You Cannot Force Democracy

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, November 23, 2015

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I am grateful for this opportunity to comment on these last events (Terrorist attacks in Paris, France 2015). My beloved, I have given you many tools and many teachings about the causes of war in the book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. I obviously cannot go into to all of them here, but I am concerned that you understand the role of fear.

Fear is a major cause of war, and has been throughout history, because when people are afraid that they will be killed, then you have a suspension of the normal instinct not to kill other human beings. I explain at length in the book that you all have an instinct not to kill members of your own species, but this can be suspended when you are afraid that other people will kill you.

This is precisely what has been used countless times to create this downward spiral where fear leads to more fear. Rumors and conspiracy theories and this and that crop up, and there is no proof and there doesn’t need to be any proof. Once people have crossed a threshold of being afraid, they don’t ask for proof. They don’t use common sense, they just go into a stronger and stronger reaction of fear until they demand that something be done.

It is a great concern to me, and quite frankly a great disappointment, that the French president declared that France is now at war. I am sure in the United States you will know that France has often been not exactly the country that supported the United States. This has, in many cases, been warranted, but, now, apparently, France has shifted its attitude and finds itself needing to declare that it is at war.

This is, of course, in part because there are very few ascended master students in France and very few people giving our invocations and decrees to break these spirals of fear that have been growing for some time. It is also because France has gotten itself into a position where it is misinterpreting the liberties upon which its democracy is based.

I am not here defending that Arab women wear certain types of clothing. I am saying that when France is claiming that in order to defend religious freedom, it needs to forbid some of its citizens from deciding for themselves what they are going to wear in public, then you have taken the principles of liberty too far. In a free democratic nation women, as all people, should be free to choose on their own what they wear. This should not be a concern of the government, regardless of whether that clothing is religious or not.

You see how complex these problems can be and how easy it is to take a true principle, such as freedom and liberty, and yet turn it on its head so it is now used to create conflict. This, of course, applies to the United States, as well. As I also talk about in my book, you cannot force democracy on other nations, my beloved. If it does not come as a result of an evolution in the collective consciousness, then democracy is an impossibility—as the invasion in Iraq should have proven to American leadership and to the American people.

Yet, so far, this lesson has not been taken to heart for there is a more and more strained attempt to defend the United States’ actions instead of being willing to look in the mirror and say: “We need to learn from this so that we do not repeat the same mistakes.” Regardless of what we have said about the people in the Middle East who are behind, you cannot force other people to evolve faster than they can. That is why, as I have said before, and as I also say in the book, you need to let people decide on their own and let them take the time it takes for them to evolve into freedom and democracy.


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