you cannot overcome the human consciousness by using the human consciousness.

You see, my beloved, everything in the material universe is made from the Ma-ter light. Any problem you have is made from a misqualification of the Ma-ter light, so that the light has taken on a form that is not in alignment with the perfect laws of the Father, the perfect laws of love that ensure the growth of all life. Thus, the imperfect form, the imperfect manifestation, limits not only yourself but all life.

Once the Mother light has taken on a form that vibrates below the level of love, there is no remedy in the material universe that will completely cure that problem. There are truly many healing methods that can help you walk forward on the path toward healing, but there is no ultimate remedy, there is no philosopher’s stone, there is no magic wand that will take away the imperfect conditions by using only the forces found in the material universe.

The only way to be free of your past is to reach up for the power of God within you, the power of God the Father. This is what I called the Buddha nature when I was privileged to release the teachings that became the basis for what you now see as the religion of Buddhism. You, today, know them as God the Father, as the expanding force of the Father or as your I AM Presence.

You must make two decisions to be healed

My Beloved, only the power of the I AM Presence, the power of the Father, the power of the Buddha can truly set the Mother light free from an imperfect matrix and therefore heal you from the wounds in your psychology. Yet in order for that power to be brought down into your lower being, you must be willing to surrender your attachment to your wounds, to your hurt, to your pain. This, therefore, becomes a twofold action and it requires you to make two decisions. You must decide that you are willing to align yourself with the will of the Father. This is what Mother Mary demonstrated when she said to the angel “Not my will but thine be done.” This is what Jesus said when he asked the Father to take the cup away from him and still said “Not my will but thine be done.”

But you must understand that this is your own higher will and not a will that is alien to you or that seeks to restrict or limit you. On the contrary, your own higher will only seeks to set you free to be all that you are. And thus, in order to submit, to surrender, yourself to your own higher will, you must be willing to dispense of the lie of the fallen angels that God’s will is contrary to your own, that it restricts your free will or takes away that free will. This is a lie they have put upon the evolutions of earth for eons, and truly it is a lie that in this day and age you must challenge, you must grow beyond.

For when you do surrender to the higher will of your own being, then the light can be released and descend into your form. But the healing is not complete by the light descending, for you must also be willing to let go of your attachment to your pain, to your hurt, to your sense of anger or non-forgiveness toward those who have hurt you, even your non-forgiveness towards God or yourself. This then can best be done when you understand the ego and understand that it wants to keep you trapped in this little box, where you are so focused on yourself, your own pain, your own needs that you have no thoughts for other parts of life. And that is why, truly, the best way to heal yourself is to seek to heal others, to give to others.

My Beloved hearts, when you realign yourself with the will of the Father, draw down his light and then – at the same time – you are willing to serve others, then you will establish the figure-eight flow. And as that flow continues, it will literally pull out of you all imperfect conditions and energies so that you are healed gradually. And as you are healed, the intensity of the light will increase. You can hold more light, and as you give out more light, God will multiply what you give, will multiply your talents. And thus, to him that hath more shall be added until all life is raised up.

A greater understanding of the ascension

This is a teaching that is essential for your own healing, for the planetary healing, but it is also essential for what I would speak to you about in this discourse, namely how you can establish Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, coming together in that true Spirit of Oneness. From the beginning of time on this planet, you will see that most spiritual movements or organizations have talked about the need for people to come together, whether they call it community, the Sangha of the Buddha, the Body of God, the Body of Christ or a particular church or religion.

Why is it so important for people to come together? Well, as I just explained, truly for you to be healed personally, you must overcome the focus on yourself and seek to serve all life and heal others. And what better and more obvious way to do that than to come together with people in some spiritual setting, organization or movement, so that you can help each other heal and grow. So this is one purpose—your own healing.

Yet there is a greater purpose, which many people have not understood and which really could not be realized until the present age. When you look back at recorded history, you will see that religion has been focused on saving the individual. The teachings of the ascended masters have for many years talked about the ascension, focused on the ascension of one individual at a time. And truly, the ascension of you individually is a process that you walk alone. Yet there is a greater understanding of the process of the ascension.

In ages past – given the density of planet earth and the density of the consciousness of humankind – it was not possible to raise up the entire planet to a higher vibration. And thus, we were focused on raising up one person at a time, so that as individuals ascended to heaven, they would form a magnet in heaven that would pull on the rest of humanity, calling them to come up higher. This is what Jesus expressed, when he said, “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” So even in the Piscean age it was necessary to focus on helping those, who were ready, achieve their individual ascensions.

But in the Age of Aquarius there is a higher goal that is within reach, if enough people will heed the teachings on oneness and dedicate their lives to manifesting that oneness here below. When you go within and establish the figure-eight flow that I described earlier, then you open up the floodgates of heaven. And when you then perform the Omega action, you can draw the Alpha action of the light down and use it down here to build a horizontal unity, where you have the vertical figure-eight flow between you in embodiment, your higher Self and the ascended masters above, yet you also build the horizontal figure-eight flow here below.

If a critical mass of people will build the vertical and the horizontal figure-eight flow – come together in a Sphere of Oneness – then it will not be necessary for you to ascend from earth, for you together can raise up the earth so that the earth will be purified and outpicture the Kingdom of God, which we also call the Golden Age of Saint Germain. So you see, coming together in a spiritual community is truly an essential step in the progression of this planet, in the raising of the consciousness of humankind. Thus, it is necessary for you to understand many things about the process of coming together, and we will surely give you teachings that will help you with this.

A spiritual organization can become a hindrance to growth

I come to give you a special teaching, relating to people who have been in any spiritual organization for some time, and they have either left that organization in disappointment or they have felt a certain emptiness or a certain unrest as if it was time to move on. This is because when you have been on the spiritual path for some time – and have focused on your own personal healing and growth – you will reach that critical point – which Mother Mary explains in the new book – where you simply cannot grow any further by focusing on your personal growth.

The only way for you to grow beyond that point is to redirect your focus and seek to help others. For many sincere spiritual students this can be a very difficult challenge, because they have been focused on their own growth for a very long time. Many of them have been focused on a specific approach to saving the planet or serving the ascended masters. And when you have been focused on one approach for a long time, it is virtually inevitable that your ego manages to raise up certain walls around your mind that cause a certain rigidity. You become comfortable with your approach, and now it becomes difficult to let go of that sense that you have achieved a certain maturity on the path, that you know your way around, that you have a sense of comfortability, perhaps even a sense of security.

This is something you see in every religious or spiritual organization found on this planet. Many people have served tirelessly and with great zeal for a long time, and they have attained a position of leadership. And now – suddenly – a certain comfortability or rigidity steps in, and suddenly the ego manages to convince people that it is more important to maintain their present position in the outer organization than to recommit themselves to taking the next step on the spiritual path, so that they can rise to an entirely new level.

When leaders feel threatened

This is indeed why Jesus said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. For what happens when those who are the most experienced, those who have attained positions of leadership, become rigid in their approach to the path or in their approach to a particular teaching or organization? Well, I will tell you what happens. Their growth comes to a halt.

Yet there are those who have not been in the organization for as long, and they have not become rigid and they are still committed to growth. So they use the teaching or the organization to grow, and there comes the inevitable point where they start growing beyond the level of spiritual attainment of those who are in leadership positions. What will inevitably happen is that those in leadership positions suddenly feel threatened by those that they had considered as being below them in the hierarchy that they had established in their minds.

Suddenly they realize that these newcomers, these upstarts, want more than just passively following the leaders. And in some cases it is true that those who are less experienced want to fulfill their ego desires, or maybe they lust after the power of those in positions of leadership. And thus, truly, they are not worthy of those positions.

Yet I must tell you that in virtually every organization of any merit there is a certain group of people who are beginning to grow out of the ego and manifest their Christhood, and thus they have an inevitable and unstoppable longing to express that Christhood. They truly are the ones who are worthy to hold positions of leadership or in other ways express their Christhood within the framework of the organization. And if those who have positions of leadership were equally committed to manifesting and expressing their Christhood, there would be no conflict. For truly, all would then find their place and be able to express their Christ attainment and their God flames. But what inevitably happens is that the leaders who have lost their commitment to growth feel threatened, and so they seek to hold back the ones that are growing in Christhood.

The greatest tragedy in spiritual organizations

My Beloved, this is the greatest tragedy of any spiritual organization—when this process comes to a head and the inevitable confrontation occurs. So many scenarios have outplayed themselves throughout the ages that if I were to tell you about them, you would literally feel nauseated. You would feel like throwing up in disgust by seeing how the ego – again and again – has managed to cause sincere spiritual seekers to enter into the dualistic game of trying to prove who is right and whose ego is better than whose.

My Beloved hearts, this has been going on for so long that we of the ascended masters have simply had enough. We have said, “Enough is enough. It is time for us to establish organizations and movements on this planet, where these ego games can no longer destroy the organization and destroy those who are sincerely following the path.” Thus we ask those of you who are open to this new dispensation, those who are open to Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, to commit yourself to overcoming these ego games, first in yourselves and then seeking to help others overcome them.

I speak sternly now, for I do indeed come as the force of the Father, the force of the Buddha, to bring you into alignment with the higher will of your own being and make you see that you too have tired of these ego games. You have in many past lifetimes been involved with spiritual movements. You have put forth sincere efforts, only in the end to see your efforts dashed and your pearls cast before swine, where they were devoured by those who were so caught up in the ego games that they would not let them go.

You too have come to the point, where you have said, “Enough is enough” and that is why you are where you are today in consciousness. Yet I know that there are some spiritual people who are not yet open to the teachings we are giving because you have been too hurt, they have been too put down. And you have allowed yourself to take those hurts personally, to become attached to them, so that you are not willing to let them go. You are not willing to realign yourself with the higher will of the Father which says, “My child it is time to come home. It is time to stop playing in the sand. It is time to stop hiding your head in the sand, but to rise up, stand firm and be who you are. Come up higher! Let go of these old hurts, let go of these old wounds and realize that you were hurt by others because they were trapped by the ego and you allowed yourself to feel hurt because you were trapped by the ego.”

The only solution is that someone has to step outside of that ego game. And my beloved hearts, I am calling you to be that one who will step outside of the ego game and recommit yourself to the true path, the path of Oneness. This truly is what we desire to see happen in the coming years. This is why Maitreya was granted this dispensation of the Sphere of Oneness, which I must tell you is a grand dispensation when you consider what is going on on this planet at this very moment in so many areas, where the ego games are allowed to run rampant even to the point that people are willing to kill millions of people in order to prove that their religion or their ideology is right.

Gautama’s special grant

The spiritual people are our best hopes for turning around this situation, establishing a Sphere of Oneness that can serve as an example for all those who are longing to see this planet rise out of the dualistic ego games and manifest the Kingdom of God, the Sangha of the Buddha, the Circle of Oneness, the unity of the Body of God, the Body of Christ. Thus, I, Gautama, commend all of those who will be awakened to the call of Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness both now and in the future. I congratulate you for coming to the point of recognition that there is indeed a greater mission waiting for you that is not specific to any particular religion but transcends all outer religions. For truly, the members of any religion or no religion are equally welcome in Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness—when they have committed themselves to the path of oneness.

Thus, I, Gautama, come to offer all spiritual people a grant. If you will allow me, I will anchor a certain portion of the Peace of the Buddha in your crown chakra, where it will remain for as long as you are committed to the path of overcoming your attachments. Thus, whenever you feel that you are facing a difficult situation or a difficult wound in your own psychology, I ask you to visualize that you are sitting like the Buddha in your crown chakra, that your crown chakra opens as the lotus blossom and that you see my Presence descend upon you, so that the Buddha in me and the Buddha nature that is in you become One. This will give you peace and a realignment with your I AM Presence.

Thus I, Gautama, seal you in the love of Alpha and Omega. I seal you in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother and I seal you in the Peace of Buddha.


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