Your Original Birth Trauma

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, May 23, 2015. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM indeed the Ascended Master MORE or, as I have been known in the past, M, Morya, El Morya, Bapu, or other names. What is in a name? I am more than any name. I am more than Master MORE. I am more than ever before. What could hold an ascended master to any image that can exist in the physical octave on a planet like earth? Nothing! Nothing, my beloved, could ever hold me. Whatever image anyone projects upon me, be they fallen beings or ascended master students – not that those two are necessarily mutually exclusive – I will be more than that image.

You will never reach me if you hold on to an image from the past. What is the past? One second ago is the past, my beloved. As quickly as you can think, it is the past. Do you realize that the human mind has a certain interval where it is capable of distinguishing time? It is very close to what you call a second, but you can actually distinguish shorter intervals.

That is the past. When that interval has passed, everything before is in the past. Now, you may say: “That interval is so short that my conscious mind cannot keep up. I cannot consciously think, ‘Oh, this is in the past. Now I am in the present.’” Nay, you cannot, but why do you need to distinguish between past and present and future? Why does there need to be anything but now?

Why do you need time?

Why do you need this separation, this division of time into past, present and future? Flow with the eternal now. Then you are being more than ever before, even though there is no before, there is no after, there is only now. This is the true joy of being in the flow of the River of Life.

The manifestations of anti-love are the ones that want to separate everything, divide everything up into these separate categories. Then they want to say that what happened in the past will affect the now and will determine the future.

Think about the Indian concept of karma where everything that happens in your life is predetermined by your karma from past lives. If that was the case, my beloved, what would be the entire purpose of life? Is it not to expand your consciousness? How do you expand your consciousness? By making choices. If everything in your present is determined by the past where is the room for choices?

You may say: “But my karma was created by me making choices in the past.” Yes, that is true, but if your past choices could take away your ability to make choices in the now where would be the learning? Where would be the purpose of life? Would a loving God create a universe where you could make one choice that would take away your ability to undo that choice by making another choice? What kind of God would do this? Certainly not the God that I know.

It may be the god that the fallen beings have invented and that many people on earth worship because they think this god needs worshiping. My beloved, the false god created by the fallen beings needs to be worshiped by human beings because that god has no reality and therefore cannot receive the energy from the ascended realm that I am feeling flowing through me constantly. It needs energy from human beings, and that is why it needs to be worshiped. How could a formless God ever need anything from human beings on earth? Yes, the formless God needs one thing: It needs to give of itself, and it needs those who are willing to receive. That is what closes the figure-eight flow. That, the real God desires. Deity desires to flow, to become more through you when you are becoming more.

How God becomes more

The Creator of the universe has already attained the Creator consciousness. It cannot become more by being more of a Creator. It becomes more by creating extensions of itself and sending them into the unascended sphere. Then, as they grow in consciousness, the Creator becomes more through you. Why would the Creator create a universe where you cannot become more, where there is a limitation to how much you can become more, where there is a limitation to what you can transcend? No God would do this—except the false god that has no reality.

I no longer pay any attention to those false gods. Why would you? Why would you think you need to?

Look at yourselves, my beloved, and be honest with yourselves. Almost every one of you has some false image of god that you are carrying with you, not only in this lifetime but from past lifetimes. I am not blaming you for this. It is almost inevitable, living on this planet for several lifetimes, to be indoctrinated, programmed with this false image of god.

I am not trying to find fault. I am not asking you to find fault with yourself. I am just asking you to recognize: “Oh, yes, I do tend to look at God a certain way, and obviously this is not the real God.” Then decide you are willing to let it go. You are willing to be free of these images.

Where you really came from

My beloved, how do the fallen beings keep you trapped in a separate self, in the duality consciousness? Do you realize that there was a time for most of you when you were in the etheric realm, looking at earth? Most of you who are spiritual people were not created to take your first embodiment on earth. You had embodied on other planets before.

You had come to a point where you had the free-will choice that you did not have to go back to your old planet. You could embody on another planet. You looked at earth and you saw the need because you saw how the original inhabitants had all been trapped in this veil, in this downward spiral. You saw that the only realistic way to change this was that someone would embody who was not trapped in the spiral, who had a higher level of consciousness and therefore could pull the inhabitants up. You looked at earth at whatever stage that was, and you decided that you wanted to come here and take embodiment.

For some people on earth, this is their first embodiment on this planet. Even some of the spiritual people that are mature souls, it is their first embodiment on this planet. Many souls have embodied for the first time on earth at this specific time because they wanted to help bring about the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, and they wanted to help Saint Germain manifest the Golden Age. Many of you have helped Saint Germain manifest a Golden Age on other planets before earth, and so you wanted to be part of it. There are also many of you who have been on this planet for many lifetimes.

Nevertheless, there came a point where you descended into embodiment for the first time on this planet. I can assure you – and I need to assure you because you have all suppressed the memory – that being in the etheric octave and looking down on earth is one thing. Yes, you can, of course, see that there are problems on earth. You can see there are many conditions that are not the way they should be. That is why you wanted to come and help. There is no way from the etheric octave that you can actually know how dense it is to be in embodiment on earth. It is impossible.

The shock of taking embodiment

The moment you take physical embodiment for the first time, and the moment you become more conscious of what is happening on this planet, you will experience a shock. There is not one person who has taken embodiment (after the earth started its downward spiral) who has not experienced a severe shock at being in embodiment for the first time. You may know that there are people who talk about the shock of being born physically in this lifetime. Most people have suppressed it, and you can go back and re-experience it and thereby overcome this birth trauma. I am talking about a birth trauma of taking embodiment for the first time.

The fallen beings, at least some of them, are aware of what is going on. Some of them have the ability to track when a new lifestream comes into embodiment for the first time on earth. Those fallen beings are in the identity realm, but they have a hierarchy below them, a false hierarchy below them, that goes into the mental, the emotional and the physical. They have some ability to tune in to your lifestream, what kind of lifestream you are. Then they can instruct those below them, going all the way to the physical, to expose you to a situation that for you is the most severe, appalling, repulsive situation you could possibly imagine. They know exactly what is your worst-case scenario, and they will use their underlings, as we might call them, to put you in a physical situation where you are exposed to what you consider the worst thing that could happen to you.

Many people have been exposed to war, torture and other forms of abuse. This is a manifestation of anti-love that is a perversion of the first ray of power. The fallen beings in all four octaves cause you to be exposed to such an abuse of power that you find it absolutely appalling and shocking. You feel this should not happen to anybody. This simply should not be happening.

When you react this way, this is when you go into a state of shock. While you were in the etheric octave, you could see that there were things happening on the planet, but you were not in them, and you knew that you were not affected by what happened in the physical octave. When you come into physical embodiment, it is almost inevitable that you forget that you are a spiritual being who cannot be affected by what happens in the physical octave. When you are in the physical body, you are experiencing the pain, the trauma, the suffering of the physical body. You cannot keep the awareness that: “Oh, I am a spiritual being, and nothing that happens to the body defines me.” There comes a point where the body is exposed to such torture, such pain, that it is virtually impossible for anyone to stay non-attached to this.

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