You are not on earth to solve problems

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, May 19, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE and it is my joy to address you and give you a teaching that may seem a little difficult and a little heavy to you. Nevertheless, it is important for your grasping of what your Divine plan is all about and how to implement it.

An unbalanced approach to your Divine plan

My beloved, Mother Mary raised the question of why we have not given more teachings on your Divine plan earlier. She, of course, partly answered the question but I want to bring out another facet. In a previous dispensation we gave more teachings on the Divine plan and we put more emphasis on it. We said that people had to balance their karma, they had a sacred labor they had to fulfill. What we saw in many cases was that when people heard about this concept, they went into a quite unbalanced reaction. Now, I am not saying this to in any way criticize anyone. What I am seeking to point out here is that many students, especially in previous decades, when they heard about the concept of a Divine plan, they became very enthusiastic about carrying it out.

There is, of course, nothing inherently wrong with enthusiasm. You need a certain amount of enthusiasm on the spiritual path. On the other hand, you have the old saying that: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I can also say that the vehicle that takes you to hell is fueled by overly enthusiastic intentions.

Many, many people have taken our teachings in an unbalanced way and used them to bring themselves into a state that they would see as quite positive because they are just being eager, anxious, determined, blue-ray and blue-flame and they are not letting anything stand in the way of the fulfillment of their Divine plan. In a sense, it is as if you have one of these rallies that goes through the countryside where you are supposed to get to a certain destination. These students get so eager that they jump into the rally car and they step on the accelerator and they are speeding down the road with the gravel spraying to all sides of the car, but they have not brought the map that will bring them to their destination. They are so focused on moving as fast as possible that they have not even considered where they are going and how to actually get there.

We have said before that one of the big problems with ascended master students is that you have a correct vision of what needs to happen, or at least that a change needs to happen, but you do not have the correct vision of the how—of how this can be brought about. One of the reasons we have not given more teachings about the Divine plan in this dispensation is that we have been more careful, taken more time to gradually build up to where you have the understanding and the practical tools in the form of the invocations and the books where you can actually deal with the opposition. Of course, you also have the practical tools to deal with whatever it is in your psychology that causes an unbalanced reaction. I am not specifically speaking to those of you who are here but also to many other people who might find this teaching and maybe even hear about a Divine plan for the first time.

The primal self and imbalance

It is important to be aware that when you first find an ascended master teaching, and especially when you hear about the concept of the Divine plan, (but also about the concept of a golden age and how to change the earth) it is not uncommon that people take this in an imbalanced way. What is the imbalance exactly? Well, that is to a large degree an individual matter so it depends on your psychology. What it really depends on is the primal self you created in response to the original birth trauma that you experienced, most likely in your first embodiment (sometimes it was not in the first but in one of the following).

When you experienced that trauma, there were, of course, certain feelings, certain thoughts about this. This often caused you to create a certain self that is looking for some way, so to speak, to even the score, to compensate, to set things right because of the birth trauma you received. In other words, this self is saying: “The fallen beings did this to me, I want to even the score, I want to . . . [whatever it may be individually].” You want to do something to them, with them or you want to see something happen to them that, so to speak, evens the score and you feel like they got what they deserved. This can cause some of you to become, as I said, overly enthusiastic about changing the world. In many cases, this has caused some students to go into a period where they are focused on the outer things.

One thing many people have done is, of course, to become very eager at giving decrees, giving hours and hours of decrees—in the old dispensation, going to services several times a week and giving hours of decrees there. They thought that they had to do this in order to change the world, to bind the fallen beings, to balance the karma and change the world for Saint Germain. Therefore, they had no need and no time or attention to work on their psychology. Of course, you can go back and you can say: “Well, they did this because of what was said in dictations or at least how what was said in dictations was interpreted in the organizational culture.”

This is true, but again, as we have now said several times, we must look at a certain group of people at a certain time, see what they are ready for, give them that, sometimes even give them something to such an extreme that they will eventually have had enough of it and start looking beyond it. There were some people at the time who were not ready but some of them were not willing to look at their own psychology. We gave them this outer environment where they had the perfect excuse for not looking at their psychology because they had to give all these decrees.

On the other hand, there were so many things said about what decrees needed to be given that if you followed all of them, twenty-four hours a day was not enough. This was an attempt on our part to say: “Well, we can’t reach them, we can’t make them see what they need to see, so let us then give them so much that it eventually becomes too much and hopefully some of them, at least, will step back and find a more balanced approach.” Some, indeed, did so and some did not—and that is unfortunately what we have to accept. We cannot reach everybody with any teaching.

A higher sense of proportion

My point here is that in today’s age and in your dispensation, you have a different level of teaching. You have much more emphasis on your personal growth, on the resolution and healing of your psychology and these past traumas that we have recently told you about.

This means that you have the potential to take a much more balanced approach, just as Mother Mary has already mentioned. I want to go into this a little more. The true goal of the ascended masters is not to produce specific outer changes on earth. You may say: “But does that not contradict the teachings about Saint Germain’s Golden Age where he wants to improve all aspects of life on earth and bring forth a higher level of civilization?” Well, yes and no, my beloved. From an outer, linear perspective it may seem to contradict but even Saint Germain has said himself that his main goal for the Golden Age is actually to raise people’s consciousness, not to bring these specific outer things into manifestation. He is using the outer things as a tool for raising people’s consciousness and they are not an end in themselves.

You have to recognize here that we have given you the concept that the earth is not a natural planet. We have told you that there are billions of other planets in the universe that are at the level of being natural planets and therefore not having all of the fear-based manifestations you see on earth. As Mother Mary hinted at, there are actually billions of planets that have accelerated, where the inhabitants have accelerated the planet, to a level that is so far beyond earth that most people could scarcely fathom it.

You have to recognize that we of the ascended masters, as a broad group of beings, are, of course, very well aware that most planets are at a higher level. Now, of course, those of us who have chosen to stay with earth and work with earth are not so focused on these higher planets but we know that they exist. We have interactions with the ascended masters who are working with these planets and even the ones who have the overall vision for the entire material universe and how that universe evolves. This means that we have a sense of proportion that you do not often have on earth when you are in embodiment.

Many people on earth are very focused on earth and, of course, many people think it is the only inhabited planet. Many Christians think it must be a very important planet to God, many New Age and spiritual people think it is important because it makes them important because they are here and so forth and so on.

What I wish to give you is a little bit of the sense of proportion that we have as ascended masters. When you step back and look at the entire material universe, you know from science how there are billions of galaxies, billions of suns, billions of solar systems, billions of planets that could potentially have life. I tell you, what science has discovered of the so-called earth-like planets is only a fraction of the planets that have life. You are looking for planets that have the same type of life that you have on earth. There are, of course, many other types of life that are, so to speak, not carbon-based but are based on other chemical elements that are therefore not visible to the physical senses and the sense-based scientific instruments you have on earth. That is why you cannot see life on Venus even though we have told you that there is life on Venus. The same goes for many other planets throughout the universe.

When you step back, look from this broader perspective, you are clearly seeing that the vast majority of the planets are accelerating very quickly. The inhabitants there are in a positive spiral, a self-reinforcing positive spiral. As they interact with the ascended masters, as they raise their consciousness, the masters can give them more light and then they can accelerate themselves even more and this becomes a positive upward spiral. There is a relatively small number of planets that are like earth. How do we, then (when we have this broader perspective) look at earth? Of course, we look at the earth as clearly not being one of these planets that have gone into a self-reinforcing, accelerating spiral. There is an upward spiral on earth but it has not become self-reinforcing because there has not been a critical mass of the inhabitants who are in physical embodiment who have gone into raising their consciousness. Earth is largely being pulled up by the rest of the universe, by the ascended masters and by the few people in embodiment who are raising their consciousness.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Fulfilling Your Divine Plan.

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