Your real self is still pure

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Ascended Master Elohim Purity and Astrea, January 2, 2009 through Kim Michaels

Purity and Astrea, Astrea and Purity, Elohim of the Fourth Ray. We are here because you have earned the Presence of the Elohim of Purity by being willing to purify yourselves, my beloved. You have been willing to take a look at the imperfect images in the database, throw out those that limited you, and move beyond them. It is only impurities that can prevent you from being who you truly are in God. One of the most effective weapons used by those who seek to control people on earth is precisely to expose them to various kinds of impurities and perversions—and then somehow get people to feel that they are obligated to take this in and obligated to somehow hold on to it.

How can holding on to earth get you to heaven?

As an example, take the belief so prevalent in the Middle East that when someone has wronged you, you need to respond in kind. You need to seek revenge, you need to hold a negative, judgmental view of that other person, or those other people, that other race, that other nation, that other religion. You are obligated to hold on to that negativity, for somehow, sometime, it will qualify you to enter the kingdom of God. Do you not see that all spiritual teachers, including Mohamed, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and all other spiritual teachers have always stated that in order to enter the kingdom of God, you must let go of the human, the human impurities.

How can people continue to believe that by holding on to impurities – and holding on to an imperfect image of other people – they will qualify to enter the Kingdom of Purity? Of course, they do not actually believe this, as I have stated it here. They have never thought about it the way I AM stating it here, being misled by the false teachers, by the blind leaders, into never thinking deeply about their beliefs and whether those beliefs are consistent, whether they make sense, whether they actually compare to the scriptures of the religion that they profess to follow. So many people on earth have become so overwhelmed, have allowed their subconscious database to be so filled to overflowing with these impurities, that they cannot think clearly about themselves, about life, about their belief and their religion.

Two forms of impurity

Impurity, takes two primary forms. There is the perversion of the father in the form of impure images, ideas and beliefs. There is the perversion of the mother in the form of impure feelings, impure energies. Of course, when people come to accept an impure belief or image, then they become susceptible to generating impure feelings. At the same time they feel that because of the imperfect belief, their impure feelings are justified in this instance. “These other people really are against God, and therefore it is justified that I hate them and seek revenge over them.”

There is no other way, they think. They are so overwhelmed by this combination of imperfect beliefs and imperfect feelings that are interwoven and therefore reinforce each other, keeping the soul mesmerized, transfixed so that it cannot simply step back and say: “Why are we doing this? Why are we continuing to do this 5,000 years after we started? Why? Why is there still war in the Middle East? Why has there been war in the Middle East for all of known history? How can it ever change as long as we hold on to these impure feelings, these impure beliefs?”

The Middle East is the region of the world that has the greatest concentration of impurity, impure beliefs, impure feelings, hatred, anger, revenge. There is the belief that one group of people are superior to another, that their religion is superior to all others, that they somehow are the chosen people. No matter how they behave, God will let them into his kingdom and even send to hell those who are not of their race or religion, but who actually behave according to the prescripts of their religion. These people are failing to see that they themselves are not behaving according to their religion, for they are indeed allowing these impure feelings that their own religion clearly condemns—or states will not be acceptable in the eyes of God.


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