You cannot stand still!

TOPICS: Unconditional love is the drive to be MORE – Humanity must move on – 

Ascended Master Presence of Unconditional Love, May 2, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I will be who I will be, for I am the unstoppable, the unquenchable, force that is beyond any force you have seen in this universe. I am even beyond any force created by God because I truly am the force that inspired God to create the universe and the forces therein. I am beyond force, for I am a Presence, a Being, and yet I am movement, I am flow, I am eternal and perpetual transcendence. And therefore I will be who I will be at any moment, and at any moment I will be more than I was the moment before.

I truly am the unstoppable flow of light expressing itself, yet never stopping to become trapped in any particular expression. I am the unstoppable, unquenchable Presence of Unconditional Love, and I am in everything that was ever created by God. I am even beyond anything created by God because I am the Being, the substance, from which God created all that was created. And without me was not anything made that was made. I am unconditional love, and in me there are no conditions that can stop self-transcendence.

God has created you to be a co-creator with him. God has given you imagination and free will, which allow you to create any form you desire. Yet you cannot create anything out of your own self because everything that was created was created out of me, out of my Presence.

Unconditional love is the drive to be MORE

Because I am unconditional love, I allow you to create any form you desire, any form you can imagine, any form you choose. Yet precisely because I am unconditional, I will not allow you to become trapped in any form that you have created, or that others have created and which you have come to accept as permanent, or even as your true identity.

I will not allow any part of God’s creation to stand still indefinitely or to become permanently trapped in any form. It is life’s desiring that every part of life should grow to become the fullness of life, to become all that life is, to become all that God is. And then from there even become more and create worlds upon worlds upon worlds in a cycle that never ends, because it truly is beyond time and even beyond eternity. It is infinite but it is even beyond infinity because love, unconditional love, is the drive to be more than you are right now. And even God is that drive, God is that drive to be more, or nothing would be created.

Were it not for the fact that the pure being of God has a drive to be more, there would be no individualized creator who could have created the universe in which you live. And were it not for the fact that even the Creator desires to be more, you would not have existed as a co-creator with God. And precisely because you were created out of the drive to be more, you cannot stand still in your present state of consciousness, in your present sense of identity.

Even if you have created a “perfect” sense of identity, you still cannot stand still in that identity because even that which is perfect can become a trap—if you become attached to it and think that it is your permanent identity. Your permanent identity is that you are an individualization of the pure Being of God, and as such you cannot allow yourself to be trapped in anything that you have created. The pure Being of God is more than any form, is more than anything that was created. The pure Being of God does not stand still but is constantly expanding and growing, even beyond all boundaries, even beyond all boundaries that could possibly be imagined by any being that has not yet attained the fullness of God awareness.

God then is beyond all limitations, and in the pure Being of God, the term limitation has no meaning. For in the pure Being of God, there is no separation; there is only oneness. And in that oneness is the living, breathing, ever-moving, ever self-transcending oneness that pulses and rises and expands and becomes more of itself every moment for all eternity.

While those who are created by God, but have not yet attained the fullness of God’s consciousness, cannot possibly imagine that something could become more forever, the pure Being of God has no limitations of imagination.

I am truly the first offspring of the unlimited imagination of the pure Being of God, and therefore I am the drive to be more, to always transcend and to become more than I am at this very moment. Therefore, I truly am the force that drives all life to self-transcend and become more. Therefore, I am the force that will break down all prison walls around your imagination and your sense of identity. I will allow you to create any identity you desire but I will not allow you to become trapped in that sense of identity or to hold on to it forever. Because truly you are created to be more, you are the offspring of God’s desiring to be more of itself, and as such you have to become the more in order to keep up with the creative, ever-pulsing drive of God for self-transcendence.

If you hold on to any image, any identity you have created, I am then the unconditional love of God that will come to you. And at first, I will gently remind you that you need to transcend and move on and become more of who you are. And if you resist me, my voice will become stronger and stronger, until you need to use all manner of force to ignore it. And if you do ignore it, and if you do close your mind and heart to my voice calling you to become more, then I will simply keep building the pressure, until the pressure becomes so great that any limited sense of identity you have created in this world of form will be blown apart by the unstoppable force of unconditional love, the force of God itself to become more in a never-ending cycle of self-transcendence.

I am the offspring of God, I am the firstborn of the pure Being of God who IS before the Creator of your universe. I am the offspring of God, and God is more than me. Yet because I am the offspring of God’s desiring to be more, I too am more. And thus I am the more desiring to be more of the more, and this is the ever-moving dance of cosmos that gives rise to universes beyond universes and worlds within worlds in a tapestry of life that is beyond your comprehension.

But it is only beyond your comprehension as far as you identify yourself with the limited form you currently inhabit, instead of identifying yourself with the pure Being of God from which you sprang. Therefore, I come to tell you that it is time to move on. It is time to transcend and go beyond the current limitations that you see for yourself. And in so doing, you will help the entire planet earth transcend the limitations that are the result of the limited sense of identity held by the people on this planet.

Humanity must move on

I come to warn you that human beings have for too long held on to their imperfect images and structures and their desire for ultimate control and power on this planet. They have built towers of Babel, and I am the unstoppable force of God that will cause those towers to crumble—unless human beings again reconnect to God’s desire to be more and let go of their limited sense of identity and their desire for control.

I am here to tell you that my force has reached a critical mass, and if people do not embrace my force and flow with it – and surrender their attachments to their imperfect images and reaffirm their drive to become more – then I will truly blow apart their images, their civilizations their towers of Babel, the structures they have created in an attempt to control the very life force itself and cause that force to come to a halt. Truly, no force on planet earth, no force in a universe ever created by an individual Creator, can stop unconditional love because I am beyond anything created by any Creator.

I am then the sounding of the silent bell of God, that calls all sons and daughters of God to leave their nets of attachments to the things of this world and break down the walls in their consciousness that hold them back in a limited sense of identity. I am the sound of the last trumpet, calling you to come up higher and reconnect with your God, with your I AM Presence and with the drive to become more of who you are in God.

I say, “Let go of all the shackles of mortality and imperfections that you have allowed into the hallowed space of your identity, that you have allowed into the Holy of Holies of your soul, until these imperfect images have become the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place of identity where it ought not.” For truly in that secret chamber of your heart, there must be only the pure identity of your God flame, your I AM Presence, which is more than any form in the material world and therefore can never be confined to any form or attached to any sense of identity. It is created out of the drive to become more, and therefore is forever committed to becoming more of God.

I come then to sound the clarion call to all those who are willing to come up higher and be who they are. And therefore I say, “Reconnect to your first love, reconnect to your highest love, which is the love for your I AM Presence, which is the love for your Creator, the God who created you, even the love for the pure Being of God who is beyond all form created by your Creator.”

I call you to reconnect to me, to reach for me, to open up your heart and mind to me and to willingly and consciously allow me to consume all blocks and imperfections in your consciousness and being with the gentleness of my love before those blocks are blown apart by my unstoppable force of love, taking away your limited sense of identity before you have had time to accept a higher identity in God.

I come then and I say, “Follow me into the unconditional love and the infinite joy of the God who will be who I will be because I am forever the more.”

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Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels