You cannot make a wrong choice

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Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels, December 6, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I AM the Ascended Master Maitreya. When you come to a certain point on the path to Christhood—and it is not a particular step of the 144 levels, it is individual for each one and it can in fact be achieved before the 96th level, although most people achieve it after the 96th level—well, when you come to this point, you need to deal with something that the fallen beings have originally created and something they have projected on this planet.

You need to be aware that, as you rise on the levels of the path to Christhood, they will direct at you a more and more intense ray of this particular energy and this particular mindset. It can, in the simplest way, be described as the fear of failure, the fear that you could fail. But it often also has these undertones of the epic mindset, the fear that you could fail in some epic way, some absolute way, some way that you can never recover from.

Now this, of course, comes from the fallen beings. Even though they have covered this over by many layers, there is an awareness in their being that when they were for the first time confronted with the ascended masters, and the need to let go of this outer self that felt so special, they chose to maintain that self instead of letting it go, they chose to defend the self instead of releasing it.

They know at some level of their being that this was a mistake. But as we have said many, many times, you have free will, which means that you can never make a choice that you cannot overcome or free yourself from by making another choice, by making a higher choice. There is no such thing as making a choice from which there is no way back, that you cannot recover from, that you cannot undo. You can never make a mistake that you cannot rise above. You cannot necessarily always undo a mistake, in a literal term, but you can always make a higher choice that raises you above your previous choice.

However, you have to make that choice, and in order to make the choice to rise above a previous choice, you have to acknowledge consciously that the previous choice was not the highest possible. If you have made a very strong determination in your being that you will never look at this choice because it could not be wrong, then you cannot make the choice to rise above your previous choice and that means you are stuck indefinitely in defending that choice.

That is what gives rise to this concept of an absolute failure from which you cannot recover. It is not that the fallen beings cannot recover from their—shall we call it “a mistake”, although it really is just a choice—it is not that they cannot recover from that choice but they will not do what it takes to make a more aware choice, because they will not put their awareness on the previous choice and acknowledge that it was not the highest possible.

Now, of course, the fallen beings are always projecting out, so they are not projecting that this is a result of their choosing and a result of a mechanic in their psychology. They are projecting that this is a result of God’s choice and God’s law because God is the angry, judgmental being in the sky that will condemn you to an eternity of suffering in hell if you do not obey His will.

But it is not God who condemns you to an eternity of suffering or an infinitude of suffering, it is your own choices. The fallen beings are condemning themselves to their suffering but as long as they project that it is God who is doing this, they can, of course, not look at their previous choice and undo that choice. The fallen beings have carried this with them through several spheres. They have reinforced it and when they came to earth, they carried it with them and they started creating this collective beast that has now become very strong on this planet.

When you find a spiritual path, when you find a valid spiritual teaching, there will be many projections against you, to try to prevent you from the very beginning to even enter that teaching. Many people who have found, for example, an ascended master teaching, but even other spiritual teachings, have experienced that there was a certain opposition. They might even experience various physical mishaps in their lives in the time after they decided to enter an ascended master teaching or commit to the spiritual path in some other way.

It is something that can even happen during your path, but usually for most people there comes a point where now they have committed themselves to the spiritual path, at least in that teaching they have found, and so they are not as vulnerable anymore to being taken off the path and the fallen beings will therefore not be so physical in directing energy at you but they will then start to direct other types of energy.

As Jesus explained with the four levels of Christ discernment, they will then direct an emotional level energy at you to try to get you into all of these emotional reactionary patterns that distract you from the path. And only when you resolve your emotional patterns to a certain level will you be free of this projection, or at least you will be free of the vulnerability because, in a sense, the projection is always there.

Then, when you pull yourself above their emotional projections, they will project the mental level energy at you and when you pull yourself above that, they will project the identity level. You can, of course, pull yourself above that as well, which is what you do when you start going beyond the 96th level because this is when you start working on this concept that you are not a separate being.

As I described the enigma that you need to pull yourself above the mass consciousness as an individual, but then, as you go to the higher levels of Christhood, you dismantle that sense of self and now you see the underlying oneness of all life, what connects the Creator and its creation. Therefore, you also start feeling a deeper connection to other people, but it is not the same connection you have when you are in the mass consciousness and being pulled around by this current in the mass consciousness.

But what they will project at you at any level of the path is this belief that you could fail an initiation, and that it could take you off the path, or it could take you on the left-handed path, or it could make you follow the false masters because you could be fooled into following the false masters. They have any number of these projections, they are almost innumerable on a planet like earth.

It does not mean that you have to confront each and every one of them but whatever it is that is directed at you based on your individual psychology, there comes a period where you need to look at these, you need to be aware that these projections are there. You need to look at these projections and you need to work through them. Look at what kind of a self you have, what kind of belief is behind that self that makes you vulnerable to this projection and resolve it and then you are free of that particular projection.

The one I am concerned about here is this fear that you could fail. Now, take what I have described about the fallen beings. They had made a long series of choices that had led them to put themselves in a position where they felt they were literally on top of the world on their particular planet. We are talking about before they fell. They were convinced, and they have convinced themselves and all of their followers were convinced, that had validated their conviction, that they were absolutely right. They were right in the way they looked at the world and looked at themselves and their own importance. They had built this very strong separate self.

Now, what we have described is that when you are trapped in the duality consciousness, there is no way out from within the duality consciousness. You are creating a perception filter and as long as the Conscious You is looking through that perception filter, you cannot see a way out. You cannot analyze your way out. You cannot reason your way out. The only way out is that you experience something from outside your filter, so that you have a frame of reference that there is a reality outside.

You want an analogy for this, imagine you have some people who when they were babies were placed in a dark mine underground and they have lived their entire lives in this dark mine. They have become quite good at feeling their way around the mine using their feeling, perhaps even a certain sense of space that they have built so they can navigate their way around this mine. But of course, they have only experienced that the world is dark. They have never experienced light, they have no idea what light is.

Can you, when you have never seen anything but darkness, can you even imagine or reason that there must be light? There must be something opposed to darkness, different from darkness. Well, you cannot, how can you? What is the only way to overcome this conviction, experience that the world is darkness?Well, it is to see just a tiny ray of light that shines into the mine from somewhere, then you have a frame of reference.

You can start questioning: “Is the world really only darkness?” You can start gradually expanding the circle of light until it covers more and more of the darkness and as the old analogy goes, my beloved, how do you remove darkness from a room? You cannot shovel it into garbage bags and throw them out the door, because darkness has no substance. You cannot analyze the darkness and therefore, the only way to remove darkness from the room is to not do something about the darkness but to bring the light that replaces the darkness. When a light shines, the darkness is instantly gone.

This is what the fallen beings who had not yet fallen, were given in that sphere. They were confronted by the ascended masters and it does not mean that we appeared as the angry judge who told them you have done this wrong, you have done that wrong. We simply gave them a frame of reference that there was a reality outside of their perception filter, and we did this not in a violent way.

But you need to understand that it is not so that for a very long time span a particular being had been allowed to set itself up as the leader of a certain planet and it had never, ever received any impulse from the ascended masters that there was something outside. As the sphere got closer to ascension, we would, in various gentle ways, show this being that there was an alternative, there was a frame of reference beyond its own self-created worldview. We would do this in gentle ways that became more and more insistent, but this particular being would overlook, ignore, deny, explain away all of these gentle nudges.

When it came to the point where the sphere was close to ascending, we had to appear to that being in such a way that it could not deny it. This still did not mean we were the angry judge who was threatening this being with an eternity in hell if it did not choose right. We just showed this being that there was an alternative and in a way that it could not explain away or deny. It had to have that moment of realization that it had so far denied having.

When it then denied that moment of realization, after having been shown that there was an alternative, that is when the being fell. This does not mean that the being could not start the upward path, it can do so at any time, but of course, it cannot do so as long as it upholds this denial. You see, here, what is the only way to make a choice that is a failure? It is to first make a choice that limits you and then make another choice where you decide to deny, to refuse to look at the previous choice. You refuse to consider that it could be limiting. You refuse to replace it with a higher choice. You affirm and validate the previous choice, as something that does not need to be questioned, does not need to be looked at.

You see what I am saying. The failure is not in the choice that you made. The failure is in the refusal to look at the choice, raise your awareness and make a more aware choice. This is what we can call a failure, in the sense that you have missed an initiation. You have missed an opportunity. Now, you can undo that denial anytime. But as long as you uphold it, you are stuck at that level. You cannot rise above it on the upward path. If you have made a choice to descend to the 10th level of consciousness and you refuse to look at that choice, you cannot rise to the 11th level.

You can go below, but you can then come to a point that is the lowest possible on earth and you cannot go below that and remain in embodiment on earth. There are indeed some fallen beings who have been stuck at that lowest level for a very long time on this planet. There are also others that have had to leave the planet, some are in the astral plane, others are on other planets that are even a little bit lower than the earth, if you can imagine such a thing, which I do not encourage you doing.

What the fallen beings are projecting at you as a spiritual seeker, as an ascended master student, is that there is this terrible epic risk, that you could make a wrong choice, that you could be fooled, that you could follow some false masters, some imposters of the real masters, and all of these things. The ultimate way to deal with this is, of course, to realize what I just said. But in order to come to that point you will, in most cases, have to look at specific selves that might have been created in past lifetimes, going back to the primal self, because when they expose you to your original birth trauma, they were projecting at you that you had made this terrible mistake.

You might have had other lifetimes where you have been in positions where you could make a choice that affected other people or even just a choice that affected yourself and they have projected at you that you made this epic failure. You may have separate selves that are created in response to such a situation. The essence of these selves is actually that, as we have said before, you have experienced deep pain.

Here you are, you come as an avatar to planet earth, you have the best of intentions of improving things on this planet. You find yourself in some kind of situation, like it is described in the My Lives book, which is just one among many examples, where you are doing something that affects other people. You are making a choice that affects other people and the fallen beings are now projecting at you that you made this epic mistake and that all the consequences that are really created by the fallen beings and all the suffering of the people that resulted from this, which is also created by the fallen beings, that this was all your fault.

This is a very difficult situation for an avatar because on a natural planet nobody ever accused you of doing something wrong or being a bad person or being a wrong person. On a natural planet, you get feedback about your actions and their consequences, but never in terms of right and wrong and certainly never to the point where somebody will project that because you made a seemingly wrong choice, you are a bad person, you are wrong person. But this is, of course what the fallen beings will do to you on earth. They will not only project that you made the wrong choice, but that this is because you are a bad person, you are the wrong kind of person, you should have not come to this earth, you have no right to be here and all of this.

You have never encountered this before as an avatar. You have the best of intentions, you would never dream of accusing other people of this, and now they are accusing you of this and you feel like, “how have I deserved this”? Take the golden rule: do unto others what you want them to do to you. Many avatars have this sense that: “If I am doing only good things to others and have the best of intentions, they shouldn’t accuse me of being wrong. It’s an injustice. It’s wrong. They shouldn’t accuse me of this falsely.” This is, of course, a reasonable expectation on a natural planet but it is not reasonable on a planet like earth. This is what we attempted to tell you before you took embodiment, which you did not quite grasp. As I have explained, it was difficult and so on.

So here you are. It is almost as if you are like the fallen beings, you are standing there, you are looking into this abyss and for a split second you fear that you could fall into this abyss and fall indefinitely far down. Well, you are completely lost in this darkness because, suddenly, everything that brought you to earth has been cast into doubt.

Because you are an avatar, because you are used to looking at yourself and whether you could do better and used to evaluating your choices, you cannot help but considering whether the fallen beings could be right, whether their accusations could be right: “Have I done something wrong? Do I really not have a right to be on this planet? Do I really not have a right to challenge the fallen beings?”

As an avatar, you will consider this. This is what makes you feel like you are standing at this abyss and you might fall down. This is extremely painful for you. It is the ultimate pain that you can, as an avatar, experience on earth.

You might actually have a period where you almost feel like you are breaking down. That you do not know who you are, why you are here and so forth. But the stark reality of earth is that even though you have experienced this trauma and shock, you are not going to go out of your physical body. Here you are, you have experienced this intense pain, but you are still in a physical body. That means you have to function and, lo and behold, after that lifetime you come back in another embodiment and you have to find a way to function on earth.

How can you function on earth? Well, that is why you created the primal self and the pain that you experienced when you had that moment of self-doubt, was unbearable, so the primary role of the primal self is to cover over that pain, so it becomes bearable, and so you can actually function on earth. This is what puts you into this reactionary mode where you create more and more selves in order to deal with conditions here on earth.

What this leads to is, now we move time forward to today, after you have perhaps been here for a very long time and embodied many times. Now you are here in what has the potential to be your last embodiment. You have discovered the spiritual path and an ascended master teaching, but you still have this mechanism in your being, the primal self that is covering over that original pain and this fear of complete epic failure. At the lower stages of Christhood, this is not something you need to deal with because you are not ready for that, but when you go above the 96th level, you have to deal with it, you have to come to a point where you confront this fear of failure.

Now, you can actually use our tools and teachings for resolving the primal self, and come to a point where you have resolved what we have called the primal self, but you still have a self that is created to deal with this fear of failure. But when the pain, or the fear of the pain—the original pain of reexperiencing that pain—is gone, then it becomes easier to deal with the self of the fear of failure.

But you have to deal with it, you have to deal with it consciously, you have to look at it. The way to deal with it is what I have said: You cannot actually make a wrong choice, because you can never make a choice to cannot be undone.

Now, just back up here, and listen to what I actually said, really listen to what I said: You cannot make a wrong choice. There are no wrong choices, because any choice you make is an experiment that produces a certain consequence. The consequence gives you an opportunity to look at yourself, your own state of consciousness and evaluate whether this is something you want to continue basing your choices on, or whether you want to transcend it and rise to a higher level of making choices.

This is how the path has been from the moment you were created as an individual lifestream with a point-like sense of identity. You make a choice, you experience a consequence, you refine your consciousness, you make a higher choice. No choice based on this could be wrong. You can look at a natural planet and this is what you experienced there: You never made a wrong choice—that you considered wrong or that other people considered wrong. You may have risen to a leadership position on a natural planet. You may have made choices that affected other people that may not have been the highest possible choices, but no one accused you of making the “wrong” choice or being a “wrong” person. Everyone was willing to learn from the choice, and then make better choices.

It is exactly the same on earth, because the law of free will is the same. It is just that on earth you have a very dense matter planet, so first of all, you can make some choices that have consequences that can linger for a long period of time, that can take a long time before they disappear. This is one difference between a natural planet and a dense-matter planet like earth, an unnatural planet.

But on top of that you have on earth this entire mindset and this beast created by the fallen beings of right and wrong, that everything must be evaluated based on right and wrong, the epic mindset that some mistakes can have epic consequences, and also this entire mindset that there are some people that are right, and some people that are wrong. This is another overlay that the fallen beings have created: That there are right people and wrong people, good people and bad people, good people and evil people. Now, of course the only so-to-speak “wrong” people are the fallen beings, but they are projecting that they can never be wrong, there can only be other people that are wrong—and especially those who challenge them are wrong.

This is what you have to deal with, in order to rise to these higher levels of Christhood. We are giving you the teachings and the tools to deal with this. With the teachings we are giving you on this conference as well you have the tools to begin dealing with it. Again, it is not going to happen in one glorious epiphany, it is going to take many individual steps where you look at this and overcome it. But you can overcome it, and when you overcome this fear of failure and realize that you can always undo a choice by making a more aware choice, then you can rise to the next level of Christ discernment. This is the Christ discernment where you fully transcend this mindset of the fallen beings, that everything has to be evaluated based on this value judgment of right and wrong.

It is not that your choices are always right when you are walking the earth with a certain degree of Christhood. You can look back at Jesus and you can see the oft repeated example of him becoming angry and overturning the tables of the money changers, or cursing the fig tree, or in other ways displaying human emotions. And you can say: “Here is a person who had a high degree of Christhood, but he still once in a while went into this state that was not the highest possible.”

But Jesus did not condemn himself and say, “Oh, I was so close to manifesting Christhood, but now I cursed that damn fig tree. Now I have made an epic mistake, and I am fallen all the way down to the bottom and have to start all over again.” No, he simply looked at himself and realized it was not the highest possible choice and then he moved on in his forward direction. The prince of this world came and had nothing in him.

This is what you can achieve also. This sense that whatever the prince of this world comes in and accuses you of, he has nothing in you, there is no separate self in you that he can use to make you think: “Oh, could I have been wrong? Could I have made the wrong choice?” Now, if the prince of this world comes and accuses you, or if a human being accuses you, you look at it with completely neutral awareness. You are not being defensive, you are not feeling accused or attacked, you are just looking at it: “Could there be some point here”? And if you find that there is you look at the self, and you let go of the self. And if you find that there is not, you just ignore it and move on.

You do not need to defend yourself, you do not need to prove the other person wrong. You do not need to make the other person feel that you are a good person after all, and you did not make a mistake. If that person is beyond reasoning with then you do not reason, you just move on. This is a point you can come to where you transcend this entire consciousness of evaluating everything based on right and wrong. You transcend the fear that you could be wrong, because you know that whatever choice you make, you will be willing to look at it, raise your awareness and then make a more aware choice.

That means that even if you make what is not the highest possible choice, it still becomes a stepping stone for progress, because you just use it to go higher on the path. It is not that if you make a choice and somebody accuses you of having made a mistake, that this makes you fall down to the lowest level of consciousness. Any choice you can make corresponds to your level of consciousness, and this is an important point here.

We have talked about the different levels of consciousness, so let us say you are at the 100th level of consciousness, you make a choice based on the illusion that corresponds to that level of consciousness, this is the illusion you have not yet seen through. You make a choice, you can see that it was not the highest possible choice. But now there is another person who also looks at that choice, but that person is at the 60th level of consciousness. When you are looking at the choice and the consequences and evaluating it, you are evaluating it based on being at the 100th level of consciousness. But the other person is looking at the choice or the situation or the consequence, and evaluates it based on the 60th level of consciousness, and will therefore look at the choice differently than you do.

This person might look at it as being a far more serious mistake than it actually is. Now take another person who is at the 30th level of consciousness, this person might look at it as an epic mistake, might accuse you that since you are a spiritual person, or since you claim to be an ascended master student or since you claim to be a messenger for the ascended masters, you should never have made a mistake. Therefore, this is an epically bad situation and you should feel as bad about this as the person at the 30th level of consciousness feels when he makes a mistake.

Do you see the mechanism? Misery wants company. The person at the 60th level of consciousness, wants you to feel as bad about your mistake at the 100th level, as he feels about his mistake at 60th level, and the person at the 30th wants you to feel as bad as he feels at the 30th level. Why do they feel bad at those levels? Why do they feel worse at those levels? Because they are looking through far more filters and they are still trapped in this consciousness of right and wrong.

But you see, you have absolutely no obligation to evaluate your choices based on a lower state of consciousness than the one you have attained. You can strive of course, to ask other people if you know somebody who is at a higher level of consciousness than yourself, or the ascended masters, to evaluate your choice. But you see, someone who is at a higher level of consciousness than you, if you are above the 96th level, will not condemn you, will not even say you have made a mistake, will simply point out to you: These are the consequences, this is the self that you have that has a certain belief, and this is how you can replace it with a higher choice.

Because, once you get over that hump of the focus on self at the 96th level, you do not want to put anybody down, you do not want to slow anybody down, you do not want to hinder other people’s progress. You want them to make progress as you want yourself to make progress, so that is why you never do to others what the fallen beings are doing, trying to make you feel you have made an epic mistake. You simply do not do this when you overcome this focus on self, where you are trying to make yourself look special and therefore fall in the trap of the fallen beings where you are trying to elevate yourself by putting other people down.

When this fades away, you can still be in embodiment on earth, you can still be part of life, you can still even be in some public forum somewhere, like creating websites or being on Facebook or whatever, and you can encounter the attacks from people at a lower state of consciousness, from the prince of this world, from the dark forces and the fallen beings. But you can be unaffected by it, because you do what Jesus said: “What is that to me, I will follow Christ and go higher on my path. Whatever I encounter, I know I can use it to rise higher on the path. Or I can see that it has no value, so I just ignore it and move on.”

This messenger when he was younger, was very, very concerned about not harming other people. As he said himself, he was very concerned about being a good person and being seen as a good person because he never hurt anybody. Whenever someone was offended by something he did or said he would take it very, very seriously, and would go into this spiral of evaluating himself, condemning himself, going over the situation again and again, trying to somehow in his mind turn it around so it was not so bad after all. He has since come to see that this was a completely unnecessary mechanism, but it was an understandable mechanism on a planet like earth.

Many of you will see also that there are certain situations where you are triggered into this reaction where, in your mind you go over the situation again and again. You try to analyze it, reasoning about it. And in most cases, you do not really get anywhere but you spend an enormous amount of time and energy and attention on this.

There simply comes a point on your path to Christhood where you just have to look at this mechanism. You look at the self behind it and you say: “I’ve had enough of you. I am allowing you to die. This is not who I am. You are not me. I am not you. I am allowing you to die.” You simply do not try to again turn these situations around in your mind, compensate for something in your mind, change other people’s opinions in your mind, while you are really trying to change the way you look at the situation.

What you realize here is something very, very simple, it is a simple mechanism. There is a self that causes you to make a certain decision that has a certain consequence, but then there is another self you have that is evaluating that choice and the consequence. At the lower levels of consciousness, there is a self that then evaluates: this was a mistake. Based on the reaction of other people, perhaps, the self decides you made a terrible mistake, and now this self, or perhaps another self, creates this spiral where you are supposed to somehow make up for your mistake, neutralize the consequences, or pay for your sins. You are supposed to do something to compensate for the choice you made.

I understand that this is somehow fueled by this very old tradition, going back to the Jews who believe that they had committed sins, and they had to compensate for the sins by sacrificing an animal, or the Christian idea that the blood of Christ compensated, or the Eastern idea that you have made karma and therefore you need to experience a similar situation to neutralize the karma. Or even what we have given in ascended master teachings that you give decrees to neutralize your karma and so on.

I understand that there is a certain momentum that you are supposed to compensate for your mistakes, and I am not saying that you should not do this to some degree. That is why, as I said, there is a period where your main focus is to pull yourself above the mass consciousness, you do this by giving decrees that consume the misqualified energy in your four lower bodies, so there is nothing for the mass consciousness to pull on. This is essentially balancing a certain aspect of your karma.

But there comes that point where you have gone above the 96th level, or even at lower levels you can apply the same thing, where you realize that, if you are willing to look at your choice, if you are willing to make amends if there is a physical situation that requires it, if you are willing to give decrees for the consuming of any negative or fear-based energy produced by the situation, then you have done what you need to do. But this self will still project at you: “No, no, there’s more you should have done, you haven’t fully compensated for the situation.”

And that is where there comes a certain point on your path where you need to simply look at this and say: “Stop. You are a self, you were created as a computer, as a computer program. All you can do is continue repeating your program over and over and over again. And your program says ‘I made a mistake, and I should compensate for it.’ So whatever I do, you will still say you made a mistake, you need to compensate for it. But I’ve had enough of this, I am not going to try to compensate anymore, I am not going to go over in my mind trying to evaluate the situation over and over again, I am simply going to say: You are a self, what you’re projecting at me isn’t real, I am not going to do it anymore. I am just gonna let you die”.

Now see, as long as you think the self has a point, and that you should be doing more, you cannot let the self die. It is only when you realize that the self is projecting an illusion at you, then you can let this self die. And that is when you are free of it. You see here what I am saying? At the lower levels of path you do need to do whatever you need to do to balance your karma, or whatever you want to call it. But there comes that point where you have balanced enough karma, that this is not the main focus anymore.

The self will still project that you should keep doing something to compensate, but there comes a point where you simply say: “Enough. What is that to me? I will follow Christ. What is that to me that there’s a projection that I should resolve something?” Or even if other people who feel they have been wronged by you—and perhaps they have been wronged by you—but if you have compensated for it in a reasonable way, and if you have done whatever you need to do to transcend that psychology that caused you to do what you did, then they really have no claim on you anymore.

But there are still people who will blame you because they have not been willing to use that situation to look at themselves, and what it brought up in their own psychology. Therefore they have not moved on, they are still trapped in that psychology, and what will they do? They will keep blaming you, wanting you to feel guilty, wanting that you should feel that you have to compensate them and continue compensating them for the rest of their lives.

You see in families how there can be this dynamic that, for example, a parent makes you feel that: “Oh, you should take care of your mother when she gets older.” She puts this guilt trip on the child when it is young, and therefore you feel that for the rest of your life you should seek to take care of your mother. Or you have two brothers, one of them does something to the other, and now they both feel that this person should compensate to his brother for the rest of his life. Many other situations like this, many disguises that this comes in.

You have a right to say: “I have done everything I can do to look at my own psychology and transcend what caused me to make that choice. There’s nothing more I can do, there is nothing more I am required to do by law. If the other person has not been willing to look at his or her psychology, and transcend what needs to be transcended there, this is not my responsibility, this is not my choice. I understand that this person may continue to blame me for the rest of his or her life, but I will not let that stop me on my path. In fact, I will not even put my attention on this anymore. What is that to me, I will follow Christ.”

This is what you have to do, sometimes many times, not just with people you meet physically, but even with these projections that come at you from the fallen beings. You look at whether there is something in your psychology that needs to be resolved, some kind of self that stirred up that needs to be let go. But then when you have dealt with that you just say: “That’s enough. No more of this. I am focusing on tuning into the Christ mind and see how can I serve on this planet. How can I help other people who can be helped, how can I help the ascended masters further their cause, manifest a golden age, and so on.” When you are an ascended master student who has the potential to ascend after this lifetime, you need to realize here that it really is a matter of, as the saying goes, burning your bridges, cutting the ties.

You need to look at situations from the past, whether this lifetime or even what comes to you from past lifetimes, and realize there is something that is pulling on you, that is pulling you back to earth. You look at it, you look at what is the corresponding element in your psychology that you need to resolve. You resolve that and then you just move on, regardless of what other people do, regardless of what the fallen beings are projecting against you or whatever separate self you have that is projecting against you. You look that self squarely in the eye and say: “I am letting you die. I will not engage in this anymore. This is enough.”

You have to do this over and over again. Whatever pulls on you, you will have to cut the tie. You will have to do it many, many times. You will have to do it for the rest of the time you are in embodiment. But there comes a point where you accept this, where you understand the dynamic and you realize: “Well, this is just the demons of Mara tempting me, trying to pull me away from going into Nirvana. This is just the prince of this world who comes to tempt me to go into some diversion that takes me away from expressing my Christhood, and I am not going to let this happen anymore. This is enough.”

And when you do this, not with the outer mind as a decision because you want to escape the pain and you want to avoid looking at yourself, but when you do it from the point where you are willing to look at anything in yourself, then you cannot make a mistake anymore. If you are willing to look at anything in yourself, you cannot make a mistake.

Of course, this is another challenge, another enigma, and as we have talked about there are many. In fact, all of you at a certain level of the path, you have certain things you are not ready to look at, you are not ready to deal with. And you are somewhat afraid that if you meet a spiritual guru or teacher or if you encounter the ascended masters, we will point out to you what you are not ready to look at. And this is again a projection that comes from the fallen beings.

You go back to the situation I have described in the fourth sphere. Here is this being who has set itself up as the undisputed leader on this planet thinking it knows the absolute truth about how the universe works. Suddenly, it is confronted with the ascended masters, and it is an abrupt change. This being feels that we have intruded upon him and forced him to see something, and this was a terrible pain and he never wants to experience it again. The fallen beings are projecting that this is what we do as ascended masters.

You will see that this fear was very much there in The Summit Lighthouse, the fear of the guru, who would sometimes be very abrupt. There was a common view in the Summit that El Morya was the strict disciplinarian who would mercilessly expose your ego.

But is that really the highest view of ascended masters? No, it is a projection from the fallen beings. Why did the fallen being, or the being who had not yet fallen, experience it that way? Because, as I said, that being had ignored and denied and explained away all of the more gentle attempts we had made for reaching that being. You can say that we may sometimes show you something that you need to look at, and it may be painful to look at it. But we never show you something that you are not ready to look at.

Now again, look at the situation in the fourth sphere. Here is a person who has set himself up as having this high authority on this planet. Now, you may say this is a complete mistake, that this being has set itself up this way. It is an unreal sense of identity. But nevertheless, what is the role of a co-creator? You start with a point-like sense of self and you expand it, so this being had, in a sense, done what a co-creator is meant to do. It had expanded its sense of self.

Now, it had possibly over-expanded and inflated its sense of self beyond what was natural. But nevertheless, this being had had a very long time to evolve. It had expanded its sense of self. And it was, in fact, ready to see what we were confronting the being to see. It was not that the fallen beings were not capable of switching, and realizing they had gone into a blind alley, and then returning to the path, and then not returning to ground zero, but returning to the level of attainment they had actually achieved on that path. It was not that they had to go all the way down and start from the bottom. They just had to go to the point where they started going off into the blind alley and continue from there.

The fallen being had the ability to transcend and to make positive use of us confronting that fallen being. And it is the same with any of you, we do not confront you with something you are not ready to look at. But, of course, you may still have a certain self that makes you unwilling to look at it. You may have another self that projects that if you have to look at this, it will cause you such pain that you cannot bear it. But these are projections from inside yourself. And you have the capacity to see that they are just projections and choose not to go into that and, therefore, not deny the impulse from the Christ mind that calls you to come up higher.

It was not that Peter did not have the capacity to transcend his consciousness but he was not willing to do it. That is why Jesus told him: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” It was not Peter. It was that particular self that Peter had chosen to defend and hold on to instead of letting it go so that he could let it die, lose that life and follow Christ. And it is the same with any of you. You are never forced by us to face an initiation that you cannot pass, if you are willing to look at yourself.

Now, we understand that at the lower levels of the path, you are not fully ready to look at yourself and look at everything in yourself. But as I have been explaining, you can come to that point where you have resolved some of these selves that were created back when you receive the birth trauma. You have resolved the primal self. And now you are ready to simply make this, which at that point is a simple switch, a conscious switch where you say: “But I am willing to look at anything in my own psychology. Why would I hide anything from the ascended masters who are only seeking to help me become free? Whatever I have left in my psychology is something that limits me. I want to be free, and the ascended masters are here to help me be free. Why would I want to hide anything from them? Why would I be unwilling to follow their directions and look at something in myself?”

And then you can come to that point where, from the core of your being, from the depths of your heart, you feel: “Oh, yes, I am willing to look at anything in my psychology. Just show me.” And we will not show you everything at once. We will just show you the next initiation, which you are fully capable of passing because when you are on the 100th level of consciousness, you are capable of passing the initiation at that level.

Now, I have already given you a lot of things to ponder here. But I do want to say a little bit more here. In The Summit Lighthouse it was said that Lord Maitreya is the Great Initiator. And it was never really explained what that meant. But many of the students built their images on what it meant. Some thought it meant that my initiations were very, very difficult to pass. These were the highest initiations. Some used that to build up a sense of importance, because if you were being initiated by Maitreya you are obviously one of the most advanced students. Others built the idea that these were some very, very special initiations, and if you passed them you would gain these special abilities.

But what does it really mean that I AM the Great Initiator? Well, what have I done in these dictations that I have given at this conference? What have I done in my book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom? I have given you teachings that seek to explain something, that increase your understanding. But this is not really what it means that I AM the Great Initiator. This is not really how I initiate. This is how I teach. I have been teaching. And the reason I am teaching is because most people on the planet are not ready for the initiations that I give.

But when you go above that 96th level, you are ready to be initiated by Maitreya, if you so desire. You may have other masters that you are more close to. It is not that you have to be initiated by me. But if you desire it, you can be initiated by me. Therefore, I will explain, I will teach how I initiate.

I do this—there is even a hint of it in my decree where it talks about initiation’s fire—I actually initiate through fire, spiritual fire, a spiritual energy. When you have declared that you are willing to be initiated by Maitreya, whenever you are in a particular situation, I will send a particular spiritual energy, a particular fire into your mind. And this fire does not burn you, it does not harm you. But it gives you a frame of reference for evaluating the situation or your own reaction. It is a little bit like this: People who have grown up in a dark mine and they cannot see clearly because they have no frame of reference that there is something beyond the darkness.

I send you a spiritual fire that simply gives you a frame of reference. “There is something beyond my current level of consciousness, my current perception filter.” And this means that if you are willing to do this, you can compare your reaction, for example, to that spiritual fire. You can then evaluate that your reaction is lower than the vibration of that fire, and that means there is something in your psychology that is not resolved, some self that you need to look at and overcome.

You may be standing in a situation where you are thinking: “Should I do this, or should I do that.” I send you a ray of spiritual fire and you can use it to evaluate. If you contemplate taking, making this choice, you feel a burning sensation. It is like the fire is hot, it is burning you a little bit. Well, then you know, that it is not the highest choice. When you contemplate the other choice, the fire is burning brighter but it is not burning you. Then you know that is the higher choice.

Now, sometimes I will not do this because you need to make a choice without having a frame of reference. Sometimes I will also initiate by not initiating, by withholding the fire. But the primary way that I initiate is by giving you this fire that only serves as a frame of reference for evaluating the situation, and especially your own reaction to it.

Again, you are at the 100th level of consciousness, you are facing a certain situation, and you are contemplating or you are prone to react a certain way to that situation. But now you are thinking: “Well, what would Maitreya advise here”?

You put your attention on me. I send you this initiation or this fire of initiation. And you can feel that it has a higher vibration than your reaction. And thereby you know that your reaction is not the highest possible. Then you look at the situation, you look for the self and you resolve it. When you have resolved it, you can again tune in to the fire. Now it is not lower, it is not burning you. You are now vibrating at the level of the fire, which means you have passed the initiation, overcome the self. Now you are ready to rise to the 101st level of consciousness. This is how I initiate.

This messenger has been feeling this for a number of years, not all the time, but sometimes. And all of you can do it. Some of you already have, maybe even without being aware of it. But you can all cultivate this ability to receive the fire, tune into it and use it as your frame of reference. I am not telling you what to do, I am just showing you there is a frame of reference. It is the old analogy that you are walking down the road.

You come to a fork in the road, and you have to choose one or the other, but you cannot see where either of them ends. How do you know which one to choose when you cannot see the end? By me sending you the fire, you become able to see the end of the road, the end of those choices. And, therefore, you can make an aware choice based on the vibration of the fire.

With this I have given you all I wanted to give you. I cannot give you the fullness of who I AM by teaching alone. No one can give you a failsafe road to Christ consciousness. We cannot give you teachings, no matter the amount of teachings we give you, that will automatically and without fail bring you to Christ consciousness. It cannot be done. You need to be initiated. You need to shift your consciousness. You need to look at yourself, and that is why we initiate.

Jesus initiates in his way. I initiate in mine. And mine is, as I said, that fire, the initiation’s fire. You need both: You need teaching, you need initiation. That is what will bring you to Christhood if you are willing to look at yourself. Because the only thing that can stop you on your path to Christhood is your unwillingness to look at something. If you are always willing to look, you cannot fail. You cannot fail single initiations, but neither can you fail to walk the path to the very end and attain Christhood.

The fallen beings fail, or have so far failed because they are not willing to look at themselves. Many other people are not making progress because they are not willing to look at themselves. Many spiritual students, many ascended master students, especially from past dispensations, are not making progress because they are not willing to look at themselves. There is something they are not willing to look at. But if you can overcome this hurdle, where there is nothing you are not willing to look at, then from that moment on, when you maintain that willingness to look, you cannot fail.

Christhood is not some mysterious path. Christhood is not some high-risk thing where you can fail. Of course, you can theoretically fail until the very end. You can be at 144th level, and you can refuse to look through the last illusion, let go of the last self. And therefore, you can start a downward path again. This can be done. I am not saying it is common, I am just saying it is a theoretical possibility. But if you are always willing to look at yourself, then you cannot fail. Because at any level of consciousness you can see the initiation at that level, or you can come to see it with our help when you are willing to receive that help.

Even in The Summit Lighthouse there was this great fear of failing your test, failing an initiation, going on the left-handed path, following false masters. That is why you saw that when Elizabeth Clare Prophet could no longer be the messenger in The Summit Lighthouse, most people were too afraid to look for another messenger. Because they were so afraid of following a false messenger and the false hierarchy imposters that they would not open up their hearts to sense the vibration of the real masters.

There was something in themselves they were not willing to look at. They were not willing to confront their fear, and realize that if you are willing to look higher, you can raise your consciousness so you can sense the real masters and will not be fooled by the false hierarchy imposters. How do the false hierarchy imposters fool you? Because there is something you are not willing to look at, and they validate that you do not have to look at it. But if you are willing to look at everything, then you can also see through the false hierarchy imposters and their attempts to fool you.

Then you will eventually come to the point where you can recognize the vibration of the real ascended masters. Therefore, you do not need to sit there and feel: “Why don’t we have a messenger in embodiment? Why aren’t the masters telling us anything? Why aren’t they teaching us? Why did they just leave us there hanging?”

We did not leave you hanging. You are the ones who are doing the hanging. And you can change that at any time by making a more aware choice. You are hanging because you have hang-ups in your psychology. You have hang-ups in your psychology because you have not looked at them.

Be willing to look and you will make progress. You will overcome that fear where you are so afraid of making a mistake that you do not dare to take a step forward. You are so afraid of following a false messenger that you will not follow any messenger. And, therefore, you will not open yourself up to progressive revelation. You may even go into this state of denying that progressive revelation is happening, and evaluating messengers based on a certain mindset that is really designed to reject the messenger so that you do not have to change. “Oh, the ascended masters will never say that. Oh, that person could never be a messenger.” Any number of excuses.

Of course, you have free will. But I would say this, in case someone should read this dictation and not having decided whether there is a valid messenger or not. Well, ask for my fire and I will show you. The fire will show you. If you do not dare to ask, that is your choice, but then I cannot help you. And you must then hang out where you are for the rest of this embodiment, and possibly future embodiments because you have not been willing to step up higher.

With this, I have said what I wanted to say. I want to express my gratitude to so many of you who have participated in this conference. I certainly encourage you to use these teachings to overcome that hurdle where you are not afraid to look at anything in yourself. And, therefore, you know you can make it all the way home.

We will be there to greet you. Any master who is close to you will be there to greet you when you ascend. We will, of course, work with you before you ascend. But you will not always be able to be aware of this.

Truly, I look forward to the day we meet in the ascended realm, where I do not have to speak to you through any messenger. Of course, even at the higher levels of Christhood we do not have to speak to you through a messenger because you can hear us directly within your own mind and being. And that is, in a sense, the ultimate level of Christhood but that is beyond what I will give you at this conference.


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